Review by MarkoftheFighters

Reviewed: 06/20/07

Same Tenchu game, not much improvement

It has been nearly a decade of Tenchu games, a fun series that pioneered the stealth action genres but Tenchu Z shows no great improvement, however, this game still manages itself to be a good game.

Story- The story is simple. Basically, you're a ninja for the Azuma clan taking missions from Rikimaru, the protagonist of the past Tenchu games, to fight for justice.

Design- This is the part that kills me. Tenchu Z is on the Xbox 360 yet the graphics are lousy. Characters have trouble showing face expressions, blood has never been fake as before, and a couple of AIs have problems with the environment. The enemy AI are similar to the Genome soldiers of Metal Gear for the fact that their range of sight is terribly short and take too much time to notice you and with that time, you can grab them for a "stealth kill."

The minor upgrades that the series has received are scent (enemies can now smell you) and multiplayer. It is nice to have online multiplayer with up to 3 other ninjas to play with you but all you can earn is gold. Although multiplayer won't help advance you through the game, it's a quick way to earn some gold. Online play is a good addition but it's no big deal.

Tenchu Z also offers an in-depth custom character customization where you can also buy extra costumes for your ninja

Gameplay- The gameplay is the same as past Tenchu games. You take on missions and run through the stages stealthily, kill enemies quietly if necessary and accomplish what you are told to do. Stealth kills are cool, instant KOs but once you're spotted, you can take the enemy face-to-face in combat but the fighting is sloppy so you're better off running away until you're safe from enemy sight and go back for a stealth kill. The controls are also a bit of trouble to play with.

Would you think that this Tenchu game would have delivered more knowing the fact that the series has lived for almost a decade long. Fans should feel the same. Tenchu Z is not a bad game but fans should have deserved more from this game.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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