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    FAQ/Walkthrough by RGCDude

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/10/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Earth Defense Force 2017 Walkthrough 1.0
    Copyright 2007, David Strapp (rgcfaq@gmail.com)
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. Controls
    3. Walkthrough
    1. Introduction
    The intent of this guide is to both offer a step-by-step walkthrough through 
    each level, and offer a strategy based on what I did to beat each level on 
    hard mode, without using weapons farmed from higher difficulties. 
    As of starting Hard my Stamina was 2035
    The structure of this guide is as follows.
    Mission - Mission number and name
    Basics - An overview of the level and what you will need to do in it, written 
    for new players seeking guidance or that just want to know what's up ahead. 
    Will generally list what enemies you're going to encounter, as well as the 
    presence of EDF soldier groups and vehicles. On easy and normal this is 
    really all you'll need.
    Hard - The strategy I used to beat that particular level on hard before 
    writing it in this guide. If it is in here, it worked. It may not be the best 
    strategy, but it should serve you well. I may also note problems I saw with 
    the strategy I used, particularly in the cases I tried weapons I don't 
    normally use. All the weapons I used I either obtained from play through in 
    easy and normal, or obtained during the course of this play through on hard.
    Weapons Obtained - These are new weapons I obtained when I beat that level. 
    Weapons are random in this game and the better they are the higher level and 
    difficulty you need to play on to get them but I feel some people may want to 
    know when a certain weapon can definitely be found. 
    2. Controls
    Controls: Advanced 
    Left Control Stick/D-pad - Move/Strafe
    Left Control Stick Click - Nothing
    Right Control Stick - Aim/Turn
    Right Control Stick Click - Nothing
    Left Trigger - Jump/Roll
    Right Trigger - Fire
    Left Bumper - Zoom/Activate
    Right Bumper - Switch Weapons
    A - Not Used
    B - Not Used
    X - Not Used
    Y - Not Used
    Select - Enter/Leave Vehicle
    Start - Access Pause Menu
    Controls: Basic
    Left Control Stick/D-pad - Move/Turn
    Left Control Stick Click - Zoom/Set up emplacement
    Right Control Stick - Camera up/down
    Right Control Stick Click - Nothing
    Left Trigger - Strafe Left
    Right Trigger - Strafe Right
    Left Bumper - Roll Left
    Right Bumper - Roll Right
    A - Jump/Roll
    B - Switch Weapons
    X - Fire
    Y - Aim Upwards
    Select - Enter/Leave Vehicle
    Start - Access Pause Menu
    Vehicle Controls : Combat Vehicle E551 Gigantus
    Left Control Stick - Move
    Right Control Stick - Aim Turret
    Right Trigger/A/B/X/Y - Fire Cannon
    Vehicle Controls : SDL2 Airbike
    Left Control Stick - Move
    X - Fire Machine Gun
    Vehicle Controls : Combat Helicopter EF24 Bazelato
    Left Control Stick - Move
    Right Control Stick - Elevation
    Right Control Stick Click/B/X - Fire Machine Gun
    Left Trigger - Strafe Left
    Right Trigger - Strafe Right
    Y - Fire Missile
    Vehicle Controls : Battle Machine Vegalta
    Left Control Stick - Move
    Left Control Stick Click/A - Jump(Hold to Hover)
    Right Control Stick - Aim Arm weapons
    Right Control Stick Click/Y/Right Bumper - Fire Flamethrower
    Left Trigger/X - Fire Machine gun
    Right Trigger/B - Fire Missile
    3. Walkthrough
    Mission 1. Arrival 
    Basics: Look at the pretty flying saucers and Mother ship. Don't bother 
    shooting; you can't damage any of them. Also ignore the terrified civilians 
    and check out the first wave of Black Terror Ants straight ahead. On easy and 
    normal you can just run at them and kill them with anything (I like AFs); you 
    don't really need to do any target softening. Note that this wave is the only 
    wave of black ants that does not use acid, so enjoy it. After you've killed 
    all the ants a second wave will appear on your radar, collect any armor and 
    weapon packs on the ground, leave the health icons alone on hard and up just 
    incase anything goes wrong, on easy and normal feel free to pick them up to 
    clear up the radar, you won't need them. Head towards the 2nd wave (I like to 
    go straight down the road to where the 1st wave was then turn left when the 2nd 
    wave is directly to my left) and get ready to see the ants' new trick, 
    squirting acid! If you've destroyed a lot of buildings they'll be able to 
    rush you a lot faster but on easy and normal this just lets you kill them 
    faster. You'll also notice some more EDF soldiers fighting the 2nd wave. If 
    you don't kill them accidentally or deliberately they will kill quite a few 
    ants by themselves. Once the second wave is gone the 3rd and final wave will 
    appear, and this wave appears to have more ants the last two. For E/N again, 
    no real challenge, you can rush them blindly and come out unscathed.
    Hard: My Equipment 1. AF-17 2. Cascade 1
    For the first wave you'll probably want to thin out the herd coming towards 
    you so use a good rocket launcher, grenade/launcher, missile launcher, or 
    sniper rifle of your choosing and let them come to you. You probably want to 
    try to avoid destroying the buildings to the northwest to help limit the flow 
    of ants in the 2nd wave. Try to avoid getting surrounded, the buildings should 
    help, and you'll probably want to be moving backwards when the ants are 
    moving towards you since they can take quite a few hits now. Don't 
    underestimate your EDF allies, even here they can still hold their own and 
    take out quite a few ants. Treat the 3rd wave the same as the first.
    Weapons Found: 
    Volcano 3w-Burst
    Stingray M2
    Mission 2. Invasion
    Basics: Once again ignore the skies, this time there are 3 groups of Black 
    Terror Ants, one each to the northwest, north, and northeast. Some of the NE 
    and NW ones will join the N group while others will try to sneak around the 
    sides or even behind you before attacking. For E/N you can again just blindly 
    rush them with an AF, but you may want to practice your Rocket Launcher aim 
    for later and take a few shots.
    Hard: My Equipment 1. AF17 2. Volcano 3w-Burst
    I fired the Volcano straight ahead until I could see large groups of ants to 
    the sides then concentrated on them. Finished off the stragglers with the 
    Weapons Obtained:
    Acid Gun
    Mission 3. Melee
    Basics: Large amount of Black Terror Ants to the NW, but first go to the few 
    over to the NE and kill them to get some EDF soldiers. There are quite a few 
    EDF soldiers like these guys strewn about the level, if they're on the way 
    might as well grab them. On E/N this is the same as the past levels, just run 
    and gun, nothing to worry about.
    Hard: My Equipment 1. AF17 2. Volcano 3w-Burst
     I got the EDF soldiers, then fired off the Volcano towards the buildings 
    between me and the ants(I didn't move left or right once I fired, just wanted 
    to make a "small" hole to start them coming at me). Killed off the ants that 
    starting heading towards me then headed for the group that was approaching me 
    from the right. Took them out with the AF17, the buildings kept their numbers 
    down. Then headed towards the remaining groups. At this point the ants should 
    be pretty stretched out, so take out each group one at a time and pick up any 
    nearby EDF soldiers to make your life easier. At this point you can also 
    destroy any buildings in your way to make moving and killing the ants easier 
    since they're not likely to get in big enough numbers to make open terrain 
    Weapons Obtained: Nothing
    Mission 4. Landing
    Basics: You start off with a large group of troops and large blob of enemies 
    on the radar, head towards them. There is a smaller group in the buildings 
    ahead of you, once again on E/N just shoot them and move on to the large 
    group in front of the Space Needle looking tower. Shoot these guys as well, 
    go make friends with the group of EDF soldiers near them, then destroy the 
    big tower and finish off those ants. Once they're dead... FLYING SAUCERS! You 
    can't destroy these ones either, even when they open up to drop more ants. 
    You know what to do.
    Hard: My Equipment 1. AF17 2. Volcano 3w-Burst
    The enemy is in staggered groups though you can't initially tell from the 
    radar. Feel free to destroy a few buildings to allow you to more quickly deal 
    with the first group. Head towards the next group, I walked up onto one of 
    the blue walkways and fired on the group on the ground with the Volcano. I'd 
    assume hitting the tower would cause that group of ants to come after to you 
    so don't hit it until you've dealt with this group. Once you're ready destroy 
    the tower and fire on the ants as they make their long journey towards you. 
    Hopefully only a few to none will actually complete it. Get some distance 
    from the Flying Saucers when they appear so you can pummel their army of ants 
    from afar. AF17 anyone who gets too close.
    Weapons Obtained:
    Splash Grenade
    Sparrow Shot
    A1 Plasma Launcher
    P79 Bound Gun
    Mission 5. Search
    Basics: You've got two groups of EDF soldiers, the ones you start with and 
    another group to your left. Ants will be attacking both sides, on E/N It once 
    again doesn't really matter. Charge on side then charge the other, or 
    alternate back and forth, whatever makes you happy. A short while after 
    you've defeated all the ants you get called to retreat, and 10-20 seconds 
    later a mass of red blips will appear. You won't be retreating, on E/N 
    there's no real danger here, you can run to the Ravager Gunships or stay back 
    with your group to have some support.
    Hard: My Equipment 1. AF17 2. Stingray M2
    Deal with the first few ants that head towards your group, I used the 
    Stingray, then head to the left group and finish off what they're fighting. 
    Run forward from there and deal with the ants in your way, shortly down the 
    road some ants should attack you from the right, attack them then wait for 
    the groups to catch up if you want, and go attack the remaining ants.(I fired 
    the Stingray from a white walkway in the path of the first group) When the 
    Gunships's appear retreat back to one of the groups for some fire support, 
    and fire on the Gunships if you have a weapon with sufficient range(I beat it 
    with the Stingray here but a Cascade or Volcano would have been better for 
    the Gunships).
    Weapons Obtained:
    UMRA Grenade Launcher
    Buffalo G3 Burst
    Mission 6. Airforce
    Basic: You start off looking at the Mother ship, ignore it. A wave of Ravager 
    Gunships will be deployed from the Mother ship You and your men should make 
    short work of them on E/N. You may want a rifle instead of a Rocket Launcher 
    on this stage to take out some of the Gunships before they're in range 
    without the problems of leading with rockets. 2nd wave, same as the first. You 
    may have to wait a bit after you've cleared the 2nd wave before the 3rd is 
    launched. May want to try a Missile Launcher type if you have it, though not 
    a Tortoise type.
    Hard: My Equipment 1. AF17 2. MF42-RA
    Nothing much to say here, just keep moving and shooting. The EDF soldiers 
    should kill a good amount. Though I used the MF42-RA I probably wouldn't 
    suggest it, a more powerful, less rapid firing sniper rifle would have worked 
    Weapons Obtained:
    ME3 Emerald
    UM2-J Grenade Launcher
    Mission 7. Takedown
    Basics: The mission starts with scattered EDF squads and two Flying Saucers 
    unloading some black ants. Fire off some rockets/sniper rifle rounds into 
    their glowing red underbellies to damage them before their doors close and 
    you cannot damage them. If you don't destroy them before the doors close, 
    don't worry. Just kill off a lot of the ants it dropped and it will open up 
    again to drop more. Once you've destroyed both Flying Saucers and all the 
    ants your mission is complete.
    Hard: My Equipment 1. AF17 2. MMF 42
    Obviously, as soon as the mission starts shoot everything you have that can 
    reach it, at the closer Flying Saucer. I was not able to destroy it in its 
    initial drop, but after the EDF soldiers made quick work of the ants it was 
    vulnerable again and was shot down during the second drop. I cleared out the 
    ants from the second drop but by this time the 2nd Flying Saucer was on top of 
    me. Be careful if you are in a similar situation as I was taking significant 
    damage from the swarm of ants as I got caught off guard in the area where a 
    lot of buildings are already destroyed. Alternate between killing the ants 
    and firing at the open Flying Saucer, then mop up any remaining ants.
    Weapons Obtained: 
    Mission 8. Mobilization
    Basics: You start off facing a whole lot of red blips. Run towards them and 
    you'll see some EDF soldiers fighting the black ants. Go help them out... or 
    just blow everything up. After them you'll have some smaller groups attack 
    you as you make your way to the big group surrounding the big skyscraper. 
    Kill them off and more red and blue blips will appear on the radar. Head 
    towards the closest group, kill the ants and get some more EDF soldiers. Head 
    towards the next group, you may want to be a little cautious here even on 
    E/N, there are a lot of ants in this next group. Once you've killed them two 
    high up red blips appear on the radar... Flying Saucers. Don't bother running 
    towards them, they won't open up until they've flown past where you most 
    likely are right now. In fact you may to run in the opposite direction as 
    where they are coming from so you're not in between them when they release 
    their ants. Destroy both Saucers and all the ants to finish the level.
    Hard: My Equipment 1. AF17 2. Stingray M2
    I ran towards the red blips and used the AF17 to clear out the black ants 
    around the EDF soldiers; they seem more interested in the soldiers than you. 
    Take out the remaining ants that start charging at you as you make your way 
    to the skyscraper, then start shooting at them from afar. You should be able 
    to kill them all without them getting to you. Once they're dead a new group 
    will appear on the radar. Head towards the closer group(I fired some Stingray 
    shots along the way but didn't bother sniping them out) and get some more 
    soldiers under your command. Head towards the next group, I followed the 
    roads and kept the buildings intact to avoid getting surrounded, and this 
    time did fire from afar with the Stingray. When the flying saucers appear 
    focus on one(And if you haven't already go to game settings -> player 
    settings -> and turn off camera effect so you can aim) but try to avoid 
    getting sandwiched between both throngs. 
    Weapons Obtained:
    Y10 Wide Impulse
    Mission 9. Tsugawa
    Basics: Time to meet a new enemy, the Hector. Big Walking robots, they 
    currently only have two attacks, green machine gun fire(It can bounce as 
    well) that's not that bad on E/N but is brutal on harder difficulties, and 
    red explosive shots that will knock you down. Big machine gun hand = Machine 
    gun attack, smaller purple conical hand = red explosive attack. They also 
    react really oddly to being hit which may make them dodge successive shots. 
    You have a load of EDF soldiers on your side this time, and they can and 
    unfortunately will destroy quite a few Hectors(Unfortunate since they're 
    probably still in the deep water). There also a few Gunships flying around. 
    On E/N Hectors aren't that bad so you can still get crazy and run up to 
    them(Aim for a foot, the only part that doesn't react when hit), or practice 
    hitting them from afar with a sniper or rocket launcher your choice. You'll 
    also see Gigantus(The Tank) and Bazelato(The Helicopter), I don't either of 
    these for anything other than faster transport, but feel free to use them as 
    you wish.
    Hard: My Equipment 1. AF17 2. Stingray M2
    I wasn't paying attention and still had the Stingray M2 when I started this 
    mission, but it uses the same strategy as what I would've have preferred. 
    Stay up on the mountain you started on and simply snipe the Hectors with 
    whatever you desire (Lysander would be good).
    Weapons Obtained: 
    ZE Sniper
    Sticky Grenade Prototype
    Wideshot VR
    Mission 10. Arms
    Basics:  Squad of EDF right next to you, group behind you, and in front of 
    you. One Hector staring at you to start, another will walk in from the left a 
    few seconds after the level begins. Treat them the same as the last time, 
    rocket/sniper, or be crazy and shoot 'em in the foot. Several more will be 
    attacking you at this location, you should make quick work of them with the 
    EDF soldiers. Avoid fighting too many Hectors at once and this level 
    shouldn't be much more difficult than the last. Destroy them all and its 
    Mission Complete.
    Hard: My Equipment 1. AF17 2. Lysander
    I sniped the first hector with all 7 Lysander shots than charged it and the 
    second with the AF17 destroying both. 3 or 4 more Hectors should be on you by 
    now, but your army should be weakening them quite quickly and need little 
    from you to finish them off. Go after the remaining hectors and try to stick 
    with your soldiers for support, try to keep the hectors as separated as 
    possible. If too many of them are together get away, a combined machine gun 
    attack can take you down fast. 
    Weapons Obtained:
    Mission 11. Infiltration
    Basics: Caves... some good things... some bad things. The good: lots of choke 
    points, no structures you can accidentally destroy, fairly straightforward 
    paths. The bad: lots of ceiling and wall space for insects to climb on, 
    depending on where you kill the bugs it may be impossible to get their 
    dropped item
    Start off with a bunch of EDF boys, and a lot of red dots ahead. Go forward 
    and shoot them, if you're fast you may be able to trap them in that small 
    opening. Once they're dead a new group appear, make your way to them and get 
    ready for a much larger battle. They're still just ants so not much to worry 
    about, you may need to do some walking around to get the last few if they've 
    gotten themselves stuck.
    Hard: My Equipment 1. AF18-RA 2. Goliath D1
    I start off with saying... I wouldn't recommend the Goliath D1 here, reload 
    time is too long. Head towards the first group, fire off some rockets and AF 
    the rest down. Head to where the next group is, I recommend staying in the 
    tunnel to large open area the ants are in to limit how many are attacking 
    you. Only reason you should enter the large area is if there are some 
    stragglers left that aren't coming out to attack you.
    Weapons Obtained:
    Mission 12. Reinforcement
    Basics: New Enemy: Assault Spiders, these are not nice. They're not too much 
    to worry about on E/N but on harder difficulties they hit hard. They attack 
    by shooting web, if it hits it not only hurts you, but it also slows you 
    down. Get hit by a few at once and you won't be going anywhere until it 
    dissolves. Movement wise they're pretty much the same as ants except that 
    they can and will jump(a lot).
    The level begins with a swarm of Assault Spiders in front of you, as well as 
    a Tank, and there are EDF soldiers in front of and behind you. Don't be too 
    afraid of your new adversary and treat them like ants and you'll be fine. 
    Just 1 wave of them.
    Hard: My Weapons 1. AF18-RA 2. Stingray M2
    Watch out for a few attacking from behind and the sides, and try to fight 
    them at a distance with the Stingray. Only 1 wave so you should be done 
    pretty quickly, I didn't even have to switch to the AF18-RA.
    Weapons Obtained: 
    Firecracker 3
    Mission 13. Retaliation
    Basics: You start off with one Flying Saucer ahead of you as well as an army 
    of EDF soldiers fighting some Assault Spiders. Help them kill of the spiders 
    then move on to one of the other groups. At one group (The one by a bridge) 
    is the SDL2 Airbike, it has little combat worth but it'll get you where you 
    need to be fast, assuming you don't run into anything and blow it up. Once 
    the one group is dead head to the final group (Should be in a big 
    clearing/courtyard type area.). This group is bigger than either previous 
    group so exercise caution. Kill the spiders, grab the EDF guys and take a 
    look at Battle Machine Vegalta. Its slow, and has a brutal turn rate, but it 
    is fairly powerful, I do use this from time to time in an offensive role. 
    Once the last spider is dead the Saucer opens, but don't bother firing at it, 
    you can't destroy this one. I'd suggest giving Vegalta a try and wipe out 
    this wave and the next wave the Saucer will drop, then the mission will be 
    Hard: My Weapons 1.AF18-RA 2. Stingray M2
    Go help out the EDF soldiers ahead of you, I'd suggest using the AF18-RA or 
    similar weapon to avoid killing allies. Unfortunately, killing these spiders 
    won't be enough to get the Saucer to reveal its weak point. I went to the 
    group to the Saucer was moving away from at the time(They're by a bridge), 
    killed the spiders there(Fired the sparrow while en route, then used the AF 
    to finish them off). Grab the EDF guys there and then head to the last 
    group(In a big courtyard area) which should be under the Saucer at this time. 
    I grabbed the Airbike but you may wish to be more cautious and move on foot 
    to keep your EDF allies closer. This group is large so be careful, I used the 
    sparrow from the road I drove in on. Once you've killed off all the spiders 
    the Saucer will finally open up and drop off some more, but don't bother 
    shooting at it. Again, I'd suggesting using Vegalta, it should make quick 
    work of both waves of spiders bringing the end of the mission.
    Weapons obtained:
    C24 Bomb
    Mission 14. Fortress
    Basics: Your first look at Quadruped Fortress, and like most first looks you 
    won't be destroying it here. Note its energy shield on the front, it also has 
    side shields. It has two massive plasma cannons on top but I've never seen 
    them used against your character. What it can attack you with are the several 
    laser turrets on its body (Which you can destroy now), and its feet. Its also 
    capable of launching various enemy units which reveals its obvious weak spot 
    on the front of its underside. But you can't do anything about that now.
    Just like the last time you were here there's a massive amount of EDF 
    soldiers on the beach so you'll have a lot of support and more than a few 
    unreachable power ups. The first wave of enemies will be Gunships, snipe 
    them, or let them come to you and take them out with whatever you like. Next 
    it will move in onto the shore, start firing its laser cannons and eventually 
    start dropping Hectors. Try to take out some of the laser cannons but focus 
    on the Hectors once they drop. They all seem to have one machine gun and one 
    red explosive cannon. After it drops the hectors a swarm of Gunships appear. 
    Clear out the Gunships and you're home free.
    Hard: My Equipment 1. AF18-RA 2. Stingray M2
    I stayed at the starting point and fired off the Stingray until the Gunships 
    were in AF range then used that to clear out the rest of them. You don't have 
    to since they're pretty inaccurate, but you can destroy the Fortress' laser 
    cannons, doing so will help keep your EDF soldier count up. Focus on the 
    Hectors as soon as they drop. After it's finished with the Hectors the radar 
    will turn red with Gunships, so clean up any remaining hectors and then aim 
    skyward. Once you've removed the Gunships the level is complete.
    Weapons Obtained:
    Y10 Wide Impulse
    Mission 15. Blockade
    Basics: Nope, not destroying the Quadruped Fortress here either. You start 
    off with some EDF soldiers and an eyeful of the Fortress. There's a red 
    circle with some spinning thing on it, I guess it's a cannon but I've never 
    actually seen anything come out of it, I'm not sure if you have to destroy it 
    but if nothing's happening in the level then you know what to do. Its first 
    drop will be some hectors, do whatever you've been doing to the previous ones 
    and take them out (And if you've been charging them, then watch out for the 
    Fortress's feet, it probably doesn't do that much damage on E/N but its 
    annoying getting thrown around) These all seem to be Machinegun/Red Explosion 
    as well, but it may be randomly decided. After the Hectors come Gunships, 
    standard procedure here as well. After you've defeated the Hectors and 
    Gunships the Fortress' laser cannons activate though they shouldn't hit you 
    much if at all. It will also begin deploying more Gunships. After the 
    Gunships it will deploy more Hectors with double red explosive firing arms, 
    they should be at a fair distance so sniping would be the best choice. A 
    large group of EDF's soldiers should have appeared at this time, so they 
    should be able to take out quite a few if not all of them on their own. While 
    fighting the Hectors or after you've defeated them the Fortress will launch 
    yet another wave of Gunships, take out the remaining Hectors first then start 
    attacking the Gunships. Finish them off and the mission is finally complete.
    Hard: My Equipment 1. AF18-RA 2. MMF43
    WATCH THE FEET! Being anywhere near them when they come down is going to hurt 
    to the tune of nearly 200 points. Nothing much you can do until it drops the 
    Hectors, once they appear start sniping them. Shortly after the Hectors it 
    will deploy Gunships, so finish off any remaining Hectors and then focus on 
    the Gunships. Once you've cleared the Gunships more... Gunships... will be 
    deployed as well as you will start getting showered by the Fortress' laser 
    cannons. They're still fairly weak but the damage can start to add up 
    especially with the Gunships, so keep moving and try to stay near a cache of 
    health icons if they're hitting a lot.
    After the Gunships the Fortress will start to deploy several Hectors with 
    both arms being the type that fire red explosive shots. They should be at a 
    great distance from you though so take advantage and snipe them. The newly 
    spawned EDF soldiers should help. While you're fighting the Hectors yet 
    another wave of Gunships will be launched, deal with the Hectors before 
    focusing on them. Give the Gunships your all, as once they're dead the 
    mission is done.
    Weapons Obtained:
    Mission 16. Multiplication 
    Basics: A new target here, but these you can destroy on the first sighting. 
    They look like a cross between an anthill and a volcano, and if left alone 
    they spawn more bugs. Thankfully there's no trick here, they're always 
    vulnerable from all angles, just give them all you got.
    You start off with some EDF soldiers infront of you and a whole mess of Black 
    Terror Ants to the north east head up and start killing. Once you've got an 
    clear shot start taking out the ant-hill. Once it's destroyed a new group of 
    red dots will appear in the direction of the yellow dot that's been on the 
    radar, gather up any EDF soldiers and head over there. There's a Vegalta over 
    there, so if you want to use it be sure not to destroy it, I like to hop into 
    it to destroy the ant-hill since its pointed right at it. Once the ants are 
    dead a new group will appear (Though it may be hard to see at first since 
    civilians spawn as well and tend to completely cover up the red). Head 
    towards them, with Vegalta if you like, and do what you've been doing. Kill 
    them all and destroy the hive and another group appears, but this time, it's 
    Assault Spiders! I'd suggest sticking with Vegalta if you still have it, 
    though that turn is gonna be painfully slow, and because of that, demolish 
    every building in its way, you don't want to be making any needless turns. If 
    Vegalta has been destroyed do the usual, though you may want to avoid a rush 
    Hard: My Equipment 1. AF18-RA 2. Firecracker 3
    I wouldn't recommend the Firecracker 3... its good for destroying the ant 
    hills, but I just couldn't get any decent anti-bug results. Head towards the 
    first group and do what you want to them. They didn't seem organized enough 
    to really need sniping, just fire off a few rockets (Or toss a few bags of 
    marbles...) as you run towards them. As soon as you get a nice clearing take 
    out the ant-hill. Head towards the new enemy group firing at them as you 
    approach, watch your fire if you want to use the Vegalta they're swarmed 
    around, and take out the ant-hill once they've been cut down. Kill the 
    remaining ants and head towards the new group. I used Vegalta since its good 
    as long as it doesn't have to turn. Using Vegalta just slowly walk towards 
    them unleashing a hail of gunfire and missiles, 90% of them and the anthill 
    should be gone by the time you're in the parking lot. Once all the ants are 
    dead and the hill is gone another group will appear. Assault Spiders this 
    time, but the strategy remains the same, I'd suggest sticking with Vegalta 
    and busting through the buildings to the hive, shooting anything that moves 
    on the way. If Vegalta gets destroyed you'll have to adopt a more 
    conservative approach and thin out the spiders and take out the ant... 
    spider-hill from afar, as getting surrounded by spiders can be a quick death.
    Weapons Obtained:
    Stingray M3
    Prominence M1
    Mission 17. Nesting 
    Basics: You start off in a cave with a wave of Black Terror Ants heading at 
    you from both sides. Start attacking the wave you're facing since there are 
    EDF soldiers behind you to hold of the other wave. Once you've dealt with 
    those, a wave of spiders will come from where the EDF soldiers were. Try to 
    deal with them quickly as another wave will spawn behind you as well. Another 
    wave of ants will follow the spiders, continue fighting each side and try to 
    avoid getting surrounded. Finish off all the ants, you may need to go after 
    the last few, and the level will be complete.
    Hard: My Equipment 1. AF18-RA 2. Stingray M3
    Shoot off a few Stingray shots at the ants heading towards you then switch to 
    an AF as they're going to get pretty close and explosives will do more harm 
    than good. When the spiders appear use rockets again until they get too 
    close, try to kill them quickly as more spiders will be arriving from the 
    other direction. Another wave of ants will follow from both directions, you 
    may want to fight the one side back into the small cave they came out from to 
    limit the flow from the other direction. There should be no more waves 
    spawning so finish off the remaining ants the level will be complete.
    Weapons Obtained:
    Mission 18. Dino Mech
    Basics: Meat Vallak Dino-Mech. He may seem mean but he's a push over, just 
    hit him with anything long ranged and powerful. Rockets/Sniper 
    Rifles/Missiles (Even the Air Tortoise) will all make short work of him. He's 
    got a flame breath attack that will certainly hurt but you shouldn't be close 
    enough to have to worry about it. There's a walkway to the right, use it to 
    easily avoid his flame breath. If he starts charging in your direction roll 
    away, again you should be far enough away to have time to react and get out 
    his path.
    Hard: My Equipment 1. Prominence M1 2. Prominence M1
    Pretty simple, just run towards him fire off both Prominence's then just fire 
    off the one as it reloads. I'd suggesting getting on the white walkway to 
    your right as it puts you high enough to avoid his flames and gives you a 
    good vantage point. Sniper Rifles/Rocket Launchers/Missile Launchers/Grenade 
    Launchers/Grenades, at this point you've got some really powerful tools in 
    each category so use whatever you're comfortable with. DON'T FORGET VALLAK 
    DEALS DAMAGE IF HE FALLS ON YOU! I'm not sure how much it is, I doubt its 
    fatal, and you really should be damaged at all, but just a fair warning.
    Weapons Obtained:
    Flame Thrower (alpha symbol)
    Mission 19. Umbra
    Basics: 2 Flying Saucers which both drop Assault Spiders will be directly in 
    front of you, try to take them down. Focus on the spiders when they're 
    getting close enough to attack, and then attack the Saucer's again once 
    you've eliminated any close spiders. Afterwards you'll probably have a few 
    spiders at far points on the map so grab a vehicle and finish them off to end 
    the mission.
    Hard: My Equipment 1. AF18-RA 2. Stingray M3
    Use the Stingray to take down the closest Saucer, take a few shots at the 
    other Saucer but with the Stingray M3 you won't be able to take it down 
    before the Spiders are way too close, so start firing on them. Once you've 
    removed the immediate spider threat continue firing on the Saucer, you should 
    be able to take it down before any more spiders reach you now. Finish off the 
    remaining spiders and the mission is complete. 
    Weapons Obtained:
    Governor 50
    Mission 20. Artillery
    Basics: Hectors are back and they've got a new weapon. Those giant tubes are 
    their arms are Plasma cannons, as the name of the mission says, they act as 
    Artillery, firing off arcing plasma shots at you from very far away. Pretty 
    easy to avoid except at close range, just keep moving, but do note that it 
    does have splash so it doesn't need to hit you directly to hurt you. I 
    believe the smaller Hectors debut on this level as well, I believe they're 
    weaker, have less health, and only drop 2 items. Other than that deal with 
    them the same as the old Hectors.
    You start off with several EDF soldiers as well as a Tank on the radar though 
    no where to be seen, use an explosive of some kind to destroy the overpass 
    near you and it will fall to the ground. I'd suggest using it to get in range 
    of the Hectors. Take out the Hectors however you want, but I'd suggest taking 
    them out from afar so you can dodge the plasma shots. Once you've destroyed 
    the Hectors more will appear along with a wave of Gunships. EDF soldiers 
    should appear as well. Finish off the Hectors and Gunships to end the 
    Hard: My Equipment 1. AF19-ST 2. Stingray M3
    I drove the tank straight at the middle Hector firing at it with the tank 
    cannon, jumped out of the tank behind the Hector and finished it off with the 
    AF. Use the AF to take out the remaining Hectors in the area, then drive the 
    tank to the two groups of hectors that are at a fair distance. When the new 
    Hectors and Gunships arrive you'll want to destroy the Gunships first this 
    time, then start taking out the Hectors. Some EDF soldiers should have 
    appeared at this time as well so they should help hasten things.
    Weapons Obtained:
    Mission 21. Crimson
    Basics: Meet the Red Terror Ants, they have a more powerful physical attack, 
    and a lot more health, but no acid attack.
    There is a huge swarm of Red Ants dead ahead. On easy treat them like black 
    ants, they take a few more bullets but nothing to worry about. On Normal you 
    may want to consider using one of the stronger AF's with burst fire as they 
    have quite a bit more health. While they're still far away though treat them 
    like black ants on either difficulty and snipe away with 
    Once you've killed the first wave another will appear from off to the side of 
    ocean. When you've defeated them another wave will appear from the center of 
    cliff opposite the ocean.
    Hard: My Equipment 1. AF18-RA 2. Stingray M3
    As soon as you have the shot start firing off Stingray shots at the ants and 
    start backing up. Don't stop shooting until you're too close to safely fire. 
    You can try to use an AF to clear up some room if they get close but you're 
    probably better off rolling away until you have the distance to use the 
    stingray. Watch the radar as they love to try to sneak behind you and let you 
    run into their attack. Repeat the same for the next two waves. I used the 
    AF18-RA to stun large groups of ants that were too close to hit the Stingray 
    long enough to get out of the splash range then hit them with the Stingray.
    Weapons Obtained:
    A2 Plasma Launcher
    Mission 22. Trapped
    Basics: You start off in a canyon with two Hectors to the right and black 
    ants soon approaching. I usually hop in the Vegalta to take out the Hectors 
    but its not much use for the ants given the situation. After taking out the 
    hectors run towards where they were then make right up the river, it looks 
    steep but you can run up it. This is a good spot to fight the ants and 
    Hectors that will soon be appearing from the west, just keep moving as 
    there's a hector that will be firing plasma shots at you while here. Destroy 
    all the remaining Hectors and ants to end the mission.
    Hard: My Equipment 1. AF18-RA 2. Governor 50
    Hop in the Vegalta and take out the Hectors to your right. Head towards where 
    the Hectors were and make a right up the river. Use this area to limit the 
    flow of ants and get ready to engage a few more Hectors from the west. I 
    brought governor here since it's a close combat situation, and it only took 
    like 2 or 3 foot shots at point blank to drop a hector. Defeat the rest of 
    the ants and the mission is yours.
    Weapons Obtained: None
    Mission 23. Expansion
    Basics: Another Anthill destruction mission, this time with Red Terror Ants 
    thrown into the mix. Get on the Airbike you start next to and head off to the 
    first group. Kill off the ants and take out the hill when you get a chance. 
    From here move towards the next contact, a Spider hill behind some buildings. 
    You should notice a yellow dot on your radar nearby, there's a helicopter on 
    top of the skyscraper, destroy it if you want it. If you get in the 
    helicopter you can see the hills ahead of you, two red ant nests to the left 
    and right, and a spider and a black ant nest in the center. On E/N you can 
    get away with sniping the nests with rockets and AFing the hordes when they 
    get too close. 
    Hard: My Equipment 1. AF18-RA. 2. Governor 50
    Grab the Airbike and get to the first hill, sweep out the ants and destroy 
    the hill. Take out any spiders nearby before heading to the spider hill just 
    a bit away. You may be able to destroy the hill before the Spiders spawn, but 
    if not take them out then hit the hill hard.
    Now this is where the level gets tricky. This is what I did to beat this 
    level after various failures with rocket launchers and sniper rifles, if 
    nothing's working for you give it a try. I rushed the left red ant hill and 
    destroyed it with the governor. I then dealt with the waves of red ants, 
    black ants, and spiders until there was a decent break and made a right into 
    the block of buildings and used the governor to destroy the Spider hill. This 
    is the make or break point of the strategy, if you can destroy the spider 
    hill and survive the enemies you'll be surrounded by you're home free. Then 
    just mop up the Black ant hill and remaining red ant hill and the mission is 
    Alternate Strategy: Even though this is a much safer strategy I'm not sure if 
    its possible to get the Cascade 2 from stages before this, and that goes 
    against the purpose of this guide. But if indeed you can obtain the Cascade 
    2(And AF-19 though its not as necessary) before this stage then when you've 
    defeated the 1st spider hill, destroy the buildings in front of the 2nd Spider 
    hill(Use the helicopter to see where it is if necessary) then destroy it. The 
    Cascade 2 is capable of putting enough firepower quickly and accurately on 
    the hills from quite a distance, once the spiders are gone deal with the 
    swarm around you and start taking out the Red anthills and then the black 
    anthill. These will be easy without being under attack from spider webs.
    Weapons Obtained:
    Cascade 2
    C25 Special Bomb
    Mission 24. Interception
    Basics: Start off on a beach yet again with many EDF soldiers behind you as 
    well as Hectors you can't see yet, a wall of Gunships in front of you, and a 
    Vegalta nearby. Take out the Gunships first, then the Hectors. Next Gunships 
    will spawn in the cliffs and Hectors in the ocean, again go after the 
    Gunships first and the Hectors second. Destroy them all to finish the 
    Hard: My Equipment 1. AF19 2. Cascade 2
    Hop in the Vegalta if you like it and shoot down the Gunships, then go after 
    the Hectors. I went after the Hectors on foot as I don't feel its really 
    worth the time to turn Vegalta around. After you've destroyed the Hectors a 
    group of Gunships appears from behind the cliff and a group of Hectors appear 
    from the sea, concentrate on the Gunships first. Once you've destroyed them 
    all you'll have beaten the mission.
    Weapons Obtained: 
    BRUTE-J Triple Grenade Launcher
    P80 Bound Gun
    Mission 25. Descent 1
    Basics: Back in the caves, you start high up with a lot of black ants and EDF 
    soldiers under you. On E/N it really doesn't matter, but you'll probably want 
    to resist the urge to just jump down and get in the thick of things and 
    instead attack from afar with explosives. Clear out all these ants and the 
    mission is over.
    Hard: My Equipment 1. AF19 2. Cascade 2
    This one should be a piece of cake, just stay up high and pummel the ants 
    from afar. When all your EDF guys are dead the ants will focus on you but if 
    you retreat to the lava tube type cave near where you started they'll only 
    trickle in. Clean up the remaining ants and the mission is done.
    Mission 26. Descent 2
    Basics: This time you start out on the ground facing some EDF troops and some 
    black ants pouring out of fairly wide cave opening. On E/N you can just run 
    over and use an AF to take them out and reduce the risk of killing your own 
    guys if you'd like. Once you've killed the ants and grabbed the EDF soldiers 
    head into the cavern and stay on the ground level, head straight back and a 
    little to the right into a small opening, then head left at the branch to see 
    the next group of ants and spiders. Once you've defeat them, head to where 
    they were and head left at the fork to deal with a group of spiders. Head 
    down this tunnel, then make a left to encounter more spiders and ants, kill 
    them and go up this tunnel. You'll run into yet more spiders and ants as you 
    make the turn to the right. Kill them and continue following the one way 
    path. As you make a hard left you'll run into the final group of spiders and 
    ants, kill them and the mission is complete. 
    Hard: My Equipment 1. AF19 2. Cascade 2
    Fire off Cascade volleys from a distance until the ants stop approaching. 
    Link up with any remaining EDF soldiers and head into the cavern where the 
    ants came from. When you get to the next set of enemies and trigger them, 
    retreat back to the opening before the branching paths. If you stay at the 
    branch you'll end up getting attacked from both sides. Also note that this 
    group contains spiders as well as ants. Once you've taken care of this group 
    head left once again and go left at the fork and engage another set of 
    spiders. The Cascade will do fine here. Head down this tunnel and make a hard 
    left to run into another group of spiders and ants. I couldn't get them to 
    follow me back up the tunnel so instead I just fired off a cascade salvo into 
    their tunnel and ran back into the tunnel I came down, if they're not going 
    to follow you, you may as well use it to your advantage. Once you've cleared 
    this tunnel head up it, and get ready to deal with more ants and spiders at 
    the right turn. This group seems a bit more aggressive so you if you're 
    patient you can wait in the tunnel after you've triggered their aggression 
    and let them come to you. Once they're dead head up the one way path. One 
    more small group of spiders and ants ahead after the hard left, finish them 
    off to end the mission.
    Weapons Obtained:
    Goliath D2
    Mission 27. Descent 3
    Basics: You start off with a few Flamethrower EDF soldiers surrounded by both 
    colors of ants and spiders coming from caves all around you. On E/N you can 
    either just stay in the central area or fight your way into one of the tubes 
    to reduce the enemy flow, doesn't really matter. Defeat all of the bugs and 
    level is over, you may have to do a bit of running to get the last few, their 
    AI tends to get stuck in this area.
    Hard: My Equipment 1. AF19 2. Cascade 2
    Immediately equip the Cascade, pick a tunnel, and blast away any bugs in it. 
    Keep moving and do not return to the central area. Watch out for bugs 
    sneaking up from behind and keep firing on the bugs chasing you, their 
    numbers should decrease rapidly. Finish them all off and the level is 
    Mission 28. Descent 4
    Basics: You start off with some EDF soldiers and one way to go, head towards 
    the red and blue dots in front of you. Try to take out the ants before they 
    can leave the small tube in front of you. Then head forward again, following 
    the one way path to meet up with some more EDF soldiers. Head forward and 
    deal with two groups of ants to your left and right. When they're dead a new 
    group will appear to the North West, follow the caves, until they lead you to 
    a pair of lava tubes. I believe either side will end up taking you the same 
    point, but I always end up hugging the left wall and taking the right tube. 
    Here you'll see more EDF soldiers under spider attack, kill off the spiders 
    and grab any survivors. Once they're dead you'll hear some scary audio and a 
    new group will appear on the radar, head into the cavern and towards the red 
    dots to find some more lava tubes that will take you to the new contact. They 
    both take you to the same spot, at which point a large group of black ants 
    will charge you. Rockets are good for keeping them back and EDF soldiers will 
    help as well. Once they're dead another group will appear on the radar, head 
    up the incline, meet the new group of EDF soldiers and prepare for the final 
    part of this mission. Head down the tunnel and get ready for a huge group of 
    red and black ants to charge you. Stay fairly far back and cut their numbers 
    down, watch out for the Lord Ant's acid spray it has a huge area effect, 
    slows you down immensely, and can really hurt you on E/N with your lower 
    stamina. Luckily there should be tons of health items around from all the 
    dead ants. Once you can get to the tunnel opening treat the Lord Ant the same 
    as regular ants and blast away. Finish off any ants that may be remaining and 
    the mission is over.
    Hard: My Equipment 1. AF19 2. Cascade 2
    Fire the Cascade on the tunnel the ants are in as soon as you have the shot 
    and don't stop. Combined with the squad of EDF soldiers you have not a single 
    ant should even make it near the entrance of the tunnel. Head through the 
    tunnels and follow the one way path until you meet another group of EDF 
    soldiers. Head forward and fire on one of the groups of ants then run back a 
    bit so they only have a small area to come at you from, you'll probably end 
    up killing the new EDF squad with your fire but they deserve it. Once they're 
    dead head down the path and into lava tube looking tunnels(I believe there 
    are at least two paths that each lead to two tubes, I just hugged the left 
    wall and then went in the right tube). Here you'll find a large EDF Squad 
    under spider attack. I fired on the spiders from the lava tube with the 
    Cascade. When they stopped the charging the EDF soldiers I grabbed the 
    remaining soldiers and fired down the cave at the remaining spiders. After 
    coming out of the lava tubes I went forward just enough to trigger the group 
    of ants then backed up and fired off the Cascade to keep them trapped in the 
    tube, this combined with my remaining EDF soldiers prevented them from 
    getting close enough to attack. After meeting up with the new EDF soldiers 
    and entering the tunnel head down just enough to start the ants charging at 
    you. Take your time and cut them down with the Cascade before moving in to 
    take out the Lord Ant. Oddly enough its acid spray doesn't seem to be any 
    stronger on hard, so there's no worry there, and even if it was, with all the 
    ants you'll have to kill to get to it, there will be plenty of healing items 
    between you and it. I fired off a Cascade salvo and then used the AF19 to 
    finish it off. Mission Complete.
    Weapons Obtained:
    Wideshot A1
    Mission 29. Assault
    Basics: 3 Flying Saucers start dropping mini Hectors as soon as the level 
    starts, start shooting. I believe they leave around 5 hectors per drop. A 
    large group of EDF soldiers are here as well so they should help both on the 
    Hectors and the Saucers. Destroy all three Saucers and all the Hectors to 
    complete the mission.
    Hard: My Equipment 1. AF19 2. Cascade 2
    I shot the Flying Saucer all the way to the right at the beginning of the 
    level, wasn't able to destroy it on the first attack though. Went after the 
    Hectors it dropped with AF19 which cut through then surprisingly quickly, 
    then finished off the Flying Saucer I already shot, as well as another one 
    the EDF soldiers had weakened with the cascade. I then went after the last 
    Saucer as the EDF soldiers were holding their own. I missed a lot of items on 
    the ground so you may wish to work a bit slower or even kill off some/all the 
    EDF soldiers so you can grab everything.
    Weapons Obtained: Nothing
    Mission 30. Anchored
    Basics: Ignore the Mother ship yet again, you can't do a thing to it. You 
    spawn next to several vehicles, I'd grab the tank for durable transport, the 
    bike tends to explode, and then pick a Flying Saucer to go after. I'd suggest 
    the two on the beach. The closer one is dropping black ants, the further one, 
    red ants. Once you've destroyed both Saucers get back in your vehicle if its 
    still there and drive it back up the cliff and to the nearest Saucer. This 
    one should be dropping ants, take it out then head towards the obvious saucer 
    floating in the distance, this one is either dropping Gunships or more ants 
    I'm not sure, destroy it, then move on to the last saucer just above the 
    river canyon which is dropping spiders. Take out the spiders, destroy the 
    Saucer, and mop up any remaining enemies and the mission is complete.
    Hard: My Equipment 1.AF19 2. Cascade 2
    Grab the tank and drive down to the beach, take aim at the closer Saucer and 
    start shooting. There are some EDF soldiers nearby you can grab as well. 
    Start killing any ants and Gunships pestering you as you make your way to the 
    2nd beach Saucer. If its closed take out the horde of red ants surely heading 
    your way with the Cascade and the AF if they get close, then focus on it, 2 
    Cascade volleys seem to do the trick here. Get back in the tanks and drive it 
    up the ramp you came down near and head towards the closest saucer, its 
    dropping black ants. Take out the Saucer (You can probably hit it with a few 
    tank shots on the way) clear out the ants and then head towards the only 
    saucer you can see from this point, it's the one dropping Gunships. After 
    destroying it only one Saucer will remain, it should have a few Gunships 
    around it and Spiders under it. I went back and grabbed the Airbike and drove 
    over to the cliffs to Cascade the Spiders away to get the Saucer to open up. 
    You can shoot the Saucer's weak spot from the road along the canyon, rather 
    than jumping in which will make the spiders easier to deal with. Clean up any 
    remaining enemies to end the mission.
    Weapons Obtained:
    Mission 31. Advance
    Basics: You start off next to a Tank and a Vegalta, and Hectors in front of 
    you and to your left and right. Standard tactics still apply, keep moving to 
    avoid the plasma, use the Vegalta if you like. Destroy all the Hectors and 
    the mission is over.
    Hard: My Equipment 1. AF19 2. Cascade 2
    I hopped into the Vegalta and charged the  Hectors in front of the starting 
    point, then continued on to take on the hectors slightly off to the left 
    since stopping to turn it around would just get it destroyed. After taking 
    out those hectors I did the slow 180 to start on the Hectors I previously 
    bypassed. Take out the remaining Hectors and the mission is complete, you 
    shouldn't even lose the Vegalta.
    Weapons Obtained: Nothing
    Mission 32. March
    Basics: I'm going to go out on a limb here and say you don't have to actually 
    guard the sniper team. I've never actually had them all die on E/N, but I 
    don't think the game is going to suddenly have a new type of mission 
    objective. The snipers should kill quite a few enemies on their own.
    As the mission starts there's a large group of snipers in front of you, a 
    tank to your left, and a whole mess of spiders jumping towards you. Shoot 
    them if you have anything with enough range, and the snipers will clean up 
    the rest. After you've destroyed most of the first wave a new wave will 
    appear from the direction of the Tank, repeat the same. After most of this 
    group is gone a third wave will appear from behind. Treat them just as the 
    last two. Defeat these spiders and the mission is over.
    Hard: My Equipment 1. AF19 2. Cascade 2
    I started off firing off Cascade barrages at the spiders at a distance, and 
    used the AF on any that got too close. Repeated the same on the second wave 
    and third waves, but made sure to separate my self from the group of EDF 
    soldiers. Clear this wave and another mission is done.
    Mission 33. Surprise
    Basics: The Quadruped Fortress is back... but you're not destroying it this 
    time either. There are two Flying Saucers, dropping black ants, as well as 
    Gunships and red ants already in the area. Make your way through the ants and 
    destroy the saucers. If you still have it on you may to turn off Camera 
    Effect as when you destroy one Saucer it'll have you look at the Fortress 
    starting to move, this is a problem since both Saucers open up at the same 
    time, if you destroyed one the other one is still probably vulnerable. Once 
    the Saucers are destroyed the Fortress will walk around and release a wave or 
    two of Gunships and ants, you still can't hurt it, so just take out the 
    Gunships and ants and the level will end.
    Hard: My Equipment 1. AF19 2. Cascade 2
    Fend off the initial rush of ants with the Cascade and AF if they get close 
    and when the Saucers open up take your shots, both seem to open up at the 
    same time. Once both Saucers are down stay away from the fortress and fend 
    off the Gunships and ants it releases. After a wave or two the mission will 
    be over. 
    Weapons Aquired: 
    Splash Grenade (alpha symbol)
    Mission 34. Breach
    Basics: This it, finally time to destroy the Quadruped Fortress. You start 
    off with a lot of EDF soldiers around you, facing the Fortress as well as a 
    Vegalta and an Airbike behind you. Grab the Airbike since the Vegalta 
    wouldn't survive the trip and get behind the Fortress. Stay behind it and 
    kill the ants to make it open up the hatch underneath its chest, and fire at 
    the glowing weak spot. Keep killing ants and firing at the weak spot until it 
    activates its laser cannons and starts dropping Hectors. It should be about 
    halfway dead now, but for some reason it doesn't seem to close the Hatch now 
    so it'll die very quickly, I ignored the Hectors, my EDF soldiers seemed to 
    keep them busy, and just continued firing on the weak spot until it blew up. 
    You don't even have to kill any remaining enemies to end the mission this 
    Hard: MY Equipment 1. AF19 2. Cascade 2
    Grab the Airbike and get behind the fortress, take out the ants and start 
    shooting the hatch with the Cascade when it stops to drop more. Take out the 
    Gatling cannon thing if you want, it seems to be shooting at EDF troops and 
    they'll help kill off the ants quickly. You want to stay behind it and not 
    under to avoid being stomped, also gives you distance from ants that don't 
    get killed from Cascade explosions. It should be about half way dead when it 
    activates its laser cannons and starts dropping Hectors, this is your chance 
    to end this now. Keep hammering the weak spot ignoring everything else. The 
    lasers shouldn't be hitting you that much if you're moving and the Hectors 
    should be busy with your troops. It should drop in under a minute. Mission 
    Weapons Obtained: Nothing
    Mission 35. Sweep
    Basics: You start off with a few EDF soldiers, head forward for a few more 
    and your choice of an Airbike, tank, or helicopter. There are three groups 
    we'll call NW, N, and NE, grab a vehicle and head for the NE group. These are 
    red ants, I like to park on the hill next to them to get some distance to 
    bombard them from. Spiders will probably be attacking you once you've 
    defeated the red ants, deal with them then head for the north group. Here are 
    black ants, deal with them in the same manner. Head to the left group on your 
    radar to fight some more black ants, then get on top of the hill and look at 
    the final group, spiders and red ants. Take advantage of the position you're 
    in and start hitting them from far away.
    Hard: My Equipment 1. AF19 2. Cascade 2
    Grab the Airbike and for the NE group, park on a hill a good distance away 
    and fire off Cascade 2 volleys, AF19 any that get close. After you deal with 
    the Red ants Spiders should be starting to approach you, deal with them the 
    same way, then grab the air bike and head for the North group. I drove past 
    most of the group of black ants to get some distance before starting to fight 
    them in the same manner as the red ants. Once they were gone I headed towards 
    the left group on the radar, which were more black ants, they were small 
    enough in number to just charge with the AF19. From here I could see the last 
    group, a combination of spiders and red ants, and fired the cascade at them 
    from the top of this hill. Try to hit the spiders since they die quicker and 
    are the more dangerous of the two, and finish off any that make it up the 
    hill with the AF19. Mission complete.
    Weapons Obtained: Nothing
    Mission 36. Thunder
    Basics: Another shot at the Mother ship... you won't be destroying it this 
    time either sadly, BUT you will be shooting at part of it a certain point. 
    The mission starts out with a few EDF soldiers, a helicopter, and a whole lot 
    of red dots up ahead. Hop in the Helicopter to survey the scene, they've got 
    Hectors, Gunships, and Red and Black Ants out there. Engage the various 
    enemies but stay alert, as soon as a large structure starts coming out of the 
    Mother ship fire everything you have at it. Once it starts falling you can 
    start focusing on the bugs and whatnot. The Mother ship will deploy more 
    Gunships(And I swear it inexplicably deployed one black ant...) after you've 
    destroyed most of the ground forces. Clear them out to finish the mission
    Hard: My Equipment 1. AF19 2. Cascade 2
    I charged the closest Hector on foot firing the Cascade then finishing it off 
    with the AF19 then started taking out the nearby ants and Gunships. Once the 
    buildings around you are destroyed by Plasma fire start attacking the nearby 
    hectors. When you see the Mother ships' weapon deployed start firing at it, 
    about 5 Cascade Volleys should do it. Then start mopping up the remaining 
    enemies. The Mother ship will deploy some more Gunships, destroy them and the 
    mission is finished.
    Weapons Obtained: Nothing
    Mission 37. Eruption
    Basics: You start off with a large group of EDF soldiers running towards a 
    large group of red and black ants and spiders. Start firing on the first 
    anthill, then start shooting at the bugs while running the entire time. When 
    you get to the river start firing on the 3 spider hills in it. There may or 
    may not be a 5th hill behind the river, I saw 4 item icons very close to each 
    other but it may have just been 4 bugs in an odd location. If it is there, 
    destroy it on the way to the river if you can or after the spider hills. 
    Finish off all the remaining bugs to end the mission.
    Hard: My Equipment 1. AF19 2. Cascade 2
    Fire the Cascade nonstop as you run towards the mass of bugs, you should kill 
    off most of them and the hill(And I believe there's a hill behind it, behind 
    the river which should also be gone) by the time you're there. Then start 
    taking out the spider hills in the river. Stay on the road though, the 
    spiders will destroy you if you go down there. Kill off any remaining bugs 
    and the mission is done.
    Weapons Obtained:
    Stringer J2
    Mission 38. Surrounded 
    Basics: You start off with three groups of EDF troop surrounded by 8 Flying 
    Saucers which all open and start dropping Spiders and red and black ants. 
    There's a Vegalta and a Tank around but I wouldn't recommend them here. 
    Immediately pick a saucer and start firing. Either stay inside the EDF squads 
    or try to run into them to keep the bugs off your back so you can focus on 
    the Saucers. Destroy all the saucers and eliminate all remaining bugs to 
    eliminate the saucers.
    Hard: My Weapons 1. AF19 2. Cascade 2
    Grab an EDF squad, pick a Saucer and start firing off the Cascade, if your 
    EDF soldiers die before you've destroyed them all alternate between clearing 
    the immediate area and firing at a saucer. Make sure to make spiders a 
    priority, and if you can identify a Saucer dropping spiders go after that 
    once first. Clean up any remaining bugs once the saucers are gone and the 
    mission is clear. Don't forget in the fury of the battle to leave an ant 
    alive so you can go pick up all the items dropped here, it'd be a lot of 
    missed power ups.
    Weaponds Obtained:
    Stingray M4
    Mission 39. Legion
    Basics: Two Vallak Dino-mechs, the same as the first one. You start with one 
    visible in front of you, and the other to the NW obscured by buildings. 
    You've got a Vegalta in front of you, and a tank, Airbike, and helicopter 
    behind you. You also have a legion of EDF troopers ahead of you equipped some 
    nifty blue laser gun. This is the same as the battle against one, just pound 
    them one at a time with every thing you've got. The Vegalta is good for this. 
    Just keep blasting them with the machine gun and missiles and they should be 
    gone in no time.
    Hard: My Equipment 1. Stringer J2 2. Cascade 2
    Hop into the Vegalta and start bearing down on the visible Vallak. It may 
    charge at you but it'll only do about 152 damage to the Vegalta, and you'll 
    still be able to fire on it. When the first Vallak drops the 2nd should be in 
    good firing position, so start opening up on him with the Vegalta. With any 
    luck he won't even manage to move from where he is. Mission Complete.
    Mission 40. Return
    Basics: You start off in a familiar river canyon with a large group of EDF 
    soldiers. Wait a bit and soon a large amount of red ants will attack from 
    both sides of the canyon. You can try to retreat backwards to a junction in 
    the river that will let you get on top of the hill. After defeating most of 
    these ants another wave of red ants will appear. Finish off this wave to end 
    the mission
    Hard: My Equipment 1. AF19 2. Cascade 2
    I retreated back as the level began and went up the river junction to get up 
    on the hills overlooking the canyon. From there I fired the cascade at the 
    ants that went after me, and used the AF on any that got too close. Repeated 
    the same for the next wave.
    Alternate Strategy: It may be preferable to stick with the EDF soldiers. 
    Using my strategy most of them survived which either means most of the ants 
    went after me, or they were able to deal with the ants that came after them. 
    Anyway, if the solo strategy doesn't work for you, try sticking with the 
    group and see if the EDF troops don't help you win.
    Weapons Obtained:
    BRUTE Triple Grenade Launcher
    Mission 41. Occupation
    Basics: You start off on top of a building with four Saucers deploying bugs, 
    as well as Gunships flying around. The rightmost one is deploying Spiders so 
    it should be the priority. There should be some EDF soldiers underneath where 
    it was so pick them up along the way to the next saucer. This should be 
    dropping black ants, so if it isn't open start killing any near you. The next 
    saucer should also be dropping black ants, treat it the same. Next a bit 
    farther away is the final Saucer which is dropping red ants, nothing 
    different here, drop it, then clear out the remaining enemies to beat the 
    mission. There'll probably be a few Gunships flying around randomly high up 
    so you'll have to hit them with a rocket to destroy them or at least make 
    them angry enough to come down.
    Hard: My Equipment 1. AF19 2. Cascade 2
    Destroy the right most saucer and mop up any spiders it managed to drop, pick 
    up the EDF troops and move on to the next saucer destroying Gunships along 
    the way. I believe this one is dropping black ants so destroy any black ants 
    you encounter and fire on the Saucer when it opens up. The next saucer I also 
    believe is dropping black ants, but it seemed to be open for a long time so 
    it may never close, either way shoot at if it's open and if not kill what's 
    around until it does. The last saucer drops red ants, and will probably drop 
    a fresh group as you approach so fire at it if you're far enough away, then 
    deal with the ants and finish it off. Mop up the remaining enemies and the 
    mission is done.
    Weapons Obtained:
    Firecracker 4
    Five Card XA
    Acid Shot
    Mission 42. King
    Basics: Time for more Lord bugs, this time say hi to the Spider Lord. There 
    are several in the area, you start with 4 groups of red dots, one in each 
    diagonal, and a group of EDF troops in front and behind you. Go after the 
    Spider Lord in front of you but be careful, you only want to fight one group 
    at a time. You should be more interested in killing the Small spiders before 
    worrying about the Lord for each group. Shotguns are good here on E/N, a few 
    of them can kill a lord with a little less than a full clip. Clear out all 
    the spiders to beat the mission.
    Hard: My Equipment 1. AF19 2. Cascade 2
    Try to take out the smaller spiders first, once a Spider Lord is attacking 
    you fire at with the Cascade. If there are still smaller spiders alive fire 
    half the clip at the Lord and the other half at the advancing spiders, you 
    don't want them to get into attack range, if they do eliminate them with AF 
    immediately. Try to only fight one Lord at a time. Their webbing looks 
    impressive but it seems to be easier to dodge and than the normal stuff. Just 
    keep moving. Defeat all the remaining spiders to end the mission.
    Weapons Obtained: Nothing
    Mission 43. Spearhead
    Basics: You start off with three groups of EDF soldiers ahead of you as well 
    as two Vegaltas to your left, and a Tank to your right. Red ants will move in 
    from the west and black ants will move in from the north. You'll want to 
    remove the black ant hill and the red ant hill first, so head north then 
    west. Hovering a Vegalta works as well. Then head north to the next Hector 
    and the black ant hill. From here you can either charge into the spider nest 
    in the river canyon or shoot at it from afar. Clear out any remaining bugs 
    and the mission is over.
    Hard: My Equipment 1. AF19 2. Cascade 2
    Hop in one of the Vegaltas and activate the hover, you should be able to 
    destroy the black ant hill in front of you in two jumps, then turn left and 
    go up the hill the red ants went down. You probably won't be able to have it 
    make it to the hill but it should be able to destroy the hector. Destroy the 
    red anthill on foot and clear out the bugs in your vicinity. Head back to the 
    starting point, grab as many EDF soldiers as you can, and the other Vegalta 
    if its still there. Start walking north and shooting at the Hector. Head up 
    the hill to where Hector is/was and destroy the black ant hill. Then look at 
    the river canyon, you should be able to see the spider hill in the river from 
    here. If not move forward until you do, pummel it from safety with the 
    Cascade and then finish off the spiders to end the mission.
    Weapons Obtained:
    MEX Emerald
    Mission 44. Extermination 1
    Basics: You start off in a familiar lava tube with a horde of spiders 
    underneath you. Jumping off would be suicide probably even on easy, so 
    instead stay high and fire down. You could also try grenades or bombs if you 
    have any. Kill all the spiders to end the mission.
    Hard: My Equipment 1. AF19 2. C25 Special Bomb
    Real simple, just equip a bomb of some sort and drop them, the spiders mainly 
    stay on the ground floor so you'll get most of them. It may take a few 
    reloads but you'll eventually kill most/all of them. If there's a few left 
    feel free to just jump down and finish them off with the AF.
    Mission 45. Extermination 2
    Basics: You start off on a small ledge with a EDF soldier they've actually 
    made into a somewhat decent NPC. He'll run you to the hills assuming he 
    doesn't get killed/get knocked off by a dead body. Doesn't matter though, 
    it's a straightforward path; he's not doing much guiding. Follow the path, 
    and destroy each hill as you come upon it... and try not to fall off, it's a 
    long walk back up. Clear out any remaining bugs to complete the mission
    Hard: My Equipment 1. AF19 2. Cascade 2
    Run up the path shooting any nearby bugs with the AF, use the Cascade as soon 
    as you see the first hill. Continue up the hill and you'll see a spider hill, 
    do the same to it. When you get to the ledge the spider hill was on turn 
    around and you'll see the anthill in a prime spot to be finished off by the 
    Cascade. Kill any bugs that are still alive and the mission is done.
    Weapons obtained:
    Wideshot A1-VR
    Volcano B10
    Mission 46. Extermination 3
    Basics: You begin with some EDF soldiers behind you and a lot of spiders in 
    front you, focus on killing them first. If the EDF soldiers die, fire a 
    rocket or other explosive to temporarily block the advance of the spiders 
    from that side and rush into the room you were clearing. Once no more spiders 
    are following you head back past where the EDF soldiers where and a make a 
    hard left to where the last of the spiders are, clear them out to end the 
    Hard: My Equipment 1.AF19 2. Cascade 2
    Move back a bit and start firing off the Cascade into the spiders in front of 
    you. When the EDF soldiers behind you fall fire off a Cascade burst behind 
    you at the spiders then rush into the room you've been clearing and finish 
    off any spiders remaining in there. Once you're clear head back into the 
    tunnel you started in, past where the EDF soldiers were, and then make a hard 
    left to where the last of the spiders will be, and clear them out with the 
    cascade to end the mission.
    Weapons Obtained: Nothing
    Mission 47. Uprising
    Basics: This time both Ant Lords and Spider Lords will be attacking. You 
    start off with a group of EDF soldiers in front of you and a wall of red dots 
    on the radar. There's also a helicopter, Airbike, and tank awhile down the 
    street. Again you're going to want to take them on one at a time, I suggest 
    shooting at the Lord ant high up first, easiest one to single out. From there 
    just work your way through them, preferably one by one, and always taking out 
    Spiders before Ants if both are attacking you. Defeat all the lords and all 
    the smaller bugs to end the mission.
    Hard: My Equipment 1. AF19 2. Cascade 2.
    Start by firing of the Cascade at the obvious Ant Lord on the space needle 
    thing. Continue firing at it and any advancing bugs until its dead. With any 
    luck some of your missed shots will have hit the Spider Lord behind it, so 
    treat it the same as the Lord Ant and pummel it with the Cascade, you may 
    wish to retreat back a bit into the buildings to limit how many of their 
    minions can be attacking you. Clear out the rest of his spiders before 
    turning your attention to the remaining lords to the east. I suggest going at 
    the rightmost Ant Lord, treating it the same as first, then Spider Lord near 
    it. You'll probably end up hitting the Ant Lord to the left of the Spider 
    Lord but don't worry, they're slow to come after you, just focus on clearing 
    out the Spider Lord and the regular spiders, anyone of them can easily out 
    damage the Ant Lord. Then the only thing left is one more Spider Lord to the 
    north. Fire on him with the Cascade from as far as you can, and you can 
    easily kill him without him or his minions attacking you. Finish off anything 
    still alive to end the mission.
    Mission 48. Wrath
    Basics: You start with a whole bunch of EDF soldiers and a Tank nearby, wait 
    a bit and a wall of spiders and red and black ants will appear in front of 
    you.  It's probably a good idea to start shooting them from where you are 
    with something. Once you've defeated this wave you'll be attacked from two 
    sides in the next wave, pick a side and destroy it before focusing on the 
    next one, on E/N your EDF soldiers should be able to hold off one of the 
    waves. Once you've killed this wave one more will appear with 3 groups 
    approaching from different sides as well as more EDF soldiers spawning in the 
    middle. This time the groups are split, one is black ants, one is red ants 
    and one is spiders, you'll probably want to take out the spiders first, then 
    the black ants, the red ants.
    Hard: My Equipment 1. AF19 2. Cascade 2
    Okay this is another incredibly difficult mission with the weapons I had 
    available but I believe I have a working strategy. Get in the tank and drive 
    forward a bit and to the right so you're in the middle of the road, and start 
    pounding the first wave, start backing up and keep them out of attack range 
    but close enough to be doing some reliable damage. You can also get some good 
    shots off when they stop to attack the EDF soldiers. You main objective here 
    is get as far back in the level as possible while hitting this wave hard, if 
    you lose the tank don't worry just keep moving back and finish off this wave.
    When the second wave spawns immediately start hammering the closer group with 
    the Cascade while moving away from it(And not towards the other group), hit 
    whatever you can but if you get a shot at a group of spiders take it. With 
    any luck you should be able to defeat this group just as the 2nd group joins 
    up, continue pounding them with the cascade and using the AF if necessary and 
    hopefully you'll be able to outlast this group. The main problem here is 
    being trapped by Red ants and webbed by spiders, so try to keep the red ants 
    away or kill off the spiders. This is the make or break part, if you survive 
    the 2nd wave the next part is easy. For the third wave all three groups should 
    go after the EDF soldiers instead of you, if you can take out the spiders 
    first, but I ended up shooting the black ants first so if you don't its still 
    doable. Hopefully the other two groups will still be busy with the EDF 
    soldiers when you're done with your group, so get as far away as possible, 
    and up on one of the chunks of rubble that's a few feet higher than the rest 
    of the ground and start pummeling them Cascade shots, if you're far enough 
    way at least 90% should be dead before they're in attack range, finish the 
    rest off and this one is done.
    Weapons Obtained:
    Y11 Anti-Aircraft Impulse
    Sticky Grenade
    Mission 49. Elite
    Basics: Believe or not a new enemy this late in the game, the Red Gunship. 
    Much like the Red Ants, these are stronger and have a lot more health than 
    their drabber cousins. You'll probably want to bring a powerful and accurate 
    rifle with you to this one, a Lysander if you got it. Try to take them on 
    from a distance and one on one, destroy them all and the mission will be 
    Hard: My equipment 1. AF19 2. Stringer J2
    The Stringer J2 will be the weapon of choice here, its shot is almost if not 
    an instant hit, and quite powerful. 3 hits will take down a Gunship. You'll 
    probably want to increase your rotation speed if you haven't already, these 
    guys move really fast. Just slowly progress through the level sniping them 
    and trying to say in one on one battles and you'll be done in no time.
    Weapons Obtained: Nothing
    Mission 50. Unknown
    Basic: One last new enemy to meet! Cyber Vallak Dino-mech. He's got some mean 
    looking cannons on his back but they're not very dangerous, they fire two 
    small beams that normally travel the length of the level in front of him. He 
    has another laser move where he points them to the ground at his sides and 
    sweeps inward.
    You start off with a large quantity of EDF soldiers in front of you as well 
    as Cyber Vallak very far away, a Vegalta behind you, and a tank and Airbike 
    to your right. Treat him the same as the other Vallaks, hit him hard and 
    repeatedly. Oh and... he doesn't drop any items.
    Hard: My Equipment 1. Volcano B10 2. Volcano B10
    I just chased around him and fired the Volcanoes. You could probably use 
    Vegalta to finish him off faster and easier. He may actually be easier than 
    the other Vallaks as his laser attacks didn't do that much damage.
    Mission 51. Convergence
    Basics: The mission starts out with 5 Flying Saucers opening up to drop their 
    cargo as well as a number of already deployed Hectors and Gunships, go after 
    the right most one first as its dropping spiders. Then the left and back 
    ones, then the last two can be however you want. Mop up everything to clear 
    the mission.
    Hard: My Equipment 1. AF19 2. Cascade 2
    Start off by destroying the right most lower Saucer, and kill of any spiders 
    it dropped. Then start clearing out any enemies on your way to the left most 
    saucer, which should be dropping black ants, and keep a fair distance while 
    destroying it. Take care of any bugs and hectors nearby, and then focus your 
    attention on the saucer in the back of the pack that stays up higher than the 
    others, this one is also dropping spiders so take it out next. Clear the area 
    again, and this time you'll have to move in closer to take out the closer of 
    the two remaining saucers, which is dropping black ants. Then do the same for 
    the final saucer which is also dropping black ants. Clear out any remaining 
    enemies and the mission is over.
    Weapons Obtained:
    Mission 52. Inferno
    Basics: The mission starts with you behind four groups of EDF soldiers and a 
    gigantic army in front of you. Black and red ants, Hectors, and Gunships are 
    all ready to fight. There's a Vegalta to your left(As well as one all the way 
    down the level by the hectors) and a tank behind you. (I think this only 
    happens on hard) Once you've destroyed all the enemies two Flying Saucers 
    will appear as well as some Red Gunships and an Ant Lord or two. For your 
    side you get a group or two of laser equipped EDF soldiers. Destroy the 
    saucers and the bugs and the mission is complete.
    Hard: My Equipment 1. AF20 2. Stringer J2
    Hop in the Vegalta and shoot as many ants as you can, its not going to last 
    very long but that's ok. Once you're on foot use the AF to deal with the ants 
    and Gunships and the Stringer if you get enough of a break as well as for the 
    When the saucers appear you should be able to shoot one down with the 
    stringer before it shuts its doors, get a shot or two off on the advancing 
    ant lord with it as well before switching to the AF for the horde of smaller 
    ants. Once you've cleared your surroundings get ready to shoot down the other 
    saucer. Finish off the rest of the ants and the mission is over.
    Weapons Obtained:
    Air Tortoise ME
    Mission 53. Starship
    Basics: The last mission and you finally get to destroy that damn Mother 
    ship. The mission starts you off with two groups of laser soldiers and a 
    helicopter you won't be using. Start by taking out the two Flying Saucers 
    around the mother ship, then take out any Hectors or Gunships while you wait. 
    As soon as the Mother ship's bottom door opens start firing at the weapon it 
    begins to lower. When it falls start firing on the glowing red sphere where 
    the gun once was. Hit it enough times and this battle is over... except
    On Normal and up, once you've done enough damage it steps the game up, and 
    now starts firing even more at you, keep moving and firing at the core when 
    its exposed. 
    Hard: My Equipment 1. AF20 2. Lysander 2
    Start by taking out both Saucers, they should stay open so its an easy 4 
    Lysander shots. When the buildings get destroyed by the Hector's fire start 
    taking them out as well, it should be 1-2 shots depending on whether or not 
    your laser units have fired on them. Start firing on the Mother ship's gun as 
    soon as its lowered down. Never stop moving and firing on the exposed core 
    with the Lysander, switch to the AF when the core's covered up to clear the 
    skies a bit. Don't let the lights scare you when it activates even more 
    lasers, its not much more dangerous than it was before just keep firing and 
    soon the battle will be over. Oh and it'll still have some lasers flying 
    towards you once you've killed it, and the enemies will still be attacking 
    you, so don't stop moving until you're seeing the ending.
    Weapons Obtained: Nothing

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