Review by xion621

Reviewed: 04/17/07

Saving Earth while Destroying Everything in your Path - Brief Review

For starters this game is very simple to play and intuitively fun.

The graphics & soundtrack are not up to par with current generation games; however that does not take away from the gameplay elements.
The premise of the entire game feels much like a quirky B-movie; but that’s the whole charm of this little gem! Think of this game as a H.G Wells, War of the Worlds simulator.

There are over 50 levels that can be played; some are simple run-and-gun type affairs while others require more strategy.
Throughout the game you'll be faced off against giant insects or sky-scraper dwarfing robots and the like.
There are over 150+ different types of weapons to dispose of these threats ranging from assault rifles to terrifying ballistic missiles and even greater weapons of mass destruction.
Getting different weapons is purely random. Destroying enemies will give the player either a health, armor bonus (increase of maximum health) or weapon power up. Getting better weapons requires the player to pass higher levels on a higher difficulty (you have a choice of playing Easy, Normal, Hard, Hardest & Inferno) - the item collecting in this game is much like Diablo/Dynasty Warriors.

Every environment that you are in is completely destructible and your weapons do output a serious amount of damage - no city or house in the game is safe from your onslaught or the enemy's! Watching massive towers crumble or bugs & bots explode due to your trigger-happy finger is quite a treat.

Multiplayer is also a riot...although no Xbox Live support is given, vertical split screen is available. Additionally, if a 2nd player joins he/she will automatically gain the same health as you and both are able to use all of the weapons that were unlocked prior to them joining.

There are a few drawbacks though...most of the levels in the game are rather large and for the most part you'll be trudging along them on foot- so it may prove a little tedious at times. Also, there are vehicles to manage in the game if you choose; but piloting them might prove more cumbersome than cool.

Finally, rather than focusing on multiple gameplay types- EDF 2017 mainly focuses on destruction of alien life form and environment, but that’s what makes the game so appealing. Blasting bugs to kingdom-come and taking down their hell-bent carriers while you're at it.

All-in-all EDF 2017 is a great game if you enjoy blowing things up and saving a neighbor or two (if you haven’t leveled it already).

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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