What is the Best Weapon To Have Infinite Ammo For???

  1. OK I've been fretting over this since i got the game.im only on level 2-2 right now but i want to plan this out.so im basically wondering what is the best weapon other than the rocket launcher or rifles to have infinite ammo for?now my preference is to either have one of the magnums or shotguns on infinite ammo for my second go around.im leaning towards a shotgun but if having one of the magnums is absolutely the best then i'll just upgrade that all the way once i get it.

    so which is better to have infinite ammo for,shotgun,or magnum?? or is it a wash between the two??or maybe just a matter of preference?thanks for reading.

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    BIGE2584 - 8 years ago

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  1. This is the usual set-up I see people with when I play story mode with a stranger; it also happens to be the set-up I use for myself as well.

    -Lightning Hawk(L.Hawk aka D.Eagle)
    -Rocket Launcher

    The M500 is a VERY strong gun(great against bosses), but the L.Hawk's speed more than makes up for the loss of power. Usually people will replace a handgun with a magnum once they get infinite ammo, and I think the L.Hawk is the best choice because of the speed. Magnums are already strong, so that extra power really isn't needed, and you always have the rocket launcher for the big bosses. The piercing can help when majini are coming at your in crowds, so you can take out multiples of them at a time as well.

    The Hydra is just a great overall gun. It has a great knockback effect on all regular majini, so it can be extremely helpful when you're being surrounded. It's range is INSANE for a shotgun. It hits almost everything in the entire width of the screen and you can still knock back enemies that are pretty far away. This is a great choice as a crown control weapon. You'll probably need it int he harder difficulties.

    And then the PSG-1. It's the weakest of all of the sniper rifles, but it's the steadiest and has the best sight. All rifles are strong and in almost every case, one good hit in the chest will kill a majini. I think it's best to stick with this weapon, especially when you get to veteran and pro difficulty since the crossbow/projectile carrying majini will be a lot more annoying. The control and speed of this weapon will help out a lot in taking care of them quickly, which you'll need to do to survive.

    And lastly the rocket launcher. This really doesn't need an explanation. It's strong. The strongest in the game. It can kill almost every boss in the game with one good hit. It's great as a preemptive weapon. You can shoot when majini are spawning and just blow them away to bits without having to worry about anything.

    I usually keep these in the D-Pad selection choices with melee and bullet vests and 3 healing sprays in the rest of the slots.

    Hope this helps out and good luck.

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  1. Whatever your favorite weapon with ammo issues is, basically. You're going to want a whole arsenal of weapons with infinite ammo when you go for Professional, so just start off with something you really enjoy using that will benefit well from the infinite ammo, and that is preferably your favorite weapon of its class--that way you can take it all the way to Professional. If you want to plan ahead, read the weapon/equipment FAQ to decide what you like best. There's not really a clear-cut "best" gun of any type.

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  2. I actually have an infinite S&W 500, an infinite Rocket Launcher and an infinite M3, that got me through veteran without any problem.

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  3. I contemplated on this for a bit while when i got the game first handed also. I was also choosing between either the Ithaca or the L. Hawk. I like the power of a shotgun, but hate its range. I love the power of the magnum, but hated its ammo drop. It all comes down to your likings i say. If you are more of a point blank person, the shotgun is your go to weapon, but you like to chill from behind and kill everything with 1 shot, magnum is your go to choice. It all drops down to your likings.

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  4. "so which is better to have infinite ammo for,shotgun,or magnum?? or is it a wash between the two??or maybe just a matter of preference?thanks for reading."

    That's more or less the answer everyone is going to give you. I carry both. I Love to have the Hydra, and the M500. Both are ridiculously powerful. And when I just want to screw around, Ill Use the burst handgun. (m93r?) Its quite fun.

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  5. It's purely a matter of opinion. I have a Hydra, RL, M500, and a rifle (I cant remember the name for the life of me.)

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  6. I already beat it and got unlimited ammo for everything. In my opinion the first weapon you should get the infinite ammo for is the Hydra. It has superb attack range, an attack damage of 550 and in close range it is triple that if it completely hits the enemy, and even if it doesn't kill the enemy, it is almost guaranteed to knock back any enemy and/or mini-boss. As for a magnum, I would suggest the lightning hawk for speed or the S&W M500 for power. The lightning hawk has good damaging power and is fast, however the M500 is the equivalent of the hand-cannon nearly from Resident evil 4 once fully upgraded. That being said it is somewhat slow. If you plan to do Professional, then the infinite rocket launcher is almost a must have, as in you almost must have it to beat the game like that. If not then well, plan to die, many many many times.

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  7. My opinion for MG's i use infinite VZ61(scorpion) becuase of fast rate of fire and high cirtical headshots, for SG's i use the Hydra(fully upgrade the Itacha), for pistols use the SIG (samurai edge custom, and rifles i recommend you use s75 because of high power, but these are my opinions so decide for yourself.

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