Weskers weakness?

  1. Does wesker have ANY weaknesses at ALL?????? help!?!

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Accepted Answer

  1. He has a weakness - Automatic Guns.

    He can dodge bullets, but only so many before he panics, and rushes toward you, and tries to punch you.
    When he does this, he can be counter attacked. When you counter him, have your partner shoot him while he is down. When he comes back to his feet, he should stagger, allowing bullets to hit him. At this time you can pelt him with your machine gun. The gatling gun is muchly advised for this fight. (fully upgrade the VZ61 and but it for 50k) When he takes enough damage, he will panic again, and rush towards you (again) giving you another chance to counter attack him. Lather, Rinse, Repeat until he goes down. Then inject him with that virus.

    Congratz, you just beat part 1 of Wekser.

    Now the hard part.

    -=-=-=-=-- This is how i beat Wesker --=-=-=-=-=- ((((((RESULTS MAY VARY)))))))

    Okay, when you start, you will be facing the Tentical version of Wesker.
    Quickly turn around and run. The bridge will break causing you and Sheva to be seperated

    -=-=-=-=-=- Chris's Part -=-=-=-=-=-=-
    NOTE!!!! As soon as you regain control of Chris, Jump across the rocks, AND RUN AS FAST AS YOU LITTLE LEGS WILL GO and get to the Giant rock. DO IT FAST!!!! Get the rock into the lava, so Sheva can get across.
    By this time, Wesker will be behind you.
    Wait until he stops flailing his arm, or else you will be flung off the edge, resulting in an instant game over.

    After you do this, run to the top ledge, and wait in the Circle area until Sheva gets there.

    -=-=-=-=-=- Sheva's Part -=-=-=-=-=-=-
    When you regain control of Sheva, run quickly to the bridge, (that falls) and when you fall, you better be ready

    PRESS X LIKE YOU ARE RUNNING FROM A GIANT RABID DOG. This is a special reaction. It takes an outragous ammount of time to get back up, and you cant just tap it like the other ones. You must press this as fast as you can, NO stopping!!!!!

    --Once you get back on your feet, hopfully Chris will have pushed the rock into the lava, and you can jump across to help him.

    -=-=-=-=-- Final Part -=-=-=-=-

    Once Chris and Sheva are both places up at the circular area, Wesker will jump up and say "CCCHRRRRISSSSS!!!!!"
    This part takes exteme caution.
    His attacks are very easy to dodge, but one attack, his berserk attack, will result in an instantanous death.
    This move is marked, when Wesker swings him arm in the air in front of him violently, back up quickly.

    The only thing you really him to do, it unload everything you've got onto his Orange heart thing. Any other body part results in 0 damage, so make your shots count if you are low on ammo.

    -=-=-=-=- YOU DID IT!!!! -=-=-=-=-



    All you have to do is press left and right trigger at the same time to shoot the RPG and then your done!!!

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Other Answers

  1. Im not sure what you are saying, if you need tips on the boss battle, you have to shoot him in the "orange" orbs. When the one on the front appears you have to restrain him and hold him until Sheva can stab him to death. If you are asking as in a canon aspect, there is a serum that he has to take, and if he is given too much or too little it makes the virus unstable and can kill him.

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  2. If your fighting in 5-3 you just need to hide then hit him with everything you can when he turns his back to you (magnum, rocket launcher, shotgun, sniper rifle, i.e. your highest damage output)
    If your fighting him in 6-1, wait till he does a tentacle tornado, then either unload at his head, or at the orange bulb on the front of his chest.

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  3. Yes, his weakness is an overdose of the Viral stimulant : PG67A / W

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  4. For regular Wesker his weakness is his back. When he's attacking one person, have the other shoot him in the back. I like to use a semi-auto sniper rifle and shoot him until he drops. In the first fight against him, just keep repeating this until he runs away like a little sissy and in the next fight against him keep shooting until he drops and have one person grab him from behind while the other injects him.

    For the uroburos Wesker, if you play as Chris, shoot his human arm first until both his arms are taken over by oroburos and he jumps away, then switch to a sniper rifle to keep him away from Sheva and when you're together with Sheva again(After knocking down the boulder) keep damaging him until the orange orb appears in his chest and just shoot that. You can also attempt to grab him from behind and have your partner go up to him and stab the orb with their knife.(You just need decent timing to get behind him)

    Remember these and Wesker shouldn't be a problem. Once you have infinite RPGs, he'll be a snap. In the last battle you can just shoot him in the face a few times and the battle will just end there without you and your partner having to even meet back up.

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