• Big Boss Mode

    Big Boss mode enables you to unlock some special planes. You get to it by going into Challenge Arena, and shooting down planes. Occasionally a Boss plane will appear. Shoot down enough of those and a Big Boss will appear. Shoot down the Big Boss, and land safely, and the next time you go to Challenge mode, the Big Boss option will appear (*maybe* -- see below). Go into there, and you will have a 1 vs. 1 dogfight with the Big Boss' plane. Win the battle and you unlock the plane.

    But only some of the Big Bosses in the Arena show up in Big Boss mode, not all of them. So sometimes you may shoot down a Big Boss, but the Big Boss option may not show up for that plane.

    Contributed By: TheRealMrRoboto.

  • Hell Mode

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Hell modeBeat scenario mode on Expert

    Contributed By: ChicanoMan.

  • Unlock jets

    Beat missions to unlock jets.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    F-14BIn area 1 Complete only mission on 2nd playthrough
    0A-10A Thunderbolt IIBeat tactical mission 1, Area 2
    F-1Complete game on Hell mode
    F-117ABeat tactical mission 1 in area 4
    F-15C FighterBeat sub-mission 5 in area 4
    F-15DDefeated Linda
    F-15DDefeat Linda
    F-15DJIn Area 3 Complete Strategic mission on Hell mode
    F-15DJ (Agressor)Defeated Ryoji
    F-15DJ "AggressorDefeat Ryoji
    F-15EBeat tactical mission 1 in area 6
    F-15JArea 3 - Tactical Mission 1
    F-15J Eagle "305th Squadron"Deafeat (no named Pilot)
    F-15J Eagle "Golden Eagles Squadron"Deafeat (no named Pilot)
    F-15J(Golden Eagles)Defeated F-15J GoldenEagles
    F-16 "Thunder Bird"In Area 7 Complete Strategic mission on Hell mode
    F-16 AM Fighting FalconComplete Sub-mission 6 in Area 6
    F-16CBeat sub-mission 4 in area 2
    F-16C "Thunder Bird"In Area 6 Complete Strategic mission on Hell mode
    F-18A "Blue Angels"In Area 4 Complete Strategic mission on Hell mode
    F-18EArea 3 - Sub-mission 7
    F-2 blue impulseBeat sub-mission 9 in area 3.
    F-22ABeat Sub-mission 10 in Area 7
    F-2AArea 3 - Sub-mission 9
    F-2A (Ambush)Defeated Edward
    F-2A "Ambush" Defeat Edward
    F-2BIn area 3 Complete Strategic mission on 2nd playthrough
    F-2B F.T.SQDefeated F-2B F.T.SQ in ChallengeMode
    F-35BBeat Sub-mission 7 in Area 7
    F/A-18 HornetBeat sub-mission 7 in area 2
    F/A-18E SuperhornetDefeated Saviola
    F/A-18F (DiamondBacks)Defeated Alfred
    F/A-18F "DiamondBacks"Defeat Alfred
    F/A-18F SuperHornetUnlocked by beating Saviola in Big Boss mode
    Jas39ASub-mission 4 in area 5
    Jas39CIn area 5 Complete Submission 4 on 2nd playthrough
    MiG-29AIn area 4 Complete Strategic mission on 2nd playthrough
    Mig-29GBeat Sub-mission 10 in Area 4
    MiG-29SIn area 4 Complete Submission 10 on 2nd playthrough
    OA-10AIn area 2 Complete Tactical mission 1 on 2nd playthrough
    SU_33Defeated Michael
    Su-27Beat tactical mission 2 in area 5
    SU-27 "Russian Knights"In Area 5 Complete Strategic mission on Hell mode
    SU-33Defeat Michael
    T/F-18Area 3 - Training Mission
    X-35CBeat 2 area in hell mode
    X-35CIn Area 2 Complete Strategic mission on Hell mode


  • Use any plane in 'Hell Mode' glitch

    You must have a save file anytime after you begin Hell mode. You can verify this by going to the load screen and it will tell you which mode your save file is for, ie, beginner, expert or hell. You need to have Hell mode as current. Load the profile. Now, rename the save file. It will automatically save. You can now continue Hell mode and you will get to choose your aircraft type. You will get all rewards and achievements as if you were only using the F1 aircraft.

    Contributed By: falcor69.

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