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    Yuki by Mikadok

    Version: 2.00 | Updated: 06/14/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Neo Geo Battle Coliseum for PS2/Xbox 360 - Yuki Guide
    Version 2.00 by Joshua Vaughn, a.k.a. Mikadok on GameFAQs/GameSpot and I Kei I 
    on Gaia Online and Shoryuken.com
    Xbox Live Gamertags: I Kei I/MaxMizuhara2
    My YouTube channel - http://www.youtube.com/user/Mikadok - Go here to see my 
    NGBC match videos as well as various other vids.
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    Copyright info
    = = = = = = = =
    Copyright 2010 Joshua Vaughn
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private 
    use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly 
    without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other website or 
    as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of 
    = = = =
    = = = =
    U = Up
    D = Down
    F = Forward
    B = Back
    u/f = up/forward
    d/f = down/forward
    d/b = down/back
    u/b = up/back
    qcf = quarter-circle forward, or d, d/f, f
    qcb = quarter-circle back, or d, d/b, b
    hcf = half-circle forward, or b, d/b, d, d/f, f
    hcb = half-circle back, or f, d/f, d, d/b, b
    dp = Dragon Punch motion, or f, d, d/f
    j. = jumping
    s. = standing
    c. = crouching
    P = Punch
    K = Kick
    LP (A) = Light Punch (Square/X)
    LK (B) = Light Kick (X/A)
    SP (C) = Strong Punch (Triangle/Y)
    SK (D) = Strong Kick (Circle/B)
    CH (E) = Change (R1/RB)
    PR = Provocation/Taunt (L1/LB)
    + = Means to press any noted directions and buttons simultaneously, such as in 
    When buttons are noted together without separation, such as in ABCD, it means 
    to press noted attack buttons simultaneously.
    = = = =
    = = = =
    OTG = Off The Ground. Basically means that a move can pick up or hit a knocked 
    down opponent, so long as they don't tech roll.
    TK = Tiger Knee (explained in detail below)
    DM = Desperation Move. These take one or two levels of your Super Meter to use.
    SDM = Super Desperation Move. These take a full Super Meter to use, and are 
    (usually, with few exceptions) worth the cost.
    (SC) = Move can be Super Cancelled
    Emergency Evasion = A+B while standing. Unlike the roll maneuvers in the KoF 
    games, you can only move forward with it. Still, it grants you invincibility 
    from all but throws.
    Tech Roll = A+B when knocked down, as you hit the ground. Not all moves allow a 
    tech roll recovery.
    Guard Cancel Front Step = Tap f,f while blocking to cancel your guard and dash 
    forward a short distance. It costs half a level of Super Gauge, but knowing 
    when to utilize it is crucial. Has no invincibility.
    Just Defend Front Step = Done the same as a Guard Cancel Front Step, only with 
    this, you guard your opponent's attack at the last second beforehand. Uses a 
    bit less meter, but it's the same otherwise.
    AB cancel = Press A+B during a normal move while grounded to cancel it and dash 
    forward. Like the Emergency Evasion, you are invincible during it. Costs 1 
    level of your Super Meter.
    Double Assault = Performed by pressing qcf+E. Another integral part of 
    gameplay, as it depletes the red portion of a wounded opponent's health, which 
    means that should they tag out, they won't be able to heal as much as they 
    would have before said attack connected.
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    Why'd you make this guide?
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    Yuki was a very interesting character to me. Like many, I grew up watching 
    Power Rangers. His character was somewhat reminiscent of said superheroes in 
    more than one respect so he caught my eye. Aside from that, I think that he's 
    quite fun to use, and he can be deadly in capable hands, just as any other 
    = = =
    = = =
    +  Air dash.
    +  Special Moves, when charged, give him easy juggles and OTGs.
    +  Can guard crush fairly well outside of corners; extremely well in corners.
    +  Beam supers crush aerial/projectile assaults; MAX beam can juggle anywhere.
    +  Has decent pressure/mixup potential if he can keep the gap closed and makes 
    proper use of charged special moves.
    = = =
    = = =
    -  Almost all normals are poor in either range, speed, priority or all three.
    -  Most special moves leave him wide open if they're missed or blocked.
    -  Has very few options against most without having special moves charged to 
    help set the opponent on guard.
    -  Damage output on supers gets horribly nerfed when comboed into.
    -  Most effective anti air attacks come from having charged Submarine Screws or 
    = = =
    = = =
    Normals to keep in mind
    As has been noted, Yuki has very few normals that should be utilized, due to 
    them suffering in range, speed, priority, or all three. Since such is the case, 
    the few effective ones that he does have must be used carefully.
    s.SP (close) - Is quick to execute, and has a follow-up in f+SP. Also notable 
    is the fact that you can go from a s.SP(close) into Riding Hero, which sets up 
    some mixup possibilities, so don't hesitate to use this if you can close the 
    s.SK - If timed properly, it can snuff out some incoming aerial attacks. Other 
    than that, it is useful because it can be cancelled into his airdash. (Riding 
    j.LK - Has the most range out of his aerial normals. Utilize this during his 
    airdash to have it be most effective.
    j.SP - Has the most vertical range out of all his jumping normals, covering him 
    in the front, and is fairly quick to come out.
    j.SK - Has poor range, but can be used to cross-up well.
    c.SK - Doesn't have good range, but has fair recovery and keeps Yuki close to 
    the opponent if guarded.
    - - - -
    = = = = = = = =
    Command Moves
    = = = = = = = =
    Fire Suplex: b or f+CD
    Yuki's throw. Good for herding an enemy to the corner.
    Mutation Combination: f+A, d/f+C, b+B, f+D
    The opponent is launched by the second command of the move. The third sends 
    them a bit higher, and the fourth knocks them away if this all connects. Using 
    this properly depends entirely on your situation. If your opponent is guarding, 
    you must always be certain to stop at the second command, third at the most. If 
    you complete the move while your opponent is guarding, you'll be left open to 
    counterattacks. If you connect, it can open up juggle and combo opportunities.
    Dogou Sou Ken: (close) SP, f+SP
    A two step punch chain, similar to what Terry Bogard uses in some iterations of 
    KoF. Use this often, as it can be cancelled into his special and super moves 
    easily, and is good for keeping up pressure on an opponent.
    = = = = = = = =
    Special Moves
    = = = = = = = =
    Yuki's special moves are unique in that he can charge most of them to increase 
    the effectiveness of them by using another special move of his, the Memory Card 
    Slash. Detailed now are the normal versions of his special moves.
    Beast Buster: qcf+P
    An invisible projectile. The LP version of this has a small delay before 
    actually hitting when fired, and can be tricky to dodge since the opponent 
    can't see it, so if you use it, switch between the LP and SP versions of the 
    Submarine Screw: dp+P
    Yuki turns and throws a punch, creating a burst of energy that flows diagonally 
    upwards. His anti-air, but unlike other characters' moves of the same vein, he 
    doesn't leave the ground. This WOULD be a good thing, but he lacks 
    invincibility on it as well. Still, it has its uses. The SP version gets more 
    hits and starts hitting from a lower altitude. It can guard crush quite well, 
    for example, and Yuki recovers quickly from it, so much so that he can pin 
    taller characters down in the corner with reps of it if they're caught.
    Finally, if he lands a LP Submarine Screw, he can easily follow up with a 
    Double Assault, so it can be crucial to the overall flow of the match.
    TNT Punch: qcb+P (SC)
    Yuki dashes forward and hits the opponent with a charged fist. Be careful when 
    using this one, because the actual attack doesn't occur until he comes to a 
    stop, meaning he's open until that point, despite the speed at which he closes 
    the gap. The LP version travels a short distance and hits enemies on contact, 
    but doesn't allow juggle follow-ups outside of his Level 3 Max Beam. The SP 
    version travels full screen and has a slight delay before hitting after he 
    throws the punch, but it can be followed upon connection with a charged 
    Submarine Screw, a Double Assault, or a TK'd Lightning Fist. Interestingly, the 
    energy from this technique counts as a projectile, so you can't fire a Beast 
    Buster afterward, but it can be used to snuff normal projectiles, allowing him 
    to advance as he does so, though of course, only the LP version is recommended 
    for this.
    Sengoku Denshou: hcb+K
    Yuki's counter. LK version counters high attacks and SK version counters low 
    attacks. Unique in that instead of taking a stance and raising his hands, Yuki 
    does a small jump and spins, during which if the opponent makes contact, he 
    nails them with two blades of energy. This move launches, and like other 
    special moves he has, allows you to juggle afterward if you so happen to have 
    other charged moves available, or with a Level 3 Beam.
    Riding Hero: qcb+P in air
    An air dash. The LP version travels a short distance, while the SP version 
    carries him further. This move is key to keeping Yuki on the offensive, and is 
    best utilized by TKing, or Tiger Kneeing the input of it so that it is executed 
    low to the ground. To put it simply, to tiger knee a motion means to input the 
    motion for a move that can normally only be done in the air while grounded, but 
    quickly executing the last part of the input as you lift off the ground. So, to 
    tiger knee this move, the command would be qcb, u/b+P. Keep in mind that you 
    cannot attack normally until a moment after executing the move. You can, 
    however, cancel this into his Lightning Fist.
    Lightning Fist: qcb+K
    Yuki drops from the air, crashing fist first into the ground, creating a small 
    strike of lightning. The normal version of this hits once, and said hit only 
    occurs when he touches the ground. This technique is good in that Yuki cannot 
    be hit in the slight moment he is offscreen. Also, a bit of any forward 
    momentum that you have from his air dash is sustained when you do this during 
    it, which means that you can knock down an opponent, then follow up by TKing  
    an airdash and executing this, which will in turn cross-up his opponent. The 
    move has good recovery, rendering it relatively safe if it's blocked but like 
    his other special moves, you want to use this when it's charged for it to be 
    its most effective. 
    A charged Lightning Fist has a bit of invincibility and will hit an opponent 
    upon activation as opposed to hitting when Yuki touches ground, and does extra 
    damage and has more hits as well. It also has more horizontal range than his 
    normal Lightning Fist. Finally, the Lightning Bolt itself can strike an 
    opponent, which means that, if timed properly, you can use this to counteract 
    some opponents' anti air attacks if they try to nail you on wakeup, with the 
    proper timing, such as Hanzo's, without trading. This also can OTG in certain 
    This is a very important part of his arsenal due to the fact that you can 
    easily create crossup/pressure situations due to being able to execute this 
    near immediately after Riding Hero, no matter how high you are off the ground, 
    which leads to one of his trickiest mixups, that being s.SP(close)-Riding Hero 
    Lightning Fist.
    Memory Card Slash: d,d+A,B,C,D, or PR button
    These are Yuki's lifeline. Four of the five Memory Card Slashes allow Yuki to 
    charge some special moves to increase their potency greatly, while one of which 
    allows him to use a command grab.
    A = Beast Buster.
    Effect: Beast Buster is executed more quickly and fires three consecutive 
    times; can juggle an opponent in some situations if timed correctly.
    B = Sengoku Denshou
    Effect: The range on the jump of Yuki's counter is farther, and the move is 
    executed slightly faster. More hits and increased damage. There's also the 
    added effect of being able to counter DM moves, so long as they're physical, 
    such as Ryo's and Robest's Ranbu DM, Terry's Buster Wolf, or Rock's Shining 
    Knuckle, to name a few. This would be the second most important part of his 
    arsenal, since if it's charged, your opponent has to be on guard a bit more, 
    since if they get a bit too trigger happy, you can use this to counter about 
    anything they may try outside of projectiles.
    C = Submarine Screw
    Effect: Yuki changes into Duke Edwards and does the Submarine Screw that he is 
    known for. Can OTG for one hit and can juggle anywhere. Finally, this move 
    sends the opponent into a flight for a scant couple of seconds, and they CANNOT 
    tech roll upon hitting the ground, which makes the downtime after hitting this 
    move the perfect opportunity to charge your other moves. It isn't advised to do 
    this unless you know that you can hit with it, though, because this move has 
    the worst recovery out of all of Yuki's special moves.
    D = Lightning Fist
    Effect: Yuki's Lightning Fist becomes a multhit move, the first hit of which 
    actually happens the moment the move starts. The other hits occur when he 
    touches down. Leaves the opponent in more guard stun than the non-charged 
    version, allowing Yuki to put more pressure on an opponent. It also makes 
    cross-ups easier to execute for him.
    PR = Allos use of the Fire Suplex Hold
    Fire Suplex Hold: hcb,f+P in close
    Effect: The Fire Suplex Hold is like his normal throw, aside from the fact that 
    Yuki holds you in place for a moment or two, slowly draining a bit more health 
    out of you in the process. This throw also CANNOT be teched out of, so using it 
    isn't frowned upon at all if you think you can get in a throw.
    The Memory Card Slashes only take a mere moment to execute, but that same 
    moment is all an opponent needs to close the gap on you and begin a pressure 
    game, so you want to use these at opportune moments, such as after throwing an 
    opponent, landing his Mutation Combination or TNT Punch, or after connecting 
    with another of his charged moves. It goes without saying that charging after 
    hitting with a DM or SDM is valid as well. The advantage to these moves is that 
    they all take the same amount of time to charge (with the exception of the 
    Lightning Fist charge, which takes a full second), and they all look the same, 
    so if you manage to charge, the opponent will have to be wary of just which 
    move you powered up, or risk being nailed by something.
    = = = = = = = = = =
    Desperation Moves
    = = = = = = = = = =
    Chodokyu 100 Mega Beam: qcbx2+P (Uses one level)
    Yuki floats up and fires a huge beam that covers quite a nice portion of the 
    screen before him. This move is a godsend for Yuki, since if he has any meter 
    and any distance from his opponent whatsoever, he has immediate control of the 
    air in front of him.
    Chodokyu Neo Geo Ranbu: qcf, hcb+P (Uses two levels)
    Your standard autocombo DM, and as such, it should only be executed when you 
    know for a certainty that you can hit it, i.e, after a successful SP, +f+SP, or 
    after a succesful SP TNT Punch, otherwise you'll just be begging for 
    = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    Super Desperation Moves
    = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    Chodokyu Status Up: qcfx2+K
    A Memory Card Slash that powers up Yuki for a very brief period of time. The LK 
    version powers up his attack, while the SK version powers up his defense. Not 
    worth the cost of an entire meter, however, given such a slight increase, and 
    the very brief amount of time that he actually stays charged. Avoid using this 
    Chodokyu Max 330 Mega Beam: qcbx2+ABC
    This is the quicker and more powerful version of the Neo Geo Beam. Being 
    quicker to execute and more powerful, you have your opponent at even more of a 
    disadvantage should you happen to have a full meter. It can also combo and 
    juggle in many different situations, but damage scaling hurts it, so you’re 
    best off using this as you would the level 1 version, as an aerial deterrent.
    = = = = = = = = = = = =
    Special Double Assault
    = = = = = = = = = = = =
    Atomic Guy Neos Transformation: qcf, hcb+AE
    Transforms Yuki into Atomic Guy Neos, as the name suggests. As Atomic Guy, 
    attacks are unblockable and damage the red part of a wounded opponent's health 
    gauge. Transforming into him, however, is only possible with Ai as Yuki's 
    partner. You must also execute Yuki's LP, SP, and PR Memory Card Slashes and 
    input the motion to transform before 10 seconds have passed, and to top it off, 
    you can't use any of the moves you charge. Yuki is also knocked out of the 
    transformation if he is hit with certain attacks, otherwise, he has a sort of 
    constant autoguard state while in this form. Atomic Guy's moves are as 
    Atomic Punch: LP or SP
    Atomic Sliding: LK or SK
    Atomic Slash: A, B, C, or D while airborne
    Megaton Spark: ABC (Executing this will shorten your time in the transformed 
    Cancel Transformation: b,b
    = = = = = = = = = =
    Juggles and Combos
    = = = = = = = = = =
    One main thing to note about Yuki is that the majority of his more extensive 
    combos occur via juggles, and what's more, you must have certain special moves 
    charged and ready to take advantage of juggle opportunities that present 
    themselves. Of course, though, this means that you have to know which of his 
    special and super moves can juggle or combo, and when.
    Grounded normal/special move chain
    -	SP, f+SP, LP TNT Punch
    -	SP, f+SP, Chodokyu Neo Geo Ranbu
    -	f+A, d/f+C, b+B, qcf+P(charged)
    -	f+A, d/f+C, b+B, qcbx2+ABC
    Juggle anywhere moves
    This means that regardless of circumstance, so long as you are in range of the 
    airborne opponent, these moves will connect.
    -	charged Submarine Screw
    -	Chodokyu Max 330 Mega Beam
    = = = =
    = = = =
    This will cover a few of Yuki's combos. Requirements for execution (corner, 
    whether a move must be charged) will be noted afterward when necessary.
    -	j.SP, SP, f+SP xx qcb+LP xx qcbx2+ABC
    -	f+A, d/f+C, b+B, dash forward xx dp+P *Must have Submarine Screw charged.
    -	qcb+K in air, dp+P, qcbx2+ABC *Must have Submarine Screw charged.
    -	j.SP, f+A, d/f+C, b+B, qcf+P *Must have Beast Buster charged; only two 
    hits of Beast Buster may connect when opponent is not cornered.
    -	f+A, d/f+C, b+B, qcf+P, dp+P *Beast Buster and Submarine Screw must be 
    charged; opponent must be cornered.
    -	f+A, d/f+C, b+B, qcf+P, dp+P, qcb+K in air (TK), qcbx2+ABC *Beast Buster, 
    Submarine Screw and Lightning Fist must be charged; opponent must be cornered.
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    Summary/General playstyle
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    To play Yuki effectively, you must be on the offense as much as you possibly 
    can. Carefully bait out an opponent's moves, then strike hard and fast while 
    taking the occasional moment to charge a move. Other things that will help him 
    are to utilize the basics like the Guard Cancel Front Step and Emergency 
    Evasion to help you make a safe as possible advance.
    The moves I personally feel should remain charged as often as possible are his 
    Lightning Fist, Beast Buster and his Sengoku Denshou. The charged Lightning 
    Fist will make air to air confrontations easier to deal with, and is a great 
    tool for putting pressure on an opponent. The charged Beast Buster, if you so 
    choose to distance yourself, can help you keep a distance from your adversary. 
    The charged Sengoku Denshou will have them more cautious about throwing random 
    pokes out at you, and you can counter DMs with it, which alone gives him an 
    edge in some battles that he needs.
    In the case of cornering your opponent, you want to use a charged Lightning 
    Fist to keep an opponent from wanting to make any sudden movements. This way, 
    even if they guard it, you're at an advantage, as you can pressure an opponent 
    with s.SP(close)-LP Riding Hero-Lightning Fist. Though some can poke their way 
    out of low flying Lighting Fist attempts if they time it correctly, at worst 
    for others, it will trade, which they won't want to constantly risk. This, in 
    turn, opens the door for more pressure, since you can follow up with a 
    crouching LK, then dash in for a grab attempt, which should be your Fire 
    Suplex, if you have it charged. 
    As mentioned before, if your opponent isn't cornered, the above chain of 
    s.SP(close)-LP Riding Hero-Lightning Fist becomes one of his trickiest mixups 
    if the Lightning Fist isn't charged, since it retains forward momentum. Most 
    importantly, however, despite how low he is to the ground, Yuki also retains 
    his near intangibility, passing *through* his opponent and touching ground on 
    the other side. This can catch many a person off guard, and can greatly 
    contribute to pushing your opponent towards the corner.
    Finally, when you gain meter with him, whether you distance yourself or not is 
    entirely up to you, but regardless, simply having meter will keep the opponent 
    on edge and leave them more than a little wary about traversing the air to 
    reach you.
    = = = = = =
    I hope that this guide is helpful to whomever may read it. Yuki needs more 
    peeps to rep him. :P
    = = = = = = = =
    Special Thanks
    = = = = = = = =
    - To one of my best friends, for being kind enough to send me this as a 
    Christmas present...and you know who you are. :P
    - To Alternate275 and Lobelia Mk.IV for various NGBC discussions, which in turn 
    inspired me to write this up. :3
    - To SNK Playmore for making such an awesome game, and for recently porting 
    this over to the Xbox 360's arcade with decent netcode!! Hoping for an NGBC2, 
    but that might just be wishful thinking. XD

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