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"Dud Bullets in this Gun"

You must've heard about Gun some where or other. Whether it was from the misleading commercial, the bright yellow box cover or just the mass advertising in E3 2005, it was any where you would go.
It's not as hyped up as your average Halo game but eventually you saw it.

To make it so sweet and short for you, this is not the western game the TV ad said it was. This is not the open sandbox game Western/Cowboys were hoping for. Nope. No freedom here and there should've been considering it takes place in the wild west.

The game starts off really slow. It's fun to have a father & son hunting trip and be able to shoot some virtual yet helpless animals. Unfortunately, I couldn't shoot the father that looks striking similar to the actor Kris Kristofferson(Blade movies). In fact, Kris provides the voice of here old Ned.
So off to some hunting games like if you were back in the NES Duck Hunt days.

Two minutes into the game and it's already boring. But that's what tutorials are for. To bore people to death. Thankfully it's easy and short. Moving onto the main course, shooting some bad guys and trying to reach the mastermind behind all this.

The story is thin. Basically, this guy starts a war on a steamboat, father gets killed and you're off chasing him to seek out vengeance. Screw it.
If you've played The Getaway for the Playstation 2 then you know what you're getting into except minus the cool British underworld gangster storyline, the entire city of London and replace with a blocky game engine and a more restricted gameplay.

The characters are questionable. From Kristofferson to your character who looks like a Trent Reznor wannabe. Hardly passes up as wild west drifter. The enemies are no better. Besides the lack of detail, they're nothing but a bunch of Civil War dressed zombies.

Too much marketing(even though it was outgunned by games like PD Zero) and not enough time on the game itself. The engine lacks that nice polish look seen in Quake 4, PD Zero, Call of Duty 2 and NFS Most Wanted. The textures aren't from the next-generation console(360, PS3, Rev) world, instead it looked like a quickie port from the PS2 or X-Box. Again, I don't want to stress this word out but the game lacks the freedom like most games offer. Heck, the environment isn't all that friendly. Instead, it looks like stiff cutout cardboard. I was hoping to at least shoot out the lanterns or the liquor bottles sitting on a shelf. Obviously the game wouldn't let me do it.

This game is mostly aimed at those who like a good western action with a Matrix-like slow motion aiming ability. If you're looking for something like a GTA-type western game or something similar to Clint Eastwood's movies, you won't find it in here. Just point and shoot. Point and shoot.

It's a good enough reason why I'm giving this game a 6 out of 10.
While it's good for the right targeted audience, others may have to look somewhere else.

+ ...the wild west setting...
+ Side missions and other extras to keep you busy
+ Horse and other animal critters looks wonderfully done...

- ...while the rest of the models looks like crap.
- Non-interactive environment(and Neversoft should know better)
- Restrictive gameplay when a western game like this should be more opened
- Definitely not for those who are looking for that Eastwood-type western game or the GTA-style western
- Very short

More appealing to the action lovers out there. I doubt this game was made for western fans. Instead, check out Red Dead Revolver. It's cheaper and probably more bang out of your buck.

6 out of 10

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 12/05/05

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