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    Skills Training FAQ by Samurai_King

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 03/02/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Crackdown Skill Training FAQ
    By: Samurai_King (Stewart Heddle)(Redhot53@hotmail.com)(Gamertag: Hailo666)
    1. Contact Information
    2. Version
    3. Brief Introduction
    4. Agility
    5. Driving
    6. Explosives (Weapons)
    7. Strength
    8. Firearms (Weapons)
    9. Training Continued
    10. Copyright & Thanks
    1. Contact Information
    This Guide/FAQ was written to help those who are trying to get the most from
    Crackdown and want a fully evolved character. In this guide I will give you
    information on the BEST ways to train your character as well as some on depth
    details on the afore mentioned training. Emails to me are welcome but please
    just questions if possible, if you see something, not in this review, don’t
    email me about it because if you know it, then there’s no reason for you to be
    reading this FAQ.
    2. Version
    1.0 (Updates to come)
    1.2 (2 updates: updated the Training Continued section and added a suggestion
    from a fellow Crackdown player called Kylko Angre, many thanks to him.
    3. Brief Introduction
    WELCOME TO YOU, Our Newest Agent. The agency welcomes you and is very grateful
    that you have volunteered to use your skills to serve the good people of 
    Pacific City. You are basically the last hope to rid this city of crime. the 
    huge, expansive city is presently controlled by 3 gangs Los Muertos, The Volk
    and the Shai-Gen. In order to take out these gangs out your going to have to be 
    a very powerful and skilled agent and this guide will help you to become just 
    that. I’m taking into consideration that the people who read this already know
    how to play the game (controls etc). Also while playing through this game pick
    up as many Hidden and Agility Orbs as you can.
    4. Agility
    In the top right corner of your HUD, under your Health Bar is your 5 key skills.
    Agility is the top one. OK these skills can all get to 4 Stars/Levels and after
    that can be Maxed Out, although maxing out the agility does NOT give you 5 
    levels of agility, it only gives you 4. There are many things you can do to gain
    agility experience which I will explain now. The first and most obvious way is
    to get the bright green Agility Orbs that are on almost every roof-top. There
    are 500 of these around but you will almost defiantly reach 4 stars before you
    get them all. I still only have just over 450 and my Agility is Maxed out.
    Usually the higher up the orb is the more Agility Experience it is worth, you
    can tell how much by how many smaller Orbs are floating over the top of the 
    main Orb. For instance an Agility Orb with one smaller Orb above it will be 
    worth less than one with 3 above it. One thing to remember when your getting 
    these if you need to jump for one and you think the fall will kill you, GO FOR
    IT because if you hit the Orb you will get it. Then if the fall kills you it
    doesn’t matter because every single time you die you can just regenerate. Also
    something worth knowing is that when you find any Hidden Orbs (Blue ones with
    a ? in it) they give you a small amount of every skill including Agility. 
    Another way to gain Agility Experience is when you shoot someone with a gun (not
    including Rockets or grenade launchers) as long as your in a high place when 
    you do it you will get Firearms Experience plus a small amount of Agility. You
    can even get a small bit if you kill someone while jumping, not loads but every
    little helps. Stick to this and you will jumping the tallest buildings and 
    running rings around those criminals in no time. All Agility Experience is 
    coloured Green.
    5. Driving
    The 2nd Skill below Agility is Driving, now this one is actually pretty simple
    but if you anything like me you wont use it all that much, (I preferred to jump
    around the city on foot) its not all that useful. There are two main ways to
    gain Driving Experience which I shall now outline. The first is to run down
    lots of gang members. They give you a decent amount of Experience each time you
    run down 1 gang member, but it can be quite difficult and annoying sometimes due
    to the fact that they move out of the way as I’m sure you would to. The other 
    way to get this Experience is to do stunts, front flips, back flips, barrel 
    roles and long jumps. As long as you land on your tires you can get the 
    Experience. Good places to do these jumps are from the back of those Ramp 
    Trucks, or coming out of the Agency Tunnels. Another good place is in the 
    North, of Los Muertos and is basically an indoor stunt park for cars, its
    the same place that one of the 21 bosses is in. its called The Easy Riders
    Garage. Also if you go up the side where the ceiling is broken using the Agency
    SUV on Driving level 3+ you can fly out of the roof and get the Front Flipper
    and Hazardous Hang time Achievements. Another thing worth a mention is that,
    depending on your Driving skill 1-4, the Agency Cars will transform and change
    their appearance and also on Level 4 gain an ability, the Super car ends up 
    looking much like the Bat mobile and gains two machine guns complete with 
    unlimited ammo. The SUV, my favourite car, gains huge tires and the ability to
    jump on command using the (B) button and acts much like a monster truck. And
    the Truck Cab (which I feel is over looked) Gains a nitrous boost and can smash
    aside almost any other car in the game and blow it up if the impact is large
    enough. All Driving Experience is coloured Purple. Also its worth pointing
    out that on level 4 in Driving the Agency SUV can drive up vertical surfaces,
    which is always fun lol.
    6. Explosives + Weapons
    The 3rd skill down the list on the left of your HUD is the Explosive skill and
    this one is defiantly one of my favourites. This one is actually pretty simple
    all you have to do is blow stuff up (ALOT) and the orbs will just ooze out from
    absolutely everywhere. Now you may think explosives just means grenades, well
    it doesn’t. The Grenade Launcher, and both rocket Launchers both count as using
    explosives and not using firearms. A good way to use these and get lots of
    Experience is shoot the CAR that the gang members get out of. Because it will
    make a big explosion and kill everyone around. The Grenade launcher is by far
    the worst of the 3, I would say that you should use the Rocket launchers when
    ever possible as they are better. Use the Hothead less than the Firefly, 
    because the Firefly is a lot better than the Hothead. Explosives Experience
    is coloured Blue.
    Watson HE79 'Grenadier'
    This is a grenade launcher which is semi-automatic, and is used by the Volk.
    It has 4 grenades before it has to reload and has 12 in stock. It really can
    blow the living hell out of anything they hit, people, cars, buses, anything.
    Watson HE99 'Hothead'
    This is one of the 2 Rocket Launchers that are in the game, this is the weaker
    of the 2. Sadly its only single shot before it has to reload and has 10 in 
    stock. Again this is used by The Volk and has a similar power to the grenade
    launcher but is very slightly stronger. It has a scope attachment and a very
    poor rate of fire, but it does have an incredibly long range. And like the
    'Grenadier' it can blow up almost anything in one hit.
    Watson HE99-X 'Firefly'
    This is the 2nd of the 2 Rocket Launchers in the game named Firefly and is the
    best weapon in the game hands down. This launcher has a heat seeking feature
    meaning it almost always hits whatever your aiming at/ locked on 2. Its 
    semi-automatic and has a good rate of fire with a very long range and used
    always by the Shai-Gen. It can damage things just a tiny bit more than the 
    others and also has a very long range. It can shoot 5 rockets before it has
    to reload and has 15 in stock. This can be used to get the Body Juggler and
    Car Juggler Achievements.
    7. Strength
    The 4th skill down the list is strength. This skill is also pretty easy to 
    level up, if you kick with the (B) button and kill gang members with it you
    will get tons of Strength Experience. The other way to do it is pick up items
    along the street like bins, cinder blocks, car doors things like that and 
    basically throw them at gang members and kill them with the item. floods of
    Strength experience will be coming your way. As you level up you will be able
    to lift many different things and throw them further with every level you gain.
    At the start its things like I mentioned above but as you level up you can
    pick up skips/dumpsters, Cars, Buses and even satellite dishes! And using 
    them to crush your enemies. There’s not to much else to tell about this skill
    although when you level up you will be able to kick things very far. For 
    instance if a car is speeding towards you and you think its gunna knock you
    over press (B) to kick it when on level 4 and the car will go flying. Strength
    Experience is coloured Gold.
    8. Firearms + Weapons
    The 5th and final skill in the list is firearms which I’m now going to tell you
    about, and also I’m goin to give details on the weapons you will be using to
    dish out your punishment. The firearms skill is very obvious and easy to do,
    i personally got my Firearms Skill to level 4 before anything else. Basically
    this governs your effectivness with guns and your ability to kill with them.
    When you have a gun equiped, get the recticule over (or even near) an enemy
    and hold the left trigger to lock on to that enemy. While locked on you can
    jump around and shoot, strafe left and right, use the (B) button kick and
    choose where about you want to shoot this poor gang member that you've singled
    out. While locked on you can use the right control stick to choose where on
    their body that you want to shoot, a small symbol of a man will appear and on 
    this symbol the RED area is where your shooting at. You can choose legs, arms,
    torso or head, when you choose an area you will notice that the aiming
    recticule gets bigger and then closes in, the more closed in that it is the
    more accuracy you have. The weapons take quite a long time to lock on to the
    head area because one bullet even from a machine gun or pistol will kill the 
    character your aiming at in one shot (except Bosses). Firearms Experience
    is coloured very light blue/green.
    Colby 'Master'
    Used by the Peacekeepers and also its your starting Pistol. Semi-Automatic,
    12 Rounds before reload with 180 in stock. Its got a scope and its got a pretty
    good rate of fire and accuracy, its short range and has a decent amount of 
    power. You don’t really ever need to use it that much, so try and pick up 
    something better.
    Smithers 'Punisher'
    This is pretty much a high-tech pistol with scope, used by the Shai-Gen. Its
    semi-automatic with 16 rounds before reload and 160 in stock. Its power is
    a little lacking (like all pistols really) but it makes up for it but being just
    that little more accurate. This gun is also short range and once again if you
    have the option to pick up something better then pick the better option.
    Kokov 'Diktat'
    This is i think the worst gun in the game, this should only be used if your
    in absolute dire need of it. If not you may as well stay away from it.
    its semi automatic like the other pistols and is used by the Los Muertos gang
    members. Its got 8 rounds before reload and has 80 in stock. It also has 
    very poor power and has a pretty bad rate of fire and accuracy, once again its
    a short range weapon.
    Dempsey SO-6 'Stub'
    This is the first of the 2 shotguns in the game its semi automatic and used
    by the Los Muertos, it takes 4 shells before you need to reload it and it has
    40 in stock. One shot and very close range can instantly kill an enemy and in
    turn you can take a lot of damage if you get to close to one of these. Sadly
    it does have a slow rate of fire and pretty bad accuracy unless its used at
    very close range. Good secondary weapon early on in the game though.
    Dempsey 190 'Equalizer'
    The 2nd shot gun, its power is pretty much the same as the 1st but it just 
    seems to fire at a faster rate than the 'stub' its semi-automatic and is used
    by all 3 gangs. It has more shells before it has to reload it has 8 round and
    then 80 in stock. Sadly again it is purely a very short range weapon. 
    Ingalls X80 SMG
    The first of the 2 SMGS (Sub Machine Guns). This weapon is fully automatic and
    is used only by the Los Muertos. It has 32 rounds before reload and has 320 in
    stock, it has a good rate of fire, not so much power though. Its accuracy is
    pretty good and its a short range gun. Its ok for a secondary weapon.
    Harman MP-50
    The 2nd fully automatic SMG this time used by Volk and Shai-Gen is the MP-50.
    Its pretty much identical to the Ingalls X80. Again 32 rounds before reload
    and 320 in stock, this one however is fitted with a scope. Again a short range
    weapon that can be used as a secondary weapon.
    Colby EAR50
    This is the 2nd weapon of the Peacekeepers and also your 2nd starting weapon.
    Its a fully automatic assault rifle, its got good power and a good rate of 
    fire. The accuracy is also pretty good and its a long range weapon.
    I used this as my main weapon through all of the 1st island. Its got 32
    rounds before reload and a massive 480 in stock. It also has a fitted scope.
    Ingalls MG-60
    This gun is pretty much identical in spec to the Colby EAR50 in power, rate of
    fire and accuracy. Its used by all gangs but has less ammo capacity than the
    EAR50. It has 32 rounds before reload but 320 in stock. It is also a long
    range weapon, and can be used as your 1st weapon in the start of the game.
    Harlington HMG-90
    I just cant rate this gun highly enough, i mean it cant take out people like
    a grenade can but its defiantly the best firearm in the game. Again its fully
    automatic and used by all gangs. It has a belt of 80 rounds before reload
    and has an incredible 800 in stock. It has very good power, rate of fire and
    of course accuracy. Its a medium- long range weapon. its everything you need
    in one package this was my primary weapon for the entire game after i found it.
    Bastion SX900 'Longshot'
    This is the More powerful of the 2 sniper rifles and has amazing power. It
    fires in a single shot and bolt type round. Its used by the Peacekeepers and
    the Shai-Gen. 1 round before reload and only 10 in stock, making this gun lose
    marks. It has scope obviously but with a poor rate of fire it becomes obvious
    that its lacking somewhere. It does have amazing accuracy and a very long range
    though. I would suggest that if you want to use this weapon make sure you have
    the Harlington HMG-90 as you other weapon.
    Bastion S600 'Long Eye'
    The weaker, but better sniper in my opinion. This sniper rifle is 
    semi-automatic and used by the Los Muertos gang. It has 5 rounds before reload
    and has 20 in stock. Obviously with a scope and great power. Its rate of fire
    is ok and it has brilliant accuracy. Another very long range weapon.
    Once again i would still suggest using the HMG-90 as your other weapon.
    The Starting grenade, gets a lot better when your Explosive level goes up. Used
    by all the gangs. You get 8 at a time. All grenade type weapons in the game 
    have the same power and explosion.
    Colby 'Limpet Charge'
    They are available from all supply points in the game and are not used by 
    anyone accept you. They stick to everything except bodies and you detonate them
    by remote control, Basically throw them where you want and hold (RB) to 
    detonate. You are given 8 at a time. There just isn’t much call to use them 
    though. Same power as all other grenade type Weapons, although if all put in
    one place will create more explosions.
    Shrapnel Grenade
    This is used by the Los Muertos and releases shrapnel in the explosion to maybe
    cause some extra damage. This has the same power as all other Grenade type
    Cluster Grenade
    This is my favourite grenade in the game, the explosions look much better than
    other grenade type weapons but it has the same damage overall. Its just you 
    have more of a change to hit what your aiming for with this. Its used by the
    Shai-Gen, when it explodes it release a cluster of smaller grenades. Very fun
    9. Training Continued
    Besides the Rooftop Races, Road Races and Stunt Marker Rings this section of
    the guide will also include training suggestions from other crackdown players
    that can email me.
    Its worth just mentioning a few things in this section:
    Rooftop Races
    Those huge green tubes of light that you can see around the city are in fact
    Rooftop Races. If you stay in the green tube for 3 seconds the race with start.
    Look on your map in the bottom left to see where the next marker appears, you 
    basically have to jump around and land in all the markers. If you complete the
    race within a certain time you will receive some Green Agility Experience. 
    There are 12 in all and you can unlock an Achievement once you finish them all.
    Road Races
    Those huge purple tubes of light that you see are Road Races. As with the
    Rooftop Races if you stay in the light for 3 seconds the race will start. I 
    Would advise being in the car before you enter the light. Its exactly the same
    except you have to drive through the markers instead of jumping to them on
    the tops of buildings. And there are 14 of these Races in the game, and again
    once all are completed it will unlock an Achievement. Once you complete a race
    in the time set you will receive Purple Driving Experience.
    Stunt Marker Rings
    Also dotted around Pacific City are purple Stunt Marker Rings. But they can 
    only been seen if you are in the right position to attempt to start the jump,
    like at the bottom of a ramp or something like that. Although i have her rumours
    that you can get your friend in ONLINE CO-OP to pick you up while your in the
    car and throw you through it. It will still count as if you jumped your car
    through it, although i haven’t tried this myself but i intend to very soon.
    10. Copyright & Thanks
    -Thanks to my girlfriend Lauren Selfe for letting me sit there for 10 hours 
    ignoring her in order to play this game then the 4 hours it took to write this
    -Thanks to Kylko Angre for pointing out that on level 4 in Driving the Agency
    SUV can drive up vertical surfaces.
    -Thanks to Microsoft and Realtime Worlds for producing this brilliant game that
    was so much better than i ever thought it would be.
    -Thanks to Bungie for including the Halo 3 Beta Test Invitation in my copy of
    -Thanks to my Xbox 360 for not dieing until i had finished the main story.
    -Thanks finally to all the people that read this review to help them and trust
    in my FAQ enough to follow it and get in contact with me. If people have any
    feedback for me i would happily read it, Thank you.
    I the Samurai_King (Stewart Heddle) claim full ownership of this FAQ/Guide.
    This FAQ/Guide MAY NOT be copied, sold, distributed or used for any other 
    public purpose unless the proper permission is asked for BEFORE use.
    Copyright 2006. Samurai_King (Stewart Heddle)

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