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    Achievement Guide by OmegaMustard

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    GAME: Resident Evil 5
    By: Kenneth Stubbs (OmegaMustard)
    Email: omegamustard1@yahoo.com
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     Kenneth Stubbs
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    First Update March 15, 2009
     - Fixed a Treasure Location
     - Added a tip for Egg On Your Face
    Second Update March 20, 2009
     - Topaz (Oval) More help
     - Few Tweaks and Tips added
     - Added Special Thanks
    Third Update
     - Bad Blood Tip added
     - DLC achievements added
    Fourth Update
     - DLC Versus Achievements Complete
     - DLC Lost In Nightmares Achievements Complete
     - DLC Desperate Escape Achievements complete
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    *Does Contain Spoilers, so SPOILER ALERT!*
    *If you are looking for an achievement inparticular, just search the word*
    I. The Achievements
    A. Completed Chapter "#-#"
    B. Recruit
    C. Soldier
    D. Veteran
    E. War Hero
    F. Egg Hunt
    G. All Dressed Up
    H. Stockpile
    I. Take It to the Max
    J. They Belong in a Museum
    K. Badge of Honor
    L. They're ACTION Figures!
    M. A Friend in Need
    N. Lifeguard
    O. Exploding Heads
    P. A Cut Above
    Q. Cattle Prod
    R. Crowd Control
    S. Bull's-eye
    T. Get Physical
    U. The Works
    V. Lead Aspirin
    W. Fireworks
    X. Be the Knife
    Y. Meat Shower
    Z. Go into the Light
    AA.Ride the Lightning
    AB.Stop, Drop, & Roll
    AC.Baptism by Fire
    AD.Masters of Removing  *SPOILER*
    AE.Bad Blood   *SPOILER*
    AF.Drive By
    AG.Egg on Your Face
    AH.Heart Stopper
    AI.Who Do You Trust?
    II.DLC Achievements - Versus
    AJ.Army Of One
    AK.Eye Of The Tiger
    AL.The Team That Slays Together...
    AM.We Will Survive
    AN.Keep The Good Times Rolling
    AO.It Takes Two To Tango
    AP.It's All About The Points
    AQ.There's No I In Team
    AR.Let's Get This Party Started!
    AS.Bringing The Pain
    III.Desperate Escape
    AU.The Great Escape
    AV.Run The Gauntlet
    AW.Way Of The Warrior
    AX.Shoot The Messenger
    IV.Lost In Nightmares
    AY.Must've Got Lost
    AZ.It's Just a Bad Dream!
    BA.Night Terrors
    BB.Kung Fu Fighting
    BC.Wish Upon a Star
    V.A Few Questions with Answers.
    VI.Closing Statements/Contact/Special Thanks/Donations, Etc.
    I. The Achievements
    Resident Evil 5 has 70 Achievements worth a total of 1400 
    Gamerscore points. Versus Pack adds 200 more achievements
    points.  Desperate Escape adds another 100 points as well as
    Lost In Nightmares.
    Most of the killing achievements can be obtained in Mercenaries.
    A. Completed Chapter "#-#"
      - Complete Chapter "# - #" on any difficulty setting. 15G a piece
      - For completing each chapter in the game, you get an achievement.
        There are a total of 16 Chapters or levels in the game.  The
        achievement will pop on the mission result screen at the end of
        the level.
    B. Recruit
      - Complete all chapters on Amateur. 15G
      - Amateur difficulty is the game's easy difficulty.
        You must completed all levels on Amateur difficulty or higher.
        You can completed all levels on a higher difficulty and get
        this achievement as well.  You can tell which levels you have
        completed by looking at the chapter select screen.
    C. Soldier
      - Complete all chapters on Normal. 15G
      - Normal difficulty is the game's medium difficulty.
        You must completed all levels on normal difficulty or higher.
        You can completed all levels on a higher difficulty and get
        this achievement as well.  You can tell which levels you have
        completed by looking at the chapter select screen.
    D. Veteran
      - Complete all chapters on Veteran. 30G
      - Veteran difficulty is the game's Hard difficulty.
        You must completed all levels on Veteran difficulty.  The
        game is pretty difficult on veteran unless you have  played
        through at least once on Amateur or Normal and upgraded your
        weapons a bit.  If you prefer though you can start on Veteran.
    E. War Hero
      - Complete all chapters on the most difficult setting. 70G
      - Professional is the most difficult setting.  You must complete
        all levels on Veteran first to unlock Professional. On Pro
        difficulty, all hits are fatal except dog attacks.  If you get
        hit and it isn't fatal, it will be near fatal if you're lucky.
        My tips is to play through the game a few times and get your
        weapons really powerful.  I recommend full power and Infinite
        Ammo for the L. Hawk.  It will pretty much drop everything one
        or two hits.  Most people go with the S&W M500 but it has too
        much kickback and makes it slower.  I only prefer it on bossses.
    F. Egg Hunt
      - Find all 4 types of eggs. 15G
      - The 4 types of eggs are White, Brown, Gold, and Rotten.
        White and Brown eggs are found at random at the start of chapter
        3-1.  Just check the chickens in the fence and you will most 
        likely find a white and brown egg.  If not, just go back to the 
        dock next to your boat and listen for loud chicken noises and
        check back in the fence.  Same with the gold egg, only this one
        is really rare and make take some patience for one of the chickens
        to lay one.  Brown chickens are more likely to lay gold eggs so if
        there are mostly white chickens, kill the white ones off and walk
        to your boat and return.  The chickens respawn when you do this.
        Just hopefully they will respawn as brown chickens.  If not just
        repeat the killing process.  Rotten Eggs are randomly dropped from
        Majini's after chapter 5.  So they are pretty rare as well.  Just
        when you start chapter 5-1, start checking all dead bodies of 
        zombies you kills.  Note:  You must have all eggs in your inventory
        at once for this achievement to unlock.  If you know someone who
        has completed the game and has all 4 eggs, they can just give them
        to you.  
      - You can also collect eggs by shooting the snakes that jump out of 
        pots/crates you've smashed. The one treasure room in the last mirror 
        puzzle room has six snakes so if you are lucky you can get it 
        there alone. 1st_Level_Grunt
      - The Majini will drop Rotton eggs at random as early as Chapter 4-1.
        I can't confirm this myself, this was sent to me by A ListCelebrity
        and Froggy7521 has confirmed that you can get rotton eggs as early
        as chapter 2 but they are more rare than later in the game.
    G. All Dressed Up
      - Purchase all available alternative costumes in Bonus Features. 30G
      - There are a total of 6 costumes in the game.  3 for Chris and 3 for
        Sheva.  1 costume is unlocked for each when you start the game.
        Their second costumes are unlocked once you have completed the full
        game once on any difficulty.  Chris' third costume is unlocked after
        collecting 26 BSAA Emblems.  Sheva's third costume is unlocked after
        collecting all 30 BSAA Emblems.  For the achievement to unlock, you
        must purchase the costumes from the Bonus Settings Menu on the Main
    H. Stockpile
      - Obtain all available weapons. 30G
      - You must have all weapons in your inventory at once for this to
        unlock.  Here is a full list with the locations. All guns can
        be purchased after completing the chapter the gun is found on
        just in case you missed it and don't want to repeat.  The guns
        are in Silver cases most times.  The Dragunov is in a locker.
        - M92F - Chapter 1-1
          H&K P8 - In Store after Chapter 3-1
          SIG P226 - In Store after Chapter 5-1
          M93R - Fully Upgrade M92F
          Ithaca M37 - Chapter 1-2
          M3 - Chapter 3-3
          Jail Breaker - Chapter 6-1
          Hydra - Fully Upgrade Ithaca M37
          VZ61 - Chapter 1-1
          AK-74 - Chapter 5-1
          H&K MP5 - Chapter 2-1
          SIG 556 - Chapter 5-2
          S75 - Chapter 2-1
          Dragunov SVD - Chapter 2-2
          H&K PSG-1 - Chapter 5-3
          S&W M29 - Chapter 3-1
          L.Hawk - Chapter 5-3 
          S&W M500 - Fully Upgrade S&W M29
          Grenade Launcher - Chapter 4-1
          Rocket Launcher - In store after Chapter 3-1
          Stun Rod - In store after chapter 2-3
          Gatling Gun - Fully Upgrade VZ61
          Longbow - Fully Upgrade S75
          Proximity Bomb - First found in Chapter 2-2
          Hand Grenade - Found all over
          Incendiary Grenade - Found all over
          Flash Grenade - Found all over
    I. Take It to the Max
      - Completely upgrade all weapons. 30G
      - You must have all guns fully upgraded and all unlocked
        in your inventory at the same time for this to unlock.
        It is gonna cost around 900,000 gold to max out all
        guns.  So best to start picking up all money you find
        as well as all treasures.  You get double money every
        pickup on Professional difficulty.
    J. They Belong in a Museum
      - Obtain all treasures in the game. 30G
      - There are quite a few treasures to collect in the game.
        Here is the complete list and location of all treasures. 
        They are in the order they appear in your inventory.
        You can sell them as you get them and when you collect
        all the achievement will pop on the inventory screen.
        NOte: There are multiple places for some of the treasure.
        I'm only telling the easiest or only way to obtain them.
        There are only a total of 50 treasures.  4 slots will be
        empty after obtaining all treasures.
      -Gold Ring - Chapter 1-1 Kill The Executioner
      -Ivory Relief - Chapter 1-2 Dropped by the blonde woman
      -Dead Bride's Necklace - Chapter 5-2 On Final Conveyer belt
      -Royal Necklace - Chapter 5-3, in a room full of rocket zombies.
      -Jewel Bangle - Kill a Big Man Manjini (Big guy in white shorts)
      -Venom Fang - Kill a Chainsaw Manjini (First one won't drop it)
      -Antique Clock - Chapter 1-2 Balcony of locked on the inside house.
      -Chalice (Silver) - Chapter 3-1 Middle island
      -Chalice (Gold) - Chapter 5-3 In a locker where you lower the bridge
      -Silver Idol - Chapter 3-1 Northwest Island, Assist jump to left house
      -Gold Idol - Chapter 4-2, 3rd mirror light puzzle.  Shine the light 
            beams into the crystal instead of the destination mirror.
      -Ceremonial Mask - Chapter 3-1, cave at the end of the chapter.
      -Jewel Beetle - Chapter 3-2 Top of the oil drums at the Tricell camp
      -Brown Beetle - Chapter 3-1. Small island you start the chapter on.
      -Gold Beetle - Chapter 4-2, 3rd mirror light puzzle.  Shine the light 
            beams into the crystal instead of the destination mirror.
      -Topaz (Pear)- Many Places
      -Ruby (Pear) - Many Places
      -Sapphire (Pear) - Many Places
      -Emerald (Pear) - Many Places
      -Diamond (Pear) - Chapter 2-2 After the Irvine Scene, look for a
           shining circle on the mountian wall.
      -Topaz (Square) - Many Places
      -Ruby (Square) - Many Places
      -Sapphire (Square) - Many Places
      -Emerald (Square) - Many Places
      -Diamond (Square) - Chapter 2-2 After the Irvine Scene, look for a
          shining circle on the mountian wall. This one requires an assist
      -Topaz (Oval) - Chapter 6-1 At Start of level, turn right and snipe the
            guy at the ground level next to the crane.  More about it at
            bottom of page.
      -Ruby (Oval) - Chapter 4-1 Under red statue in the Labyrinth.
      -Sapphire (Oval) - Chapter 5-3 Wesker/Jill fight after Wesker kicks 
          you through the door, follow the corridor into the room 
          full of coffins. Break small pot on your right.
      -Emerald (Oval) - Chapter 5-3 Wesker/Jill fight after Wesker kicks
          you through the door, follow the corridor into the 2nd room full
          of coffins. In the coffin that needs an assist to open.
      -Diamond (Oval) - Chapter 2-2 In the mines just before the crank
          at the exit, hidden hall to the left.
      -Topaz (Trilliant) - Chapter 4-1 At the start run by the ladder you
          are suppose to climb up.  It is in a treasure box.
      -Ruby (Trilliant) - Chapter 4-1 After you fall from the empty coffin
          trap. It's in one of the treasure chests.
      -Sapphire (Trilliant) - Chapter 4-1 After you fall from the empty coffin
          trap. It's in one of the treasure chests.
      -Emerald (Trilliant) - Chapter 4-1 After you fall from the empty coffin
          trap. It's in one of the treasure chests.
      -Diamond (Trilliant) - Chapter 4-2 After putting all 3 Emblems in the
          door.  Shoot the shiny thing above the next door.
      -Topaz (Brilliant) - Chapter 5-3 After you lower the drawbridge, shoot
          the shiny thing above the door on the other side of the bridge.
      -Ruby (Brilliant) - Chapter 5-3 Leave the room with the giant elevator.
          It is the shiny thing on the ceiling in the hall on your way to the
          drawbridge room.
      -Sapphire (Brilliant) - Chapter 5-3 Wesker/Jill fight after Wesker kicks
          you through the door, follow the corridor into the 2nd room full
          of coffins. In the coffin that needs an assist to open.
      -Emerald (Brilliant) - Chapter 5-3 Wesker/Jill fight. Run up the 
          staircase on the right and follow the path round to the right.
          Break the pots at the end.
      -Diamond (Brilliant) - Chapter 2-2 After the Irvine Scene, it is up the
          mountain in a treasure box.
      -Topaz (Marquis) - Chapter 1-1 - Kill the large wave of majini
          that appear after you jump out the window.  The last one
          drops this.
      -Ruby (Marquis) - Chapter 2-1 In the middle of the stands in
          front of the house with the key on the dead body.  Grenade
          the stand on the right if you have your back facing the
      -Sapphire (Marquis) - Chapter 5-3 At the start of the level
          Go left at the fork in the path.  Its in a safe.
      -Emerald (Marquis) - Chapter 3-3 Second stop off the boat.
          Between the two gun turrets in a drawer.
      -Diamond (Marquis) - Chapter 6-3 Final fight with Wesker in 
          the volcano, after Wesker appears for the first time, 
          turn around and head towards the bridge that collapses. 
          Before stepping on it, shoot down the rock on the other 
          side that is the same colour. Now when you fall through 
          the bridge, turn to your left and jump over the rock to 
          pick up the diamond.
      -Power Stone - Kill a Reaper (Giant Bug with shiny spots)
      -Lion heart - Chapter 5-1 Kill a Licker Sometimes it's dropped.
      -Blue Enigma - Chapter 3-1 Kill a Giant Manjini 
      -Soul gem - Chapter 4-1 End boss, must shoot under his tail.
      -Heart of Africa - Chapter 5-3 Make Wesker Leave by damaging him
          enough during the end fight.  It will be between the stairs.
    K. Badge of Honor
      - Find all the BSAA emblems. 30G
      - BSAA Emblems are shiny blue badges hanging hidden all
        around the game.
        There are a total of 30 BSAA emblems in the game. You have to
        shoot them to collect them.  Once you shoot an emblem, you
        always have it even though it still shows up in the mission
        if you replay a level.  You can see how many emblems are in
        each level on the chapter select screen.
    L. They're ACTION Figures!
      - Collect all the figurines. 30G
      - To unlock all action figures, you must first complete the
        entire game.  Then you must collect all 30 BSAA Emblems.
        Then you must get S rank on all chapters,
        Easiest done on Amateur difficulty.  After that, you have to
        buy them from the bonus Settings on the main menu.  They 
        cost 500 Exchange points a piece.
    M. A Friend in Need
      - Save partner 10 times when HELP is displayed. 15G
      - To save your partner, they must be grabbed by a
        majini and calling for help.  The word HELP will pop up
        on their health bar in the corner of the screen.  You 
        have to run up to them and hit by X to kick or punch the
        majini off of them.
    N. Lifeguard
      - Save partner 10 times when DYING is displayed. 15G
      - Your partner is dying when he is critically wounded and
        the word DYING will pop up on their health bar.  You have
        a limited amount of time to get to your partner and cure
        them before they die.  Shorter time when difficulty is
    O. Exploding Heads
      - Pull off 20 headshots.  15G
      - This is easier to do with a sniper rifle but can be done
        with Hand GUn and Magnums as well.  YOu will pull off
        exploding headshots easier when you raise the firepower
        of your gun higher.  A headshot only counts when the
        majini's head comepletely explodes.
    P. A Cut Above
      - Defeat 5 enemies with the Knife. 15G
      - This is way easier to do at the beginning of the game
        on amateur difficulty.  Do this in the first level
        when the zombies are coming for you in the house after
        the microphone guy points you out.  Stand in front of
        the window and constantly keep stabbing at it.  The
        majini will keep trying to climb in and get slashed.
    Q. Cattle Prod
      - Defeat 30 enemies with the Stun rod. 15G
      - You unlock the Stun Rod after chapter 2-3.  It is
        very powerful and can wipe most enemies out with 1 or
        2 hits.  You will swing it just like a knife so you 
        must be close.
    R. Crowd Control
      - Defeat 30 enemies with the Gatling gun. 15G
      - The Gatling Gun can be bought after fully upgrading
        the ZV61 Machine Gun.  It will cost 50,000 gold but
        it has infinite ammo and is almost always a 1 hit
        kill on basic enemies.  Only Chris can equip it.
    S. Bull's-eye
      - Defeat 30 enemies with the Longbow.  15G
      - The Long Bow can be bought after fully upgrading
        the S75 Sniper Rifle.  It will cost 50,000 gold but
        it has infinite arrows and is almost always a 1 hit
        kill.  Only Sheva can equip it.
    T. Get Physical
      - Defeat 20 enemies with physical attacks. 15G
      - Physical attacks are whenever you can tap X and hit
        a majini.  Best way to do this is shoot a majini in
        the leg and if they fall to their knees or if they 
        fall down.  Run up and you should see an X pop up.
    U. The Works
      - Chain the maximum number of combos together in one go. 15G
      - This requires 2 players in co op to do easily.  Start up a
        game on Veteran.  Have one player on one side of a Majini
        and the other player on the other side.  For the person
        going for the achievement, Shoot the Majini in the leg so
        he goes to his knees.  Run up and Physicaly attack them.
        They should bounce back and then have the other player X
        attack them back to you.  Then X attack them one more time.
        This should pop after your second physical hit on them.
        Works best on the Big Man Majini. (Shirtless Fat One)
        I've been getting a lot of questions about can you do this
        with the CPU as your partner.  After a little research I
        found you can get it fairly easy.  Find a Big Man Majini.
        Don't let your partner have any weapons.  Equip a flash
        grenade.  Let the Majini get close and throw the flash
        at him.  After doing this, run up and hit X to melee the
        majini.  YOur partner should run up and do the same after
        you, then run up after the majini and hit X again. Try
        on Chapter 2-1.  Here is a youtube video of it.  I didn't
        do this video but it does what I explained up above.
    V. Lead Aspirin
      - Defeat a Majini with a headshot while it's jumping. 30G
      - This achievement is tricky but very do able with a shotgun.
        YOu can wait for a zombie to jump at you or you can go to
        chapter 3-2.  After the part where you take out the first
        wave of majini, they will take out the bridge.  Stay where
        you are and with your shotgun ready (Higher upgraded the better)
        Start shooting the Majini when they start jumping the gap at
        you.  Aim high.
    W. Fireworks
      - Shoot an enemy Molotov cocktail, dynamite stick, or hand grenade.15G
      - You can first obtain this on Chapter 2-1.  After moving through the
        containers part of the level.  You will come to a little roomy 
        opening.  There will be a big man Majini and if you look up on top
        of a container, you will see a Majini throwing dynamite.  Wait for
        him to light up a piece and just aim and shoot it in his hand.  It
        will explode and your achievement will pop.
    X. Be the Knife
      - Deflect a bow gun arrow with your knife. 60G
      - This achievement is easily done on Chapter 2-1.  Don't try it on
        the first guy you see shooting arrows.  Wait until you get to the
        last arear where the helicopter swoops in.  The guys shooting
        arrows here have a good distance from you so you can time the 
        slash better.  It make take a few tries.  You don't want to be
        too far but you don't want to be too close either.
    Y. Meat Shower
      - Defeat 3 Majini with one grenade or proximity bomb. 15G
      - This can be done anywhere when you see a group of majini
        together.  Better to see more than 3 together so you are
        guaranteed you at least kill 3 of them with a grenade.
        Can be in chapter 1-1.  When in the house where the 
        microphone guy spots you, slash the fruit on the counter for a
        hidden grenade.  Now just wait for a large group.
    Z. Go into the Light
      - Defeat 2 enemies with one flash grenade. 15G
      - You can do this on normal Majini which will make you have to
        shoot them like 2 times before throwing a flash.  For an
        easier way, go to chapter 4-1 and wait for a few of those
        dirt spider things for get close together.  Throw a flash at
        them and it is an instant kill.
    AA.Ride the Lightning
      - Defeat a Majini using the electric current from a transformer.15G
      - This is pretty easy considering you only have to kill 1 majini.
        On chapter 1-1 where you have to defend off the Majini after 
        the microphone guys spots you.  After the executioner knocks
        down the fence, you will see a silver box on a pole right on
        the other side of the fence.  Shoot it down when a majini is
        near it.  It should fry the majini.  If it doesn't, wait for
        the transformer to stop sparking and wait for another Majini
        to get near it and shoot it again.  It has an unlimited supply
        of electricity.
    AB.Stop, Drop, & Roll
      - Defeat 3 Majini at once by setting oil canisters on fire. 15G
      - This can be done at the same spot as Ride The Lightning's
        achievement.  Right on the other side of the fence is a pile
        of oil canisters.  It is the pile of red drums stacked in a 
        pile.  When you shoot them, they will cause a huge fire and
        will burn up anything that walks through it, wait until a
        group of majini get near it and shoot the drums.  If you
        don't get all three, you can run around the fire and make
        other majini that are chasing you walk into the fire.
    AC.Baptism by Fire
      - Defeat 3 Majini at once with a drum or gas tank explosion. 15G
      - There are plenty of places to get this one.  One easy way is
        in chapter 2-1.  Depending on who you are playing as.  At 
        the part where you have to assist jump your partner into the
        house across the street so they can go down the stairs and
        shoot the lock off the door.  There will be a gas drum in
        top floor of that building.  Wait for the majini mob to 
        climb of the stairs and get near it then shoot.  You can
        also get this at the part when you have to shoot the truck
        over.  There will be a majini mob coming behind the truck.
        Wait for 3 to get near a leftover barrel.
    AD.Masters of Removing
      - Work together to save someone special. 15G
      - This is done in Chapter 5-3.  During the Wesker/Jill
        fight.  Wait for Wesker to leave or make him leave by
        doing so much damage to him.  You will now have to face
        Jill by herself.  As Chris you have to talk to her and
        this will stun her making her fight herself.  You must
        then grab her and have the other player grab the device
        on her chest to remove it.  It has to be removed together
        as a team.  Achievement will not unlock if one person 
        removes it while Jill is on the ground.  Has to be removed
        while the other player holds her.
    AE.Bad Blood
      - Inflict a set amount of damage to your greatest enemy. 15G
      - This is done in Chapter 5-3.  During the Wesker/Jill
        fight.  You have to damage Wesker so much he leaves
        before his seven minute linger.  This can be tough unless
        you have a good strategy.  Have him kick you through the
        metal door.  Then run and hide.  You can shoot Wesker if
        he doesn't know where you are.  You will know he has
        lost you because he will talk trash about this being
        pointless.  Using your map is a good strategy as well
        because it will show Wesker's location.  The stronger 
        your gun the better.  Shoot him until he starts falling 
        down and run up and combo him. (X,X,B,A,X+A)  
        Easier way is to get a fully upgraded magnum and shoot 
        him with that Will defeat him a lot faster.  You can
        also shoot him with a rocket and let him catch it.
        Then shoot the rocket.
    AF.Drive By
      - Stop an armored truck by taking out the driver. 30G
      - This is done on Chapter 2-3.  While shooting the
        majini on motorcycles, you will have trucks coming
        up with majini on them shooting at you as well. The
        first truck appears on the left, just shoot and 
        kill it off.  Another truck will appear on the right.
        That is the one you want to shoot the armor off the
        side of the window then shoot the driver.
    AG.Egg on Your Face
      - Defeat a Majini with a rotten egg. 15G
      - If you have a rotten egg which is obtained
        randomly from majini after chapter 5-1.  Go on
        amatuer difficulty on the first few levels and
        shoot a majini so he will be weak.  Then throw
        a rotten egg at them and that should get you
      - You Can also get this in Mercenaries.  If a
        Majini happens to drop a rotten egg while playing.
        Don't hesitate to throw it in their face.
        Credit to FoxyAreku for the Mercenaries tip.
      - If you are having trouble with this because of the
        enemy moving around too much.  You can equip the
        Nitrogen rounds and freeze the enemy.  Then just
        switch to your egg and throw it. by Schweetguy
    AH.Heart Stopper
      - Defeat a certain enemy by stabbing it in the heart. 15G
      - This can be first done on Chapter 5-1.  The Certain
        enemy it's talking about is a Licker.  It is a lizard
        like infected that is pretty tough.  To set it up for
        a heart stab, shoot it point blank with a shotgun so
        it will fly on its back.  Then run up and tap X.
        You will stab it in the heart. Easier done on ameteur.
    AI.Who Do You Trust?
      - Build up a certain level of trust with your partner. 30G
      - You get this from saying thank you after getting healed
        or recieving items from your partner.  To do this, tap
        B after you are healed or given an item from you 
        partner.  A fast way to get this is set up chapter 1-2.
        With the computer as your partner.  Before you start
        the game, on the inventory screen, give them 9 first
        aid sprays and give yourself a weapon and a few first
        aid sprays.  Now at the start of the level, you will
        see a transformer in front of you.  Get right beside
        it and shoot it to shock yourself.  Keep doing this 
        until about dead.  Your partner will spray you with
        first aid spray.  Now press B right before the spray
        stops touching you and your character will say thanks
        or I owe you one, something around those lines.  When
        your partner uses up all the spray you gave them, 
        give them yours and when everything is used up, play
        through the level and finish it, and then repeat
        with the same stuff and do the same thing.  Should
        unlock after a few playthroughs of the level.  I have
        heard you can get this with 2 human comtrolled players
        but I never had any luck that way.
      - Another way to do this is go to chapter 5-2 and on the
        assembly belt with all the dead bodies on it.  Keep
        getting grabbed so your partner will knock you free.
        Remember to thank them with the B button.
        Tip by Semper Pie 360
    II.DLC Achievements - Versus Mode - 400 MS Points
    All achievements can be done in player matches.  The stats
    just won't be tracked on the leaderboards.
    AJ.Army Of One
      - Win 30 matches in Slayers. 15G
      - Salyers is a competition of who can kill the most
    AK.Eye Of The Tiger
      - Win 30 matches in Survivors. 15G
      - A match takes about 4 minutes to complete if you don't
        collect the time bonuses.  It only takes 2 people to
        start a Survivors match.  You win by having the most
        points at the end of the time period.  You gain
        points by shooting your opponents and lose points
        by taking damage from zombies or your opponents.
    AL.The Team That Slays Together...
      - Win 30 matches in Team Slayers. 30G
      - Same as Slayers except you have a team mate helping
        you kill the zombies.
    AM.We Will Survive
      - Win 30 matches in Team Survivors. 30G
      - Same as Survivors except you have a team mate.  
        You must kill your opponents for points and not the
    AN.Keep The Good Times Rolling
      - Chain a 20-defeated combo in Slayers. 15G
      - This is just like getting a combo going in mercenaries.
        You must kill zombies to rack up a combo and dodge your
        opponents team as well.  YOu opponents do count towards
        your combo if you kill them in the process of racking
        up your combo.
    AO.It Takes Two To Tango
      - Chain a 40-defeated combo in Team Slayers. 15G
      - Same as Slayers but you have a team mate to help out.
    AP.It's All About The Points
      - Score at least 40,000 points in Survivors. 15G
      - You gain points by killing your opponents only. In game
        enemies do not count towards your points.  Best way to
        get points is to melee kill your opponents while they
        are in a dying state.  You must have over 40,000 points
        when the in game time runs out.
    AQ.There's No I In Team
      - Score at least 80,000 points in Team Survivors. 15G
      - Same as Survivors except you now have a team mate.
    AR.Let's Get This Party Started!
      - Unlock all selectable characters in Versus. 20G
      - This will take a while unless you have been saving
        all of your exchange points since playing through the
        story.  Again exchange points are the points you get
        after clearing a chapter in story mode or finishing
        a round in Mercenaries.  You can now also earn points
        for completing rounds in Versus mode.  The characters
        are unlocked on the Bonus Settings menu.  Here are
        the characters and the points needed for each..
        -Versus Character A: Safari Chris Redfield (8,000 Points)
        -Versus Character B: S.T.A.R.S. Chris Redfield (13,000 Points)
        -Versus Character C: Clubbin' Sheva Alomar (6,000 Points)
        -Versus Character D: Tribal Sheva Alomar (15,000 Points)
        -Versus Character E: BSAA Jill Valentine (5,000 Points)
        -Versus Character F: Battle Suit Jill Valentine (7,000 Points)
        -Versus Character G: Midnight Wesker (30,000 Points)
        -Versus Character H: S.T.A.R.S. Wesker (50,000 Points)
    AS.Bringing The Pain
      - Defeat 100 players using physical attacks in Versus. 30G
      - This achievement is only obtained by hitting online opponents.
        You must put the opponent in dying state and then run up and
        hit X to finish them off.  This will take you a bit of time to
    III.Desperate Escape
      - Complete "Desperate Escape" on any difficulty setting.  15G
      - Upon completion of the Desperate Escape campaign, this will
        unlock.  Doesn't matter if it is in Single Player or Co Op.
        Difficulty also doesn't matter.
    AU.The Great Escape
      - Complete "Desperate Escape" with an S rank.  15G
      - You must score around 80,000 Points in order to get an
        S rank.  Make sure you kill tons of enemies.  Great to go
        for along with Way of the Warrior, just try not to miss too
        much.  Also make your way through the level at a decent speed.
        Not too slow but don't rush yourself too much, that will cause
        you to miss a lot of shots unless you are an expert marksman.
        This can be done on any difficulty in single or co op.
    AV.Run The Gauntlet
      - Complete "Desperate Escape" on Professional.  40G
      - To unlock Professional, you must first complete Desperate
        Escape on Veteran difficulty or join someone's game that is
        playing on professional.  Remember on Professional, just
        about everything that hits you puts you in dying mode. So make
        sure you carry plenty of healing herbs and first aid.  This may
        take a bit of practice.
    AW.Way Of The Warrior
      - Defeat 150 enemies singlehandedly in one playthrough of 
        "Desperate Escape."  15G
      - Best done on amateur.  Start a single player campaign with
        the CPU and take their weapon away.  Now take out every enemy
        that you can.  You will easily take out more that 150.
    AX.Shoot The Messenger
      - Defeat 3 Agitator Majini in one playthrough of 
        "Desperate Escape."  15G
      - First off, the Agitato Majini are the guys with megaphones.
        There are only three on the level.  Here are the locations
        1. Kill every single enemy in the first area.  I mean every
           single one.  When you are 100 percent sure everyone is
           dead.  Continue to where you are suppose too.  At the
           co op ladder, wait, don't climb up yet.  Let the guys jump
           down.  Kill them and then co op jump up the ladder.  If
           everyone is dead, a cutscene should happen.  Now run back
           to the original area to find the Agitator.
        2. In the area with the 2 rocket launcher turrets, when 
           Jill has to co-op jump up a ladder and go around to let Josh 
           in. Do not let Josh in just yet. Kill everything. There are a 
           lot of enemies but they will eventually stop coming When at 
           the 2 rocket launcher turrets, if you look 
           straight across, there are some enemies up there on that 
           platform that you need to kill. That is also where the Agitator 
           will spawn eventually. Use a sniper or a turret to 
           take him out.
        3. At the end area, where you have to survive. Make sure to just
           keep killing for the whole time, and remember once you run out 
           of time from the first 5 minutes, it will raise up to 2:30 
           again, so don't panic if you dont get the achievement before 
           then. Be sure to kill all of the enemies that spawn out of 
           the elevator, and be sure to also kill the guys that jump down.
           The Agitator should appear in the last 20 seconds of the 2:30
        -  http://achievementhunter.com/archive/?sid=ah&id=1155 
    IV.Lost In Nightmares
    AY.Must've Got Lost
      - Complete "Lost in Nightmares" on any difficulty 
        setting.  15G
      - Complete Lost In Nightmares on any difficulty.  Doesn't
        matter if it is solo or co op.
    AZ.It's Just a Bad Dream!
      - Complete "Lost in Nightmares" with an S rank.  15G
      - This is really easy to do on expert.  Make sure you 
        make your way through at a fairly decent speed.  Kill
        all the axe carrying monsters. There are like 5 or 6
        of them.  Collect as many point stars as you can and
        don't die more than twice and you should get this 
        really easy.
    BA.Night Terrors
      - Complete "Lost in Nightmares" on Professional. 40G
      - First off, you must complete it on Veteran to unlock
        Professional mode or join someone's game online that
        has professional unlocked.  Remember just about 
        everything is instant death, so be careful.
    BB.Kung Fu Fighting
      - Inflict a set amount of damage to Wesker in 
        "Lost in Nightmares."  15G
      - Easiest done on amateur.  Wesker will charge to
        attack you and when he does, press the required
        button to dodge his attack and attack him back.
        Do this a few times and he will call you cretins and
        move towards the window.  Simple as that.  May take
        some practice the first time playing through.
    BC.Wish Upon a Star
      - Destroy all 18 of the Score stars found throughout 
        "Lost in Nightmares."  15G
      - These are hidden stars hanging around the Mansion.
        Similar to the Emblans found in the basic campaign.
        You must shoot the stars for them to count.  Here
        is a list of where they all are.  Copy and past the
        whole link.  Thank the people at residentevilnews for
        the list.
    V. A Few Questions with Answers.
    1. What is a Majini?
    A. Majini are the zombies in the game.
    2. Where are the BSAA Emblems?
    A. I haven't added a list of them in this guide. I will
       probably add the locations of them later but you can
       always google a complete list of them.
    3. How hard are the achievements in this game?
    A. The achievements can seem challenging at first, but
       once you have played through the games and have some
       good upgrades on guns.  The game will start to feel
       like a cakewalk.  You keep all inventory that you
       find in the game.
    4. HOw do I get infinite ammo for my guns?
    A. First you must have completed the full game.  That
       means every level.  Then you must fully upgrade the
       gun that you want infinite ammo for.  Then you will
       have to go to the main menu and click on bonus
       settings.  Purchase the upgrade with exchange points.
    5. Will you help me run through Resident Evil 5?
    A. No, sorry.
    6. I have unlocked infinite ammo, how do I use it?
    A. You have to go to the Custum settings underneath 
       bonus settings and turn it on.  You will see an
       inifinite ammo menu with all guns you have infinite
       ammo for.
    7. What are exchange points?  How do I obtain them?
    A. Exchange points are points you earn for getting 
       certain ranks on levels.  You will see how many
       points you earn after a level.  YOu can replay a
       level as many times as you want and keep earning
    8. I'm having trouble with a certain level. How do I
       beat it? What do I do?
    A. This isn't a game walkthrough.  This is more built
       to help you obtain the achievements in the game.
    9. Achievements are stupid.  Who wastes their time
       going after them?
    A. You would be surprised how many people go after them.
       SOme do it as a hobby and some do it as an 
       obsession.  Either way if you think they are stupid.
       This guide isn't for you.
    10. Why won't you accept my friend request?
    A. I can't accept everyone in the world who wants to be
       my friend on xbox live.  If that was the case, I would
       have over thousands of friends.  It is nothing personal
       that I decline it.
    11. I sent you a message through your email but you haven't
    A. I'm a very busy person, I don't always have time to
       check my email but when I do, I always reply.  My
       gamertag is really on here for you to ask questions
       through it.  You can expect a faster reply if you
       message my gamertag.
    12. Why doesn't this guide get updated?
    A. I write my guides more for GameFAQs.com.  I don't go
       anywhere else really.  Not saying other gaming sites
       are bad.  I'm just at home on GameFAQS.  If this 
       guide is updated, they have the most updated version.
    13. Where is the Topaz (Oval)?
    A. Alright, I got this as a random drop, but after 
       saying that, I've gotten a lot of messages from people.
       Here is what is said about the Topaz Oval.  When you
       start 6-1, Turn to your right and snipe the enemy on
       the ground level next to the crane.  For those that
       are confused, that is the first enemy that you would
       run into if you use the keycard on the door.  If you
       need more help, look up another treasure guide for
       this one.  Don't message me asking where is it.
    14. How do I get the extra achievement points?
    A. You must download the DLC on the Xbox Live 
       marketplace.  You can also purchase the Gold Edition.
       Inside you will get a code that gives you access to all
       released DLC.  Still requires an Xbox Live Gold
    VI.   Closing Statements
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    gets me pumped to write another one.  Also a big thanks
    to everyone that has been sending me alternate tips and
    tricks to get some of the achievements.  I will keep
    adding the most useful ones to make this guide the best
    it can be.
    Information Help from Xbox.com, www20.atwiki.jp/biofive/ 
    Speical thanks to my friend JamesTDumbaxx for helping me
    run through the game on Veteran and Professional.
    FoxyAreku for his tip about the Egg On Your Face.
    1st_Level_Grunt for his tip on Egg Hunt, 
    Schweetguy for his tip about the Egg On Your Face.
    Semper Pie 360 for his tip on Who Do You Trust?
    A ListCelebrity - tip on Egg Hunt.
    Froggy7521 - Egg Hunt
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