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    Moriya by Alternate275

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    Neo Geo Battle Coliseum for PS2 - Moriya Guide
    Version 1.00 by Adrian Hodges, a.k.a. Alternate275 on GameFAQs/GameSpot and
    Alternate275 on shoryuken.com - cyberfanatix.com - dustloop.com  
    Alternate275 on tekkenzaibatsu.com - virtuafighter.com
    Captain Of Squad 275 on Gaia Online 
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    Copyright info
    = = = = = = = =
    Copyright 2008 Adrian Hodges
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
    website or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
    violation of copyright.
    = = = = = = =
    = = = = = = =
    This is a guide layout that is orginally belongs to Mikadok. I was hereby
    granted permission from Mikadok to use his very same layout for this guide. 
    Many thanks and appreciations to Mikadok. 
    = = = =
    = = = =
    A = lp or Low Punch
    B = lk or Low Kick
    C = hp or Hard Punch
    D = hk or Hard Kick
    E (CH) = Change (R1) by default
    PR = Provocation/Taunt (L1) By default
    u = Up
    d = Down
    f = Forward
    b = Back
    u/f = up/forward
    d/f = down/forward
    d/b = down/back
    u/b = up/back
    qcf = quarter-circle forward, or d, d/f, f
    qcb = quarter-circle back, or d, d/b, b
    hcf = half-circle forward, or b, d/b, d, d/f, f
    hcb = half-circle back, or f, d/f, d, d/b, b
    dp = Dragon Punch motion, or f, d, d/f
    rdp = Reverse Dragon Punch motion, or b, d, d/b
    j. = jumping
    s. = standing
    c. = crouching
    x(interger) = Times the corresponding number in the mentioned command
    SC = Super Cancel
    GC = Guard Cancel
    AC = Attack Cancel 
    = = = = = = = =
    Game Mechanics
    = = = = = = = =
    tap f,f (hold f)          Frontstep/Dash (hold f to run)
    tap b,b                   Backstep
    press ub,u or uf          Normal jump
    tap db-df then ub-uf      High Jump
    press b when attacked     Standing Block (hold to remain blocking)
    press db when attacked    Crouching block (hold to remain blocking)
    AB                        Tactical Step (requires 0.5 Gauge)
    AB when knocked down      Fallbreaker (recovery roll)
    AB during normal attack   AC Tactical Step (requires 1 level) 
    tap f,f when blocking     Guard Cancel Frontstep (requires 0.5 Gauge)
    tap f,f on Just Defence   Just Defence Frontstep (requires 0.25 Gauge) 
    f/b+CD (near opponent)    Basic Throw
    CD when grabbed           Throw Escape
    Press E                   Tag Out (switches characters)
    qcf+E                     D-Assault (Double Assault)
    Press E when blocking     Guard Cancel Tag Attack (requires 1 stock)
    = = = = = = = = = = = =
    Moriya Specific Terms
    = = = = = = = = = = = =
    OTG = Off The ground (Attacking a grounded opponent)
    GBML = Glancing Blade Moonlight
    GBNM = Glancing Blade New Moon
    GBDNM = Glancing Blade Double New Moon
    GBNMR = Glancing Blade New Moon Reverse
    TG = Technical Glance
    SBM = Sash Blade Moonwalks
    Moon Blades = GBNM, GBNMR, and/or GBDNM
    = = =
    = = =
    + Has options to fight up close and from a distance
    + Patrols against aerial opponents (Nakoruru, Athena, etc)
    + Easily controls the field 
    + Can parry physical attacks (imported from the Last Blade titles)
    + Builds meter quickly
    + Does great damage, excellent damage on counter hits
    + Has great pressure games
    + Can stall the match if need be
    = = =
    = = =
    - Lag in his moves make them VERY punishable
    - Lacks agility
    = = = =
    = = = =
    Normals to keep in mind
    It should be noted, that nearly all of Moriya's normal's can easily be. 
    punished and are usually slow. But that's not to say they aren't any good. 
    B (Close while opponent is grounded) - Connects as an OTG. Extra damage
    C - Powerful single hit strike. Doesn't combo into anything. 
    C (close) - 2 hits, doesn't push Moriya back. 1st hit can be canceled. 
    j.B - Great move coming down from the air, also hits as a crossup. 
    c.B - Fast poke move for Moriya, can combo into multiple c.B strings.
    - - - -
    = = = = = = = =
    Command Moves
    = = = = = = = =
    Glancing Blade Eclispse: [d/f+C on grounded opponent]
    A downwards slash onto a grounded opponent that hits as on OTG. And 
    easily more powerful than the s.B OTG. However, this will not 
    connect or activate in a situation that your opponent can perform 
    a soft fall, meaning only during "Hard Knockdowns" will you be 
    able to use this. However, if you throw your opponent into a corner,
    you'll be able to perform two Glancing Blade Eclispse strikes. 
    Glancing Blade Drought: [d/f+A]
    As a single move, it strikes as an overhead attack. It cans also be
    stringed into a combo from any standing normal, into any desired 
    special move, preferably the Glancing Blade Moonlight. However,
    when comboed from a normal, it looses the overhead property. Be
    careful when using it as a single hit. It has a very slow startup. 
    = = = = = = = =
    Special Moves
    = = = = = = = =
    Glancing Blade Haze: [qcb+A/B/C]
    A very quick slash that strikes immediately after he holsters 
    his sword in his sheath. A/B/C respectively trajects his strikes 
    as Hi/Mid/Low. This attack is useful in speed, distance, and priority
    as well. So much so, you can stuff many attacks, inluding  
    projectiles. But not against super projectiles. You can also use
    these attacks to zone against your opponent, which can be frustrating
    for anyone opposing you. However, there is a slight lag animation 
    after using this attack. And also becareful about zoning against 
    opponents who can fight in long distances.  
    Drawn Sword Standby: [qcb+A/B/C holding button]
    Not only does the Glancing Blade Haze have great speed, distance, 
    and priority, but you can also charge it for even more distance and
    damage. Not only that, but you can also use the charge to hesitate 
    your strikes. 
    Cancel Drawn Sword: [D during Drawn Sword Standby]
    While holding the Drawn Sword Standby, you even have the option to 
    cancel out of it. So if you're having second thoughts, or are being 
    attacked, you can use this to shift into defense. You can also cancel
    using the corresponding button you used to enter Drawn Sword Standby, 
    instead of only using D. 
    Standby Again: [press A/B/C after releasing Drawn Sword Standby]
    Allows you to re-enter the Drawn Sword Standby stance again after 
    executing the Glancing Blade Haze, which permits you strike with 
    another Glancing Blade Haze or cancel right out of it into a neutral
    stance. You can repeat this to strike with GBHs as many times as you
    feel it's safe to do so. However, if you strike another GBH using 
    C, you cannot perform the Standy Again, leaving you open for punish. 
    Cancel Standby Again: [A/B/C/D during Standby Again]
    Press the button corresponding with the button that was pressed to 
    peform the Standy Again to cancel out it. This can and "SHOULD" be 
    used when you decide to stop striking with GBHs to eliminate any 
    remaining lag animations of the GBH attack to reduce any risk of 
    being punished thereafter. 
    Glancing Blade Moonlight: [qcf+Ax3/Cx4] SCable
    A series of multiple slashes for each qcf+A/C command, similar to Kyo
    or Iori. Using the 'A' command allows for 3 slashes in total while using
    the 'C'command allows for 4 slashes in total. Any moment during this 
    attack OTHER than the final hit of these commands are SCable. However, 
    the final hit becomes a hard knockdown, and your opponent cannot soft fall.  
    I should also mention that the second slash for qcf+A launches the opponent
    into the air, while the third slash for qcf+C does the same. You can use 
    these moves not only to combo the opponent, but it's a decent pressure tactic
    as well. It would be unwise to finish all the slash commands on a blocking 
    opponent. So stop after before the last slash and mix up with crouching 'B'
    or even Glancing Blade Hazes. You can even switch this move into any of the
    Moon Blades, before the final strike of the attack. However, the GBNMR is 
    the one that usually connects after most of the GBML Strikes, under common
    situations. And finally, the third strike of the qcf+Ax3 strikes as an 
    overhead attack. 
    Glancing Blade New Moon: [dp+A]
    Moriya's standard but wide anti-air attack. The startup of this attack is 
    quick and can catch unsuspecting aerial opponents off guard. However, the 
    attack has very bad recovery and lasts a while before being able to 
    enter neutral stance again, making it an unfavorable situation of 
    punishment if this attack is whiffed or blocked against. 
    Glancing Blade Double Moon: [dp+C during Glancing Blade New Moon]
    A combination of the GBNM and GBNMR attacks, striking in two successions. 
    This move is quick and doesn't have terrible recovery. The preferable 
    anti-air if you desire to use one. 
    Glancing Blade New Moon Reverse: [dp+C]
    Another standard and wide anti-air attack. The startup of this attack is 
    slow because of the side-step that is being performed during this attack.
    The beginning part of this attack provides upper body invincibility. 
    You can use this side-step up close at your opponent and crossup with it, 
    Also noting the ending recovery is very quick and favorable, so much so, 
    that you can even perform juggles on your opponent after this strike. 
    Sash Blade Moonwalk: [rdp+A/B/C hold button to shift to drawn sword standby]
    A very fast warp that allows Moriya to move around the stage as needed. 
    The corresponding commands warp him into the following positions~ 
    rdp+A literally warps Moriya back in the same position he started in. 
    rdp+B warps in mid distance away/to his opponent. This is favorable for him. 
    rdp+C warps Moriya behind his opponent and usually closer than the other two
    SBMs. Use these warps to distance and/or yourself to/from your opponent. 
    This will fluster an unsuspecting opponent and you use the SBM to keep your
    opponent guessing. 
    Increscent Moon: [f+BD] SCable
    A defensive retaliating parry technique derived from the games known as 
    Last Blade. A very potent defensive move that should be kept in mind, that
    parries mid/high physical attacks. It also parries physical super special
    moves and aerial normals to make everything so much more better for Moriya. 
    Decrescent Moon: [b+BD] SCable
    The same defensive parry as Increscent Moon, except that it only 
    parries low physical attacks. Use these parries to SC into a Super special 
    Pursuit Of Flowers: [BD after a successful Increscent or Decrescent Moon] 
    A retaliating strike after the Incresscent or Decrescent Moon. Nothing much 
    to be said, except use this if you cannot perform a super special move. 
    = = = = = = = = = =
    Super Special Moves
    = = = = = = = = = =
    Life And Death Moonlight Flash: [qcbx2+A/C]
    An amazing flurry of multiple slashes that strike hi, mid, and low, in that
    particular order five times at the opponent, for a sum of 15 hits. The 
    priority for this attack is bad and very punishable. Although, It's still
    a very decent move. This can be used to stall time, especially if the
    attack makes contact, in which case, even has a decent pushback. 
    If whiffed, you won't move anywhere. Can also be used as an anti-air or even
    a juggle. However, it doesn't do any decent damage as anti-air/juggle.
    Life And Death Wild Seasons: [qcfhcb+A/C]
    An attack that rushes at your opponent and strikes 11 times if it connects. 
    If blocked, the move then comes to a halt. This attack also moves the 
    opponent a great deal, shifting your opponent to one side of the stage or 
    the other. This attack also promotes a hard knockdown. The light version 
    of this atttack doesn't travel as far, but the frame startup is much more
    favorable. The fierce version of this attack travels all the way across the
    screen, but has an unfavorable frame startup. To top it off... This move can
    be juggled into. 
    = = = = = = = = = = = =
    Special Double Assault
    = = = = = = = = = = = =
    Life and Death Wild Moon [fhcf+CE]
    Must have Kaede as Moriya's partner. Can be used for 10 counts, after 
    using the Sash Blade Moonwalk. You can tech chase your opponent after 
    the attack using the rdp+B command immediately as the move is finished. 
    = = = = = = = =
    General Combos
    = = = = = = = = 
    [] dp+C (close), A, qcbx2+A
    Condition: N/A
    Stipulation: When performed, the dp+C move should crossup your opponent, 
    and may confuse the direction of blocking onto your unwary opponent. Then 
    you will continue to juggle your opponent with the rest of the combo. 
    However, the damage is incredibly gimp and only good for a stall.
    [] j.B, land, c.B, c.B, qcf+Ax3, B (OTG)
    Condition: N/A
    Stipulation: Standard BnB combo for Moriya. You can use the j.B to crossup
    your opponent. 
    [] C (close and 1st hit only), qcf+Cx3, dp+A 
    Condition: N/A
    Stipulation: The first command with C is a two hit move. You must cancel the
    second hit by immediately inputting the qcf+C. 
    [] j.B, c.B, c.B, qcf+Ax2, dp+C, D
    Condition: Corner only
    Stipulation: A standard combo that juggles the opponent. The last hit with D 
    will reset your opponent back into a neutral stance, giving you a favorable
    frame advantage as your opponent is landing. Utilize mix ups and pressure 
    games from this situation. 
    [] j.B, c.B, c.B, qcf+Ax2, GBDM 
    Condition: Corner Only
    Stipulation: Similar combo like the other standard combos, however lacking 
    a hard knockdown and a reset feature, allowing the opponent to soft fall
    and re-establishing a retaliating stature. 
    [] C (close and 1st hit only), qcf+Cx3, GBDM 
    Condition: Corner Only
    Stipulation: Strong move, situational and lacks hard knockdown and a 
    reset feature. 
    [] C (close and 1st hit only), qcf+Cx2 xx qcbx2+C
    Condition: 1 Super Meter required
    Stipulation: Great damage, great knock back, good for punishing.
    [] j.B, c.B, c.B, qcf+Ax2 xx qcfhcb+C
    Condition: 2 Super Meter required
    Stipulation: Great damage, hard knockdown, 
    [] C (close and 1st hit only), qcf+Cx3 xx qcfhcb+C
    Condition: 2 Super Meter required
    Stipulation: Another damaging combo. Good for punishing.  
    [] d/f+A, D
    Condtition: N/A
    Stipulations: First strike hits overhead.
    [] d/f+A, qcf+Ax3
    Condition: Corner only
    Stipulations: First strike hits overhead.
    [] d/f+A, qcbx2+A
    Condition: 1 Super Meter required
    Stipulation: First strike hits overhead.   
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    Moriya In General 
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    To play Moriya effectively, you must estblish a strong sense of field control. 
    The arena is for Moriya to play around in. And he's very good at it. Moriya
    can punish airborne characters ever single time they take flight or even strike
    enemies from afar. Moriya is also potent at zoning and distancing. So make sure
    you have a strong grip of positioning as you fight with Moriya. Moriya's GBH
    is a great poking game if you can telegraph your opponents movements. Better
    yet, you can even bait and elict your opponent's movements with the GBH, since
    he has options to strike hi, mid, or low. 
    Moriya's main combo is j.B, c.B, c.B, qcf+Ax3, B (OTG). This will get you 
    decent damage, and build a meter quite quickly. If it's another thing Moriya 
    is good at, it's staying on the field. And his attacks and combos can be used
    to stall time as needed. Which can be very frustrating for your opponent. 
    Moriya doesn't by any means need to be offensively agressive. Infact, it would
    almost be foolish to do so, considering that his attacks usually have an 
    unfavorable amount of startup frames. If you have 2 Supers saved up, you can
    exchange the combo for a j.B, c.B, c.B, qcf+Ax2, qcfhcb+C for even more damage. 
    Moriya's Sash Blade Moonwalk is very potent and key for moving Moriya around 
    the field effectively. But it's foolish to randomly spam this move, as it can
    be a downfall if not used carefully. The common opportunity to use this would 
    be on a grounded opponent, warping behind, outside, or at the same spot. Using
    the rdp+B warps you outside your opponent's space, allowing you to zone,
    provided your opponent isn't potent at distanced fighting. On an unwary 
    opponent, you can warp behind them using rdp+C. You can also take advantage 
    of the wall and warp into for more options, such as a throw. You can also 
    play mind games with rdp+A and warp absolutely nowhere. 
    Moriya can also fight against defensive players that love to crouch block. 
    The key doing so is using his d/f+A attack. Which will then follow into one 
    of the several combos that are listed. 
    And finally, I should mention about Moriya's ability to "Tech Glance". The
    concept behind it is to simply kill unfavorable lagging frames on normal attacks
    to make the attempt to gain frame advantage or at the very least, stalemate it. 
    To perform this, you would simply enter the input command for Glancing Blade 
    Haze, hold the button to stay in Draw Sword Standby stance, and immediately 
    cancelling it by input the Cancel Drawn Sword command. When using the 
    Standby Again attacks, you want to make sure that those are also Tech Glanced. 
    = = = = = = = =
    Special Thanks
    = = = = = = = =
    - SNK, and the people that play it =D
    - To one of my best friends, I Kei I,  Whom inspired me to be who I am today
    - Gamefaqs, for allowing this guide to be uploaded <3

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