Can someone define three different difficulty levels?

  1. As far as I know there are altogether 3 difficulty levels in the game but what concerns me most is the features within the difficulties.

    Like, in Amateur mode, what gives an Amateur player advantages and makes him/her worry less about basic survival strategy? In Bio Hazard 4(Jap Version of RE4), there is an Amateur mode which doubles the overall capacity of all guns and the players, either Leon or Ashley, are almost invincible and even the fireballs from the large catapults only eat away about 30% of Leon's life bar.

    So here comes the question: In Amateur mode, are there some advantages or bypasses which makes this mode Amateur-looking? Likewise what makes a Veteran mode a veteran to the veteran players?


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  1. The difficulties in the game do not affect your characters' storage capacity. It mainly only affects how much damage you deal to your enemies, as well as how much damage you can take.

    Amateur Mode - Enemies are easier to kill and you also take less damage when hit.
    Normal Mode - Normal Damage Given and Taken.
    Veteran Mode - Enemies take much more damage to kill (e.g. the very first chainsaw Majini you encounter will only fall unconscious the first time you've pumped him full of bullets, and he'll get back up again to try finish you off), and you also take more damage when hit.

    Some enemies or bosses may also exhibit different behavior/actions. For example, after the chainsaw Majini gets back up, he starts to swing his chainsaw wildly - a pattern not normally seen in the Amateur or Normal mode. Furthermore, I believe some quicktime events (when the game shows onscreen button prompts) also require more effort or faster reactions.

    Professional Mode - This difficulty level is unlocked once you've completed Veteran mode. One hit from your enemies will see your character suffer a very fatal or near fatal attack. Not only that, the 'Dying' bar also depletes very, very fast. If your partner isn't close to resuscitate you within the next 2-3 seconds, your character will die.

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  1. Ok here it is, by the way there are 4 modes once you finish veteran you unlock professional

    Amateur mode is the really easy mode enemies aren't harder to kill than other mode BUT you will not die easily compare to professional (1-2 hit and you're out). After you beat amateur you keep all guns and upgrades on your weapon when you start other mode! That mean If you beat the game with a fully upgrade shothun you will keep it if you start a new game.

    Diffrence between player who finish veteran eitherway amateur is skills. I started as a veteran it's harder BUT compare to other players in mercenaries I'm way better than them. The choice is your. Hope it help you!! Good luck

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  2. RE5 has a new generation of game skilling


    Amateur Ranges from 1-4

    Normal Ranges from 4-6

    Veteran Ranges from 6-9

    Professional is strickly 10

    The makers of RE give you a set ammoun of points, and this determines the #-# difficulty.

    The breakdwon.---

    When you play, you earn an invisible ammount of Points.
    The higher your points, the harder it will be, and the lower your points, the easier it wll be
    Dont be scared to kick ass though, Your 1-10 difficulty will stop on the designated skill level.

    Such as Normal, it can only get to 6

    You start at 0, and when you Kill multiple enimies, without getting touched, the game gradually get a bit harder.

    This is to keep a balance of experienced gameplayers, and non experienced game players.

    Now to explain how to earn them.

    + = Small Point Increase
    ++ = Moderate Point Increase
    +++ = Severe Point Increase
    - = Small Point Decrease
    -- = Moderate Point Decrease
    --- Severe Point Decease

    Kill multiple enemies = + Pts
    Get into Dying Status alot = --
    1 death = -
    3 deaths = --
    6 deaths = ---
    Kill a boss without dying = +++
    Kill a boss without dying = ++

    There is alot more.

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