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    Game Script by angeldeb82

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    *           EXCLUSIVE SCRIPT FOR SONIC THE HEDGEHOG (XBOX 360, PS3)           *
    *                                                                             *
    *                           Author: Deborah L. Kearns                         *
    *                        E-mail: angeldeb82@hotmail.com                       *
    Copyright (c) 2008 by Deborah L. Kearns
    Sonic the Hedgehog is a trademark of Sega.
    Sonic the Hedgehog: Copyright (c) 2006 by Sega.
    This scripted document is intended ONLY for private home use and may not be
    reproduced through electronic or commercial means without the expressed consent
    of the author (Deborah L. Kearns).  It cannot be hosted, edited, or distributed
    for profit and may not be given away as an add-in/gift to bought items, and it
    should not be claimed as your own.  All rights are reserved to respective
    parties, even those not explicitly stated herein.  Thank you for reading this,
    and thank you for respecting FAQ authors.
    1. Cast of Characters
       i. The Soleanna Festival
       ii. The Chaos Emeralds Entrusted
       iii. Meeting with Tails
       iv. Too Late, Sonic
       v. Sonic Rescues Elise
       vi. Let's Split Up
       vii. Running Through the Plains
       viii. Silver Appears
       ix. Saved by Amy
       x. Knuckles Delivers a Letter From Eggman
       xi. Eggman Sends Sonic to the Future
       xii. Shadow and Rouge
       xiii. Allies
       xiv. The Death of Elise!?
       xv. Beyond the Flames...
       xvi. Fiery Iblis
       xvii. Going Back to the Present
       xviii. Return to the Present
       xix. Silver and Shadow
       xx. Elise Jumps
       xxi. Thanks to You...
       xxii. Sonic and Elise, in the Forest
       xxiii. Elise Goes Alone
       xxiv. Eggman's Plot
       xxv. Things Have Changed
       xxvi. Out of Control
       xxvii. Battleship Explosion
       xxviii. The Day Before
       xxix. Sonic Boards the Battleship
       xxx. Showdown with Eggman
       xxxi. Nice Smile!
       i. The Ruined World of the Future
       ii. Confrontation with Iblis
       iii. Mephiles Appears
       iv. "He's the Iblis Trigger!"
       v. Silver Goes to the Present
       vi. Blaze Goes to the Present
       vii. Meeting Amy
       viii. This Is a Nice Place
       ix. Finding the Iblis Trigger
       x. Amy Puts Her Foot Down
       xi. Amy Leaves
       xii. Is It Right...?
       xiii. Infiltrating Eggman's Base
       xiv. Obtaining a Chaos Emerald
       xv. Amy Meets Elise
       xvi. Elise and Amy's Discussion of Love
       xvii. Eggman Attacks
       xviii. Head for the Train Terminal
       xix. Shadow Appears
       xx. 10 Years Ago
       xxi. The Accident 10 Years Ago
       xxii. Iblis' Seal
       xxiii. The Talisman
       xxiv. Meeting Up with Blaze
       xxv. Things Have Changed
       xxvi. Each Future
       xxvii. Return to the Future
       xxviii. The Last Battle
       xxix. Sealing Iblis
       i. Shadow's Infiltration
       ii. Attempt to Escape
       iii. To the Ancient Soleanna Castle
       iv. The Resurrection of Mephiles
       v. The Destroyed World
       vi. Confirming the Future
       vii. Meeting with Sonic and the Others
       viii. Allies
       ix. Omega Located
       x. Beyond the Flames...
       xi. Fiery Iblis
       xii. Shadow Remains in the Future
       xiii. Rouge Returns to the Present
       xiv. Trusting Omega
       xv. Mephiles' Whisper
       xvi. Omega Appears
       xvii. Mephiles Flees
       xviii. Shadow and Omega Return to the Present
       xix. Working with Rouge
       xx. Who Is Mephiles?
       xxi. Helping Sonic
       xxii. 10 Years Ago
       xxiii. The Accident 10 Years Ago
       xxiv. Sealing Mephiles
       xxv. Leaving the Scepter of Darkness
       xxvi. The Sealing Revealed
       xxvii. Omega's Confession
       xxviii. To the Ruins
       xxix. Mephiles' Temptation
       xxx. Showdown with Mephiles
       i. Mephiles' Smile
       ii. Elise's Tears
       iii. Shadow & His Friends Into the Light
       iv. The Resurrection of Solaris
       v. The Time-Space Rift
       vi. Wishing Upon the Chaos Emeralds
       vii. Solaris Destroyed
       viii. Embers of Solaris
       ix. Elise Puts Out the Flames
       x. Parade: Past Memories
    6. Updates and Revisions
    7. Thanks
    # 1. Cast of Characters #
    Sonic The Hedgehog: The main protagonist of the game, Sonic goes to Soleanna to
    rescue Princess Elise and prevent Dr. Eggman from unleashing the Flames of
    Shadow The Hedgehog: This mysterious hedgehog is a near-match for our blue hero
    though his body doesn't age and he can't be killed.  Shadow, the ultimate life-
    form, is sent to Soleanna on a secret mission from the Federal Government, and
    it's not yet known whether he's there to help or hinder Sonic.
    Silver The Hedgehog: A mysterious hedgehog from the future, Silver travels back
    in time to present-day Soleanna to try and save his home world and stop the
    mysterious Iblis Trigger.
    Miles "Tails" Prower: An 8-year-old fox with 2 tails.  He is Sonic's oldest
    friend and his mechanical wizardry has helped Sonic dismantle Dr. Eggman's
    schemes for years.  He meets up with Sonic to rescue Princess Elise.
    Knuckles The Echidna: Sonic's famous sidekick spends most of his time on Angel
    Island guarding the Master Emerald, so he's always happy to help Sonic out,
    especially if it involves scrambling Dr. Eggman's evil plans for world
    domination.  Knuckles is also there for unexpected comic relief!
    Amy Rose: Amy is madly in love with Sonic and she uses her finely-tuned
    feminine intuition to track him down wherever he goes.
    Rouge The Bat: A seductive bat who often helps Shadow.  She is sent to steal
    the Scepter of Darkness from Eggman but is captured, resulting in Shadow going
    into Eggman's base to rescue her.
    E-123 Omega: A powerful robot built by Dr. Eggman.
    Blaze The Cat: Blaze is a Queen from another dimension who protects and
    controls the Sol Emeralds in a role similar to that of Sonic and Knuckles
    Princess Elise: At age 17, she is a talented leader and the city of Soleanna is
    happy and flourishing under her rule.  She is also the daughter of the late
    Duke of Soleanna and holds a terrible secret known only to a few who know her:
    the deadly power of the Flames of Disaster that can only be released by her
    grief and despair.
    Duke of Soleanna: Father of Princess Elise III of Soleanna.  When the Solaris
    Project failed, Solaris was split into two forms: Mephiles the Dark and Iblis
    (the Flames of Disaster).  Despite being gravely wounded, the Duke sacrificed
    his life to seal Iblis into her daughter and promised her never to cry, as the
    key to unlocking Iblis is in her tears and despair.
    Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik: A brilliant genius with an IQ of 300, Dr. Eggman may
    have finally invented the ultimate contraption, but he needs one final piece -
    the Flames of Disaster.
    Solaris: The God of Time and the super-dimensional Sun God of the people of
    Soleanna.  Solaris initially existed as a flame, but the Duke of Soleanna led
    its experiments in hopes of using its powers of time control to allow humanity
    to correct its past sins.  The Solaris Project, however, went wrong one day,
    resulting in the Sun God being split into two halves: Iblis, the raw power; and
    Mephiles the Dark, the conscious mind.
    Iblis: An immortal monster of mass destruction, and one half of Solaris as its
    raw power.  Sealed inside Princess Elise by her father, who warned her that
    crying will only release it.  A creature born from the Flames of Disaster.
    Mephiles the Dark: Solaris' other half, which is its mind and conscious will.
    Mephiles was sealed inside the Scepter of Darkness, which Rouge is sent to
    find, unaware of the catastrophe she will unknowingly cause.
    Other cast members:
    G.U.N. Commuincator
    People of Soleanna
    Maids of Soleanna
    Dr. Eggman's Robots, Computers and Sentries
    Solaris Project Scientists
    Please note that I used brackets in case there are mistakes in this script,
    okay?  Okay, let's start with...
    # 2. SONIC'S STORY #
    +i. The Soleanna Festival+
    (It is nighttime in Soleanna.  An image of fireworks is reflected in the clear
    water.  A gondola rests in the pier.  Fireworks burst into the air.  A royal
    gondola sails underneath the bridge for some celebration as the crowd cheers.
    A beautiful, young woman smiles and waves at the crowd.  The city square is
    surrounded in a circle of gondolas.  The maids are dancing on the royal gondola
    as it approaches the square.  Two cloaked figures stand between the priest in
    the center as the woman walks up the steps toward him, followed by two more
    cloaked figures.  She stops in front of him, and the cloaked figure hands a
    lighted torch to her as a festival is just beginning.  She gazes at the torch
    and the fire reflects in her eyes.  The fire suddenly turns an ominous glow of
    red, as a fireblast attacks the town and damages it, setting the place ablaze.
    The woman suddenly flies upward and sees a vision of the town in flames.  She
    sees a giant pillar of fire like she's never seen before.  All of a sudden a
    dark monster emerges with a roar.  The vision is suddenly interrupted.)
    Hooded Maid: Miss Elise.
    (The woman, Princess Elise III of Soleanna, returns to her senses.)
    Elise: It... It's all right.
    (She looks at the priest and bows to him, and he and the figures bow toward
    each other.)
    Elise: We give thanks for the blessed flames.  May we always continue to have
    (She looks upward.)
    Elise: Sun of Soleanna, guide and watch over us with your eternal light...
    (Torch in hand, she walks up to the large torch and lights it up, starting the
    Festival of the Sun.  More fireworks appear.  The crowd cheers with joy, and
    Elise waves at the people.  All of a sudden, an ongoing missle blasts the altar
    and more missles attack the town.  Elise panics and wonders what's going on.
    An airship approaches the town of Soleanna, glowing two red lights.  The
    hatchway opens and robots drop down onto the town, surrounding Elise, the maids
    and the priest at the altar.  She and the maid look up and see a small ship in
    the shape of an egg come down and land on the altar.  In that small ship
    pilots a brilliant, mad scientist, which goes by the name of Dr. Ivo "Eggman"
    Robotnik, who bows to Elise.)
    Dr. Eggman (introducing himself): A pleasure to meet you at last, Princess of
    Soleanna.  I am Dr. Eggman.  I've come here to obtain the secret of the Flames
    of Disaster from you.  And to take the miracle gems that are the key to its
    secret... The Chaos Emerald!
    (Elise realizes that she has the Blue Chaos Emerald and holds onto it for dear
    life as he continues.)
    Dr. Eggman: Now Princess, this way please.
    (She tries to back away from him as best as she can, shaking her head no.  A
    blue whirlwind surrounds the altar, around Elise, the maids and the priest.
    She looks around to see who had caused it; it belongs to a blue hedgehog, who
    is none other than...)
    Sonic: My... That's a pretty snazzy performance there.
    (Elise is surprised to see Sonic at the top of the building near the altar.
    Her visions switch from Sonic to a mysterious silver hedgehog near the flames
    before reverting back to normal.)
    Elise: You... It can't be!
    (The camera makes a close-up of Sonic, looking at her.  The robots fire a gun
    at him, but Sonic jumps up as the platform explodes.  He makes a flipping move
    and takes out the robots at the speed of light in a blue flame.  Dr. Eggman and
    Elise watch in astonishment at the battle as Sonic comes down and kicks one
    robot over the edge of the altar as it falls.  He then approaches Elise.)
    Sonic: I'm Sonic... Sonic The Hedgehog!
    (Sonic then grabs Elise to keep her away from danger.  Dr. Eggman is furious.)
    Dr. Eggman: Not that irritating hedgehog again!  Attack!
    (Eggman's robots fire missles at his command, but the missles narrowly miss
    Sonic and a panicky Elise as he runs off with her.  More missles chase them
    both as they run through the town.  The mysterious silver hedgehog watches atop
    one of the houses, seeming to notice Sonic and Elise, as if he has something in
    ??????: I've finally found him... the Iblis Trigger!
    (He makes a fist, as if he knows that vengeance will soon be his.  Scene fades
    to black.)
    +ii. The Chaos Emeralds Entrusted+
    (Sonic runs off with Elise through the town.)
    Elise: Um... Why are you helping me?
    Sonic (looks at her): No special reason.
    (He makes a giant leap with her when...)
    Elise: Sonic!
    (Robots drop down in front of them.  He sets her down and runs toward them,
    taking down one of them in the middle and avoiding gunshots from the other
    robots with a backward jump.  He then makes a karate kick to take down the rest
    of the robots one by one, and makes a backflip, landing on his feet.  He gets
    up and suddenly hears a scream.  He turns around in surprise, runs at the sound
    and gasps in shock as he sees that Eggman's ship has taken Elise away.)
    Dr. Eggman: I'm afraid our little game ends now.
    (The ship, called the Egg Genesis, rises upward with Elise in tow.  She reaches
    into her pocket, takes out the Blue Chaos Emerald, and tosses it down.)
    Elise: Sonic, take this!
    (The emerald falls downward, and Sonic catches it in his hand and looks at it.)
    Sonic (looking up at Elise): I've got it!  And don't worry, I'll rescue you!
    Elise (nods): I know!
    (Eggman gives a "harrumph" and points at Sonic.)
    Dr. Eggman: It's only a matter of time before it's mine.  Until then, you can
    hold onto it for me!
    (The Egg Genesis launches up into the airship with Eggman and Elise.  The
    hatchway opens up for the Egg Genesis to get in, and it closes as the airship
    flies away.  Sonic follows the airship and looks up as it leaves.  Scene fades
    to black.)
    +iii. Meeting with Tails+
    (Morning approaches, and Sonic runs around the town when he hears a voice.)
    ?????: Sonic!
    (He sees a cute fox, Miles "Tails" Prower, greeting him.)
    Sonic: Tails!  Long time no see!
    Tails: I'm glad that you're here.  I heard that you tried to save their
    Princess from Dr. Eggman.
    (Sonic ponders.)
    Tails: You're going to rescue her, aren't you?  Let me help.  I may not know
    what Eggman's up to, but it can't be a good thing!
    Sonic: OK!  With your help, this should be a piece of cake.
    (He runs off.)
    Tails: Heh heh.  I'll do my best!
    (Tails follows Sonic, using his two tails to fly through the town as the scene
    fades to black.)
    +iv. Too Late, Sonic+
    (Sonic and Tails make it through Wave Ocean, and they follow Eggman's airship
    as it approaches the mountains.  A feather flutters in the sunlight and falls
    onto the sand as Sonic approaches, picks it up and looks at it.)
    Tails: It looks like the Princess was moved to another location.  Let's head
    back to the city!
    (He runs off, but Sonic looks around, grasps the feather, and follows him back
    to New City to gather info about where Eggman and Elise went.  Scene fades to
    +v. Sonic Rescues Elise+
    (At the Dusty Desert temple, Elise sits imprisoned, when a mysterious voice is
    Offscreen Voice: You're a good girl, Elise.  Remember, be brave.  Don't cry, no
    matter what happens.
    (She looks down and ponders, when she notices Sonic and Tails approaching her.
    Tails waves her hello.)
    Elise: Mr. Sonic!
    (She approaches to hug him.)
    Sonic: Just call me Sonic.  Now then, are you OK?
    Elise: I-I'm so glad that you came...
    Sonic: I always keep my word.
    Tails (surprised): Sonic!
    (They see Eggman's Egg Cerberus approach her prison cell, with Eggman in front
    of it.)
    Dr. Eggman: It looks like a pesky rat has stuck its nose where it doesn't
    belong.  Well, a hedgehog to be more precise...
    (He points his finger at them.)
    Dr. Eggman: The Princess is mine until I unlock the secret of the Flames of
    (He drops his fist.)
    Sonic: Tails!
    Tails: Got it!  Let's go!
    (They battle Egg Cerberus and successfully defeat it with minor injuries, then
    run away with Elise.)
    +vi. Let's Split Up+
    (Outside the Dusty Desert, Eggman's robots fly through the air.  Sonic, Tails
    and Elise see them approaching.)
    Sonic: How long is this going to go on?
    Tails (getting an idea): Let's split up.  I'll get their attention, and you
    take the Princess.
    (Sonic looks at Elise, then looks at Tails and agrees.)
    Sonic: OK.  You be careful, Tails.
    Tails: Leave it to me!
    (He runs and flies off to distract the robots, while Sonic carries Elise and
    looks at her.)
    Sonic: Hold on tight!
    Elise (nods): OK!
    (He runs off with her through the Dusty Desert as the scene fades to black.)
    +vii. Running Through the Plains+
    (Sonic and Elise make it through the Dusty Desert and are now running through
    the grassy plains.  As usual, she holds onto him in fondness for him.  Once
    they stop, he sets her down on the hillside, and she bows to him.)
    Elise: I have no words to express how grateful I am for your help...
    (She sees that his left shoulder is injured during their travels.)
    Elise: You're hurt!
    Sonic (looks at his shoulder): It's nothing.
    Elise: Don't say that.
    (She kneels down to treat the wound on his shoulder, and he waits while she
    bandages the wound.)
    Elise: I'm sorry.  It's all my fault...
    (Sonic's left shoulder is now bandaged.)
    Sonic: Smile.
    (She looks up, and he points up his index finger, as if to teach her a lesson.
    A butterfly flutters close to him and lands on his nose, and he notices the
    butterfly tickling.  He shows the butterfly to her, and she is amazed.  She
    touches it and it flies off and onward into the sky as they look on.)
    Sonic: Your smile... That's all I need.
    (She looks at him.  He walks off and she follows him.)
    Sonic: Eggman mentioned the Flames of Disaster.  Is that why he's after you?
    Elise: Yes.  The name of the Sun God our country honors is Solaris...
    (Visions of Solaris and Soleanna in flames appear as they walk.)
    Elise: It is told that Solaris's rage would destroy the world.  His wrath comes
    in the form of the Flames of Disaster.  10 years ago, we almost faced the full
    force of his fury...
    (The vision fades, and the sun appears beneath the clouds as Sonic and Elise
    walk on.)
    Elise: I was a child then, so I don't remember it very well.
    (She stops.)
    Elise: I lost my father, then.
    (Sonic stops and looks at her, and a vision of Eggman appears as she talks.)
    Elise: And now that man is trying to cause the same disaster again... What can
    I do?
    (Sonic goes to her, grabs her hand, and runs off with her.)
    Elise: Sonic?  Sonic!  Wait!  I can't run that fast!
    Sonic: Don't worry.  Just raise your head and run!
    (She agrees as they both run off.  After all the running, they stop, and she
    sits down for a rest while Sonic stands up and looks at the sky, and then at
    Sonic: Feels great, doesn't it?
    Elise: Yes.  I-I've never run so fast before...
    Sonic: Nothing starts until you take action.
    (She nods as he continues.)
    Sonic: If you have time to worry, then run!
    (He reaches for her hand, and she holds his and gets up, and both look at the
    sky as the screen fades to black.)
    +viii. Silver Appears+
    (Sonic and Elise arrive at the town of Soleanna, when he suddenly motions his
    hand to stop and grabs her as a flash of silver light appears, and he jumps to
    avoid it as she screams.  He suddenly hears a voice and they both look up.)
    ??????: I've been looking for you.  You're the Iblis Trigger.
    (The floating silver hedgehog drops down to the ground and looks at Sonic and
    Elise, then points a finger at him.)
    ??????: Your actions will condemn us all.
    Sonic (gets in front of Elise): Who are you?
    ??????: My name is Silver.
    (He points to Sonic again.)
    Silver: For the future of the world, I will destroy you!
    (Sonic prepares to fight Silver.)
    +ix. Saved by Amy+
    (Sonic has successfully fought Silver and walks up to him to Elise's 
    Sonic: Hey.
    (Silver looks up and refuses to be defeated, so he uses a psychokinetic blast
    to send Sonic flying backwards and knock him onto one of the columns, and Sonic
    falls to the floor.  Elise feels disappointed and tries hard not to cry as
    possible.  Sonic gasps for breath as Silver walks toward him and kneels down.)
    Silver: Hmph!  Is this a joke?  How could someone like you cause the
    destruction of our world?
    (She looks as giant mechanical hands approach from behind her to grab her.)
    Sonic: What do you... mean?
    Silver (gets up): It doesn't matter.  For the sake of the future, the Iblis
    Trigger must be destroyed!
    (He is about to destroy Sonic when Elise's scream is heard, and both look at
    her being grabbed by Eggman's ship as it flies off.)
    Sonic: Elise!?  Wait!
    (He tries to run when Silver hits him with a psychokinetic blast again.)
    Silver: Don't you dare turn your back on me!  It's time I finally put an end to
    (Silver is about to finish him off when...)
    ???: Stop!
    (A pink hedgehog, Amy Rose, appears and guards Sonic out of harm's way.)
    Sonic: Amy?
    Silver (furious): Get out of my way, Amy!  This is my mission!
    Amy (shakes her head no): Absolutely not!
    (Silver's patience is starting to run thin as Sonic gets up.)
    Sonic: Thanks Amy, I appreciate it.
    (He runs off to find Elise.)
    Amy: Leave it to me.
    (He runs off to chase Elise as the scene fades to black.)
    +x. Knuckles Delivers a Letter From Eggman+
    (Sonic has arrived at New City, and he and Tails are at the warehouse pier to
    find an echidna named...)
    Sonic: Knuckles!
    (Knuckles appears to hold a red card.)
    Knuckles: I saw Eggman on the outskirts of the city.
    (He tosses a red card to Sonic.)
    Knuckles: He wanted me to give this to you.
    (The red card then emits an eerie light, and a hologram of Eggman appears.)
    Dr. Eggman: Sonic The Hedgehog.  If you want me to return the Princess, you
    must give me your Chaos Emerald.  Meet me at my base in White Acropolis.
    (The hologram fades out, and Sonic tosses the red card back to Knuckles, who
    catches it.)
    Knuckles (with a "Huh!"): He's pretty cocky.
    Tails: It's most definitely a trap.  I don't think Eggman will honor his
    Sonic (looks at the emerald): I'm going.
    Tails: Sonic?
    Sonic: Since Eggman went to the trouble of telling me where Elise is, I think I
    should thank him personally.
    (Tails and Knuckles reluctantly agree as the scene fades to black.)
    +xi. Eggman Sends Sonic to the Future+
    (Sonic, Tails and Knuckles arrive in Eggman's base at White Acropolis.)
    Dr. Eggman: You're late.
    (They see Dr. Eggman at the Experiment Chamber atop the laboratory.)
    Knuckles (raises his fists): Well, we had to deal with your little pets.
    Sonic: Where's Elise?
    Dr. Eggman: My, aren't we impatient...
    (He grabs Elise by the arm.)
    Elise: Sonic!
    (The trio try to put up their fists to fight.)
    Dr. Eggman: Ah, ah.  You better not move.  Now, the Chaos Emerald...
    (Sonic reluctantly walks up to Eggman with the Blue Chaos Emerald in hand and
    shows it to him.  Eggman reaches out his hand in command.)
    Dr. Eggman: Place it there.
    (Elise shakes her head no, as if to warn Sonic, "Don't do it!"  A machine
    extends out its pedestal, and Sonic places the emerald there.  The pedestal 
    goes down as Eggman watches, silently mouths something like "That's it!", and 
    presses the button.)
    Dr. Eggman: Hmph!
    (The machine warms up, and emits a wall of eerie light to the confusion of the 
    Tails: Huh?  What?!
    Knuckles: Huh?!
    (Knuckles is hit by a force.)
    Knuckles: NO!!!
    Dr. Eggman: It's no use.  It's too powerful for you to overcome.  Now allow me
    to introduce you to my latest creation.  This is the Solaris prototype.
    (Elise looks at Eggman and gasps in shock as he laughs in a sinister and
    macabre manner and walks up to the machine's other control panel and pulls the
    Dr. Eggman: With this machine, I'll be able to control the flow of time itself!
    (Sonic gets pulled upward, followed by Tails and Knuckles, as they scream and
    are pulled through the time portal as Elise and Eggman watch.  She drops to
    her knees against the glass window in disappointment, but tries not to cry.)
    Dr. Eggman: Rest assured.  They're not dead... yet.  They've just been
    teleported by my glorious invention to another time.
    (He walks behind Elise with his back to her.)
    Dr. Eggman: Who knows where they'll end up?  It could be the distant past or
    far future.  But my machine still requires some fine-tuning.  In fact, what my
    machine needs in order to be complete, is your power.
    (He extends his hand to her.)
    Elise: My power?
    Dr. Eggman: Yes, I can finally complete my plans... Now that I have the Chaos
    Emeralds, and you... The Princess of Soleanna.  That's all I need to revive the
    Flames of Disaster.  And with its power, I will be able to control everything
    and rule the world.
    (He looks down at Elise as he continues.)
    Dr. Eggman: So, you would be wise to remain on my "good" side.
    (He walks up to the door, while Elise clasps her hands in prayer and looks up
    for the safety of Sonic, Tails and Knuckles as the scene fades to black.)
    +xii. Shadow and Rouge+
    (Sonic, Tails and Knuckles are teleported 200 years in the future and fall down
    into a ruined laboratory, as Sonic lands on his feet, Tails lands on his back,
    and Knuckles lands on his head.  They feel dazed, dizzy and confused at what
    had happened.  Sonic looks around the lab, wondering what's going on, and gets
    Tails: Boy, do I feel dizzy...
    (Knuckles stands up, still writhing from the headache and rubbing his head near
    the experiment chamber with its glass window broken.)
    Tails: Where are we?
    (Footsteps hit the metal floor near the broken glass atop the trio, and a deep
    female voice is heard.)
    ?????: Oh, look who's here!  I didn't expect to see you guys.
    (They see an albino bat atop the lab.)
    Tails: Rouge!  Shadow!
    (Rouge and the black hedgehog, Shadow, are then shown.)
    Rouge (waves hello): Hi.  Long time no see!
    (Scene fades to black.)
    +xiii. Allies+
    (Teams Sonic and Dark look at a ruined world of the future, known as Crisis
    Shadow: This is the distant future, far removed from our own timeline.
    Tails (looks at Shadow): The future?  Then that means Eggman's machine can
    control time!
    (Knuckles nods.)
    Sonic: Eggman's got some nerve dropping us here.
    Knuckles (kicks a rock and looks up): Now, how can we get back to our own time?
    Shadow: You need a space-time rift, but this requires a lot of energy.
    (They look at Shadow and Rouge, and Sonic realizes something.)
    Sonic: I see.  You mean using your Chaos Control will...
    Shadow (points at the trio): Yes, but that alone is insufficient.
    Sonic: Okay, Shadow.  It looks like we need to work together.
    (Shadow nods, and the scene fades to black.)
    +xiv. The Death of Elise!?+
    (Sonic, Tails and Knuckles make it through the database in Crisis City and are
    wandering around.)
    Knuckles: No matter where we go, all we see are ruins.  How can this be our
    Tails (shrugs): How could it come to this?
    (Sonic sees an open door to the database with signs labeled "Caution", "Danger"
    and "Notice".  He, Tails and Knuckles go in to investigate.)
    Silver (offscreen voice): Could it be true?
    (They discover what appear to be Silver, a purple cat, and a darker hedgehog
    that is similar to Shadow, but different, at the computer.)
    Silver: If I eliminate that guy, will our world be saved?
    (What appears to be the dark hedgehog nods.)
    ????????: The Day of Disaster... Here are my records of this event.  This was
    when Iblis was freed and his flames were released into the world.
    (He turns on the computer, and what appear to be Silver and the cat see images
    of Soleanna and other things.)
    ????????: And you have this person to blame.
    (The apparent dark hedgehog takes out a Purple Chaos Emerald and shows it to
    Silver, who takes it and gazes upon it.  A vision of Sonic and the flames
    appears, and the camera makes a close-up of Sonic staring blankly.)
    Silver: I see it!  So, that blue hedgehog's the Iblis Trigger?
    (The cat gets closer to Silver and stares at him and the emerald.)
    ?????: Blue hedgehog...
    (Silver hands the emerald back to the apparent dark hedgehog.)
    ????????: I'll send us back in time to the point when the Iblis Trigger was
    (He generates a Chaos Control with his hands, places it on Silver and the cat,
    and the three of them vanish.  Sonic, Tails and Knuckles arrive at the 
    Knuckles: What the... Who was that guy?  He looked just like Shadow...
    Tails (sees something shocking on the computer): Th-This is terrible!
    (He presses the buttons on the keyboard.)
    Tails: According to the data, the Princess died when she was kidnapped by
    Eggman!  Apparently Eggman's battleship exploded!
    (Sonic goes to him in surprise.)
    Tails (in shock): The data of this incident was... two days after the Festival
    of the Sun!
    Sonic: If we don't return in time, Elise will die onboard Eggman's battleship.
    That means...
    Tails: Yeah... I think so.
    (Sonic feels a little frustrated about the way they were all sent in the first
    place, and Tails jabs in the keys as the scene fades to black.)
    +xv. Beyond the Flames...+
    (Meanwhile, at the volcano, Shadow and Rouge are pondering when Sonic, Tails
    and Knuckles arrive.)
    Rouge: You guys are so slow.  Look.
    (She holds out a Green Chaos Emerald for them to see.)
    Tails: A Chaos Emerald!  You've already found one!
    Rouge: Well now... I may not look it, but I'm a real treasure hunter.
    (Knuckles nods.)
    Rouge: Unlike a certain echidna I know.
    (He looks at her, insulted.)
    Knuckles: What?
    (He turns around with an angry "Heh!" and walks off.)
    Shadow: Have you guys discovered anything?
    Tails: Um, yeah.  I received a signal indicating there's a Chaos Emerald here,
    Rouge: You mean we've got to go through there?
    Knuckles (at Rouge): If you don't like it, you can stay here.
    Rouge: You've got to be kidding!
    Sonic (points to Shadow): Don't be late.
    Shadow (walks toward him): Same to you.
    (Shadow runs off to the Flame Core, followed by Sonic.  The rest head off as
    the scene fades to black.)
    +xvi. Fiery Iblis+
    (Teams Sonic and Dark have made it through the Flame Core, and Rouge jumps and
    flies up to the Aqua Chaos Emerald they have discovered over the lava.)
    Rouge: I've found a Chaos Emerald!
    Shadow (quickly warning her): Don't touch it!
    (The emerald is suddenly snatched up and she jumps backward.  They all see a
    fiery monster, later known as Iblis, emerge.)
    Rouge: Wha!?  What's this?
    (Iblis prepares to attack them, but they all somehow manage to defeat it and
    get the Chaos Emerald back from it.)
    +xvii. Going Back to the Present+
    (After the battle, Teams Sonic and Dark look at each other.  Sonic holds up the
    aqua emerald, and Shadow holds up the green one.  They both nod at each other
    and hold the emeralds aloft.)
    Sonic and Shadow: Chaos Control!
    (The emeralds glow, and a light of the Chaos Control emerges and splits up.
    Both Sonic and Shadow look on as a time portal emerges, and Sonic jumps in,
    followed by Tails and Knuckles.  Rouge flies up to face Shadow, but he looks
    back and sees something, and Rouge does the same.  Scene fades to black.)
    +xviii. Return to the Present+
    (Back at present-day Soleanna, the Chaos Control portal opens up, and Team
    Sonic lands, Sonic on his feet, and Tails and Knuckles on their back.)
    Tails: Whoa!
    (Everyone looks around.)
    Knuckles: Looks like we made it back in one piece.
    Tails: Where did Shadow and Rouge go?  Did they appear someplace else?
    Sonic: Those two can take care of themselves.
    (He sees a newspaper and picks it up to read it.  He looks at something in the
    pictures, and Tails and Knuckles look at it.  Sonic realizes what he has to do,
    for it's only a matter of time.  Scene fades to black.)
    +xix. Silver and Shadow+
    (Sonic has arrived at the Radical Train and has stopped it to save Elise, and
    they have escaped the train before it explodes.  He now carries her and runs
    from the railroad tracks.)
    Elise: I knew it.  I knew you'd return!  You had to!
    (All of a sudden a psychokinetic blast attacks them and he jumps backward.  He
    sets her down again and they see Silver in front of them again.)
    Sonic: You again.
    Silver: This time there will be no more interruptions!
    (He points at Sonic.)
    Silver: The Iblis Trigger... must die!
    Elise: Sonic.
    (Silver uses a psychokinetic blast that knocks Sonic onto the floor.  Silver
    then traps him with Psychoshock, draining his energy, and Elise keeps trying to
    hold back tears when...)
    Dr. Eggman (offscreen voice): So how was your little walk, Princess?
    (Eggman's ship, Egg Genesis, uses the mechanical hands to grab the screaming
    Elise and fly off with her.)
    Sonic (seeing this): Elise!
    (Silver uses another Psychoshock to stun Sonic and gives a "hmph".)
    Silver: It's time to end this!
    (Silver is about to finish him off when he sees Shadow drop down in front of
    him in the nick of time.)
    Silver (surprised): Who?
    (Shadow and Silver look at each other.)
    Silver: Mephiles!  Why are you getting in my way?
    Shadow (gets up): I'm Shadow.  Shadow The Hedgehog.
    (Both see each other in confusion, and Shadow looks at the recovering Sonic,
    who gives a nod and a thumb up to him for saving his life.  Sonic then gets up
    and runs off to find Elise and Eggman while Shadow has to deal with Silver, and
    both prepare to fight as the scene fades to black.)
    +xx. Elise Jumps+
    (The Egg Genesis flies off in the sky, and Elise backs away from Eggman
    Dr. Eggman: Now stop it.  You have no where [sic] to go.
    (She looks down and then looks at Eggman.)
    Elise: I would rather die than be your prisoner again!
    Dr. Eggman: Hmph!  So, what are [not "do"] you going to do, Princess?  Do you
    plan to jump?
    (Below, Sonic chases the Egg Genesis as fast as he can, and Elise gives one
    final look at Eggman.)
    Elise: Farewell.
    (She plunges off the ship.)
    Dr. Eggman: Huh?
    (She falls down as Sonic runs up to her and catches her in his arms again.)
    Elise: Sonic!
    (Eggman looks furiously at Sonic and Elise, then points at them.)
    Dr. Eggman: You won't get away that easily!
    (Fade to black.  The Egg Genesis goes to attack them, but Sonic manages to
    defeat it and escape with Elise.)
    +xxi. Thanks to You...+
    (At the grassy mountains, Sonic and Elise run off and stop for a rest.  Sonic
    goes to her.)
    Sonic: That was a gutsy move back there!
    Elise: Well, I was desperate... and um... I just had to get away.  I owe you a
    lot, Sonic...
    Sonic (amazed): Uh...
    (He suddenly runs and sees a dust cloud.)
    Elise: Sonic!
    (Sonic turns to her.)
    Sonic: I'll head into the jungle!
    Elise (nods): OK!
    (He then takes her and runs off into the forest with her.  Fade to black.)
    +xxii. Sonic and Elise, in the Forest+
    (Sonic and Elise make it through the Tropical Jungle and keep on running.)
    Elise (with a "Hmm"): It looks like we've lost them.
    Sonic: I'll settle things here.
    (Trees are passed through the sunlit sky and birds chirp.)
    Sonic: Elise, you should go back to the castle.
    Elise: OK...
    (They run off and turn left.)
    Elise: Sonic?
    (He carries her through the trees, and she smiles as they are approaching a
    clearing.  They arrive at a lake near a cherry blossom tree, and he sets her
    Elise: It's so beautiful!  I've never seen so many flowers before!
    (Cherry blossom petals flutter downward, and Elise catches them with both hands
    at once.)
    Elise: Sonic, have you visited many wonderful places before?
    Sonic: Yeah.
    (He crosses his arms.)
    Elise: Once you defeat Eggman, you'll leave, won't you?
    (Sonic ponders for a moment, and he gazes at her and nods.)
    Elise: Though I've been frightened many times, I've also enjoyed this
    adventure.  It allowed me to be something other than a Princess.  I was able to
    be myself, a girl.
    Sonic: It sounds like being a Princess isn't that easy.
    Elise: It isn't sometimes, but I love this country.  Everyone in the castle,
    the children, all my citizens really...
    (They both look up.)
    Elise: The same love my late father and mother had.
    (A flash of light appears, and a faint vision of a man sitting on his throne
    with a little girl kneeling at his side emerges.)
    Voice: Don't cry, Elise.  Become a strong queen who doesn't cry no matter what
    (The girl kneels on her father's lap as he touches her head.  The vision fades
    again, back to a grown up Elise in the forest.)
    Elise: And so, I do my best to protect my country.
    (She turns to Sonic.)
    Elise: I understand everything my parents said to me now.  Sonic, if you leave
    here to go on another adventure... Remember this place.
    Sonic (agrees): Definitely.
    (She sways in the breeze, and looks at the blossom tree again.)
    Sonic: Elise?
    Elise: I'm fine... Sorry.  I mustn't cry...  I can't.
    (She turns to hug him, trying hard not to weep or let anything bad happen.)
    Sonic: Elise... smile.
    (She lets go and rubs her eye, heeding his advice, and looking at him as he
    nods.  Scene fades to black.)
    +xxiii. Elise Goes Alone+
    (Back at Soleanna, a boy and a girl are near a royal guard when they see an
    airship fly by in surprise.  A woman looks up and sees Eggman's airship
    arriving at the town and approaching it.  Eggman's voice is heard from a
    Dr. Eggman: Princess Elise, ruler of Soleanna... By refusing to negotiate with
    me, you have forced me to take drastic actions.
    (People are muttering to each other, wondering what's going on.  Amy looks up
    at Eggman's airship in amazement and runs off.)
    Dr. Eggman: Meet me at the specified point alone at 4 o'clock today.  Failure
    to do so on time, will result in my leveling of this city so that nothing but
    ashes remain!
    (An old castle is approached, and Elise and two maids are shocked by Eggman's
    threat of destruction at the balcony there.)
    Maid #1: Miss Elise...!
    Elise: I cannot allow harm to come to my people.
    (Elise turns and leaves the balcony.)
    Maid #2: Miss Elise?
    Elise (turns to them): It is my duty as Princess of Soleanna to go.  There is
    no other choice.
    (She walks away from the maids into the castle room as the scene fades to
    +xxiv. Eggman's Plot+
    (Elise has just arrived onboard the Egg Carrier and is sitting at a chair with
    Dr. Eggman: You've wasted so much of my time.
    (He looks at her.)
    Dr. Eggman: If you had cooperated with me earlier, I wouldn't have had to do
    Elise: What are you trying to do, Dr. Eggman?  Why do you wish to revive the
    Flames of Disaster?
    Dr. Eggman (walks around): Did your parents ever disclose to you anything about
    Solaris?  Solaris's secrets are in his eternal flames.
    (She turns away, and Eggman still looks at her before pondering.)
    Dr. Eggman: His power... can change time, and even manipulate the fabric of
    time itself.
    (He then turns to her.)
    Dr. Eggman: I wish to obtain this power and dominate everything in this world.
    From the past all the way to the future!
    Elise: You wish... to rule over... Time?
    Dr. Eggman: Yes.  Truly.  And the secret...
    (He looks at her again.)
    Dr. Eggman: It remains dormant in you, Princess.
    (She looks at Eggman, and he goes to the control panel and presses the buttons
    on the keyboard.)
    Dr. Eggman: The Princess of Soleanna and the seven Chaos Emeralds.  Once I have
    everything, the fate of the whole world will change.  And one of the beautiful
    gems is just ahead.
    Computer (tracking down): Chaos Emerald located.
    Dr. Eggman (spreading out his hand): Finally... Now, let's go collect that
    Chaos Emerald.
    (Scene fades to black.)
    +xxv. Things Have Changed+
    (Sonic runs through the Tropical Jungle when Eggman's robots arrive to attack
    him.  He slides and sees them, prepared to fight them, and one of them raises
    a gun to him when all the robots are grabbed by a Psychoshock, and Silver drops
    down and uses blasts from both hands to knock them all out, causing them to
    explode on the ground.  He then turns to Sonic.)
    Silver: You look like you're in a hurry.
    Sonic (crosses his arms): ...So what's going on?
    Silver (after a pause): Circumstances have changed.
    (He turns to Sonic again.)
    Silver: I need to rescue the Princess.
    (Sonic nods in approval, hoping Silver doesn't hurt him again, then he gives a
    thumb up and runs off, and Silver follows as the scene fades to black.)
    +xxvi. Out of Control+
    (While Sonic and Silver are getting through Kingdom Valley, an alarm sounds at
    the Egg Carrier's front room as Eggman tries to jab in the keys at the control
    panel.  Elise is still inside.)
    Dr. Eggman: Huh?  The engines are malfunctioning.
    (Elise gets out of the chair.)
    Dr. Eggman: And what's this?
    (She looks at Eggman.)
    Dr. Eggman: Stop all engines now!
    (The buttons are not working, and Eggman slams both fists onto the keyboard.)
    Dr. Eggman: Why is this happening?  No!  We're about to crash!
    (The Egg Carrier catches fire as it flies, and it catches smoke as it is about
    to plunge downward.  Scene fades to black.)
    +xxvii. Battleship Explosion+
    (The Egg Carrier, engulfed in flames, falls through the dark clouds near a
    hilltop and plunges downward.  As Sonic and Silver and the cat arrive, an 
    explosion is heard, and they stop at the sight of the Egg Carrier crashing onto
    a hilltop, which kills Eggman and...)
    Sonic (in shock): Elise!
    (They are all too late.  Both Eggman and Elise have died.  Sonic drops to the 
    ground in despair and slams his fist in anger and grief.  Silver and the cat 
    are in mourning for Elise.  But then Silver looks up and realizes something,
    then looks at Sonic.)
    Silver: Wait, there's still a way to change this.
    (The cat looks at him, and Sonic is recovering from grief and loss and looks at
    Silver: If we return to an earlier point in time, we'll be able to save her.
    (Sonic recovers and takes a look at the hillside where Eggman and Elise have
    died, then gets up.)
    Sonic: I understand.
    (Silver holds out a White Chaos Emerald, and Sonic holds out an aqua one.  He
    walks up to Silver while the cat is watching.  Both hedgehogs nod at each other
    and hold the emeralds aloft.)
    Sonic and Silver: Chaos Control!
    (The light emerges from the emeralds and splits up, opening a time portal.
    Both hedgehogs look at the portal, and Sonic quickly runs and tosses the aqua
    emerald to him.)
    Sonic: Silver!
    (Silver catches the emerald with his left hand.)
    Sonic: I can handle this myself.  Besides, you've got somewhere to go, [script
    error adds a "to"] right?
    Silver (amazed): You...
    Sonic: I'll make sure to change Elise's fate.
    (He raises a fist and looks at Silver before continuing.)
    Sonic: And that in turn should change your future, too.
    (Silver, with a Chaos Emerald in each hand, nods in agreement as the cat puts
    her hands on her hips in wonder.)
    Sonic (gives a thumb up): Thank you, Silver!
    Silver: Yeah... Just save her.
    (Sonic nods and jumps into the portal as the scene fades to black.)
    +xxviii. The Day Before+
    (The time portal has opened up in Soleanna, and Sonic has arrived at the day
    before the battleship explosion.  He looks around, and as the portal closes, he
    quickly turns and looks at the bell tower to find that the bell has chimed at
    noon.  He makes plans as there's no turning back.  Scene fades to black.)
    +xxix. Sonic Boards the Battleship+
    (Sonic, joined up with Tails and Knuckles, has arrived and made it through the
    Aquatic Base to stop the Egg Carrier's launch.)
    Computer (in a black screen): Thrust increasing.  Engine output at maximum.
    Course plotted.
    (The hangar then lights up.)
    Computer: Gate open.
    (The Egg Carrier is revealed at the hangar.)
    Computer: Lifting off!
    (The battleship starts to launch, while atop the hangar, Sonic runs and chases
    it as fast as he can.  He makes a giant leap onto the Egg Carrier, and lands on
    it as it flies out of the hangar gate.  Scene fades to black.)
    +xxx. Showdown with Eggman+
    (As before, the Egg Carrier has malfunctioned, and Eggman presses the buttons
    on the keyboard that fail to cooperate.  Elise is next to him.)
    Dr. Eggman: ...Why is this happening?
    (He puts his hands over his head.)
    Dr. Eggman: Noooooo!!
    (Just then a voice is heard.)
    Sonic (offscreen): Playtime's over.
    (They see that Sonic has arrived at the control pilot room in time.)
    Elise: Sonic!
    (She runs to him, but Eggman is not amused at them both.)
    Sonic: This ship is about to crash.  Too bad, Eggman.
    (He points a finger at Eggman, who is furious, growls and stomps his foot in
    Dr. Eggman: I'm not finished yet!
    (Sonic prepares to fight him.)
    +xxxi. Nice Smile!+
    (Sonic has fought Eggman's Egg Wyvern and is now escaping with Elise in the Egg
    Carrier's interior.  An explosion is heard as a blast damages the battleship
    and breaks the ship in half.)
    Elise (points up): Sonic!
    (An escape pod has come down with Eggman in it.)
    Sonic: Aren't you worried?
    Elise (quoting Sonic): "If you have time to worry, then run," right?
    (The front of the Egg Carrier explodes, and Sonic clutches Elise and makes a
    super-speed running jump out of the ship onto one of its pieces, runs as super-
    fast as he can, and jumps onto a ledge.  He reaches out, but misses the ledge.
    Both fall as the Egg Carrier's other half crashes on the ledge, and its
    explosion knocks them upward and onto the hillside.  Both make a rough landing
    and tumble into the grass.  Sonic gets up and sees Elise on the ground, and she
    rolls onto her back, unconscious, with her arms spread.  Sonic goes to her, and
    she wakes up and sees him.  He reaches for his hand, and she takes it and gets
    pulled into a sitting upright position.  She and Sonic both laugh and guffaw at
    all the crazy adventures they had gone through.  Elise finally catches her
    breath, and Sonic notices her.)
    Sonic (gives a thumb up): Nice smile!
    (He then gives a wink, and she gives the same wink also.  Both Sonic and Elise
    look atop the grassy hillside as the scene finally fades to black.  End credits
    roll, and "His World" by Zebrahead is played during the end credits.)
    # 3. SILVER'S STORY #
    +i. The Ruined World of the Future+
    (The story takes place 200 years in the future.  Dark clouds settle in the sky
    on a devastated city known as Crisis City, formerly known as Soleanna.)
    Silver (narrating): This world was devastated before I was born.  A harsh,
    bleak place, where we live in eternal darkness.  Life is a struggle, and people
    live without hope.
    (Silver flies through the city during a thunderstorm as his narration
    Silver: How did this happen?  No one will answer me directly.  But they always
    point... to the flames.
    (He looks around as he flies, and is stopped by a pillar of fire.  He uses his
    psychokinetic blast to winnow down the flames and continues flying.)
    Silver (narrating): These flames.  They burn away at my world, destroying
    everything in their path.  They come from an eternal life form that we cannot
    truly defeat.  The Flames of Disaster known as Iblis...
    (He feels disappointed at this when a voice is heard.)
    ?????: Silver!
    (A purple cat drops down on one of the buildings.)
    Silver: Blaze!  What's wrong?
    Blaze: He's appeared again.
    (Silver realizes that Iblis is attacking, and he gets mad.  He quickly flies
    away as Blaze looks on, runs, and jumps from building to building in the
    breeze.  Scene fades to black.)
    +ii. Confrontation with Iblis+
    (Silver and Blaze have gone through Crisis City and are running right up to
    confront Iblis, who emerges as a golem monster ready to attack with a roar.
    They are stunned but look up.)
    Silver: Come on, you monster!
    (Iblis moves on and roars in the flames.  They manage to defeat it with quick
    wits, and Iblis sinks into the lava.)
    +iii. Mephiles Appears+

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