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Trolls, Elves, Dwarves, OH MY! 06/26/09 ACowWithaDS
Your mother says don't buy drugs, but Shadowrun begs to differ. 06/12/07 azn4life48
I Paid 60 dollars for this game?! Déjà vu... Iron Phoenix, anyone? 07/27/07 BjsShadow
No solid single player, but an interesting Multiplayer 07/16/07 Boxman_1990
Pretty fun and entertaining multiplayer, but without a compelling campaign/offline mode, it's little more than a temporary alternative. 02/19/08 Echo_Hunter
Mediocre game, gets boring so soon..... 06/12/07 Gnomestone
A Pure Online Gaming Experience 08/28/08 GSKnight
Back to the shdows with ya! 06/08/07 Gunngrave
Not as good as counterstrike 06/18/07 hockeystealth13
Very stimulating live play, virtually nothing offline 07/30/07 J_Ripperboy
Best XBL game out to date 06/25/07 JackTheHero
Shadowrun came and delivered! 06/01/07 KryptChronic
Like a Poodle on Acid I can't put it away 06/12/07 lapsusmakai
Shadowrun, my favorite RPG of all time now in FPS format. 06/18/07 LC46D82U
As fun as it is flawed. 06/05/07 lithus
This game is a disgrace to all mankind 07/02/07 lordvader178
The most amazing XBL game made to date 06/08/07 Mechacow
Shadowrun is back, better than ever. 06/20/07 reyule
Good game, minor faults. 07/13/07 rockHead
I wanted to like it, but a lack of polish really hurts this game 06/04/07 The Mega Cheat
Shadowrun is chucked full of short comings, and a huge lack of content 05/31/07 The_Battlelord
Mostly okay 06/04/07 TheMorbidSmurf
Incredible! Plenty of value despite lack of single-player campaign 06/06/07 theoxylo
What looks like a bad deal on paper, is actually one of the 360's greatest games. 05/31/07 TouchMyWimote
Shadowrun had potential. 06/12/07 WolfRangerX
Only worth playing if you have LIVE 07/12/07 wolverinefan

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