Review by GTA Assassin X

"Minor flaws for a major game!"

Story 7/10:
As always typical story. Your a ninja, your fighting for your clan and get missions from your leader, your saving your city....etc. Nothing complicated. It doesn't pull you in, but it doesn't push you away either. Although you might end up skipping some scenes after awhile.

Game play (and MP) 8/10:
Well if you read anything about this game you'll get mixed answers on gameplay. Some say it requires planning to do a mission, some say you go out and do whatever. I say it requires a little of both. Its like Splinter Cell meets.... well... something else. You are stealthy but overall the game is pretty easy due to the fact the AI isn't all that challenging. You can replay missions at varying difficulties but the AI still doesn't change that much. You can practically be on them before the see or hear you. Which is ashame because you can walk right up to a boss, right in front of him and kill him before he notices you! Needs some work on that end but it doesn't take away from the game fun. You still have to kill them right if you want special ratings at the end for cool stuff like new items and and what not!

Online is fun to. You can play with up to four people and complete missions (counts towards your missions) and have a coop game to beat a mission! But if one player dies its over. Usually its pretty easy. The game is not that hard to do in either MP or SP.

You get to use your sword and you can use items, LOTS of items like healing items, noisemakers, disguises...etc. Then you get to buy things like clothes and new skills for your ninja to use. Although some of this stuff is useless.

Graphics 7/10:
This is a mixed bag for me. This game does have aot of mission things. Lighting and shadows are really old styles. Effects and animations for somethings like killing someone are so stale and crappy you laugh at first. But on the other hand some things really amazing like how you can see a whole level at once and how detailed some things are. So it becomes a choice of what you like more. I actually like what I seen more. Although it would have been nice to see some real shadows and lighting and heck.... blood spurts that shot out realistically!

You do get to customize your character which looks nice but some of it looks really bad. Like they didn't even care what they threw in. Which is ashame because this game would be really good if you could customize better!

Controls 10/10:
The control scheme is perfect! It becomes second hand after the first or second mission! Although you might have to learn still what everything does and how to use it!

Sounds and Music 5/10:
The sound and music wasn't anything amazing. Just normal stuff you hear all the time. Nothing impressive, nothing boring either.

Replayibility 8/10:
Well if you start over you can play as the opposite sex. You get to choose from make or female to beat the game. Then if you want you can continue playing and unlock everything and play online still....etc. or start a new game as a diffrent sex and unlock thats sex's diffrent clothes...etc. So its really only replayable once, unless you count online. I can play it alot offline or online!

Pros & Cons:
-Online is fun
-Offline is fun doing missions over
-Great fun being ninja
-Easy controls

-Limited scenery
-Customizing is a let down
-Online can use some work to make it even more fun
-Graphics could be much better
-AI is on lunch break

Overall 5/10:

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/24/07

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