Review by Bakalou

"The First Old West Game I Ever Played... And Possibly One Of The Best FPS's, Too"

The Old West game of Gun was one of, if not the first, the first XBox 360 I played on launch day. Upon playing its first level, I was immediately drawn to the game's extremely fun and addictive gameplay. For having so many of the elements of other shooters of its day, Gun could still put out the freshness of its material. Even after the killing of a great deal of look alike enemies, the gunslinging action was still doable in a really fun way. With plenty of side missions and excellent achievements to be earned, Gun could be completed with rarely becoming bored. I rarely felt the need to stop after just a half hour of gameplay. The game's tone and other neccesary elements just kept wanting to play more.

The graphics were quite less than what would be expected on the 360, now two years after Gun's release, but that was to be expected on a launch title that was also released on a multitude of other, lesser graphically inclined systems. The world in which Gun takes place is plenty big, almost like a GTA sandbox world that the Old West so deeply needs to succeed in the gaming market. Character design was above par for the main parts, but the great number of "could be anyone" characters mostly looked the same from part to part. The world was richly detailed, not graphically, but in terms of scale and proportion. In some parts, you will find wolves and birds that you can run up and ruthlessly shot and in others, you'll get attacked by random bandits.

The sound was almost as enjoyable, especially when in true surround sound. Voice acting for Gun was a memorable experience as the characters were actually given some depth through their portrayers' voices.

The game's original price tag (around $60, if I remember correctly) was a bit of a shocker, being ten dollars over the usual nonbudget game of the day. But, now you can find much cheaper either new or used. Even when I payed the full price tag at the counter when I preordered this game, little did I know this game would leave such a mark on my personal collective gaming conscience and experience. I highly recommend this game to any 360 owner who is a fan of the Old West, shooters, or action games in general. I virtually expect it will do for you what it did for me.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/06/08

Game Release: Gun (US, 11/16/05)

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