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"Boring title boring game."

Gun was one of the launch games for the Xbox 360 and was also available for the previous generation systems at the same time. This should let you know pretty quickly that this game can't be that ambitious or sport an impressive presentation. But that doesn't mean it can't be a good game. You can tell the actually put a lot of money into this game with several Hollywood actors lending their voices and a good script. However the game is on the rather short side and the attempt at an open world feels very empty.

Being a launch game and being originally designed for the previous generation consoles Gun is not a impressive game as you would expect. There is a overworld for to explore and it mostly feels empty and bland. The character designs are fairly well detailed for the time but also look muddy as do the rest of the textures. Animations are also decidedly not designed for a next generation systems. The music and voice acting are well done though. The cast of voice actors is actually impressive and you will recognize several of them. The music is largely unnoticeable but does a good job of complimenting the action when it is there. Sound effects are largely stock grade for westerns.

The controls are where this game really suffers. In particular when riding on your horse it feels like it is constantly drunk and being attacked by rabid badgers. Your horse refuses to go in straight line and you will constantly have to deal with clipping environment objects. Considering that you will need your horse to travel the overworld from mission to mission this is no small inconvenience. The rest of the controls feel sluggish, especially the aiming.

Gun sports a very typical western tale of revenge. You and your father are trappers minding their own business when one day on a barge some mysterious lady hands you an artifact and the boat is attacked. During the attack your father is killed and tells you with his last dying breath that isn't really your father. So you set out on an stereotypical western adventure trying avenge you dead father (who isn't your father) and find out more about some Confederate conspiracy. If you watch westerns at all then this story will be fairly standard and with the lackluster narrative and suddenness of the introduction and death of the supporting characters prevents you from getting drawn in at all to the story. A disappointment considering the developers took the time to get good voice actor talent.

After the opening sequence Gun takes place in a relatively large open world. Your horse is your only source of transportation and many areas are blocked off until certain points within the main story missions. This is a fairly standard setup for an open world game and unfortunately falls into the same trap that most of these games do, there isn't much to do. Outside the main quest line, which boils down to pretty much either kill everything or protect missions, there are only a few short quest lines. Most of these are uninteresting in of themselves and don't offer anything new either, just the same type of missions. There are some racing/delivery missions as well but they are horrible because the horse mechanics are horrible. Not to mention the horse is very stupid. Frequently you will need to get off your horse briefly to do something. And if you let your horse out of sight it will run away from you! It is very frustrating to be stranded out in the middle of nowhere because your horse has a short attention span.

Gun is a very old game now and can be had for very cheap and can be had for less than $5, but with that money you could get more value out of a cheeseburger.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 06/04/12

Game Release: Gun (US, 11/16/05)

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