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Crackdown- One of the BEST games out there.. 02/22/07 AnInsaneGuy
Severely lacking depth, this sandbox is smaller than it looks. 06/26/07 Billkwando_X
Surprise hit of the Spring. Not just The Halo3 Beta with Crackdown. 07/09/07 BrokenDreams13
Crackdown More than just a Halo 3 Beta Pack-In. 03/12/07 darkside_tanro
It may not be GTA, but it's still pretty damn fun (Review for offline mode only) 02/22/07 Disrespected
Halo 3 Beta featuring Crackdown! 02/26/07 illisium
Justice at its best. 09/01/09 ItsTheSasquatch
Crackdown on Physics 02/22/07 Kass9191
Crackdown: don't buy it for just the beta key! 02/21/07 lastfirstborn
Great while it lasts, but it won't last long 06/15/07 magical cow
This game was specifically made for pro gamers, a MUST buy! 06/29/07 Magmus2
A good open-ended shooter. 02/22/07 Mechsaurian
Can you handle my problems agent? 02/21/07 Npeaen
Grand Theft Auto Meets the Matrix 09/19/07 Oni Chikara
Not just Another GTA Clone 02/26/07 Oriik
Like an average movie, come in with low expectations, and you'll be pleasantly surprised. 03/12/07 PoPPiP
I just cant put the Crack-Down!!!!!!!! 02/21/07 protools1983
Very Adictive Sandbox Game 02/04/08 rolltide19921
Crackdown will never let you come down. 02/26/07 ryuishero
Crackdown: A Fun Version of GTA 05/31/07 Scr33mingL3mur
Crackdown is fun, but it's just not all that it could have been 07/25/07 Tomdogg
A story to short plagues a great game. 02/26/07 trick67
Crackdown!! meh... 03/05/07 videovisionary
A fun take on the GTA style, but limited in length. 06/06/07 WADark
Whatever it lacks, it makes up for it with fun factor 04/30/07 wolverinefan
Crackdown - A great game for every Xbox 360 collection. 02/23/07 Xboxed in

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