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"A legend of your own"

Imagine making one bad ass ninja and becoming a legend with your OWN character! That is what Tenchu Z is about, building your character up and customizing him for your personal preferences. Whether it's changing his/her attack styles or the color of his hair, its all up to you how you play Tenchu Z.

Are the graphics turning you off? Don't let them get in the way, sure they aren't the next-gen graphics everyone wants, but they sure aren't the worst either. They are pretty solid when you are playing a mission, except for one little thing: The blood. After you do a SK (stealth skill) on an enemy, their blood just sprays out and makes it look... well, not very good. Thats the only gripe I have with the graphics, is the stupid looking blood. Though it shouldn't bother you that much, just look past the cheesy blood and it's all good.

In front of the graphics is the gameplay, which is the coolest part. Single player takes you over a journey of MANY missions with almost all different maps and objectives. An example of some missions would be assassinating an important figure/terrible person, stealing a scroll or transporting goods across an enemy country. It should keep you occupied for a while if you want to get the best rank on the hardest mode and unlock all of the abilities. With single player in mind, we can't forgot another major point, multiplayer!

Multiplayer is even more fun than single, because having up to 4 ninjas at a time on the map is amazingly entertaining. You won't ever get bored of it. There is lots of replayability!

Sounds are pretty terrible, in my opinion. There is usually the same song on every level with some exceptions, which gets incredibly annoying. But you can always play your own music, which is one of my favorite parts on the box(go Xbox 360!). It probably won't annoy you though as much as it did me.

Some final words from myself: Pick this up if you thought this game sounded pretty rad, I am 99% sure you will enjoy it. If you are having doubts, buy it anyways. You will not regret listening to me.

Trust me.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/15/07

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