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    FAQ/Walkthrough by rkgambill

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/10/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Earth Defense Force 2017
    FAQ by KeeperOfFate (rkgambill) E-mail at RO_ShatteredSun@yahoo.com with any
    questions or comments
    Version 1.0
    Table of Contents
    I.	Version History
    II. 	Achievement List
    III. 	Vehicles
    IV.	Mission Walkthroughs
    	1)  Arrival
    	2)  Invasion
    	3)  Melee
    	4)  Landing
    	5)  Search
    	6)  Airforce
    	7)  Takedown
    	8)  Mobilization
    	9)  Tsugawa
    	10) Arms
    	11) Infiltration
    	12) Reinforcement
    	13) Retaliation
    	14) Fortress
    	15) Blockade
    	16) Multiplication
    	17) Nesting
    	18) Dino-mech
    	19) Umbra
    	20) Artillery
    	21) Crimson
    	22) Trapped
    	23) Expansion
    	24) Interception
    	25) Descent 1
    	25) Descent 2
    	27) Descent 3
    	28) Descent 4
    	29) Assault
    	30) Anchored
    	31) Advance
    	32) March
    	33) Surprise
    	34) Breach
    	35) Sweep
    	36) Thunder
    	37) Eruption
    	38) Surrounded
    	39) Legion
    	40) Return
    	41) Occupation
    	42) King
    	43) Spearhead
    	44) Extermination 1
    	45) Extermination 2
    	46) Extermination 3
    	47) Uprising
    	48) Wrath
    	49) Elite
    	50) Unkown
    	51) Convergence
    	52) Inferno
    	53) Starship
    I. Version History
    1.0 - Finally, the FAQ is made! This is my first time ever making a FAQ, so
    please let me know what you think, both good and bad!
    II. Achievement List
    The achievements in EDF 2017 are actually all quite simple. Just beat all the
    difficulties for the first 5 achievements, and collect every weapon for the
    sixth. By the time you've beaten all the missions on every difficulty, you'll
    definitely have all the weapons.
    1) All Stages Cleared (Easy)	50 Points
    2) All Stages Cleared (Normal)	100 Points
    3) All Stages Cleared (Hard)	150 Points
    4) All Stages Cleared (Hardest)	200 Points
    5) All Stages Cleared (Inferno)	300 Points
    6) All Weapons Acquired		200 Points
    III. Vehicles
    To tell the truth, I found the vehicles in this game completely useless. I
    still included which vehicles are available in each level, however, just in
    case any of you enjoy using the vehicles.
    Battle Machine Vegalta (Mech)
    SDL2 Airbikev (Bike)
    EF24 Combat Helicopter Bazelato (Chopper)
    E551 Combat Vehicle Gigantus (Tank)
    IV. Mission Walkthroughs
    IV.1) Arrival
    Reommended Weapons: Assault Rifle & Rocket Launcher
    Available vehicles: None
    Basically your standard tutorial-type mission. This mission is both
    straightforward and easy to complete. The only enemies you will face here are
    black ants.. Simply run & gun, getting used to the controls. Once you start run
    straight down the street until you run into your first group of enemies. Once
    you get in range with your rocket launher, start firing. Keep at it with the
    rocket launcher until they get close, then finish off the remaining stragglers
    with your assault rifle.
    After defeating the first group, a second group will appear on your radar.
    Simply follow your radar until you run into them. This group begins firing acid
    at you, so be prepared. Still, even with the added attack option these enemies
    are weak and small enough in numbers that they are easy to take down.
    After you beat the second group, a third and final group will appear. Open up
    with the rocket launcher and you can kill most of them before they even get to
    you. Be sure to aim at the buildings they are crawling on as you can kill many
    of them this way.
    Congratulations, you're well on your way to becoming a valued EDF soldier!
    IV.2) Invasion
    Reommended Weapons: Assault Rifle & Rocket Launcher
    Available vehicles: None
    This mission opens with up three groups of enemies, all located more or less
    straight ahead of you. Head down the street firing with your rocket launcher to
    thin theyr ranks before you get there. Be careful not to move too far in as the
    three groups will converge on pretty much one spot. After you beat this initial
    wave... Good job! Mission finished.
    IV.3) Melee
    Reommended Weapons: Assault Rifle & Rocket Launcher
    Available vehicles: None
    First head towards the small group of allies (blue dots) on your screen. There
    are just a few ants here and once you kill them the EDF members will join you.
    After that just move through the city, following your radar, and kiling
    anything you see. Not too many surprised here, what you see on your radar in
    the beginning is pretty much what you'll be facing. I reccomend fighting your
    way to your comrades first, as it's easier to fight with more people on your
    side. Also, remember to blow up plenty of buildings here, as it prevents the
    enemies attacking from above.
    IV.4) Landing
    Recommended Weapons: Assault Rifle & Rocket Launcher
    Available vehicles: None
    This mission is pretty straightforward. There are three groups of black ants.
    Follow your radar and kill them all. After this, two alien dropships will
    appear in the sky above you. They'll each drop off a group of ants. Don't waste
    your ammo on the ships - at this point in the game you're not meant to bring
    them down. After you wipe out the dropped ants, the mission ends.
    IV.5) Search
    Recommended Weapons: Assault Rifle & Rocket Launcher
    Available vehicles: None
    This stage opens up with a large groups of ants more or less in front of you.
    Head along the road and a small portion of them will come to meet you. After
    beating them you can either continue along the road you're on with the current
    group of EDF members you're with, or head left along the street and move in
    with a second group. There's no way to join them together, as they aren't the
    type of NPC's that will "join" you. Either road pretty much leads to the same
    thing: the rest of the ants.
    After you finish off all the ants, you'll hear over the radio that the entire
    air force has been wiped out like sissies, and that all the alien gunships are
    heading your way. HQ tells you to retreat. You end up having to fight all the
    gunships anyway, but make sure to move along with your group of NPC's as it
    will make the fight much easier. Feel free to take shots with your rocket
    launcher until they get close. Once they get close switch to your assault
    rifle, as gunships drop like flies after only short bursts of fire from a
    decent rifle. Mission's over, enjoy your brief break.
    IV.6) Airforce
    Recommended Weapons: Assault Rifle & Missle
    Available vehicles: None
    This will be your first mission where your primary enemy is something besides
    an ant. While I still recommend using the assault rifle against the gunships,
    some people prefer thr multi-missle launchers (such as the MLRA series Missles)
    because of their tracking ability.
    This is perhaps the most straightforward mission in the entire game. You fight
    three waves of gunships, and you're done. You don't even move, you sit in the
    same square and fight. The only two pieces of advice I can offer are: 1) Ignore
    the mothership, you can't hurt it and 2) Keep moving. Gunships are, in mu
    opinion, probably the wasiest enemies in the game. They have relatively low
    damage and pretty bad accuracy, just keep moving around and firing with your
    weapon of choie and you'll have these stage beat in no time at all.
    IV.7) Takedown
    Recommended Weapons: Assault Rifle & Rocket Launcher
    Available vehicles: None
    This is the first mission you will be able to take down the Ravager UFO's. Just
    aim your rocket at the underside of the craft when it opens the hatch, and they
    go down relatively easy. ALWAYS focus on destroying the UFO's before taking out
    the enemies on the ground, as they'll just keep spawning new enemies until you
    take them down.
    There are two UFO's that you start pretty much right next to. Take them out and
    then mop up all the ants they dropped, and you've finished the mission.
    Straightforward and simple, this mission shouldn't offer any trouble. Depending
    on your difficulty, UFO's can do down in just a few shots with some of the more
    powerful rocket launchers.
    Another alternative for this mission is to leave the UFO's alone and simple
    keep killing the ants they drop until you get tired of it. This is an excellent
    mission to collect weapons and armor upgrades, as the enemies are weak and not
    very plentiful.
    IV.8) Mobilization
    Recommended Weapons: Assault Rifle & Rocket Launcher
    Available vehicles: None
    As the mission opens up, you'll noticed a large number of red dots on your
    radar pretty much directly in front of you. What are you waiting for? Head
    towards them. You have two choices here, either wait until you get close and
    take them on assault-rifle style, or open up from long range with your rockets
    and risk killing the group of EDF members in their midst. After defeating all
    the bugs in this group, another swarm will spawn further into the city, and HQ
    will tell you to move on to meet up with Ranger 5 to defeat the incoming UFO's.
    Head over and wipe out that groups of ants. While fighting you'll notice a 3rd
    group of ants fighting Ranger 6. Kill all the ants in both groups, and you'll
    hear a message over the radio about the mothership coming (which is strange,
    since it never shows up). Two UFO's come flying in. As usual, take them down
    with your rocket launcher first then mop up whatever ants remain. Keep moving
    at this point, because they drop a LOT of ants in. After killing everything on
    the screen, this mission is finished!
    IV.9) Tsugawa
    Recommended Weapons: Assault Rifle & Sniper Rifle
    Available vehicles: Tank & Chopper
    This is another one of the straightforward missions. (They pretty much offer
    these every time a new enemy type is introduced). You'll start up on the hill
    ooverlooking the ocean where the enemy is coming from. Use this to your
    advantage and snipe all the Walking Arms robots before they can get to you. I
    like using any of the high-powered, low-capacity sniper rifles, but if you
    don't have any decent ones consider using a slow-firing but high-damage missle
    instead (the Air Tortoise, for example). There are only a few of the small
    enemy gunships that will approach you during the fight. Just switch to your
    assault rifle and they drop in seconds.
    IV.10) Arms
    Recommended Weapons: Rocket Launcher & Sniper Rifle
    Available vehicles: None
    A group of the huge robots (called Hectors in the game from this point on) is
    tearing up the city, and of course they call upon you to stop them. I highly
    recommend just sitting at the starting point in this map, as the enemy will all
    come to you. Use a high-powered sniper rifle on them while they are far away to
    inflict the big damage, and if they get close use the rocket launcher. I
    recommend using whichever rocket launcher you have with the highest capacity,
    even if the damage is less. Why? Because every time you hit the Hectors with
    the rocket it throws their aim off. (Besides, the sniper should pretty much
    take care of them before they get too close to you.) If the several of the
    enemy gets close, just run to a safe distance and start sniping again. The
    hectors are slow and relatively easy to get away from. These are the only enemy
    for this mission. Congratulations!
    IV.11) Infiltration
    Recommended Weapons: Bound Gun (Special Weapon) & Rocket Launcher
    Available vehicles: None
    I usuAlly replace my trusty assault rifle with any of the bound guns for all
    the nest missions. This handy weapon ricochets its bullets off walls, making it
    extremely effective in the narrow tunnels of these types of missions. The
    rocket launcher also works well, but make sure you don't use it in a tight
    situation. If the enemy is close when you use it you'll kill not only the ants,
    but probably yourself as well as your allies in the enclosed space.
    You start off with the first group of ants coming right in front og you. Use
    the rocket launcher near the opening of the tunnel and very few will be able to
    make it through the blast radius. Keep an eye on the ceiling for the ones that
    manage to make it through. After the first wave another large group will spawn
    on your radar. Follow through the tunnel the first wave came from mand follow
    your radar to the second group.
    The second group is in a huge cavern and come down at you from above. Do not go
    all the way into the chamber. Get their attention and then withdraw slightly
    and kill them as they enter the tunnel you are standing in. Remember, bugs are
    stupid, and you can always use a tactical advantage against them. As you're
    killing this wave you'll hear over the radio that everyone got their butts
    kicked and that the mission is cancelled. Mop up whatever enemy is left (don't
    forget to get all the goodies before you kill the very last one) and that will
    end the mission.
    IV.12) Reinforcement
    Recommended Weapons: Assault Rifle & Rocket Launcher
    Available vehicles: Tank
    Ahhhh the spiders. I hate spdiers, both in the game and in real life. These
    are, in my opinion, the most terrible enemies in the game. Granted, they are
    realtively weak in terms of defense as they go down pretty quickly, but they
    have pretty high attack power and extremely long range. Plus, they leap like
    freaks all over the place. Finally.... they are spiders. <Shudder>
    Anyhow, you start off in the middle of the street and guess what's in front of
    you? Start shooting. Use your rocket launchers and lay waste to the city,
    because the spiders often hide on the tops of buildings and snipe you with
    their webs. Kill everything on your radar, and you're done. Another of the
    simple, introductory missions.
    IV.13) Retaliation
    Recommended Weapons: Assault Rifle & Rocket Launcher
    Available vehicles: Mech & Bike
    You start off with two groups in front, a group in back, and one UFO to your
    left. Move forward and rescue the EDF group directly in front of you. They'll
    join up, offering a bit more firepower for the upcoming fights. After this,
    head to your left (opposite where the UFO is heading) and defeat that group of
    spiders to add another EDF group to your little army. After this, head down the
    street following where the UFO went.
    Defeat the group surrounding the 3rd group of EDF and then the group the UFO
    drops. Ignore the UFO. It will drop one final group of spdiers, and then fly
    away. Just kill all the remaining spiders to finish the mission up.
    IV.14) Fortress
    Recommended Weapons: Assault Rifle & Sniper Rifle
    Available vehicles: None
    Ignore both the mothership and the walking fortress, you can't kill either at
    this point in time.
    Once the fortress starts moving, it will deploy enemy gunships. Take them out
    with your assault rifle, then put some distance between yourself and the
    fortress. It will start shooting everything in sight with laser cannons. Use
    your sniper rifle to take out some of the laser cannons until it begins
    deploying Hetors. Now run to the high ground.
    Another group of gunships will deploy from the fortress in the meantime. Once
    you get atop the mountain and are out of the HEctors' range, kill all the
    gunships with the assault rifle, then turn back and finish off all the Hectors.
    IV.15) Blockade
    Recommended Weapons: Assault Rifle & Sniper Rifle
    Available vehicles: None
    Once again, there is no stopping the fortress in this mission, so don't waste
    your bullets.
    This mission an be EXTREMELY difficult until you figure out the pattern to
    defeating the enemies. Always kill them in this order:
    1) Hectors with machine gun
    2) Hectors without machine gun
    3) Gunships
    The machine gun Hectors do a LOT of damage once you get stuck in their fire.
    Focus on them first, even if you are surrounded by gunships. The gunships do
    very little damage and are relatively easy to dodge. Use the sniper and kill as
    many Hectors as possible. If you find yourself stuck in enemy Hector fire, use
    the assault rifle on him as it will cause his aim to be off and you can
    manuever to a better position.
    There is little in the way of strategy or a step-by-step procedure other than
    this. Keep moving and stay as far away from the fortress as possible. Focus on
    the enemies in the above order and you should do fine.
    IV.16) Multiplication
    Recommended Weapons: Assault Rifle & Rocket Launcher
    Available vehicles: Mech
    Right off the bat, there's a huge group of ants fighting a large group of EDF
    forces straight in front of you. While the EDF keeps the ants busy, destroy the
    hole the ants are coming out of with your rockets, then take care of the
    remaining ants with the assault rifle. After you beat this first wave, a second
    wave appears off in the distance as a Scout team yells they found another hole
    over the radio.
    You should be able to see the next hole from where you are standing. (Hint:
    Look in the diretion of the huge red blotch on your radar). Take care of the
    enemies here, and a third hole opens up. Again, snipe irom where you are. Guess
    what happens when you defeat this group? You got it! There's the fourth one.
    This one spawns spiders, but again just snipe the hole from afar and then kill
    the spiders as they come close. Make sure you destroy the hole quickly, or so
    many spiders will spawn you'll die before you know it because the webs damage
    you so heavily. Finally, after the fourth hole the mission is over.
    IV.17) Nesting
    Recommended Weapons: Bound Gun (Special Weapon) & Rocket Launcher
    Available vehicles: None
    You start off surrounded... joy. As crazy as it sounds, once the mission
    starts, rush forward into the crowd of bugs in front of you. The idea is to
    break through the first wave so you can keep all enemies on one side instead of
    getting surrounded. As soon as you hit this point (you'll probably be lost
    somewhere in the tunnels, but no big deal) just turn around and fire like
    crazy. Use the assault rifle to clear a path, then use the rocket to take out
    big chunks of enemies at a time.
    After you finally clear out everything that chased you, head back cautiously
    towards the starting area. By this time all the EDF members are dead, so shoot
    as soon as you see anything. Once you get back out to the starting point,
    finish of all the first group (those that started in front of you) then move on
    towards the second large group. Luckily no more groups spawn, so the mission is
    up once you finish everything on the screen.
    IV.18) Dino-mech
    Recommended Weapons: Sniper Rifle & Rocket Launcher
    Available vehicles: Tank & Chopper
    This is the first "boss" type monster you encounter. It's just you (and a few
    dozen EDF members> versus him. Basically, just hide back and use the sniper
    rifle on him. If he rushes you throw him off balance with the rocket. This boss
    is actually very easy as he spends most of his time fighting the EDF or running
    through buildings, leaving you free to just stand and shoot.
    IV.19) Umbra
    Recommended Weapons: Assault Rifle & Rocket Launcher
    Available vehicles: Bike, Tank, Chopper
    There's two UFO's and several spiders to clear out on this stage. Start off
    running backwards, targeting the closest UFO. You should be able to destroy it
    just as the spiders kill off all the other EDF members in front of you. Now
    turn around and run like a sissy until you find the path up to higher ground.
    Keep climbing and once you're able, take out the other UFO. The remaining
    spiders shouldn't post much of a problem since they'll now be broken into
    smaller groups as they usually only make it up the mountain a few at a time.
    All done. Easy, right?
    IV.20) Artillery
    Recommended Weapons: Sniper Rifle & Assault Rifle
    Available vehicles: Tank (Blow up raised highway to gain access) & Mech
    You fight a new type of Hector here, equipped with a plasma cannon. These are
    actually probably the easiest of all the Hectors, as the plasma cannons are
    extremely easy to dodge. Just take them all out with your sniper rifle.
    Of course, it couldn't be THAT easy, now could it? Eventually, gunships will
    appear all over the place and you're informed it's a trap. As soon as this
    happens rush straight for one group of gunships. The reasoning here is to try
    to obliterate one half of the enemy before they can converge on you in their
    entirety. Concetrate on them as it's easy to dodge the Hector's plasma cannons.
    Oh by the way, more Hectors appear at this time as well. Once you finish the
    gunships turn you attention to the Hectors and they go down easily with a
    sniper rifle. Overall, this is actually a very easy mission compared to most.
    IV.21) Crimson
    Recommended Weapons: Assault Rifle & Rocket Launcher
    Available vehicles: Tank
    There are 3 waves of the new red ants enemies, each spawning only after you
    kill the previous group. The first is straight ahead of you, the second spawns
    behind where you started, and the third comes rolling down over the large hills.
    Not much in the way of true strategy here. Use your rocket launcher to attack
    when they are far away to thin their numbers. Aim for the big groups to
    maximize your damage. When they get close let loose with the assault rifle
    while running backwards so they don't get a chance to hit you.
    NOTE: If you're having trouble with this mission, try using this glitch/cheat.
    Head out into the water deep enough that the red ants are almost completely
    submerged. They'll try to attack you but are unable to actually damage you. The
    sheer mass of bodies in the water underneath you will actually continuusly
    propel you upwards, allowing you to shoot down into the enemies below. It takes
    a while to kill them with this method, but it is one way to go about it if
    you're having trouble.
    IV.22) Trapped
    Recommended Weapons: Assault Rifle & Rocket Launcher
    Available vehicles: Mech & Tank
    You start out with Hectors and ants on all sides. Not the best odds in the
    world, eh? Run like a sissy, you need to find some high ground. Just keep
    running for this level. Luckily no new enemies spawn, but there's plenty to
    deal with as is. Just keep running into the mountains and using them as cover
    from the Hectors while you defeat the ants, then take out the Hectors one by
    IV.23) Expansion
    Recommended Weapons: Assault Rifle & Rocket Launcher
    Available vehicles: Bike & Chopper
    Head down the street until you get next to the park area. From here you should
    be able to start attacking the enemy. Concentrate on the hole while the ants
    are busy with the other EDF members. Don't worry about stopping to finish off
    the remaining enemies, your task is to destroy the holes first. Keep heading
    straight down the street until you run into another hole, this one spewing red
    ants. Take it out. At this point, go ahead and clear out some of the enemies
    and gather up some health, I'm assuming you need it because of the freaking
    Next, head down the nearest street on your right and take out the hole spewing
    the giant spiders. If you time your rocket shots well, you can kill nerly all
    the enemies aas they spawn, making life much easier. Head towards the next red
    spot on your radar and you'll find the fourth hole, red ants. Duck in between
    all the buildings here and keep manuvering back and forth to break the enemy
    into smaller, confused chunks. Once you destroy this hole take care of the
    remaining bugs to get a quick breather before moving on to the final hole.
    Clean out this group of ants and teh mission is complete.
    IV.24) Interception
    Recommended Weapons: Assault Rifle & Sniper Rifle
    Available vehicles: Tank & Mech
    Gunships over the ocean and Hectors behind. Turn around and take out all the
    Hectors first. Not only will this make your life easier, but also help keep
    more EDF members around to help you with the gunships. The gunships will go
    down quickly with all your men turned on them, and the second wave will appear.
    The second wave consists of more gunships and a few more Hectors which come
    from out at sea. You should be able tp snipe the Hectors long before they are
    close enough to you to inflict damage, and again the gunships go down quickly.
    (Though by this time most of the EDF is probably gone on the harder modes)
    After the second wave, you're done. Thankfully this is a FAR easier mission
    than the previous one.
    IV.25) Descent 1
    Recommended Weapons: Bound Gun & Rocket Launcher
    Available vehicles: None
    The first of four missions that take place in the bugs' nest. In this mission
    you start off at the top of a long tunnel heading down, with plenty of enemies
    on screen. This is actually a very simple mission, just work your way down
    slowly, killing everything as you go. By the time you reach the bottom there
    should only be a few enemies left. Take care of them and you're done.
    NOTE: Be especially careful not to fall if you're playing on anything other
    than easy. You'll be swarmed and killed very quickly.
    IV.26) Descent 2
    Recommended Weapons: Bound Gun & Rocket Launcher
    Available vehicles: None
    You start off with a trmendously huge group of ants directly in front of you
    getting ready to devour some hapless EDF members. Use your rocket launcher (be
    careful to aim away from the EDF guys) and you can take out significant chunks
    of the enemy. Finish off the stragglers with your bound gun and get any
    surviving EDF members to join you.
    Move into the adjacant cavern where the ants where coming from. It's a bit
    confusing as to where to go from here, because of the mae-like tunnel system.
    Stay on the bottom floor and head towards the red part of your radar. You don't
    be able to go straight there, but near the area where you can begin climbing up
    is a large tunnel that will curve around to where the remaining enemies are.
    Take them all out. (Remember, let them come to you so you can bottlneck them
    and use your rocket launcher)
    One more group. Head down the narrow, spiral tunnel to encounter the final
    group of bugs. Use your radar to find any stragglers and mission over.
    IV.27) Descent 3
    Recommended Weapons: Bound Gun & Rocket Launcher
    Available vehicles: None
    This is the most difficult of the "Descent" missions. As soon as you start, you
    are completely surrounded. Ignore everything else and rush forward into the
    tunnel directly in front of you. When you hit a Y in the tunnels turn right,
    then at the second Y turn left. You'l hit a dead end. Now turn around, kill
    anything close to you with your bound gun, and keep firing with your rocket
    launcher. Don't even think about stopping until you are sure there's no more
    enemies coming down the tunnel. At this point, most of the enemy should be
    dead, now just go finish up the last few and you'vwe got an easy victory.
    This is the ONLY way I've been able to beat this mission on anything above
    IV.28) Descent 4
    Recommended Weapons: Bound Gun & Rocket Launcher
    Available vehicles: None
    The last of the descent missions, you get to fight the leaders of the ants.
    Start of by heading forward into the tunnel in front of you, meeting up with a
    Ranger team who joins you. Now keep firing rokets down the tunnel in front of
    you. If you hear a bug die, it's a good sign, so keep firing until you don't
    hear it anymore. After this group dies, another spawns. Follow the tunnel
    system until you run into another team who again joins you. Move forward just
    enough to kill your first bug, then fall back and bottleneck them all at once.
    Once again, another group of enemies spawn off in the distance after these ones
    are defeated. Follow the tunnels (Stick to the left) If you've got a large
    enough army, you can go ahead and try to save the next group as they are
    besiged by spiders. Otherwise, hang back and unload with rockets. Another group
    of enemies spawn. Follow the tunnels down. This group is pretty easy as they
    come at you in a narrow tunnel. Use a volley of rockets and wipe them out.
    Now head towards the blue part of the Radar. Join up with a large group of EDF
    members, and follow them as they all rush down into the tunnels. Once you see
    the enemy open up with your rockets and clear out as many as you can. As soon
    as acid starts flowing up the tunnel, rush in. You can't dodge the acid in the
    tunnel, but you can as soon as you break through into the queen's hambers. Kill
    everything in the room and you can finally get out of these tunnels.
    IV.29) Assault
    Recommended Weapons: Sniper Rifle & Rocket Launcher
    Available vehicles: Tank & Mech
    Two UFO's in front, one in back. Concentrate on them first while the EDF keeps
    the Hectors busy. This mission is easy if you're able to take down the UFO's
    quickly. The mini-Hectors aren't all that difficult, either. Just keep an eye
    out for the ones wielding machine guns, as they can still deal a decent amount
    of damage. Kill them while the UFO's are closed, then revert your attention
    back to the UFO's. As is the norm for all missions introducing new enemy types,
    this is a quick, simple mission. After taking down the UFO's clean up the
    remaining enemies and it's over.
    IV.30) Anchored
    Recommended Weapons: Assault Rifle & Rocket Launcher
    Available vehicles: Tank, Mech, Bike
    You can't destroy the mothership, don't waste your time.
    First, head to the beach. Two UFO's, gunships, and ants. Nothing really to
    worry about here so take care of business then start moving up the hill towards
    the mothership. There are a total of three UFO's up in the mountains. It's
    easier to take out the two furthest from the mothership first (they drop ants &
    gunships) and then move on to the one next to the mothership (drops spiders).
    After you take out the three UFO's, do the usual clean up to end the mission.
    IV.31) Advance
    Recommended Weapons: Rocket Launher & Sniper Rifle
    Available vehicles: Tank & Mech
    Destroy the four Hectors around the starting point first. After this, start
    sniping the remaining Hectors off in the distance. This mission is relatively
    easy as long as you prioritize: kill the large Hectors first, especially those
    with machine guns. Then work your way down to the smallest threat: small
    hectors with no machine guns. As long as you can kill all the machine-gun
    toting Hectors before they get to you, there should be no problems at all with
    this simple mission.
    IV.32) March
    Recommended Weapons: ZE-Gun (Special Weapon) & Rocket Launcher
    Available vehicles: Tank & Bike
    This is a very diffiult mission. Make sure you stay with your group at first,
    as they provide both firepower and a meatshield for when the spiders come. If
    you notice you are down to only a small handful of EDF, run the other way. I
    like using the ZE Gun's here, in a triangle-like formation around the snipers.
    Use whichever one you have that has the highest rate of fire... there's a lot
    of spiders. Concentrate of blowing apart the large chunks of spiders, leaving
    your snipers to pick off the individual enemies.
    There are a total of three waves. The first from the front, the second from the
    left, and the final from the back. If you can survive through them all, victory
    is yours.
    IV.33) Surprise
    Recommended Weapons: Assault Rifle & Rocket Launcher
    Available vehicles: None
    This is another mission where you cannot actually destroy the fortress, so
    don't waste your time with it.
    From where you start, you should be able to take down the first of two UFO's.
    Do so and then kill whatever enemies come your way.
    After this, move to a better position and take down the second UFO. Again,
    quickly clean up the enemies that are left.
    You'll get the order to attack the fortress as it moves to life. Ignore this,
    since we both secretly know you can't kill it (until next mission!) but feel
    free to hang back and attack its laser cannons if you'd like. Once it starts
    deplyoing bugs, concentrate on taking them out. Shortly after it deploys the
    bugs, it will drop off some gunships. Swith your attention to these now. One
    more group of bugs will drop from the fortress. After cleaning up all the
    enemies, the order is given to retreat, ending the mission.
    IV.34) Breach
    Recommended Weapons: Assault Rifle & Rocket Launcher
    Available vehicles: Bike & Mech
    Your first task is to move in and destroy the cannon near the backside of the
    fortress. This will help keep the other EDF members alive far longer than they
    otherwise would. Now, start shooting your rocket into his weak point. The weak
    point on the fortress, like on the UFO's, is when the hatch underneath opens up
    when it goes to drop enemies. Make sure you stay just behind the fortress and
    near the center so it doesn't step on you, and aim accordingly.
    When the bugs are dropped from the fortress, ignore them for the most part.
    Keep shooting the fortress. Once the hatch closes, turn your attention to
    quickly killing the bugs and gathering any health they may drop.
    The fortress will start deplyoing Hectors as well as firing at you with its
    laser cannons. At this point, fall back some and take out first the Hectors,
    then the cannons. Once you are able to clear everything out, focus on the
    fortress itself again. Keep this up until you bring down the fortress. The real
    key to success in this battle is to quickly defeat whatever the fortress drops
    so you are not overwhelmed between enemy attacks and the fortress' cannons.
    IV.35) Sweep
    Recommended Weapons: Assault Rifle & Rocket Launcher
    Available vehicles: Tank & Chopper
    You start off with a few EDF members and basically three split groups of
    enemies. Move forward and grab another few EDF members by the vehicles, then
    start with the group on your left. This is the easiest group, consisting solely
    of black ants. After this move in a straight line over to the next group of
    bugs (originally the group in the right, red ants). Feel free to start shooting
    rokets as soon as you see them, you're bound to at least take a few down before
    you reah them.
    Regroup, grab any items, and head over to the last group, the furthest away.
    Mostly spiders and red ants in this group. After you finish them off, the
    mission is over.
    IV.36) Thunder
    Recommended Weapons: Assault Rifle & Rocket Launcher
    Available vehicles: Chopper
    Guess what? You can't kill the mothership! Save your ammo for the real enemies.
    I reccomend taking out the Hector at the street first. Continue moving down the
    street, taking out the smaller enemies as you go until the first street is
    clear. Turn left at the big intersection and you'll see a Hector standing at
    the end of the street. Engage it from where you are. Enemies will start rushing
    down the street at you, so kill all of them.
    The mothership will deploy enemy gunships (during which time you have a
    terrible point of view and cannot fight properly, so keep dodging. Confirm the
    Hector is dead first, then take on the gunships. You'll get a second terrible
    view as the mothership deploys its gun (again, keep dodging) and pretty much
    kills everything. After this, everything pretty goes badly and the remaining
    enemies all converge on you. Fall back, firing first at the Hectors and then at
    the bugs,
    Eventually, after destroying half the city, the motership will start spitting
    out gunships again. Hopefully by this time all the other enemies are dead so
    you can focus on these. Finishing them off, you'll hear that Europe is about to
    be destroyed, and the mission ends.
    IV.37) Eruption
    Recommended Weapons: Assault Rifle & Missle
    Available vehicles: Bike & Tank
    You start off with a huge number of EDF members. Of ourse... they're all going
    to die anyway, but still...
    There are a total of four hole in this mission, and they are all located
    extremely close together, right next to that first hole. If you have a missle
    launcher with a good blast area, you can just hide where you start and keep
    launching missles in the direction of the nest. If you get lucky you'll be able
    to destroy everything while the enemy is still fighting the other EDF members.
    A second tactic which works just as well is to replace the missle with a sniper
    rifle and just manuever about until you can get a decent shot on the nest. You
    have to be quick here, though. Once the enemy wipes out the EDF they'll attack
    you en masse and without any sort of explosive weaponry it could prove to be
    diffiult to defeat them.
    That's it for this mission! An easy one before the next mission...
    IV.38) Surrounded
    Recommended Weapons: Assault Rifle & Sniper Rifle
    Available vehicles: Bike, Mech, Tank
    This mission can be either very easy or extremely difficult. Use whatever
    weapon you have that can do the most damage the fastest. (I like the Lysander
    sniper rifle. It does good damage and can fire quickly) Take out the UFO's as
    soon as you can. If you're able to take out the UFO's before your forces are
    overwhelmed by the bugs, then it's relatively easy to mop up remaining enemies
    and win the mission.
    If you are unable to defeat the UFO's in a timely manner your forces are
    quickly overrun and it's you versus an entire army. Good luck. The only tactic
    available when the EDF is almost gone is to run like a sissy shooting as you
    go. Make sure to keep the enemies on one side of you. Kill all the spiders
    after you, then concetrate on sniping the UFO's, then move to any ants directly
    on top of you. Another good tactic is to grab just one group of EDF members
    before you run, leaving the rest as sacrifices. The few men with you should be
    able to keep the ants off you if you can kill the spiders, leaving you free to
    take out the UFO's.
    IV.39) Legion
    Recommended Weapons: Rocket Launcher & Sniper Rifle
    Available vehicles: Bike, Mech, Tank, Chopper
    Use pretty muh the same tactic as described in the "Dino-Mech" mission. Just
    stay far, far away from the enemy and snipe them. You can use the chopper to
    get on top of a faraway building for a better sniping point. (Fly above the
    building then just jump out, falls won't hurt you.) Concentrate on taking out
    one Dino-Mech at a time. Use your sniper as your primary damage-dealer, and
    save your rockets to throw them off balance when they breath fire. If you can
    keep your EDF members alive with this tactic (especially those with the laser
    rifles) they will go down much more quickly.
    IV.40) Return
    Recommended Weapons: Assault Rifle & Rocket Launcher
    Available vehicles: None
    This mission is straightforward, but can be difficult on the higher levels. As
    soon as the mission starts, turn around and start running until you find the
    path to higher ground. Feel free to run backwards shooting at the enemy as you
    go. There are 5 total groups that appear over the course of the level.Luckily,
    the spawn on opposute sides of the river, so you'll only be fighting half of
    the enemy at a time if you followed my advice to get to high ground. This makes
    this mission far easier, and you shouldn't have many issues except on the
    highest difficulty levels. (Though by this time, you should have insanely high
    health and some very powerful weapons!)
    IV.41) Occupation
    Recommended Weapons: Assault Rifle & Rocket Launcher
    Available vehicles: Chopper & Tank
    You can kill two of the four UFO's from your starting point on the roof, take
    them out. After this, jump to the ground (or to be really manly, blow up the
    building you're standing on) and then head left along the street. Remember,
    spiders are more dangerous than the gunships or ants, so take them out first to
    save your health. After a moment you'll see a UFO at the end of the street.
    Clear out a building or two along the way to get a better shot, and destroy it
    quickly. Clear up the enemies around you and you should be able to see your
    next target UFO across some buildings.
    Make your way to that UFO and destroy it, then mop up the remaining enemies.
    More than likely you'll be spending some time trying to hit a few gunships who
    for some reason just randomly fly about extremely high up in the air, making
    them very diffiult to hit. Feel free to nab all the items in the level before
    finishing these rather pointless enemies off.
    IV.42) King
    Recommended Weapons: Sniper Rifle & Rocket Launcher
    Available vehicles: None
    Ahhh... as if the normal spiders weren't bad enough, now we have the really,
    REALLY big Spiders. There are a total of three "Kings" in this level, each
    leading his own distinct group of spiders. Each group (other than the first)
    will only attack you once you attack them, so fight them one at a time.
    You start off with just a few enemies behind you, and a large group (including
    the Kings) in front. Move back and take care of the small group behind you
    first, then turn back around and take care of the first King in front of you.
    The key to victory on this stage is to simply stay far, far away from the
    enemy. I like to take care of the smaller spiders first and then concentrate on
    the King, he will go down fairly quickly with a high-powered sniper rifle.
    However, do not underestimate the range of the King's webs.
    Once you take care of the first group, gather any items dropped and then attack
    the next group of your choosing. (Either the left or the right, they're
    basically the same) Again, kill the smaller spiders then take out the King.
    Repeat one more time on the last remaining group
    IV.43) Spearhead
    Recommended Weapons: Assault Rifle & Rocket Launcher
    Available vehicles: 2 Mechs, Tank
    There is a hole very near the starting point, just past the tank. Go ahead and
    take care of that one, then turn left. Take care of the Hector just peeking
    over the mountain and the hole he was standing near from where you are at.
    After this, turn now to your right in the direction the spiders are coming
    from. Just keep following the spiders as they come. You'll have to go across a
    fairly big hill, then look down into the ravine and you'll see the hole.
    Destroy it from above, then turn right following the road.
    As you come around the bend, you'll see a Hector across the ravine. Take him
    out as you're running, he shouldn't provide much of a challenge from this
    distance. The only enemy left at this point are the black ants, so the last leg
    of the mission is pretty easy. Head to the bridge and cross the ravine, moving
    towards where you first saw the Hector. Pretty much straight up the hill from
    the bridge you'll find the hole. Destroy it. Do some cleanup and the mission is
    IV.44) Extermination 1
    Recommended Weapons: Assault Rifle & Missle
    Available vehicles: None
    Back into the nest area. Luckily, these three Extermination missions are the
    last time you have to head underground to the enemy's lair.
    This particular mission is very much like the first Descent mission. Just stay
    as high as possible and kill everything below you. There's a lot of spiders
    down there, so whatever you do don't fall and try to stay away from the sides.
    I like using the multi-shot missle launchers. Just stand near the edge, fire
    out, and let the missle do all the tracking work. Keep your AR ready in case
    any of the enemies work their way up to you. Once you notice the enemies'
    numbers starting to thin, just slowly work your way down the tunnel, killing
    anything you see along the way. By the time you reach the bottom, nearly
    everything should already be dead. Finish off whatever is left.
    IV.45) Extermination 2
    Recommended Weapons: Assault Rifle & Rocket Launcher
    Now you basically go right back up. Follow the person who wacts as your guide
    up the walkways. It's pretty difficult to get mixed up in this stage unless you
    fall. Most of the enemies will be busy dealing with the large group of EDF
    below, so just take out anything in your parth, as well as any spiders you see.
    You will encounter a total of three holes on your way up the path. After the
    third hole, you're at the top of the path, so just turn around, kill whatever
    is left, and you've finished up this short, relatively easy mission.
    Available vehicles: None
    IV.46) Extermination 3
    Recommended Weapons: Assault Rifle & Rocket Launcher
    Available vehicles: None
    The final nest-type mission of the game! Breathe a sigh of relief. Now, as soon
    as the mission starts turn around and run into the smaller enemy group behind
    you. At the Y in the tunnel, go right, and then bear left as you follow the
    path up. This will bring you into a large room with a high ceiling. Head a bit
    further into the room and then turn around, getting your rocket launcher ready.
    If you keep an eye on your radar you should be able to tell where the enemy is
    coming from, and take care of all the spiders without too much difficulty.
    Since the EDF members all have flamethrowers, concentrate of the enemies at mid
    and long range, and let them take are of anything right on top of you.
    IV.47) Uprising
    Recommended Weapons: Assault Rifle & Sniper Rifle
    Available vehicles: Tank & Bike
    MOve quickly forward next to the EDF members so they will join you instead of
    rush off. Much lke the "King" mission, focus on one leader and his group of
    enemies at a time. The first is the ant leader on the huge building that looks
    like the space needle, directly in front of you. After this, pick and choose
    your targets. Make sure to take your shots carefully, as you don't want to
    cause multiple groups to attack at once. There are six total groups, three led
    by giant spiders, three by giant ants.
    Concentrate your fire mostly on the leaders, breaking off only to defeat any
    spiders that get close. Your men should have no problems defeating any of the
    ants that come your way. As long as you engage only one group at a time, you
    should be able to take care of this mission pretty easily even on the higher
    IV.48) Wrath
    Recommended Weapons: Assault Rifle & Rocket Launcher
    Available vehicles: Mech & Tank
    The enemy comes at you in three waves. The first wave is visible as soon as you
    start, with everything coming at you from the front. The second wave they come
    at you in two directions, and the third from three diretions.
    For the first wave stay near the center of the map along with your men.
    Prioritize your targets: kill all the spiders first, then on to red ants, and
    finally the black ones. You should be able to defeat the first wave without too
    much problem and still have a few EDF members alive. For the second and third
    waves, I reccomend rushing one group of enemies each time. This will make it
    easier as you're only fighting one group at a time, instead of letting them
    converge on you. In anything but easy the EDF will mostly be dead, so after you
    defeat the group you rushed at turn and use long-range rocket attacks on the
    other groups.
    This mission can be very difficult, especially because of the lack of a true
    strategy or cover. If you're having a hard time, I suggest going to an earlier
    mission on Easy mode and stocking up on some more life, then returning to try
    IV.49) Elite
    Recommended Weapons: Assault Rifle & Missle
    Available vehicles: Chopper & Bike
    Do not underestimate the red gunships. They are far more powerful than their
    pathetic silver counterparts. However, there aren't a huge amount of them in
    this mission, so if you keep your head you can win. Just unleash with the
    missles and focus on one gunship at a time. Fire the missles until you run out
    of ammo, then just keep dodging while you reload. I reccomend fighting them in
    one of the many open, grassy areas in the town so you can dodge easily without
    worrying about getting caught on a building or piece of fence.
    IV.50) Unkown
    Recommended Weapons: Sniper Rifle & Rocket Launcher
    Available vehicles: Mech, Bike, Tank
    This boss is very easy to bit. Simply use the sniper rifle on him to inflict
    damage while he's messing around with the EDF. Whenever he eventually turns his
    attentions to you, just get your rocket launcher ready. It's all about the
    timing. If you hit him with a powerful rocket just as he begins to attack (not
    when he's charging, as he actually begins to fire) the rocket will cause him to
    reel back, sending his shots harmlessly into the air. All you have to do is
    make sure you don't get stepped on, and this boss is a piece of cake.
    IV.51) Convergence
    Recommended Weapons: Assault Rifle & Rocket Launcher
    Available vehicles: Tank
    There's not much in the way of strategy in this mission, it's most just all-out
    war. It's you versus an army in a ruined city landscape. About the only piece
    of advice really applicable is make sure yuo prioritize targets. Kill the UFO's
    as soon as possible, so you will only have a few bugs to deal with. Hectors
    after that, remaining bugs, and then finally the worthless gunships. The
    mission is relatively easy if you can take out the UFO's quickly, otherwise
    it's pretty easy to get overwhelmed.
    IV.52) Inferno
    Recommended Weapons: Assault Rifle & Rocket Launcher
    Available vehicles: Tank, 2 Mechs
    Even thous this mission looks insanely difficult, it's really not that bad.
    Start off by shooting at everything coming towards you. Do not fall back until
    the enemy gets close, then switch to your AR and run backwards. Just keep
    running straight backwards firing with the assault rifle, and nothing should
    really prove a problem because of the terrible aim of the enemies. Once you
    finish off everything that is chasing you, move forward and take care of all
    the Hectors.
    After you clear the first wave, a second wave appears. Quickly take out the
    UFO's and then start running backwards again, using the same tactic as before.
    This second wave is relatively easy though, as several EDF members with laser
    rifles back you up from afar, and make pretty short work of the black ants
    chasing you, leaving you free to kill the Queen Ant and the elite gunships.
    That's it! One more mission to completing the game!
    IV.53) Starship
    Recommended Weapons: Assault Rifle & Rocket Launcher
    Available vehicles: Chopper & Bike
    Finally, you are able to destroy the Mothership and save Earth!
    First thing, take out the two UFO's. Next, move on to any Hectors you can find.
    You cannot hurt the mothership until it lowers its cannon, so ignore it for now
    and clean up as many Hectors as possible. As soon as the cannon opens up and
    starts to glow, shoot it! If you have a powerful enough weapon, you can destroy
    it before it gets a short off.
    Now clear up some gunships, you have a free moment before you can hurt the
    Mothership again. Now it finally goes into true battle mode as 200 cannons
    appear around the Mothership. Don't worry too much about them, there's no way
    you're going to be able to destroy all 200 cannons. Instead, shoot at the big
    glowing spot on the underside of the Mothership.
    After you damage it enough, it once again changes. At this point there so many
    weapons firing it is ridiculous. Just concentrate on the glowing weak point of
    the Mothership. Keep hammering it, and eventually it will fall.
    Congratulations, now just go back through and beat all the harder modes!

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