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"Finally a decent flight sim for the 360!"

This is a really fun jet fighter game. It has some flaws, but if you like flight simulators, you will most likely enjoy this game incredibly as I have.

First off, you have to change the default controls from Arcade to Real. This is incredibly important as you don't have a full range of motion and can't even use the rudders on Arcade. Second, if you have a good sound system change the audio to Dolby 5.1 Surround. The default sound is stereo. Also if you are looking for more realism, turn off Subtitles, Auto Chaff/Flare, Auto Landings, stay with the in-cockpit view and play on Expert. In Expert mode, your ammo will not be recharged automatically. If you run out of ammo mid-mission you'll need to land on an aircraft carrier or land base. Also take 5 minutes and go through the manual. You won't regret it. There is also some tips in the pause menu under Tutorial.

On to the review. Yes this is a fighter simulation. In modern combat long range missiles rule the day. Most likely you won't be close enough to keep up 'foreign relations' doing 4g inverted dive with a MiG28. Now that I have my TG reference done... However, while in the cockpit you will notice a high level of detail. The gauges move and various indicator lights activate as appropriate. There is a lot of in-flight chatter that really keeps up the realism. Other pilots and air controllers will call out new targets and advise on mission parameters. You can turn voices off too if you don't like hearing stuff like "Gargoyle 1 you are clear to taxi. Check Altimeter and hold short of the runway." There are a lot of sounds that buzz in t the cockpit when you lock up targets, get locked up, as new target come up on the radar, etc. It really feels like you are in an ultra modern military jet fighter about to kick some ass. Some of the missions are short, but the tactical and strategic ones last longer and will most likely take a few times to master.

Online action is really great too. The interface is sparse and customization options are almost nil, but it is fun never the less. You can play in Arena mode or Versus. In the Arena, your goal is to destroy the enemy's assets such as their base along with their warships and AI controlled jet fighters. The one who does the most damage wins. You can do 4 teams of one each or 4 teams of two players. Lots of opportunity for teamwork there. The other online mode is Versus. Basically this is where two teams battle it out. Each team can have 1-4 players so there will be 2-8 players total. If you create a session, you can choose from 8 maps and whether or not to allow all fighters jets to join or only those of your same type. Unfortunately the Session listings don't indicate if you are only allowing A-10's and people who try to join will just get a message 'Unable to join' if they don't have your type of jet. If you want to limit your session to a certain fighter, just tell everyone joining about it and they can change or join another session of they really want to play with their Raptor.

This game is not for everyone. But if you read the boards, there are a lot of people that really enjoy playing this game. Myself definitely included.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/07/06

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