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    Achievements Guide by TheMightyRoast

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    Copyright 2007 Tim Roast
    29/Jan/07 - Version 1.0
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    Table of Contents (use control and F to get to a section using the codes)
    Introduction 		[ZZI]
    Speed up the game	[ZZS]
    Achievements		[ZZA]
    Introduction [ZZI]
    There are a total of 50 achievements in this game that are worth a total of
    1,000 gamerscore.
    The achievements are:
    1. Win A Match - 2 points
    2. Sign A Player - 1 point
    3. Clean Sheet - 3 points
    4. 5 Clean Sheets In A Row - 10 points
    5. Hattrick - 5 points
    6. Double Hattrick - 15 points
    7. 10 Matches Without Losing - 10 points
    8. 10 Match Winning Streak - 15 points
    9. Win Promotion - 15 points
    10. Win Domestic Cup - 20 points
    11. Win Domestic Championship - 25 points
    12. Qualify for Int. Championship - 25 points
    13. Qualify For World Cup - 40 points
    14. Win A Continental Cup - 50 points
    15. Win International Championship - 40 points
    16. Win World Cup - 100 points
    17. Win Confederations Cup - 50 points
    18. Undefeated Season - 150 points
    19. Win an Xbox Live Cup - 10 points
    20. Win an Xbox Live League - 15 points
    21. Least Goals Conceded In League - 20 points
    22. Most Goals Scored In League - 20 points
    23. Top Goalscorer In League - 10 points
    24. Goal Of The Month Award - 5 points
    25. 10 Goal Of The Month Awards - 20 points
    26. Goal Of The Season Award - 20 points
    27. Golden Boot Award - 5 points
    28. 5 Players In Team Of The Week - 10 points
    29. Buy 30 Million Plus Player - 10 points
    30. Sell 30 Million Plus Player - 10 points
    31. Play 30 Seasons - 25 points
    32. 5 Seasons At One Club - 5 points
    33. 10 Seasons At One Club - 15 points
    34. 20 Seasons At One Club - 25 points
    35. Manager Of The Year - 15 points
    36. 5 Manager Of The Year Awards - 35 points
    37. Manager Of The Month - 5 points
    38. 10 Manager Of The Month Awards - 20 points
    39. First Xbox Live Game - 3 points
    40. 5 Xbox Live Games - 6 points
    41. 20 Xbox Live Games - 10 points
    42. 50 Xbox Live Games - 20 points
    43. Win 5 Separate League Comps - 15 points
    44. Win 5 Separate Cup Comps - 5 points
    45. Win 5 Separate Top League Comps - 25 points
    46. Win 20 Cup Competitions - 15 points
    47. World Player Of The Year - 10 points
    48. Player In World Cup Best XI - 5 points
    49. Player In Team Of The Year - 5 points
    50. Player Of The Year Award - 5 points
    I will refer to these numbers throughout the guide so if there is a specific
    achievement you require use the search function (Control + F) to find that 
    Please note that these achievements are only in the XBox 360 version of the
    Speed up the game [ZZS]
    The easiest way to complete these achievements is to not play the matches.
    To do this you need to send your manager on holiday. This is done by 
    clicking LB and choosing "Manager" then "Go on holiday" from from the menus. 
    The holidays vary from 1 day holiday (ideal for getting through the matches 
    on matchdays) to indefinitely.
    Achievements [ZZA]
    I think that you can get all the achievements using 3 saved games and 1 
    online session. If you get bored or are having difficulty with one section 
    it may be an idea to start the next game in another section. The contents 
    for this section are:
    	Online achievements	[ZZA1]
    	Gamesave 1 - 30 seasons	[ZZA2]
    	Gamesave 2 - Promotion	[ZZA3]
    	Gamesave 3 - 5 leagues	[ZZA4]	
    Online achievements [ZZA1]
    Where to begin? Well there are 50 achievements in the game. 6 of these are 
    online ones. These are achievements 19, 20, 39, 40, 41 and 42 from the 
    achievement list above. To get these achievements you need to find an 
    opponent online. There aren't many people online so the best thing to do is
    to add people to your friends list to play against. You can find people who 
    want to play to get these achievements in forums on achievement websites 
    such as www.achieve360points.com
    When you are online together one of you should go into the main menu and 
    choose Xbox live and create a match. Choose to have two players and whether
    to have a league or cup (a league with two teams will consist of two matches
    so takes longer than a cup which takes just one match). Once created invite
    your friend to play. One of you can choose a weak team and the other a 
    strong team depending on what achievements you need to do. Then play 50 
    times to get all 6 achievements and 55 gamerscore. To speed things up you
    can send your managers on holiday.
    Gamesave 1 - 30 seasons [ZZA2]
    If there isn't anyone online then you can start to do the other achievements
    in single player mode. The aim of this game save is to get some of the 
    hardest achievements from the game which are to win 20 cup competitions (46
    from the list), to spend 5, 10 and 20 seasons with one club (32, 33 and 34),
    to get five manager of the year awards (36) and to play for 30 seasons (31).
    So start by setting up a new game in a league without many teams (otherwise
    the 20 and 30 seasons will take longer because there will be more matches 
    that need to be simulated). I did the Hong Kong league but I think the 
    Australian league may be a better league to do. Choose any team to manage in
    the league. Now click start and choose to "add user" and create a new user
    for all the other teams in the league. Also if you have some spaces left 
    then add some International managers for the top national sides, i.e. 
    Brazil, Holland etc. Now send all the national team managers on holiday 
    indefinitely. They will run in the background and hopefully pick up some of
    the international achievements for you. For the club managers click LB then
    "manager" and then options. Set the assistant manager to do things like 
    contract negotiations etc. before sending the manager on holiday 
    indefinitely. Now all your managers should be on holiday. After one set of 
    league matches you should pick up at least two of the achievements (1 and 3
    from the list worth  5 gamerscore).
    Hat trick and double hat trick
    To pick up the hat trick and double hat trick (5 and 6 worth 20 gamerscore)
    achievements bring one of your club managers back from holiday. Click LB and
    choose the team's tactics. From here mess around with the tactics by making 
    the keeper rush right up the pitch to the far corner. Put a striker in goal.
    Now send the manager back on holiday for 1 day only and tick the box to keep
    the match tactics as you have just created. This team will now lose heavily
    to your other team that you are in control of and hopefully at least one of
    the players will have scored a hat trick and a double hat trick.
    Now make this manager's tactics normal again and send him on holiday 
    Let this saved game run now and check back on the progress to see how many 
    of your managers are unemployed. A good time to come back and check on the 
    progress is at the end of the first season. At this stage without doing 
    anything you could have picked up a further 13 (or more) achievements at 
    club level (4, 7, 8, 10, 11, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 35 and 37 from the list
    worth a total of 195 gamerscore - if some of these are missing then don't 
    worry as you still need to spend another 19 years in charge at the one club
    and this is ample time to get the remaining achievements. 
    Also your international managers should have got an achievement for 
    qualifying for the world cup (achievement 13 worth 40 gamerscore).
    Now it is time for the world cup 2006. Send your international managers on 
    holiday between matches in the world cup and remember to save the game 
    regularly at this stage. If the last of your remaining teams goes out of the
    competition then don't save and load up the game again to make sure that 
    this team win the World cup thus unlocking achievement 16 and getting 100 
    gamerscore. Also hopefully you will also have the top scorer in the 
    tournament and thus win the golden boot to unlock achievement 27 and 5 gamer
    score. To keep a check on the stats click RB on the World Cup screen and 
    choose player stats and goals. If you haven't got the top scorer in one of 
    the teams you manage then add a new user to take over that team. If you win 
    the world cup then you should also get a player in the world cup best XI 
    (47) earning you another 5 gamer score.
    Now the world cup is over the club managers are beginning their second 
    season. Maybe some of the managers have been sacked but there should still
    be a healthy number of employed managers still so send them all on holiday 
    until the summer 2007 when the Confederations Cup is. You will be managing
    at least one team here due to the World Cup 2006 victory you had (thus they
    have qualified for the Confederations Cup). Make sure your team wins by 
    saving regularly and loading up the game again if you lose. This will unlock
    achievement 17 which is worth 50 gamerscore.
    Now we are beginning season three hopefully you have some club managers 
    left. At the end of this season is the European Championships 2008. Keep 
    an eye on your international managers and make sure that they qualify and 
    thus get you achievement 12 worth 25 gamerscore. From here make sure that 
    they win the competition using the saving and loading method to get 
    achievement 15 from the list worth 40 gamerscore.
    All the international achievements will now have been unlocked so all the 
    international managers can be retired from football (can be done in the LB 
    manager menu).
    Now see how many club managers are left. If there is more than three then 
    keep them on holiday indefinitely. When there is only one left you have to 
    come in and manage the club a bit more to make sure you won't get sacked 
    before you have completed 20 seasons with them. There are a few simple 
    things to be done to make this as easy as possible.
    Always make sure at the beginning of the season to see what your objective
    is for the season. Do not fail in this objective. You can still go on
    holiday for large chunks of the season but it is better to come back
    regularly to make sure everything is ship-shape.
    You can always add new users to manage the other teams in the division and
    mess up their tactics so they always lose to your 20-season manager. In this
    way you can send all managers on holiday except the 20-season manager to 
    guarantee that he will be manager of the year each year (so you can get 
    achievement 36 worth 35 points).
    Once 20 seasons are up and you have unlocked achievements 32, 33 and 34 
    worth 45 gamerscore (and hopefully 46, win 20 cup competitions, worth 15 
    gamerscore) you can retire the manager and go on holiday indefinitely for 10
    years to unlock achievement 31 worth 25 gamerscore.
    Now this gamesave is finished and the majority of the achievements are won.
    Gamesave 2 - Promotion	[ZZA3]
    The aim of this game save is to get the promotion achievement (9 worth 15
    gamerscore), 10 manager of the month awards (achievement 38 worth 20 
    gamerscore) and an undefeated season (achievement 18 worth 150 gamerscore).
    To do this set up a game as Gretna in the Scottish second divison. Press
    start and select "New User" to add managers for the other 9 teams in the 
    division. Now send all your managers on holiday with rubbish tactics except 
    for the Gretna manager. For the Gretna manager send him on holiday to come 
    back a few days before the end of the month and play properly for a few days
    (you can still go on holiday for 1 day if a match is to be played) and this
    will guarantee that you get manager of the month. Also because all the teams
    tactics are rubbish and Gretna are by far the best team in the division they
    shouldn't lose any matches thus earning you the achievement for an 
    undefeated season (only need to be undefeated for league matches). However
    you can guarantee being undeated by playing the season properly and only 
    going on holiday for matchdays to make the season go quicker. Then if you
    lose you can simply restart the game from when it was last saved.
    At the end of the season you will need to go on holiday until the end of 
    July to unlock the undeated season achievement and the 150 gamerscore that 
    goes with it.
    Gamesave 3 - 5 leagues	[ZZA4]
    The aim of this gamesave is to complete the achievements that still need 
    doing following the above two game saves and the online achievements. In
    particular there will be the achievement to win 5 separate top league 
    competitions to complete (43 worth 15 gamer score), win world player and 
    player of the year awards (47 and 50 worth 20 gamer score), buy and sell a
    player worth £30 million pounds (29 and 30 worth 20 gamer score) and win a 
    continental cup (14 worth 50 points).
    To do this set up a new saved game starting with the following 5 leagues:
    Once set up control all 16 managers and control all the top teams in these 
    leagues (i.e. Arsenal, Man U, Chelsea and Liverpool from England, Rangers 
    and Celtic from Scotland etc.). It is important to take control of these
    teams at the beginning of the season as starting part way through a season
    will not earn the achievements. 
    Now use Chelsea to bid for a player from one of your other teams for £30
    million. If the player doesn't want to leave then fine him until he does and
    you will have the buy and sell a player for £30 million (20 gamer score).
    Now send all managers on holiday until Jan 2006. From here keep saving the 
    game regularly. The player and world player of the year are announced during
    January (I think on two of the dates 7th, 14th or 21st of Jan 2006). If your
    player wins the award then continue. If your player doesn't win then take a
    note of his club and restart the game from the most recent save and add a 
    new manager to take control of the club and you will win the achievement.
    Now continue the rest of the season by sending your managers on holiday.
    If they are not winning their leagues or the European competitions then take
    control of the teams that are top and mess up their tactics (i.e. keeper 
    rushing out of his goal). Now send these new managers on holiday and they
    should go on a losing streak so that your original managers can win the 
    Now after the European cup finals in May 2006 the last of your achievements
    should be done.
    Congratulations! You now have completed the game and have 1,000 gamer score
    out of 1,000. 

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