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"Check out the Wild Wild West"

Gun is set back in the old west. It has a standard opening, like any other game. The intro introduces some characters and background with a tutorial to get feel for the game. Its not anything special, but not anything terrible. No cons present.

Game play
Here is where Gun gets to shine and excel! This is the standout part of the game. Gun is fun. Gamers who have played True Crime or Grand Theft Auto will feel right at home here. It is an open world with no loading to new areas. Action is balanced, fun, and fast paced with the help of bullet time. Bullet time slows down time allowing you to pull off a number of shots not possible without it. You can restore bullet time by pulling off combos or head shots or anything else the game deems worthy. This becomes very useful throughout the game. Game play is where Gun earns its score.

When you get down to it, Gun is a basic story. The main character is out for revenge for what a man named Magruder has done. This has been done and seen before. Nothing great here.

Gun is not going get much praise here either. On other systems this would look decent. But this review is on the X BOX 360, the standards a little higher some could say. The sound on this game is okay, but the graphics could have been revamped. The only difference here some might see is that the clarity is higher and that it is smoother. This is where Gun loses points.

Playtime/Replay ability
The game will take most gamers 10-15 hours to beat. But when the main story has been beaten, or you want to do other things, there is still more to be done. You can do many types of side missions. There are sheriff, pony express (delivery) quests, hunting, ranch-hand, and wanted posters. These will up your stats. With the money earned there, you can upgrade your weapons. This is Gun's other steaming value.

Final Recommendation
I would say the best thing to do with this game is to rent. It is a fun game, but a short game nonetheless. If the playtime was say, 30 hours, this could be a buy. But its not so I stand by my decision this game is a solid and definite rent.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/07/07

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