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"Mindless Shooting Fun=Earth Defense Force!!"

First of all I gotta say I love this game!!! If you are looking for an old school arcade third person shooter where the action is non stop then look no further! Earth Defense Force 2017 will probably be missed out on by a lot of people because the game is a budget title but for the money you can't beat the simple fun of it all! In a style similar to Serious Sam, spiders, ants, GIANT walking robots, HUGE monsters, and nearly fully destructible environments make this game a riot!

The graphics are nothing spectacular. The environments look pretty plain but the enemies and explosions are really well done. Game play is the best thing about this game! You can collect armor to increase your health for the next mission and pickup new and improved weapons as well. The satisfaction of blowing numerous enemies up into the air with a rocket launcher, missiles, or one of the over 150 weapons in the game is second to none. Your guy can carry two weapons at a time and the game has some "strategy" as to which two you want to take with you into a mission. And BTW, there are over 50 missions to play with five difficulties to choose from. There is lots of replay value here because you can collect new weapons each time you play a different difficulty level.

If all those weapons and co-op can't help you push back the invading force, there are also a handful of relatively useless vehicles: a slow but powerful mech, a slow-firing tank, an attack helicopter, and a speeder on loan from Endor. I say they're relatively useless because the controls are straight-up awful. And for some reason, the developers switch up the controls when you're in a vehicle (except for the speeder) which makes sense to the degree that they have some unique weaponry – the mech has a flame thrower, gun, and rocket launcher – but the Y-axis will flip. When you aim up, you're aiming down, and vice versa. It's unnecessarily frustrating, but at least hoping in a vehicle is completely optional.

The heart and soul of any foreign B-movie – foreign to North America in this case – is the often horrid English dub. Earth Defense Force 2017 doesn't disappoint! For those that find the constant quips of the other EDF members the volume can be turned down or off, but for the rest of us we'll enjoy those bon mots which are repeated (often) throughout the game. But their lives are often cut short so you never have to listen to them for long. The sound effects of the weapons are pretty good but the music sucks! I usually turn it down and throw on a custom soundtrack!

If your looking for some mindless shooting fun thats a throwback to shooters of yesterday, then join the Earth Defense Force and kick some alien butt!!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/29/07

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