Best weapons to upgrade in a first playthrough?

  1. I heard that it's best to upgrade all of the starting weapons but I'm not sure. What is the best weapon for each type, in your opinion?

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    SSJGrimReaper - 8 years ago

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  1. I went with the first ones because fully upgrading them unlocks new ones.

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  1. I went with upgrading the first handgun cuz it holds up to 100 bullets so you don't have to carry a lot of handgun bullets.

    User Info: iamthespleenzor

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  2. First handgun since it has an AWESOME crit rate. basicaly can beat the game on normal with just this gun( save for some fire and rockets when needed)

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  3. I personally went with the M92F, Dragunov SVD, and M3. I used the Lightning Hawk when it was necessary (i.e. JJ's, the big Majini dudes with the giant clubs, Bruisers, and any enemy I just got pissed at.).

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  4. When it comes to rifles, my favourite one is the first one. It isn't semi-automatic, but it can hold 50 rounds and do 2000 damage.

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  5. Well, In my first round of beating the game, I had a Fully Upgraded Lighting Hawk Magnum. It was also my first Unlimited ammo gun.

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  6. Definetly fully upgrade the Ithaca Shotgun. If you play your cards right, you can max it out on your very first playthrough, and it helps tremendously. If you don't want to spend all of your money on the same gun, then split the upgrades between the Ithaca and S75 Snipe Rifle (I'm not positive on the name, but it's the first one you can obtain). It isn't a Semi-Auto, but can become extremely powerful.
    Another reason to fully upgrade these gubs quickly is because they can unlock you two new guns, the Hydra Shotgun and the Long Bow for Sheva. However, carry a Magnum on you as soon as you can get one. They aren't necessary to upgrade, yet still incredibly helpful.

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  7. I personally upgraded the 1st machine gun and used it as a handgun (as in i only shot once and used melee to try and finish the job if it wasn't critical) and used it as a machine gun during bosses and tough enemies. I had Sheva use the original handgun and S75 rifle but only upgraded her rifle(Sheva as a bot rules with a rifle and has nearly perfect aim. i used the 1st magnum (nonupgraded) for some of the tougher enemies like giant majinis. You may want to throw a few upgrades on a shotgun but all i needed was my machine gun.

    if you fully upgrade your 1st machine gun and the S75 you will have unlocked the Gatling gun and longbow in the shop on a new game+. they cost 50000 a piece though.

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  8. I used the V261 * First MG*, upgrading that and completing the game unlocks the Gatling Gun for Chris only, for 50,000.

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  9. Generally, the best weapons to upgrade to infinite ammo are those with the highest power. The .500 Magnum is best for pistols (don't need a regular pistol if you have infinite magnum ammo). Shotguns... everyone has his favorite. I like the one with 900 power. Whichever rifle you feel most comfortable with would be fine and don't forget the AK. Don't bother upgrading other machine guns because the AK is by far the best.

    User Info: southcoast09

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  10. I used the first HG, M3, Dragunov, Sig 556, and the S&M29, the grenade launcher on the uroboros bosses, and that carried me through the first time, but I played through half of the game with a friend co-op, then finished the game myself, so the weapons up until then were split amongst us.

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  11. The first shot gun it unlocks a 3 barrel shot gun fully upgraded.

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  12. Six Shot .. can reaber the name sorry but by far the best in my opinion... bc it un-locks the
    500 best for the Fast times good luck

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  13. Why would you upgrade the rifles firing power when you can kill a maj. in one shot?

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  14. Honestly i just used the first handgun, rifle, shotgun and magnum, and gave sheva the first machine gun and handgun. the game was pretty easy like that

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  15. from personal experience, the Ithica and the M92F were the best to upgrade, followed closely by the vz61 and s&w m29.

    User Info: akmjvicious

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