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"Old-School Shooter Action at its finest!"

In this day and age, it is not uncommon to purchase a game for fifty dollars or more and complete the single player portion of the game in six to ten hours.

EDF2017 is quite an unexpected surprise, and at a budget price!

The game includes over 50 stages. These stages vary from 10 minute casual gaming sessions to hour-long, nail-biting frenzies.

Each stage is playable on 5 different difficulties. On some of the lower levels, there isn't a vast difference among them. As you progress however, you'll see that some of these stages are drastically different among the different difficulty levels. As expected, you get more and faster enemies, but they will also have new abilities and smarter group AI.

If you are a fan of the original style of first person shooters (think of doom, quake, wolf 3d, etc) then you will absolutely love this game. Serious Sam, which is itself an homage to these original shooters, is probably the closest comparison I can make for EDF2017.

The graphics are quite good. They do not have the ultimate next-gen tech you may be accustomed to on the Xbox 360, but I doubt you will find much to complain about. There is some slowdown in single-player. This is all but eliminated in split screen mode however (which I recommend anyway, as it allows you a second chance at the level if you die with your first character!).

The weapons system is fantastic. There are over 150 weapons in the game that must be found by collecting weapon icons as you defeat enemies. You do not know what you are collecting at the time, but only find out once you complete the mission. Part of the fun is finding and testing out all of the different weapons. I was worried that there might be only a few base weapon types, spread out among a myriad of minor variances. For the most part however, each weapon has its own feel and is different from its predecessors and successors.

The only true negatives I can think of for this game are: 1. the slowdown (manageable at best and only mildly frustrating at worst), 2. getting caught on terrain (there is a lot of rubble once you start fighting and it is too easy to roll into a rock or building while trying to dive away from an enemy), 3. the inferno difficulty will be too difficult for all but true shooter fans or those willing to put in enough time to strengthen their health points to astronomical levels.

Bottom Line: If you like shooters, check this game out. If you like old-school shooters like Wolf3D, Doom, Quake, Serious Same, buy this game immediately!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/28/07

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