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A little over the top, but Resident Evil 5 is still a modern classic.03/12/09Absolute Steve
What happened to that game the E3 07 Trailer teased us all with?03/23/09JManGT
The Year's Greatest Disappointment.03/30/09Nafzger
Survival Before Horror04/06/09AK_the_Twilight
Another wasted potential08/22/12Al0ne72
One Small Step for a Series, One Great Title for Gamers04/08/09ayame95
As if Africa Wasn't Dangerous Enough Already... (Solo Play Review)07/07/10BloodGod65
I really can't summerize how great this game is in one sentance... Now with DLC Review04/07/10BlueEyes15243
Great game, but it could have been more03/20/09BoyLover X
Evil evolves, yet again.04/20/09ChandooG
No Survival Horror, but an Overall Entertaining Game03/23/09Crabby0525
Resident Evil 5 at last brings the series into the modern gaming era.04/01/09Evil Dave
Stick with the old gameplay of RE4, add in a few arguably 'broken' mechanics and we have Resi 5.05/04/09Exodist
Funked up Review: "Leon! Help!" is no more.05/05/09FunkDoctorNoble
Sheva, go stand in the corner.06/30/09Geistosan
This is one disappointing release, PARTNER!10/04/10grasu
Bioterrorism, African style03/20/09HighOnPhazon
Fear you can't forget, but you also can't face it alone03/23/09hippohumper527
Evil gets eviler03/20/09horror_spooky
While not dark and gory as the previous games, Resident Evil 5 still delivers well enough.06/02/17Junior_AIN
Resident Evil 5 takes the foundations of Resident Evil 4 to create a solidly stunning game that is sure to impress03/16/09Kayos90
Just the two of us...09/24/09LavisFiend
Resident Evil 5: The Game: The Review04/24/09le_noir_a_monte
Both better and worse in some ways than RE4, but still a very worthy game on its own01/03/11LegatoBluesommers
Though I pray this is not indicative of the future of the franchise, I can't deny that RE5's an extremely fun game03/23/09nintendosega
RE5: Best of the series, it's true03/30/09ogmaster
Can Resident Evil remain at the forefront of the gaming industry?03/30/09Osafune2
Preventing The Apocalypse Via The Buddy System04/24/09Rottenwood
Does Resident Evil 5 surpass it's predecessor or does it still fall under the shadow of a giant?04/07/09Soldier_0_Cross
Not much more than Resident Evil 4 with a higher Polygon count...04/20/09TheRedneck14

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Alone against the Horde. With a friend.03/12/09ElricVanClaus
RE 5, decent action game, but out of touch with the franchise.03/16/09JihadJoe
Resident Evil 5 is a perfectly suited sequel to RE4, and though the game will not seem like a giant leap forward in the genre, the result is awesome.03/20/09AmazoLK
A solid action title and follow up to RE4, and a stunning technical achievement03/23/09bryan_cortez
Okay, but doesn't dazzle.03/23/09CheesyPhil
Horror and co-op do not mix... Wait, did I just call this game "horror?"08/27/12chemergency7712
RE4 + COOP = WE GOT MILKED05/11/09condemnedj
Action you can't forget. Fear, not so much.03/17/09cyb3r_w4ste
Evil Takes Up Residence in Africa and Chris Redfield Admits to Steroid Use03/18/09DandyQuackShot
Solid and disappointing.04/07/09darthkoko
One disease from Africa you'll want to catch03/16/09DarthMordechai
Great game, but could had been better..04/01/09Davodoa
Resident Action03/18/09Dylan Hinds
Fear you won't ever see.04/20/09EmoAndBlue
Memories....are like pieces of broken glass...12/03/10Galactus21
A good game, but don't expect scares.07/20/09GodsJezus
The best shooter on the 360? I think so...03/23/09GOLD_sonic
Gears of Evil03/20/09goldar777
You won't find much horror here, but the fun gameplay and massive amount of replayability is definitely here.04/06/09Itachi157
Game was what I expected and more, with perfect co-op04/08/09Lirrink
RE5 Detailed Review03/23/09meddek
Chris and Sheva are the Mal and Zoe of video gaming08/02/10molotov ckoctail
"Natural Selection" has chosen RE5 to lead this generation of gaming03/18/09Trent_15
An offline review of Resident Evil 503/24/09TurbanSurprise
Things people whine about that makes this game great.04/03/09WolfiegangJT
Resident Evil 5: 10 Things You Need to Know03/25/09ZackScott

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Resident Evil 4.503/16/09Deadza
It looks nice, but is not nice!03/17/09mfoste82
Few flaring problems; But so much fun you won't care.03/05/09Sombrero_Shadow
Try or buy? A.I.? Why!?!?03/24/09baetenb
"Stop! Don't open that door!!"07/11/12BGuerrie
Resident Evil 5 is a must buy08/05/09cadoni
Resident Evil 5 Takes Bold New Jumps Forward, Succeeds03/23/09ClawsOfSteel
Resident Evil 5 - the best video game released to date.03/16/09Das_Regal
Resident Evil 5: Africa can be scary too!03/17/09Drinkmorewater
Resident Evil 5: "Versus" Download Content Review07/15/09Duster777
The series was born anew, The second child shines.03/16/09Emonquente
About as disappointing as finding out santa claus is fake05/21/09fetaljuice
RE5 - A step away from the right direction.05/01/09floodofred
Better than Resident Evil 4 in every way.07/02/09FoxyAreku
Resident Evil 5 is sick!04/29/09GamefaqsNazgul
Easily one of the best games of 200908/04/09Gruel
An awesome action game, different than RE's of the past. Don't pass this up.01/20/10Gucci_Mane_
Definitely good but, easily figured out.03/23/09Jecht0089
If you enjoyed RE4, you will enjoy this one.05/12/09jot20
Resident Evil 5, the good, the bad, the great03/31/09kingkilmarc
Resident Evil 5 (Buy or Rent?)05/26/09KyrieMikomi
Teamwork is the key to this game04/06/09raeldalmasca
Resident Evil 5: Great game, but not without problems.03/16/09RorschachZERO
Biohazard AWESOME04/08/09Shoot2KillHim
Resident Strain Injury (RSI)06/29/09silverDT
An unremarkable sequel in a stagnant sea of disappointment07/08/09ThePenguin009
RE5: Fierce Fun...Forever!04/28/09willm_360
Resident Evil?07/15/09YuukaAstrid
Stunningly Intense03/16/09YuutaUta
OK but not great03/23/09Z306

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