How do i beat (wesker)?

  1. How do you kill wesker (last form)?

    User Info: sunnyrainbow

    sunnyrainbow - 8 years ago
  2. Clarification Request::
    There should be a red cirlce on his back. Shoot it. once you do, the same red circle should appear on his chest. Shoot that to hurt him.

    After he takes enough damage, he will rear back, then tenticles will come up around him and spin. just back off and this shouldn't be a bother.

    the red circle will appear on his back again.

    rinse and repeat.

    User Info: Bamcrash

    Bamcrash - 8 years ago

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  1. The first bit you have to run to the bridge it falls (Sheva takes the high route chris falls and takes the low route). (I take it you are playing as Chris) Run to the middle (grab the green herb on the way) and Sheva should shoot him after that he jumps to where Sheva is. She will try to run across to where you are but will fall save her by shooting him. When Sheva eventually gets up jump down (press x) to where the boulder is and push the buttons to push it into the lava so Sheva can get across (as soon as you push it into the fire shoot Wesker so he does not shoot Sheva).

    Now the actual fight begins.

    There is actually two ways.

    The first is by hurting him a lot, shoot him a lot of times for this way.

    The other way is hard u have wait till the circle appears on his back then shoot and when it appers on th front press x to restrain Wekser. Chris will jump on his back and Sheva will have to stab his circle (by pushing buttons) on the front but while doing this chris will lose health so only do this way if chris has A LOT of health (nearly full).

    Only thing to watch out for is his swirly attack as i call it (its an instant kill) don't go near him cause tentacles come up from the ground (when he bangs on the ground) and swirl around. Weskers other moves are not that bad just long attacking you.

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  1. There is a heart on his back and chest when it is visible shoot it
    i used the shotgun and pistol
    be patien you only want to shoot the heart

    User Info: milolax13

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  2. Shoot him in the back, then run up next to him and you should get an action command. You should have to mash a button for about a thirty seconds, but afterwards, he should be dead.

    User Info: SacredPockets

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  3. If your playing solo wait for the first cutscene then shoot him in the chest. There's a glowing red gem/heart/weakpoint once you see you it's pretty easy to spot. It will alternate between his chest and his back but it is always out.

    I was playing with my friend online so we just stood at opposite sides of him firing away as it moved from his chest to his back made quick work of him. I never even got to use my magnum ammo. Only burnt through about 160 rounds of smg ammo and maybe 20/30 rounds of pistol ammo.

    When it starts you can pretty much stand your ground until he presents are target. Don't waste your ammunition though you don't get much by this point unless you've been really stockpiling shooting anything but the heart is just an attempt to annoy him and by this point I believe we've done that enough.

    User Info: caynraiser

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  4. the best way is to wait till you can get a clear shot on the glowing circle on his back, it doesn't matter what weapon you use (preferably something accurate like a pistol). back away and some tentacles will spin around him, when you can see the weak spot on his front shoot it once with a weak weapon like a pistol, this will stun him. while he is stunned run up behind him and press the button that's displayed, this will activate a quick-time event, complete it and you will kill him. note: the QTE is 2-person, so if your playing co-op i guess your friend has to run up and press the button while you hold him.

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  5. Ratchet407's technique is correct so far as one player can restrain and the other stabs (interactive button mashing) but the caveat is that only the Chris character can restrain wesker and sheva does the stabbing. That or if you land a direct RPG hit to the chest weakspot then thats just as quick.

    User Info: symlink69

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  6. Here is the quik way of doin it
    kind of

    run up to the bridge that collapses take the high rout while hes going up dont shoot him just stay awaw from him until sheeva shoots em a couple rounds soon hell come at you . take out your rod its easier this was run and stay close range he will lift his arm for a short while swing at his back then circle around him tapping x to doge just in case he shoots 4 times after that its repettative do it for a while he'll go into a cut scene and bring out another arm, and goes after sheeva run for the rock do the button combinations on it and then pull out a gun no spec recuirements just decent aim since shes dangaling from the rock u shoot him until he stumbles- she'll run out and come to you so back to the top, this time it will switch on you you will have to hit him in the chest and back when he lifts his arm only this after u hit him with the shock make sure sheeva is in cover position right when u get em run away to the ile to go down wate for his tornado thing to finish and keep killin him, after that its all simple run couple movies pay atention for the button things and enjoy pretty decent how he dies

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  7. It's pretty funny I was playing through the game with my friend and we were out of ammo. So instead of going to collect some more from previous chapters, (cuz we would've had to do the whole thing where Chris goes super saiyan on that rock again) we just knifed him. We literally beat him with knifes. The weird thing is that it worked... really well. We took almost no damage. Oh yeah but anyway, after he does the tentacle tornado attack, you run up to him and you can restrain him and press buttons fast to cut him up with the knife. Remember, I played through with a friend on PS3. It may be different on single player or on 360.

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  8. At the final mission when hes following you and hes swinging his arms at you befor you get to the rock plant proxsimity bombs 2 or 3 should do it quickly tap the buttons for the rock after the rock has been moved wait for him to go after your partner shot him then wait for your partner go up to the cirlcle you defet him go behind him and shot the orange spot on his back go in front of him stay away becuse he will stick his arms in the ground after hes done with that shot the orange spot on his chest go behind him hit the button it tells you to hit it will then say hold well dont start hitting it tell your partner goes to hit him then keep taping the button and then you should defeat him at the end you will have to hit one finalle button with the rocket lanchers its best if you healths at full befor you atempt this defeat.

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  9. The Red Little Circle that appears after a LITTLE MINI cutscene, shoot the hell out of that. Once he gets all weak or after you shot the heart thing pretty darn good, back off of him, and he'll whirl his tentacles like crazy. Don't touch that, it's a 1 hit - k.o. After he is done with that, he is a bit dizzy and that's your chance. Run up to him and press the button the screen, usually "X -Restrain." Then you gotta keep on pressing the button on the screen to hold Wesker down. Sheva or Chris, depending on who is doing the restraining, will have to run to Wesker and press the button on the screen that is showing. Keep doing it and a little video interactive clip will play. It'll finish when you can tell. Then another Interactive movie where you gotta shoot the Rockets at him.

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