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    Time Trial Walkthrough by neeker

    Version: 1.22 | Updated: 04/20/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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               -----------------------------------------XBOX 360
                      TIME TRIAL WALKTHROUGH v. 1.22
                                 By: neeker
                             Gamertag: neeker75
    This walkthrough can be posted on:
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    and their associates only, unless authorized by me. You may contact me 
    at lestor underscore wong at yahoo dot com for this purpose.
    FAQ thieves will be prosecuted, which involve torturing their feet 
    with a feather, sending them to the Blue Coral Club, or throwing them 
    into a mall infested with zombies. 
    Also, please note that, as with most gaming guides:
    If you're likely to get offended by spoilers, please don't use a guide.
    1. Contact Information
    2. Introduction
    3. Los Muertos Missions                                    [ CRDN001 ]
       - Jose Guerra                                           [ CRDN002 ]
       - Rodrigo Alvarez                                       [ CRDN003 ]
       - Ramon Gonzalez                                        [ CRDN004 ]
       - Violetta Sanchez                                      [ CRDN005 ]
       - Rafael Diaz                                           [ CRDN006 ]
       - Juan Martinez                                         [ CRDN007 ]
       - Don Domingo Garcia                                    [ CRDN008 ]
    4. The Volk Missions                                       [ CRDN009 ]
       - Natalya Gryzunova                                     [ CRDN010 ]
       - Igor Biragov                                          [ CRDN011 ]
       - Olga Romanova                                         [ CRDN012 ]
       - Viktor Rabotnikov                                     [ CRDN013 ]
       - Sergei Sovetnik                                       [ CRDN014 ]
       - Boris Mikhailov                                       [ CRDN015 ]
       - Vladmir Golyak                                        [ CRDN016 ]
    5. Shai-Gen Missions                                       [ CRDN017 ]
       - Mrs. Timbol                                           [ CRDN018 ]
       - Dr. Baltazar Czernenko                                [ CRDN019 ]
       - Col. Axton Cowell                                     [ CRDN020 ]
       - Vitaliy Rzeznik                                       [ CRDN021 ]
       - Thadeous Oakley                                       [ CRDN022 ]
       - Melissa Fang-Yin                                      [ CRDN023 ]
       - Zuang Lun Wang                                        [ CRDN024 ]
    6. Conclusion
    Appendix 1: Version history
    Appendix 2: Credits 
    Hi, I'm Lestor Wong. I post on GameFAQ.com/ GameSpot.com by the 
    username "neeker". Feedback for this document can be directed to 
    lestor underscore wong at yahoo dot com. You may check out my other 
    works here:
    This document is written with the intention to guide players through 
    all 21 missions in the time trial mode of the Xbox 360 free-roaming 
    shooter "Crackdown". You can take forever to complete the missions in 
    time trial, but unlike in campaign mode, each mission will be timed. 
    The aim of this article is therefore to provide, in exact details, how 
    to get to these bosses in the fastest way possible. This is especially 
    important, since the game puts much attention on platforming - taking 
    time to think about where to go next does take seconds off your timing. 
    Since the emphasis here is on speed, it'd be best if you're equipped 
    with the best weapons. I'd recommend the following combination:
    1. Harlington HMG-90
    2. Watson HE99-X Firefly
    3. Shrapnel Grenade (at least)
    You can probably get by without these, but it'd only make your task a 
    little more difficult. Remember, time is an essence in time trial.
    In addition, your agent should have maxed out at least the following:
    1. Strength
    2. Agility
    Obviously, the more, the merrier. Max firearms and explosives as well 
    if you want more bite in your attacks. 
    At the end of each mission, I'll include my personal best timings. 
    These serve nothing more than just a note of my efforts. I'm sure that 
    there are players who could do better than what I did. Please do not 
    email me to boast about your scores being better than mine. There's no 
    point. I mean, just enjoy the game.
    Jordan Prefontaine wrote in with more tips on getting faster timings. 
    Instead of using the above-mentioned weapons, he suggests to bring a  
    shotgun instead. You can reach the bosses as per most of my methods, 
    but do head-shots on them for one-shot kills using the shotgun. This 
    obviously saves you a lot of time.
    3. LOS MUERTOS MISSIONS                                    [ CRDN001 ]
    JOSE GUERRA - NIGHTCLUB                                    [ CRDN002 ]
    You begin in front of the nightclub. Run straight ahead. Jump to the 
    roof, and run all the way to the back of of the nightclub. Guerra is 
    located in the lower at the parking lot here. He's protected by lots 
    of guards, but with your strength maxed out, taking a few bullets 
    won't kill you. Yeah, the Los Muertos dudes are such weaklings.
    When you find Guerra, lock on to him, and send a rocket towards him 
    to end the story.
    I find it easiest to let ONE PERSON do all the damage. Decide before 
    starting who should go for the kill, and let this person do the above. 
    The reason is that the parking lot is generally quite congested, and 
    having both agents there may actually slow down the play - especially 
    when you mistake your partner (he has a health bar) as an enemy.
    If this is the first time you're playing with a friend, you should 
    unlock the "Double Trouble" achievement... even if you're the one 
    doing bugger all.
                                                Personal Time: 0:00:17:754
    RODRIGO ALVAREZ - SPORTS COMPLEX                           [ CRDN003 ]
    You take control at the front of the Sportiz Sports Complex. Jump over 
    the fence and get past the tennis courts. In the next area, jump over 
    to the swimming pools and get past them as well. At the end, jump past 
    the fence to the beach area. 
    Alvarez is found in an area surrounded by some rocky structures - you 
    should see him if you're jumping to the beach area from the left side 
    of the complex. He uses the Watson HE79 Grenadier, so beware the 
    flying grenades. Once you get near, lock on and send a rocket (or two) 
    to finish him off. 
    Again, I'd suggest getting one person to settle this. In fact, all of 
    Los Muertos' missions can be completed in co-op mode quickly if there 
    isn't another agent there messing it up, heh heh. But it'd be fun if  
    both of you get to Alvarez at the rocky structures and send rockets at 
    him together. 
                                               Personal Time: 0:00:20:163
    RAMON GONZALEZ - THE LIGHTHOUSE                            [ CRDN004 ]
    Gonzalez is located high up in a small balcony sticking out from the 
    top of the lighthouse. It may look imposing, but he's really easy to 
    take out. Just run straight ahead from where you begin - you may want 
    to jump over the rocks to your right from the onset to make use of a 
    small (somewhat hidden) path to avoid all manner of unfriendly fire. 
    Continue on straight ahead until you reach the foot of the lighthouse. 
    Here, jump up the rocks to the right. Keep jumping until you reach  
    somewhere near the level of Gonzalez. You may not be able to lock on 
    to him here, but if you jump up slightly and toggle your camera 
    downwards, you can quickly press LT to lock in, and RT to blast a 
    rocket at him. 
    A couple of rockets should do the trick, but at times, the explosion 
    may send him crashing down to the foot where you were earlier. If 
    that happens, jump back down and kick him to death.
    It's quite difficult to find space for two agents on the rocks where 
    you can spam rockets to Gonzalez. I suggest that one person should wait 
    at the foot just in case of any "rebounds", and let the other do the 
                                                Personal Time: 0:00:42:570
    VIOLETTA SANCHEZ - THE APARTMENTS                         [ CRDN005 ]
    Easiest kill in Los Muertos in my opinion, although not the fastest 
    due to her being rather far away from where you begin. Climb the 
    orange building right ahead to the roof, and jump down to ground 
    level at the other side. 
    If you look straight ahead, you should see a building that has three 
    orange "pillars" on its left and right. Run towards this building to 
    find some balconies to its right. You can use these to climb up to 
    the roof. 
    Here, go left, and jump up to the higher ledge to find Violetta. Don't  
    use the rocket though, since the area is small, and the explosion will 
    probably hurt you as well. Instead, close in and kick her. Once she 
    falls to the ground in pain, lock on and spam the HMG-90 rounds on her. 
    Rinse and repeat till she expires.
    A case of fastest fingers, really. Whoever reaches there first should 
    deal the damage. As for the other person, just wait. Shooting a rocket 
    at Violetta from afar will hurt your partner!
                                                Personal Time: 0:00:28:248
    RAFAEL DIAZ - THE GARAGE                                   [ CRDN006 ]
    You begin atop a mountain facing the garage. Shoot rockets at the 
    guards at the front door, and jump down to make a quick run into the 
    garage. If the gate shuts before you can get in, simply kick them 
    Diaz is right ahead of you, but the path to him is blocked by a sealed 
    door. Sending rockets towards this door seems to do nothing to open 
    it, so I'd suggest saving your rockets for the sea of enemies in this 
    Your immediate task is to concentrate on survival. Take down any guards 
    that get in your way, and use the small room next to Diaz's to take 
    cover if your health is down. Some time into the mission, the door to 
    Diaz will open. Depending on where you are, run back to the front of 
    the room, and send a rocket towards him - if you're lucky, one is all 
    that is needed to dispose him. If not, just spam a few more in.
    NOTE: Lord Leadbetter wrote that you can send rockets towards the 
    small room to the right of Diaz's room. This seems to make Diaz's door 
    open faster.
    ravens02 wrote in with an alternate method of approaching this mission 
    that yielded a 46-seconds completion. I've yet to try this out, but 
    here it goes.
    At the back (right side) of the area where Diaz is hiding, there's 
    actually an inner garage. If you examine the top of this area (do so 
    in campaign mode after you killed Diaz), you should find the interior 
    of a large horizontal pipe. This pipe is the shortcut that allows you 
    to get right into this area without going through the front door and 
    the massive enemy fire.
    From where you begin, you should be able to jump to the opposite roof 
    - take a couple of steps back and run forward to gain momentum if you 
    have to. On the roof, head towards the back of the garage. There are 
    several small buildings with pipes coming out of them, and a few dirt 
    paths behind them on the rocks (enemies' fire here, not major enough to 
    be bothered with them). Find one of the small buildings that isn't 
    connected to the others (it's the first one). You'll find a large pipe 
    here with its mouth opened. 
    Jump onto the dirt path, and then jump to the mouth of this pipe. You 
    won't be able to make it if you try to jump up from under the pipe - 
    it's too high, and you'll probably end up hanging onto a ledge below 
    it, and then finding no way up because the pipe will block you from 
    jumping up.
    Anyway, once you hang onto the mouth of the pipe, climb up, and go 
    forward while inside the pipe, and you'll eventually drop into that 
    inner garage mentioned earlier. Blow down the doors (or kick it - 
    blowing it down with rockets will hurt you as the space is congested)
    and decimate him before anyone catches on.
    NOTE: I tested this and managed to complete the mission in about 36 
    seconds. The key to success is swift, perfect movement. Be it jumping 
    to the roof, finding the pipe, jumping into it, etc. - everything must 
    be done smoothly. You should be able to hit 20+ seconds with practice. 
    If you want to use the pipe method, then I'd again suggest one person 
    doing all the work. Otherwise, just run in as a pair and wreak havoc 
    for the sake of fun. Somehow, Diaz's garage opened about 40 seconds 
    into the mayhem. My friend and I managed to toast him at just about 
    that time.
                                                Personal Time: 0:00:36:237
    JUAN MARTINEZ - HILLSIDE HOUSING                           [ CRDN007 ]
    From the beginning, run straight ahead and jump past the gates. Run 
    along the walkway - from afar, you should see a red building on the 
    left and a blue building from the right. A bridge connects these two 
    buildings, and Martinez is on this bridge.
    Run to either of these and jump up to the bridge to greet Martinez. 
    Again, due to the proximity, the rocket launcher is not a wise choice. 
    Melee him to death instead - just a few nicely place kicks in the 
    groin should send him to his maker.
    Same strategy as the Violetta mission. Fastest agent do the damage. 
    Idle agent stays idle.
                                                Personal Time: 0:00:17:853
    DON DOMINGO GARCIA - THE VILLA                             [ CRDN008 ]
    Jump past the gate from the beginning, and run along the bridge into 
    the villa. Jump up the building to the roof, and kill the guy there 
    with a well-placed rocket. Go to where he was, and look to your right 
    to find a small building with a similar kind of roof from afar. Garcia 
    is inside this building, hiding behind a bar counter.
    Jump towards the area, and take out the guards here with rockets - 
    be careful not to be too close when you fire. If you wish, you can 
    send some rockets through the door into the room where Garcia is to 
    stun him - there are some explosives inside that can severely damage 
    After that, you can simply run in and stomp the Los Muertos kingpin to 
    death with your powerful legs.
    There's actually a shorter, but more difficult to describe way to the 
    kingpin. Instead of heading up to the roof, you can go right and run 
    along the path there before jumping up to the building where Garcia 
    is. A fun way to do this in co-op is to each go one way, and then 
    flank Garcia from the outside. Spam rockets from the different doors 
    and hope for the best. If he still doesn't die, let one person go in 
    to do the kicking.
                                                Personal Time: 0:00:41:415
    ----------------------------------------------------- LOS MUERTOS: END
    4. THE VOLK MISSIONS                                       [ CRDN009 ]
    NATALYA GRYZUNOVA - THE OBSERVATORY                        [ CRDN010 ]
    It takes all but 11 seconds to dispose Natalya. Seriously. Jump up 
    and across the rocks to the right when you begin, and you'll find her 
    in front a building. Spam rockets to end her plight.
    One agent to do the above. 
                                                Personal Time: 0:00:10:989
    IGOR BIRAGOV - TRANSPORT DEPOT                             [ CRDN011 ]
    From the start, go straight ahead and down. Enter "City Couche", go 
    straight, and jump up to the second level (yellow floor) - make sure 
    that you jump up at the first ledge, which is near to the door. 
    On the second level, go left all the way, and then right all the way. 
    Beware of the explosives here - at times, enemy fire may trigger a 
    chain explosive reaction that takes out a large chunk of health, and 
    time, away from you.
    Past the explosives, turn right to find a corridor that is separated 
    by a grey wall. Biragov should be behind this wall, so run behind and 
    kick/ shoot combo him to death. Sometimes, he will run out to the 
    corridor (depending on when you reach him, I presume). Just repeat 
    the kick/ shoot combo, since rocket explosives may richochet off the 
    walls here back to you.
    I'd still subscribe to the fastest finger tactic for this one. The 
    space is too congested if your partner try to shoot rockets from afar. 
                                                Personal Time: 0:00:30:723
    OLGA ROMANOVA - THE QUARRY                                 [ CRDN012 ]
    Run straight ahead and get into the quarry from its front entrance. 
    Once in, go all the way in (forward) until you reach the rocks area. 
    Turn left, and run/ jump past the mud-colored, cone-shaped structures
    onto the mud path. Continue forward until you can jump up to the upper 
    ledge on your right. 
    Up here, turn right, and take out the guards (at least two) with 
    rockets. Run forward (you're essentially running back towards the 
    direction you came from, but this time on higher grounds) until you 
    find the entrance to a cave on the left.
    Olga and her very powerful bodyguards are in this cave, together with 
    plenty of explosives. Go into the cave a little, and shoot a rocket 
    into it. Quickly retreat, and then repeat the process a few times. 
    You may want to lock on to some goons when shooting the rockets.
    This should clear the cave a little, if not completely, of explosives 
    and guards. Go in now, and quickly kick/ shoot Olga to death.
    Do the usual until you reach the cave (remember to clear the enemies 
    outside the cave before engaging). Take turns to go into the cave and 
    spam a couple of rockets (try to aim at explosives or guards, but you 
    may not even need to). When one person is doing so, the other can take 
    a breather and recuperate. When the coast is clear, go in for the 
                                                Personal Time: 0:00:54:087
    VIKTOR RABOTNIKOV - WEAPONS DUMP                            [ CRDN013 ]
    This dude is hard to get to quickly without taking some hits, which is 
    why maxed strength is required. Run straight ahead from the onset and 
    down the ramp. Jump to the next three platforms (the last one has two 
    containers on it), and take the right path. 
    Don't go all the way, however. Instead, after running to the right 
    a little, jump into the water and swim towards the building. The 
    reason that you should avoid jumping immediately into the water is to 
    minimize water contact - guards do launch grenades (the Volk dudes 
    have the Watson HE99 Hothead, which is quite powerful), and in the 
    water, it's hard to dodge them.
    Anyhow, swim your way towards the building, and jump up to the 
    structures near it. Use the structure to launch yourself towards the 
    Run straight ahead now until you find a staircase to the left. Use it 
    halfway, and then quickly propel yourself to the other side (with the 
    yellow/ khaki walls). Climb up, and go straight ahead to find an 
    alcove with lots of explosives (and enemies). 
    Ignore them all, and instead use the stairs to the left to go up. 
    When you're reaching the top, jump up and turn around to find the 
    guards protecting Rabotnikov. Kill them all, and then approach the man 
    for the finale. It's quite difficult to take them all down without 
    losing health. If you need cover, jump to the rocks on the left and 
    hide behind them for a breather.
    An alternate method of doing this is to simply avoid the front of the 
    weapons dump. Instead, jump into the water on the left where you start, 
    and swim/ jump all the way to the back of the island. Jump up near the 
    rocks where you see some sort of a building structure embedded to reach 
    where Rabotnikov is. You can now use the jump-lock on-rocket trick to 
    finish him. This is the most painless way to do this mission. The 
    downside is, the swimming distance is just too long, and timing will 
    (almost) definitely be affected. 
    I'd suggest a two-pronged attack on this one. One agent should do the 
    frontal assault, while the other use the swimming method. Spam rockets 
    from your respective directions to cause confusion.
                                                Personal Time: 0:01:25:932
    SERGEI SOVETNIK - THE REFINERY                             [ CRDN014 ]
    Puzzle-solving boss fight - a rarity in Crackdown. From the start, 
    run straight ahead into the refinery. You should see Sovetnik on the 
    second level of a building. Jump up to the foot of that building - 
    you should see a (large) orange horizontal pipe above. Jump onto it, 
    and from it, jump to the third level of Sovetnik's building. 
    Go the right side of the walkway, and face the building opposite - 
    if you call the map now, your position arrow should be facing north/ 
    northwest. You should find two large red exclamation mark icon on 
    this building. One of them is on the same level as you. Send a rocket 
    towards it, and quickly run back to near the pipe area to avoid the 
    resulting explosion richochets. 
    Go back to face the building again. This time, look up to find the 
    second exclamation mark. Again, shoot a rocket at it, and run back to 
    the other side to hide.
    From here, jump to the series of three orange horizontal pipes - this 
    is the hardest to get it right. Look ahead (on the map, you're facing 
    south) to find another exclamation mark. Rocket it as well.
    NOTE: Sovetnik has locked himself inside the room in the second level 
    of this building. You can't get in unless you destroy the three 
    exclamation marks, which results in explosions in his room. He'll then 
    take an elevator up to the roof.
    Still on the pipe, jump up to the highest level of the building. From 
    here, you can continue up to the roof. Sovetnik would have taken an 
    elevator up to the roof now. Take down his guards (you can simply 
    kick the three of them down from the roof), and spam a few rockets 
    into the elevator to finish him off. 
    Sovetnik may run out of the elevator, but that shouldn't be a problem 
    if you dispose his guards quickly. Just kick/ shoot him to death. 
    One agent should concentrate on doing all the shooting of the red 
    exclamation marks, while the other should just find his way up to the 
    boss quickly. If the second agent can reach the top before the marks 
    are destroyed, he can basically wait at the entrance to the elevator, 
    and blast Sovetnik to shreads when the door opens.
                                                Personal Time: 0:01:25:899
    BORIS MIKHAILOV - THE DOCKS                                [ CRDN015 ]
    This is an easy mission. Run straight ahead into the docks, and 
    continue straight on. You'll have to run/ jump past some obstacles, 
    which include vehicles, explosives and falling crates. Ignore the 
    theatrics though, since they're pretty easy to avoid. 
    Keep running forward until you see the ship. Now, with 4-star agility, 
    I know it's tempting to try jumping to the ship from ground level. 
    Don't. You'll never reach it. Instead, at the turn, go left to the 
    large yellow structure. Jump up the lowest level of the structure 
    at the side nearer to the ship (obviously). 
    From here, you can jump to the ship. Make sure, however, that you jump 
    right onto the bridge (yellow railings) on the ship. Climb up, go 
    left, and take the stairs there up all the way. You should find a room 
    on the left, where Mikhailov is.
    From outside, shoot a rocket inside and quickly take cover. This 
    should stun him (lots of explosives in the room). Run in to put the 
    icing on the cake.
    Shooting rockets from outside Mikhailov's room is quite dangerous if 
    your partner is around. I've died from friendly fire here before. I 
    think you should just improvise on this one. 
                                                Personal Time: 0:00:49:830
    VLADMIR GOLYAK - THE OIL RIG                               [ CRDN016 ]
    In my opinion, this is the toughest boss fight in the entire game. 
    Regardless of whether you attack the oil rig from the front or back, 
    the platforming is frustrating to do. The enemies also never seem to 
    stop respawning, and there aren't many places to take cover. My timing 
    of 13 minutes more or less sums up the whole situation. 
    This doesn't mean that my proposed route to victory isn't effective 
    though. The execution, however, needs precision. I chose to attack 
    from the back, so jump straight ahead into the sea, and swim/ jump the 
    distance to the pod-like structure from afar. It'd probably take you 
    25-30 seconds to reach the back door.
    Once there, climb up and kick the guard outside into the sea. Go into 
    the structure, and quickly rocket the guards on the left and right 
    (total of three guards) to eternity. 
    Jump high up to the upper left platform. Turn around to find an upper 
    right platform. Jump high towards it. You should find another upper 
    right platform here. Jump towards it as well. You should now reach a 
    series of four colored, horizontal pipes. 
    Climb out, and go left. Enemies will start attacking you, so either 
    kill them all with your HMG-90, or simply make the dash for the 
    stairs here. Since it's a rounded structure, running along the 
    corridor will eventually lead to a flight of stairs. Continue to run 
    on corridors and take the next available stairs up. When you reach an 
    intersection with two flights of stairs up, use the right one.
    At the top, go left, right and then right again to reach an area with 
    a flight of copper-colored stairs. Go up, and then use the left stairs 
    in front to go up. 
    Turn around (that is, left, and then left again) and run to the back 
    of this area to find another stairs leading up. Go up all the way. 
    Alternatively, you can also jump up at the top of the copper-colored 
    stairs to reach the area leading to this other stairs. You can avoid 
    the guards near the left stairs in front this way. This saves some 
    time - not much, but time nonetheless. 
    NOTE: Plenty of enemies greet you during the last two paragraphs. Best 
    place to take cover is just on top of the flight of copper-colored 
    stairs, but it's not 100% foolproof. Beware of incessant grenades.
    Here, go left to use the next available stairs up to the ground with 
    some yellow linings. Take the stairs up there, and climb the container 
    behind you to find Golyak. 
    The rest should be history.
    I vow to score a better timing the next time I play this - I had to 
    regenerate a few times after being killed, which added to the timing. 
    If you do the above right without dying, I reckon you should be able 
    to clear the level in about three-four minutes.
    Jordan Prefontaine has another tip for this mission. He prefers to do 
    the frontal assault by running on the pipes and jumping towards 
    Golyak's location. Obviously, you've to be very good at balancing your 
    character, so that he doesn't fall into the water while on the pipes. 
    You do have to fire at least one rocket at the guys on the bridge 
    after the first pipe. Once you reach the main building, simply run all 
    the way up to the boss for the kill. He can complete this mission in 
    slightly over a minute!
    This mission is hard, even when two agents take it on. I'd suggest 
    both to do the swim-to-the-back method, and then stay close at all 
    times to deal with the waves of enemies. Cover each other as much as 
    possible, and as you're approaching the top, let one person go up to 
    kill Golyak. The other person should look out for surrounding enemies.
                                                Personal Time: 0:13:16:224
    -------------------------------------------------------- THE VOLK: END
    5. SHAI-GEN MISSIONS                                       [ CRDN017 ]
    MRS. TIMBOL - HUMAN REALTY, INC.                           [ CRDN018 ]
    From where you begin, jump up to the platform above the Chinese words. 
    Go up one more level. Next, jump to the left and propel yourself to 
    the right into the enemy area. 
    Run forward quickly and jump up to the green roofs. Go right and run 
    towards the glass roofs. You should be able to see Timbol now, hidden 
    inside the glass-surrounded building. Drop down at the end of the 
    glass roof - you're now at the "back door" of where Timbol is.
    Kill the enemies here, and kick the gate blocking access to her room 
    away. As usual, send a few rockets into the room to cause chaos (and 
    death to some guards, hopefully) before running in for the kill.
    The tricky part in doing this mission in solo is at the "back door" - 
    enemies may randomly appear while you're trying to break the door down 
    or taking cover. Let one agent break the door, and the other checking 
    the surroundings. Run in together for the kill.
                                                Personal Time: 0:01:31:707
    DR. BALTAZAR CZERNENKO - PCN RESEARCH                      [ CRDN019 ]
    Word of caution: Beware the FREAKS!
    From the start, go forward to the red bricks building. Go right here, 
    and jump past the gate. Go left next to find a door that leads to 
    Czernenko's lab. If, when jumping past the gate, you happen to land on 
    the a walkway above ground level, you should also go left - you should 
    find this door leading to the lab quite clearly from above.
    You're now in a large, circular area. You can either take the stairs 
    up, or jump up to the highest level. Czernenko is experimenting on 
    some kind of freaks known as... freaks. Upon your infiltration, the 
    freaks will be released, and they can hurt you badly. Avoid/ kill them 
    at all costs.
    Once you reach the highest level, run along the corridor until you 
    reach the final flight of stairs up to Czernenko's lab. Kick the gate
    blocking the door away, and go in to take out Czernenko. It'd be wise 
    to finish off the two (or three, I can't remember) bodyguards first 
    being you take on the boss though.
    Ideally, both of you should be in Czernenko's lab spamming rockets. 
    But, flying rockets and all have caused me to die from friendly fire 
    here as well. So, I guess the best way to do this in co-op is to take 
    turns to go into the room for the kill. Get out of the room to take 
    cover when one party's health is down. 
    Beware the freaks, of course.
                                                Personal Time: 0:01:13:293
    COL. AXTON COWELL - CENTRAL POINT                          [ CRDN020 ]
    Once you begin, run to the left until you can jump up to higher 
    ground. Go right to find the entrance to Cowell's building. It'd 
    probably be advisable to send a rocket towards the guards that are 
    right in front of the building - this kills them, as well as bomb the 
    sealed gates to the entrance to pieces.
    Get into the building, and take out the enemies in your way. Go 
    forward until you reach the lift - you should find a blue icon on the 
    ground. Stand over it, and press Y to open the lift door. Enter.
    Inside the lift, there's another blue icon on the ground. Use it to 
    send the lift up into Cowell's den. It takes forever to reach the top, 
    but it's a perfect time to recharge your shields.
    Once up, get out of the lift, and go left to use the ramps all the way 
    up. At the top, you should find an opening to the left that leads to 
    the outside. Outside, look to your left or right to find some ledges 
    on the walls. Use them to jump up to the higher platforms. 
    Be careful when you're approaching the top, as the guards will throw 
    barrels at you. Take out all the guards on this level, and jump up to 
    the circular structure nearby. Cowell is inside this struture.
    I'll leave the execution to your imagination.
    The action that slows down timing in co-op in this one is when one 
    agent goes up in the lift before the other. When the other agent hits 
    the lift and try calling for the lift, the one in the lift (on his way 
    up) will find that it'll go down again. Just make sure both of you 
    take the lift TOGETHER, in ONE ATTEMPT, and the rest should be easy. 
                                                Personal Time: 0:02:32:922
    Run straight into the building ahead. At the turn, go right and run 
    straight ahead again - be very quick, or shields will be erected to 
    block your path. At the next turn, go left.
    NOTE: If a shield blocks your way, blast it with rockets. Many times.
    Also, if you're playing co-op, you may find that the shields are 
    already up before you even run into the building. Damn.
    Ignore the guards here, and go left again. You should soon reach a 
    flight of ramps on the right. Once again, disregard the guards, and 
    instead run up the ramps. Continue to go up ramps until you find a 
    flight of stairs to the right of the room.
    At the top, you should find yet another one of those sealed gates. 
    Send a rocket towards it (from afar, eg. on the stairs itself) to 
    blast the gates open and take down some of the guards behind the gates 
    as well. 
    Run into the room to find a ramp (lighted floor). Use it to go up to 
    where Rzeznik is. If you've only used one rocket so far, you can lock 
    on to him, and spam four servings of the firefly to him for his 
    dying pleasure.
    I mentioned earlier that shields will definitely be up before you run 
    into the building. Either blast them, or use the exterior of the 
    building to make your way up to the ramps area. While doing this, you 
    may hit a glass-made corridor that leads you all the way to Rzeznik's 
    office, without having to blast the sealed gate thing.
                                                Personal Time: 0:00:58:080
    THADEOUS OAKLEY - PCN EXPO                                 [ CRDN022 ]
    It's easy to find Oakley, but it's not that easy to take him down. 
    From the beginning, jump over the "Expo Center" logo, and run towards 
    the dome-shaped structure. Jump all the way uo to the roof, and get 
    down to the back of the building.
    Drop down to ground level, and you should find a locked door. Kick it 
    away, and get into the Expo Center. There is a bridge nearby that 
    leads to the stairs, so find it, and run on it into the next area 
    (yellow and red carpet).
    Once in, turn left to face the guards. I'd suggest retreating to the 
    right of the room before turning back to rocket/ shoot them. Clear the 
    next few rooms to the left in similar fashion until you reach the last 
    Here, you should find a door (to the right) leading to the stairs up. 
    Run up this flight of stairs (it's like a roundabout) to the end. 
    There are plenty of goons here, and they pack some awesome firepower. 
    I'd suggest ignoring them if you want a faster timing - you can, if 
    you quickly jump up to the second level above. 
    There are a few stairs leading down to doors that are dead ends on this 
    level - they're perfect for taking cover. Just take note that guards 
    will spawn from the doors from time to time, so be careful not to get 
    caught out.
    Oakley is hiding on the level above you. If you run around the 
    corridors, you should eventually see a ledge that you can jump onto. 
    This ledge is basically the walkway that Oakley is on. Just jump up 
    and do the usual kick/ HMG combo on him. 
    NOTE: Many thanks to pinxponx for showing this method to me during 
    our co-op session. 
    If you find it difficult to jump up to him, or find the specific 
    ledge to jump to, you may want to use the stairs for cover, and wait 
    patiently for him to appear on the higher level - he's running from 
    left to right, right to left above. Make sure you've five rounds on 
    the firefly to use.
    When he appears, quickly lock on to him, and spam rockets towards his 
    direction. Hopefully, the first two rockets will stun him enough for 
    you to finish the job. If you don't spam four to five rockets towards 
    him at fast pace, he'll run away to hide, and in the process, regain 
    health. Which is why, if you don't have a load of five rounds in the 
    firefly, fire some away until the firefly reloads. 
    This method, obviously, is much slower as compared to the jumping up 
    Take turns to clear the enemies in the rooms with yellow and red 
    carpet - try to use the SMG here so as your partner doesn't get toasted 
    by any ricochets. At the top, get one agent to jump up to kick Oakley 
    to death. The space is too tight for too many people up there.
    Alternatively, both of you may want to stay in the stairs area, wait 
    for Oakley to appear on top, and then spam rockets at him together. 
    You can then spend the next eternity arguing who planted the final 
    blow, heh.
                                                Personal Time: 0:01:11:253
    MELISSA YIN-FANG - THE KNOWLEDGE BANK                      [ CRDN023 ]
    Run forward and jump up to the upper platform. Use the stairs on the 
    right to go up. Up here, go right to use the next flight of stairs at 
    the far end to go up to the next level.
    At the top, turn left and follow the linear path past some bridges 
    and walkways until you find the next available stairs up - it's the 
    one on the light green/ cyan walls, and has a satellite dish on it. 
    You can send some rockets towards the guards above to clear the path 
    before you run up. 
    NOTE: Before you reach this satellite dish, you should have gone past 
    another platform with a satellite dish - don't be mistaken!
    Here, you can find a small opening behind the satellite dish. Go 
    through it. If you need to take cover, there are alcoves to the left 
    and right of this small tunnel. 
    Straight ahead is where Melissa resides. From within the tunnel, you 
    you should see a guard firing at you near the door. Show him who's 
    boss by sending a few rockets to the general direction of this door. 
    The rockets should kill a few guards, and cause a large amount of 
    damages and fear. 
    Run/ jump into the room next, and take the nearby stairs all the way 
    up to find Melissa. Kick/ HMG her to oblivion.
    You can infiltrate the building individually, but at the area just 
    before Melissa's whereabouts, wait for your partner in the alcove. Spam 
    some rockets together into her area, and then go in together for the 
    kill. At the top, both of you can SMG her to oblivion. Just keep the 
    tempo up and you should be fine.
                                                Personal Time: 0:01:57:975
    ZUANG LUN WANG - THE TOWER                                  [ CRDN022 ]
    Wang is not hard, but getting it up... I mean, getting up to him, is.
    ... Ok, I promise, no more wang jokes. 
    Anyway, from the start, go up the stairs ahead, and head left. You 
    should see some windows to the right of the "Epicenter" building. Use 
    these to climb all the way up (using the column of windows that are 
    closest to the left). 
    At the top, jump up to the roof. Jump to the right for another roof. 
    Now, face the building opposite (it's the one with light blue windows) 
    to find some ledges in the middle. Jump towards the lowest ledge, and 
    continue to jump up until you reach solid ground.
    From here, go right until you find a room to the left. Go in, and use 
    the stairs at the far end to go up. You should now be in an area that 
    has some large, hanging, er... things? They're gold in color, so you 
    shouldn't miss them.
    Your aim is to jump onto the upper walkway, but even at level 4 
    agility, it's impossible to do a direct jump. Instead, run forward to 
    the wall at the far end and jump onto the ledge on it. Shimmy to the 
    left, and then jump up before hurling yourself onto the upper level. 
    Enemies are patrolling this walkway, so you may want to show them some 
    rockets. Use the walls to take cover. Should be easy. You can, of 
    course, ignore them if you want to save time.
    In any case, just run along this level until you find the next flight 
    of stairs up. Go up to the next level. If you run along this corridor, 
    you'll find that there are no more stairs up. A dead end? Not really. 
    Remember those golden hanging, er, things? Jump on top of one of them, 
    and look around. You should find another, almost hidden, walkway 
    that's just above the level where you've just jumped to the whatever-
    it-is from. 
    Jump from thing to thing until you reach that walkway (reminiscent of 
    the Prince of Persia series). You can use the flight of stairs to go 
    up into the next area.
    Go to the far end to find yet another stairs. Go up to the very 
    Chinese martial art movies style area. Many guards are here as well, 
    but I'd simply run past them - run forward, right, and then to the far 
    end to find the last flight of stairs for this tower.
    Take a breather here if you're heavily wounded. Once ready, go around 
    the rocks on the right and look up - it's Wang, on top of some pagoda/ 
    temple thing! Lock on to his bodyguards on the same walkway, and spam 
    the rockets. This should take care of them. 
    Now, lock on to Wang and spam rockets towards him. He'll be dead in no 
    time. At times, the explosion may cause him to fall down to ground 
    level. If that happens, you may want to run up to him and maul him to 
    If you've been extremely generous with the rockets earlier, and find 
    yourself running out of them at this point in time, you can still 
    kill Wang. Run into this area to find a lower pagoda thing, which you 
    can jump onto its roof. Jump towards Wang's tower from here, kick his 
    guards down to the lower level, and plummet Wang to his demise with 
    the kick/ HMG combo.
    At times, Wang will hide in an alcove, and won't appear on screen for 
    you to bomb from afar. Do the lower pagoda thing and jump up to his 
    level to take him down.
    Lord Leadbetter wrote in with an alternate method of beating the Wang. 
    Ok, ok. Really, no more Wang jokes. Anyway, this one requires the 
    perfection of the "jump glitch" of the game. I've not tried this yet, 
    but here's his strategy.
    From where you begin, go up the stairs as usual. Instead of going left, 
    go right, past his building. Go up the small flight of stairs here and 
    you should be at an apartment building. Scale this building's balconies 
    At the top, look in the direction of Wang's tower. On the left side, 
    there should be a lower side of a tall building, and on the right, an 
    oval-shaped building with red ledges on it. Jump to the lower side of 
    the tall building, and then proceed to the oval building to hang onto 
    the red ledges. You can now ascend this building. 
    Once at the top, you'll face the hardest part of this route. First off, 
    you'll find the following items on the roof of the red-ridged building:
    - cinder block
    - girder x 2
    - pipe bundle
    There's a large crack/ opening in Wang's building that is about 45ft 
    above and 50ft in front of you. You'll need to pick any one of the 
    above items to perform a "jump glitch". With the object in hand, jump. 
    At full height, release the item by using RT. Once the item is about 
    you leave your hands, press A (hard) to another another high jump into 
    the crack/ opening. 
    Proceed left down this gap to get into one of the main rooms of the 
    tower. You can now proceed upward to the room with the golden hanging 
    thing that will eventually lead to Wang's location.
    Lord Leadbetter managed to do all the above in 1:51:280!
    In my co-op experience when playing this level, I find that my friends 
    tend to lose their way while infiltrating Wang's tower. Just make sure 
    both of you get the directions right. It's ideal that both of you are 
    together when you take on Wang. Keep the rockets flying from that 
    "comfort zone" (top of stairs leading to Wang's area). Improvise if 
    need be if Wang falls down from the top/ hides in the alcove. 
    It may be beneficial to kill all the guards above together first to 
    reduce enemies fire.
    If this is the first time you're playing with a friend, you would have 
    unlock the "Tag Teamer" achievement.
                                                Personal Time: 0:03:27:000
    -------------------------------------------------------- SHAI-GEN: END
    And you're done.
    Comments/ feedback/ alternative strategies for faster timing (in 
    details, please) are welcomed. Unfair criticisms/ Wang-beating time 
    comparisons are not. I may not answer every email (too many guides, 
    too little time), but rest assured that I do read them all.
    I'm particularly looking for:
    - quicker ways (offering alternate solutions) to complete missions.
    - quick co-op methods.
    Meanwhile, I'm going back to the game for achievements. See you at 
    Crackdown 2.
    Version 1.00: Guide completed. (3/3)
    Version 1.01: Fixed some typos and sentence structures to better 
    explain some situations. Offered some alternative methods of doing 
    things on some missions. (3/5)
    Version 1.02: Fixed more typos. More alternate methods. (3/6)
    Version 1.10: Major updates with alternate strategies for Diaz, Oakley 
    and Wang (see credits). (3/7)
    Version 1.11: Amended alternate strategies for Diaz (error). Add tip to 
    make Diaz's door open faster (see credits). (3/8)
    Version 1.20: Co-op tips added for the various missions - not actual 
    walkthroughs, only some pointers. Faster Diaz time posted. (3/15)
    Version 1.21: Added co-op tip (very brief) on Natalya Gryzunova, which 
    I missed earlier. Fixed some typos and sentence structures. (3/22)
    Version 1.22: Add tip to one-shot killing bosses and alternate method 
    for Golyak (see credits). (4/20)
    Microsoft/ Realtime Worlds
    sketzombie (first "Tag Teamer")
    Vesperal One (second)
    pinxponx (third, Oakley tip, tutor for "Stunt Driver" and car thrower 
    for "Timed Stunt Driver, - you're awesome, dude)
    ravens02 (Diaz tip)
    Lord Leadbetter (Diaz and Wang tip)
    Jordan Prefontaine (Head-shooting bosses and Golyak tip)
    ASCII Generator (@ http://www.network-science.de/ascii/)
    Copyright Lestor Wong 2007. 

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