Review by Iguanicus Thelizard

Reviewed: 07/05/07

Law of the Gun is the law of the west


The game is your standard third person shooter. You see over the shoulder of the character and you run with one control stick and aim with the other. You have the ability to zoom in with the rifles and you can go into sort of a trance mode with the pistol in order to execute John Wayne style quick-draw kills. The game is linear but at the same time very non-linear. There are main story missions and plenty of side quests in order to improve your character stats ranging from herding cattle to collecting bounties. You can also mine gold to acquire cash as well as receive cash from doing the various side quests. The cash can be used to purchase upgrades to your existing equipment. The missions themselves are very strait forward and enjoyable. The side quests are also very enjoyable and do not have a repetitive feel to them.


Despite the scenery throughout the game being beautiful the game was originally being developed for generation six consoles so the graphics do not have a generation seven look to them. It is easy to make out where things are and what objects are supposed to be. The game is very violent and graphic during various cut scenes which gives it a more realistic feel.


Great story about betrayal as well as the corruption and sad truth about the time period as well. You will find yourself very interested in the main storyline as well as feeling hatred for the main antagonist. Not to mention the protagonist is one of those cool good guy cowboys you always see and admire in various Western films.


Nothing too special in the way of the soundtrack and the sound effects sounded like they were taken from an old fashion Spaghetti Western film which is appropriate for this game. The voice acting wasn't too bad either.


I thoroughly enjoyed this game from start to finish. I'll definitely look back at it with positive feelings if I'm ever feeling nostalgic and want to think about all the great games I played on the Xbox 360. This will most likely happen to me around the time the Microsoft's next system is about to be released. I feel this game is definitely worth picking up. You shouldn't deprive yourself of the privilege of playing this game.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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