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    FAQ/Walkthrough by FeralBerserker

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          Feral's Walkthrough for Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway (PC)
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     The Small Print................................................[FG16]
                            INTRODUCTION [FG01]
    Brother's in Arms: Hell's Highway is what I call a first person team 
    based tactical shooter. You'll take control of the main character of the 
    story, Matt Baker, and command one to three teams on your path down 
    Hell's Highway. While the game features innovative new ideas, it could 
    have easily been a groundbreaking title to add to the list of great 
    games of the past. Of course, I feel the ideas were poorly executed, 
    greatly hindering the success and enjoyability of this game. 
    This guide will cover a few different things, including a description of 
    the controls, advice on how to control your teams, some tips and tricks 
    to boost your combat efficiency, a weapons/equipment list and a 
    general walkthrough from the game's first mission to it's last mission. 
    It will be released as a finished product, and will not be updated any 
    further. Note that this guide is made for the PC version of the game. 
    While many parts of the game will be similar on multiple platforms, it 
    is not guaranteed that they are. Keep this in mind if you aren't playing 
    the PC version. 
    It should also be added that I don't know where all the Kilroys or Recon 
    Points are, nor do I know what obtaining all of them does. So if that's 
    the information you're looking for, then I can't help you at all. 
                            THE CONTROLS [FG02]
    The basic controls are similar to most First Person Shooters that are 
    released for the PC. Other than that, there are a few new and innovative 
    controls for BiA:HH. The controls I list are the default settings upon 
    game installation. The binding of keys can be customized to your 
    W, A, S, D - These will cover movement. A and D keys will normally 
    strafe, but if you are sprinting then they will slowly turn the 
    character (in other words, you cannot strafe while sprinting). 
    Mouse 1 (Left Mouse) - Fire weapon.
    Mouse 2 (Right Mouse) - Command your team. Holding in Mouse 2 will bring 
    up a movement ring that you can move around. When you release Mouse 2, 
    the selected team will either move to that location, or lay down some 
    fire on the target. 
    Mouse 3 (Middle Mouse) or Z - Iron Sights. This shoulders your weapon 
    and allows you to look down the iron sights. It improves your accuracy 
    greatly, and should be used often (if not every time you fire your 
    F - Throw grenade. Hold in F to bring up a targeting ring, when you 
    release the F key you will throw a grenade at the targeted location. 
    Tapping F will toss a grenade quickly. Grenades can blow up some forms 
    of cover, including sandbags. 
    1 - Select Base of Fire. Selects your Base of Fire team, if you have one 
    2 - Select Special Team. Selects your Special team, if you have one 
    available. Special teams are either MG teams, or Bazooka teams. 
    3 - Select Assault. Selects your Assault team, if you have one 
    Q - Dig In. Dig in means to hug a flat, smooth object in order to secure 
    better cover. While you are dug in you can hold the appropriate strafe 
    key to hop out and fire at the enemy. If you are behind low cover (about 
    waist height), you can press the W key to stand and fire at your 
    enemies. Letting go of "W" will return you to your dug in position. 
    E - Use/Reload/Get. Pretty self explanatory. You'll either activate 
    objects (set satchel charges), pick up equipment, or reload your weapon 
    based on the context of the situation when you press the E key. 
    R - Reload. This reloads your weapon. Easy peasy.
    X - Tactical Map. Press the X key to bring up your tactical map, which 
    will show you a brief layout of the combat area as well as your current 
    objective. If you've discovered any Killroys or Recon Points they will 
    be displayed on your tactical map. 
    C - Crouch. Crouching allows you better accuracy and often better cover, 
    but you will move slower while crouched. 
    TAB - Select Team/Fall In (Hold). This will select which team you are 
    currently giving orders to. Pressing tab will cycle through the teams, 
    and holding tab in will order the selected team to fall in. Once your 
    soldiers fall in they will follow you around. 
    LEFT SHIFT - Switch Weapons. This will switch your weapons, which can 
    also be done by using your mouse wheel. 
    SPACEBAR - Sprint/Vault. Sprinting is a good way to avoid dangerous open 
    areas, and is also a good way to quickly flank your enemies. If you 
    sprint towards an object that is at waist height (like many fences, 
    sandbags or other objects) you will vault over it. 
                        CONTROLLING YOUR TEAMS [FG03]
    MG Team: The MG team consists of a heavy MG, a submachine gun, and a 
    rifleman. The symbol for an MG team is the standard bar from a military 
    coat of arms. They are ideal for laying down suppressing fire or 
    providing a fire-point for the enemies, which can act as a distraction 
    while you move to flank them. 
    Assault Team: An Assault team will have mostly submachine guns, and is 
    recommended for flanking the enemy. I find they are better used for 
    suppressing fire, as they have fairly poor accuracy. The Assault team 
    can hit the enemy with grenades when fighting at close range. Their 
    symbol is an up arrow. 
    Bazooka Team: The Bazooka team has a submachine gun, a rifleman, and, 
    obviously, someone with a bazooka. The main purpose of this team is to 
    take out enemy cover (from wooden fences to sandbags), elevated MGs, and 
    other various objective related objects (like 88 mm artillery, or supply 
    trucks). Like any other team, they can also provide suppressing fire. 
    The symbol for a Bazooka team is a slash sign. 
    Base of Fire Team: The Base of Fire team, or BoF team as I will usually 
    call them, is more or less the same as the Assault team. The only 
    difference I know of is that the BoF team can't use grenades at close 
    range. The symbol for the BoF team is the symbol used to represent 
    battalions in old warfare planning (it's something like an upside down 
    There are just a few basic rules to controlling your teams. First of 
    all, spread them out to form something of a line. This way the enemy 
    will spread their fire around and be less likely to hit someone, as well 
    as less likely to flank anyone. Most of the time your team will fire at 
    an enemy even if you don't specifically tell them to. However, when you 
    order a team to target a specific enemy they will do so until that enemy 
    is deceased. 
    You should always give your MG team the best positioning, usually behind 
    a waist high wall so they can deploy their MG. Assault and BoF teams 
    should be used as vanguards, and the Bazooka team should either be 
    baby-sat by you, or kept in the back in order to keep them safe from 
    harm. Losing your Bazooka team means you'll have to use satchel charge 
    to destroy any objectives that require explosives. The satchel charges 
    aren't bad, but losing the ability to instantly take out an elevated MG 
    (which the Bazooka team can do) is a bad thing. 
    I recommend sending most your teams away from you when combat starts, if 
    not all your teams. They will get in your way a lot, and are not very 
    friendly. For example, they will steal your cover on occassion, leaving 
    you high and dry in the middle of a firefight. If someone has to die, 
    it's better them than you. 
    That's pretty much all there is to know about your teams. If you don't 
    know how to control them, read the controls section of this FAQ or your 
    game manual. If you still don't understand, play the game with tutorials 
                           TIPS AND TRICKS [FG04]
    I don't have many tips and tricks, since I didn't really need any. This 
    is more general advice than anything else. So here is my very short list 
    of things to remember. 
    *Taking out a stubborn 88 - All your teams dead and you got an 88 
    pounding down on you? Take some solid cover behind a brick wall and wait 
    until it fires. Immediately after you'll have to sprint to it (avoid 
    vaulting, it's supposed to be quick but it actually slows you down a 
    lot) and get around it's side. Make sure you have a gun that's effective 
    at close range in your hands and mow down any surrounding infantry, 
    including the Germans on the 88. After that it's a piece of cake, just 
    place your satchel charge and get out of the area before it detonates. 
    *Use your grenades - Missions in this game are very short, and 6 
    grenades is usually enough to last the entire mission if you use them 
    only for nasty areas where enemies have great cover. You can destroy the 
    enemy's cover and kill several enemy soldiers with one grenade. If you 
    run out of grenades and really want more, there are usually amoo drops 
    on every mission. 
    *Utilize your Bazooka team - The Bazooka team is the most versatile and 
    useful team you will have at your disposal. They can destroy enemy 
    cover, eliminate elevated MGs, destroy any objectives that require 
    explosives, and provide suppressing fire. You should be destroying enemy 
    cover with your Bazooka team whenever it causes you problems. Don't 
    forget this. 
    *Utilize your MG team - An MG team is very good at either suppressing 
    enemies, or destroying wooden cover that the enemy hides behind (like 
    wooden picket fences and such). Of course, anyone can destroy wooden 
    cover, but you're MG team will do it right quick. Otherwise they are 
    still good at suppressing enemies from a long range, and at a short 
    range can easily kill any enemy that is too arrogant to take cover. 
    *Sprinting is your friend - Sprinting is a great tool that is not to be 
    underestimated. It can get you across dangerous gaps that have no cover, 
    get you closer to objectives that require satchel charges, or just plain 
    old get you closer to an enemy. The closer you are the quicker they 
    usually die. Keep in mind that if you are too close to the enemy you 
    will probably die faster than they will. 
    *Avoid vaulting in certain situations - Vaulting when you're sprinting 
    for a specific reason is usually a bad idea. I find it is better to just 
    grab cover when you get to an object and go around it, or plot a path 
    for sprinting that doesn't require vaulting. It will slow you down a 
    great deal, making you more vulnerable to gun fire. 
    *Don't spare any bullets - You have plenty of ammo in this game. Plus 
    there are usually a couple ammo drops scattered throughout each mission. 
    As long as you check your tactical map from time to time you can't miss 
    the ammo drops. This means you can shoot as many bullets as you could 
    ever desire, and toss as many grenades as you deem neccessary without 
    feeling like you've waste anything. Besides, arms won't do you any good 
    when you're dead. 
    *Flank, Flank, and Flank - Always be flanking your enemies. Don't ever 
    leave flanking up to your subordinates, as they will never be as 
    efficient at it as you are. Attacking in the rear can be better than 
    flanking, as it will often drive your enemy to vault their cover, making 
    their backs exposed to your teamates. 
                          WEAPONS/EQUIPMENT [FG05]
    Colt 1911: Matt Baker's pistol that was a gift from his father. It has a 
    low clip capacity, fast rate of fire and decent damage. It is, however, 
    mostly worthless. If you're using this weapon, chances are that 
    everything else is completely out of ammunition. I recommend not using 
    it unless forced to. 
    M1A1 Carbine: The M1A1 Carbine is a fast firing semi-automatic rifle 
    with a high clip capacity and great accuracy. It's recoil isn't 
    terrible, and it can be used efficiently from either close range or long 
    M1 Garand: The M1 Garand is similar to the Carbine, but has a lower clip 
    capacity and a slower rate of fire. In this game they possess almost all 
    the same properties, except for the clip capacity. This basically means 
    that you're better off with the Carbine, in my opinion. 
    Thompson M1A1: Most often referred to as the Tommy Gun. This can either 
    come with a standard magazine or a drum. The version with a drum has a 
    different iron sight, but both guns have a fast rate of fire, good clip 
    capacity, average stability and are great weapons for close quarter 
    combat. I prefer this weapon to the Bar. 
    M1918A2 Bar: The Bar is a devastating weapon with a slow rate of fire, 
    great accuracy, and a small clip. Despite having a lower clip capacity 
    and a slower rate of fire, it is almost equal with the Thompson in this 
    game. You can easily get headshots from mid range with the Bar. 
    M1919A6 LMG: A deployable heavy MG. I'm not exactly sure where you get 
    one if you even can. I think this is the weapon that your MG team will 
    MG42: The MG42 is a deployable heavy MG. It has a huge clip, fast rate 
    of fire, and devastating put down power. It's fairly rare to get one, 
    and it's not hard to have the tendency of wasting all your ammo should 
    you choose to pick one up. I recommend avoiding this weapon unless 
    you're just using it while it's mounted. 
    K98K: The K98K is more or less the counterpart to an M1 Garand. It can 
    be looted off somewhere near half of the enemies you kill, so you won't 
    ever have to worry about conserving ammunition for this weapon. 
    K43 Sniper: Rarely encountered, and even more rare than it is 
    encountered is it's practicality. You'll be forced to use one for a 
    short section of the game, and other than that I can't see a reason to 
    ever use one. 
    M3: Commonly known as the Grease Gun. This is a fast firing submachine 
    gun with moderate put down power and a terrible stability. It's not bad 
    at close range, but if you're planning on looting a German weapon I 
    would recommend the MP40. 
    MP40: This acts as an almost true counterpart to the Thompson in this 
    game. It has a similar rate of fire, power, stability and clip capacity 
    (unless the Thompson has a drum). If you burn through ammo like there is 
    no tomorrow then you might think about looting one of these from a dead 
    German. You'll have nearly infinite ammo since about half the enemies 
    you encounter will be using this weapon. 
    StG 44: The Sturmgewehr 44, which just so happens to be the weapon that 
    Kalishnakov modeled his most supreme AK47 off of. The StG 44, however, 
    is extremely rare in this game. If you get a chance to grab one then 
    enjoy it while it lasts. I can only think of two missions where I saw 
    one though. In many ways this is somewhat of a hybrid between the 
    Thompson and the Bar in this game. 
    Grenade: You will start most missions with 6 grenades, and can only 
    obtain more by looting an ammo drop. Grenades will show you an indicator 
    as to where it will hit and where it will land (it shows both in case 
    you want to make a bank shot). Grenades can destroy several forms of 
    cover while killing the soldiers behind them, as well as eliminate 
    threats that are in difficult positions to assault. They are very 
                           MISSION 1: LOST [FG06]
    You start out in an abandoned and mostly destroyed hospital. Listen to 
    the tutorial advice and make your way through the building. The enemies 
    will be dropping MP40s that you can grab. Also you can grab more ammo 
    for your M3 Grease Gun by running over an enemy's corpse. 
    Make your way under the debris and sprint down the hallway. Continue on 
    the linear path and kill some enemies until you reach a checkpoint. Up 
    ahead you'll see a German in the doorway, he'll head left. Follow him 
    along and you'll meet about five Germans just begging to die. Keep in 
    the hallway after you kill the first couple and you'll be able to shoot 
    the remaining enemies in the flank through the windows. Continue on to 
    see a flaming man burst through a doorway. You're at the last 
    You'll head into a big room with two enemies. After they're dead a 
    couple more will come in and take some cover behind an overturned wooden 
    table. Go ahead and shoot them through it, or put some lead in their 
    heads when they peek out. Continue on and watch the cinema. 
    Congratulations, the first mission is done with. 
                    MISSION 2: OPERATION MARKET [FG07]
    Alright, you start out with an MG team to help you out. Your first 
    objective is to reach a member of the Dutch resistance in a nearby 
    farmhouse. Mr. Baker starts out with an M1 Garand, Thompson M1A1 and his 
    trusty nickel plated Colt 1911 .45 pistol. Most enemies around here will 
    have K98K rifles or MP40 submachine guns. You'll have plenty of ammo 
    with whatever you choose to use, since there are ammo drops every here 
    and there along this mission. If you can't find them just check your 
    tactical map. 
    After some tutorial business (unless you opt for skipping it), you'll be 
    standing next to a para-dropped ammo crate. Make sure you're fully armed 
    and have your MG team fall in. Just head straight forward, following 
    your compass indicator to find your contact, Nickolas. He'll update your 
    tactical map and head off to his son, Pieter. 
    Take out the German assault team on the other side of the stone fence, 
    which is your current objective. Order your MG team to lay down 
    suppressing fire and move around the flank if you so desire. You should 
    easily be able to take out both groups of Germans with your Thompson or 
    Head through the gate to the southeast, check out the Kilroy and head on 
    up the windmill to unlock the recon point. Now you'll have to clear two 
    base of fire teams from the barn. You can see them from the windmill and 
    try to pick them off with your rifle, or descend to face them head-on. 
    After you take them out, continue south to clear the Germans from the 
    farmhouse. There's about three outside and one guy in the upstairs 
    window on an MG. Have your team lay down suppressing fire on the enemy 
    MG and move up the eastern flank and take out the Germans in the yard. 
    Your Thompson will do you good when you clean out the farmhouse. Just 
    remember that on your way down a couple enemies will have made their way 
    in via the back door. Also, don't miss the Kilroy upstairs in the 
    bathroom. After it's all clear, have your team fall in and head out the 
    back door to your next checkpoint. 
    Now you can either hop on the mounted MG and kill all the enemies making 
    their way through the field, or do it manually. The MG will have 
    unlimited ammo, but will still need to be reloaded every so often. 
    Either way, you should be able to take them all out with two or three 
    clips. Once that's done, continue forward to meet up with the 
    paratroopers dropping in at the next LZ. This is your newest checkpoint. 
    After the brief cinematic, you'll have control of your MG team and a new 
    Assault team. Make your way through the field, taking cover and 
    combatting the several teams of German assailants. Don't worry if your 
    teams take a few casualties, they're pretty worthless. After the first 
    grouping of enemies, you'll get a checkpoint and some decent cover to 
    shoot at the next groups, who are busy laying down fire on your allies 
    at the glider LZ. You won't really need the cover though, since most the 
    German's backs are exposed. Just fill them with lead and head on to the 
    next group of Germans out in the glider LZ. 
    Head to the crashed glider that has allies next to it for a recon point 
    and an ammo crate. This will help you take out the remaining groups of 
    Germans if you're low on ammo. Afterwards, head to the southeast edge of 
    the field to rendezvous with Hartsock. This is your last objective in 
    Operation Market. 
                      MISSION 3: FIVE-OH-SINK [FG08]
    You start out in an area that's currently being bombarded by artillery 
    fire. You're supposed to make your way to the 88's, which are suspected 
    to be the source of the problem. First thing's first though, you'll need 
    to recon the town. Do note that now you have a Bazooka team under your 
    command. They can take out sandbags or elevated MG positions, including 
    those in towers. In addition to your Bazooka team, you'll still have an 
    Assault team. You start with an M1918A2 Bar and a Carbine. 
    If you prefer either the M1 Garand or the Thompson they can be found 
    near the jeep that two soldiers have a map sprawled out on. Grab 
    whatever you want and head south across the field to the recon point in 
    a windmill. From here you can see some Germans dragging a woman into a 
    barn. Descend the windmill and head over to take out the Germans. If you 
    head around the hedges, your teams can take some good cover behind a 
    couple stone fences. Once the threat has been eliminated head through 
    the barn and engage some enemies on the porch. 
    You can run around the right side and vault over a fence to get inside 
    the next barn, giving you a good flanking position. After this group of 
    enemies is dead, there will be another group waiting inside the barn I 
    just mentioned. Flanking the first group also allows you to quickly and 
    efficiently hit the second group in the flank. One Thompson clip rattled 
    off from the hip can take out all three of them. Continue east to view a 
    cinematic and reach a checkpoint. 
    Now, you'll have to find an alternate route to those lovely 88s. You'll 
    be in a fairly volatile area, facing off against about a score of 
    Germans who have good cover, as well as an MG in a tower to the south. 
    Move down the eastern road while you order your teams to move through 
    the field, making your way forward as the route becomes clear. 
    Eventually you'll get to the foot of the tower, where you can find an 
    ammo drop and some more Germans. Take out the Germans and order your 
    Bazooka team to hit the MG in the tower (they'll have to have a line of 
    sight in order to do it). Head up the stairs to the west and you'll see 
    another cinematic, during which Baker recklessly heads into a building 
    by himself. This is the latest checkpoint. 
    Make your way through the building, taking cover when appropriate, and 
    clear out the MG nests. I recommend using the Bar if you still have it, 
    or the Thompson if you picked it up. Otherwise any sort of submachine 
    gun will do (if you're looting the German's MP40s). Head up the stairs 
    and take out the enemy by the radio and head into that room. Grab some 
    cover by the door and shoot a few Germans down by the red sofa. You can 
    either head left in the first doorway, or go down towards the red sofa 
    and head in through that doorway. You'll have a couple more Germans 
    here, vault the obstruction and head into the hall. There's a few 
    Germans on the second floor across the way, take them out and head 
    downstairs. Take out the last German inside, then head out to a little 
    garden area. If you keep to the right you can make your way to the 
    enemy's flank and take them all out with one SMG clip. 
    Continue forward to head inside again. There will be an enemy to the 
    left at the T. Once he's dead you can grab his MG42 if you want, and 
    continue into the next room. I recommend heading left, taking out the 
    gentleman by the bookcases, and then heading upstairs. There's a few 
    Germans by the railing that you might want to shoot before going up the 
    stairs, but that's your call. Once at the top of the stairs there is an 
    MG set up to your right. Kill him and go to where he is to shoot the MGs 
    set up below. Once you're done, head back downstairs, past the deployed 
    MG you took out from upstairs, and soon you'll be outside looking at a 
    small stone bridge. This is the next checkpoint, where you'll be 
    re-united with both your Bazooka and Assault teams. 
    Clear the yard in front of the Sanitarium to the west by heading under 
    the bridge. There's decent cover straight ahead to kill the patrols 
    from. The enemy will have two elevated MGs, one in the western building, 
    and one in the southern. After your Bazooka team takes out the western 
    MG you can make your way through the hedges to the north and take some 
    cover behind a wall on the northern edge of the Sanitarium's yard. From 
    there your Bazooka team should take out the last elevated MG. Finish 
    cleaning out the yard by laying down a good crossfire, and head south 
    through the open door to secure the Sanitarium. This marks an objective 
    complete, and yet another checkpoint. 
    Your new objective is to rendezvous with Hartsock. You'll have a 
    firefight right away, with the threat being to your southeast. Hammer 
    the elevated MG to the south with your Bazooka team and have your 
    Assault team suppress the Germans by the sandbags (next to the 
    artillery). When your Bazooka team is reloaded have them destroy the 
    sandbags and let the remaining Germans have it. On the eastern street 
    there will be a few more enemies who can be taken out easily enough if 
    you make your way around the north side of the house near the sandbags. 
    Now you want to head south down this street, having your two teams take 
    good cover along the way. Have your Bazooka team blow up the sandbags if 
    they have a line of sight. On the west side of the street there's a shop 
    with a blown out window, you can vault in here and get a good flanking 
    position on the remaining enemies. Once you hit the barricade on the 
    south, head east into some people's back yards. There are a couple of 
    stone fences your teams can take cover behind while you move down the 
    eastern side, flanking the enemy as usual. If you get all the way to the 
    southern side you'll see some windows up ahead (the walls are painted 
    blue inside the house I'm talking about) where an MG will set up shop. 
    Take him and his buddy out and you'll be able to back-shoot all the 
    Germans in the back yard. Head through the aforementioned house and 
    you'll be at another cinematic, and a checkpoint. 
    Finally, it's time to take out some artillery. There are two different 
    ways you can do this: Hit it in the side with your Bazooka team, or get 
    up close and plant a satchel charge on it with Baker. Either way works 
    good, and I recommend doing whatever is convenient. Sometimes the 88 
    just won't want to be distracted, and sometimes once your Bazooka team 
    is in place the 88 won't stop hammering down on them. In the latter case 
    it's best if you just sprint in and plant a satchel charge. Basically, 
    the area you're engaging in is a sloppy mess with lots of cover. Have 
    your Assault team move down the east side by the road and suppress the 
    enemy, while your Bazooka team stays close to you (so they can stay 
    alive) and destoys any sandbags they can get a line of sight on. Keep 
    heading down the west side with the Bazooka team, clearing enemies as 
    you see them until you go around the side of a building that has a truck 
    parked on the southern side of it. Take out the enemies around here and 
    then have your Bazooka team set up shop and nail the 88. That's that, 
    end of mission. 
                     MISSION 4: WRITTEN IN STONE [FG09]
    After a whole lot of worthless cinematics you'll find yourself at the 
    northeast corner of a cemetary. At your disposal is one Assault team. 
    You start with an M1 Garand and the trusty Thompson. The main objective 
    is to clear another 88, while your current objective is to rendezvous at 
    the church entrance. 
    There are a couple MG teams to the west who are already occupied with 
    killing your Assault team. Leave your team here and head around the 
    south side of the cemetary, taking out a couple enemy Assault teams on 
    your way west. This should be easy enough since there are headstones 
    everywhere that provide good cover. Once you're at the southwestern 
    corner you can hit the two MG teams in the flank, and that should clear 
    the cemetary. Head to the northwest corner, behind where the enemy MG 
    teams were, and make your way west, killing two teams of Germans. They 
    have decent cover, but they're very close and it's hard to miss. They 
    shouldn't be a problem. After they're dead keep heading west until you 
    reach the checkpoint, upon which you'll end up inside the church with 
    the objective of killing the sniper. 
    Take cover behind the pews while you shoot it out with incoming Germans. 
    This isn't a bad place to use grenades, it'll blow up the pews and take 
    out the Germans behind them. After a few sets of reinforcements come 
    through you'll want to head to the southeast corner and up the stairs, 
    this is a checkpoint. Once upstairs you'll be shooting across the church 
    to take out Germans behind pillars. Keep making your way west, killing 
    both Germans on the south and north side of the church as you progress. 
    You'll have to walk across a few make-shift bridges along the way, just 
    make sure any enemies are dead before doing so. Once you're done you 
    should be in the northeast corner of the church, where you'll see a 
    short cinema and you'll get a checkpoint. 
    Now you'll have the objective to destroy four trucks. Nickolas has 
    marked their locations on your tactical map, as well as the location of 
    an 88 and an ammo cache. You'll also be reinforced with a Bazooka team, 
    in addition to your Assault team. Make your way north along the street, 
    taking cover as appropriate, while you kill the Germans guarding the 
    four trucks. On the east side of the road right away is a good flanking 
    location, and still on the east just north of there is a building you 
    can go inside for a good view of the first three trucks. Otherwise just 
    take cover as you hammer your way north on the road. Once you're 
    finished you'll need to go east (where the ammo cache is on your map) to 
    reach the enemy's fuel supply, which you're supposed to destroy. 
    You'll kill a couple guys near the ammo drop, then head into a destroyed 
    building and have a short ranged firefight. Just toss a grenade on the 
    sandbags across the street and gun down whatever's left. Now head across 
    and plant a satchel charge on the fuel supply and that's another 
    completed objective under your belt. 
    Time to destroy the radio post to the west. It'll be another field with 
    lots of wooden picket fences, and an elevated MG way off to the west. 
    It's a good place for grenades since you just filled them up, they'll 
    save you some time. Make sure when you order your teams to take cover 
    it's not behind a wooden fence. After you kill the initial enemies get 
    your Bazooka team in position and take out the elevated MG. Continue 
    past the brick wall to kill another half dozen Germans in another field 
    area with lots of wooden picket fences. Piece of cake. Now, head inside 
    the structure and shoot the lone radio operator. Head out the closed 
    door and you'll now be at another checkpoint. 
    Your new objective is to destroy another 88. Have your Assault team move 
    north to some cover on the street, while you and your Bazooka team make 
    your way around the west through some back yards. It should be a quiet 
    run along the west side until you come upon the 88. Hit it with your 
    Bazooka team since it'll be preoccupied with your Assault team. 
    Afterwards any nearby soldiers should be suppressed. Just run in and mow 
    them down with your Thompson, or hit their sandbags with a green one and 
    take them out from there. 
    One more 88 and you'll be done with this mission. You should be just 
    across the street from your Assault team. Have them continue on up the 
    east side of the street and keep your Bazooka team close to you while 
    you head up the west side of the street. Have your Assault team take 
    good cover and start suppressing any enemies (it doesn't matter which). 
    Eventually you'll come to a point where you can head east around the 
    back of some buildings, do so with your Bazooka team. Once you have a 
    good sight on the 88 and any enemy infantry in your area is neutralized, 
    send your Assault team to the western side of the street to act as a 
    distraction for the 88. Once the 88 is facing away from you, sprint up 
    the eastern side of the street to the sandbags (make sure you have a 
    submachine gun out when you do this) and gun down any infantry that are 
    still alive. After the infantry are dead, have your Bazooka team hit the 
    88 if it's still targetting your Assault team, or just run up and place 
    a satchel charge on it. That's the end of this mission. 
                       MISSION 5: OPERATION GARDEN [FG10]
    Nickolas has lost his son, and the responsibility of finding him has 
    fallen upon you. In addition, your main objective is to clear the 
    industrial sector to make way for XXX Corps to move in. You'll start out 
    with a Thompson with a drum, a Carbine, an Assault team and a Base of 
    Fire team at your disposal. 
    First and foremost you are supposed to clear the ground floor of the 
    structure you start in. Make your way along the first floor with 
    assistance from your teams. Watch out for catwalks and any other areas 
    where you can be shot from the second floor. While the objective says to 
    clear the ground floor, you'll also need to clear the second floor. Once 
    you're at the southern end of the first floor there is a hole in the 
    wall, shoot the four Germans outside who are manning artillery. Make 
    your way back north and head up the first staircase you see. After all 
    the Germans in the area are neutralized, you'll have to head to the 
    elevator on the eastern side of the ground floor (there's a flashing red 
    light near it). Once inside you'll be done with this objective and 
    you'll get a checkpoint. 
    Now you are to clear the top floor of the same structure. This place 
    isn't so friendly. There are three or four enemy Bazooka teams just 
    waiting for you. They can destroy wooden crates and anything hiding 
    behind them, so be careful. After you kill the first Bazooka team send 
    your Base of Fire (BoF from now on) team over there to use their cover. 
    Make your way south on the east side with your Assault team and hit any 
    enemies you see in their flank. It's not a bad place to use grenades, 
    since the threat of being hit by a bazooka is pretty nasty. Don't spare 
    the enemy any bullets, as there is also an ammo cache on this floor. 
    After you resupply at the ammo cache head into the next room to spot 
    several Germans coming over through a skywalk. Throw a grenade in there 
    immediately and they'll end up either dead or mostly suppressed. Either 
    way they're fish in a barrel, run over and gun them all down with one 
    clip from your Thompson. Cross the skywalk and you'll reach another 
    The wall to your left is immediately blown out. You'll want to set your 
    BoF team up in the first room you entered to lay down suppression fire 
    towards the south, while you and the Assault team head through the blown 
    out wall. Keep heading down the east side and don't worry about moving 
    your BoF team. Just take out any Germans as you come on them, and 
    eventually the place will be cleared. There's not too many enemies here, 
    and it's a pretty small area. After they're all dead, you'll have 
    completed clearing the top floor. Head up the stairs to the roof, this 
    is where you'll get a checkpoint. 
    On the rooftop you'll need to kill a lone sniper, upon which you will be 
    required to pick up the sniper rifle and protect Pieter, who is in the 
    trainyard below. This is really easy, since your rifle will kill any and 
    all enemies with a single bullet, and doesn't sway very much. Among the 
    enemies you'll have to kill will be regular infantry, MG teams and 
    Bazooka teams. If you're having problems try one of the following: Zoom 
    out after the targets near where you're looking are dead, it'll be 
    easier to spot new threats. Don't waste your bullets trying to shoot a 
    running enemy, wait until they take cover (it won't do them any good 
    since you have an aerial position). Assess the threats, make sure you 
    hit MG and Bazooka teams before regular infantry. I doubt you'll have a 
    problem with this part though. 
    Once finished on the roof you will be controlling a tank from the XXX 
    Corps. Mouse 1 (left mouse) will fire the cannon, Mouse 2 (right mouse) 
    will fire the machine gun. Your tank is weak on it's flanks and the 
    rear, just like enemy 88s. Your objective here is to clear eight 88s 
    from the trainyard. This is pretty straight-forward. Don't forget that 
    your cannon can destroy sandbags and kill anything near them. If you 
    fire your machine gun (you probably won't need to) then do it in bursts, 
    otherwise it is extremely inaccurate. Head east and destroy all of the 
    88s, then continue east (following the compass indicator) until you 
    reach a checkpoint. 
    Finally, you'll be in a building searching for Pieter. Pull out your 
    Thompson if you still have it and get ready for an easy kill. Head 
    through the only open door and shoot the enemy to your left (he should 
    be preoccupied with shooting out the windows). After that head up the 
    stairs and down the hallway to a T, take a right and head to the end of 
    the hall. This should be where you find Pieter. Mission complete. 
                     MISSION 6: BAPTISM OF FIRE [FG11]
    Your main objective here is to defend the town of Eindhoven. You start 
    off with a Carbine, a Bar, an Assault team and an MG team. Your first 
    objective is to rendezvous with 2nd team. 
    You start out in the middle of a firefight. Head east, taking cover as 
    you go until you get to a shack. From the shack you should be able to 
    hit most the enemies in the flank. Once they're cleaned up a bit just 
    head over to the sandbags they are hiding behind and take the rest out 
    at close range. Now, to make quick work of the enemies north of here 
    just shoot the gas pumps a few times. Send your MG team to cover on the 
    south side of the gas station while you and the Assault team head around 
    the north side. Once all the enemies are cleared north of the gas 
    station, head to the rear. There's a truck back here you can take cover 
    behind and hit some enemies who are taking cover by a bunch of tires in 
    the flank. After they're dead send your MG team up to the pile of tires. 
    Take cover behind the white fence, but be careful because it's made out 
    of wood. Once the fence is a little torn up you can peek through the 
    holes in it for som easy headshots while your targets are preoccupied 
    with shooting at your MG team. Once there's a big hole in the fence feel 
    free to storm through and take cover behind a stack of bricks. Move 
    through this yard as you need to in order to take out all the enemies in 
    the area. I recommend staying on or near the north side, so that the 
    enemy will be pinched between you and your MG team. Once all enemies 
    here are dead have your teams fall in. Head north past the burning truck 
    and you'll see a short cinema. 
    Now you have reached 2nd team and are down in a bomb shelter, your 
    objective is to escape the bomb shelter. It's a linear route through the 
    bomb shelter, and it doesn't last long. There are no enemies or 
    anything, so just run on through and you'll eventually end up in a 
    destroyed building. You'll get a checkpoint and a new objective. 
    You need to fight through the debris. Set your Assault team up near the 
    busted out wall in front of you, while your MG team and yourself head to 
    the right. You should be in the southern room of the building you start 
    in. Head across the street and clear the destroyed building. If you look 
    out the windows and doorway on the northern wall you can kill some of 
    the enemy MG team, as well as the enemy Assault team. After this head 
    east some more and keep an eye on the second floor, as there will be 
    several Germans taking cover behind a wooden table. Take them out and 
    then finish any enemies from the MG team who have survived. Now head to 
    where the enemy MG team was and go in the hole in the ground. 
    Make your way through the short underground area, killing the five or 
    six Germans that are down here. While your teams pin them down you can 
    go around and hit them in the flank. After you're done just head out the 
    hole to the new area. Have your teams set up shop right where you come 
    out of the hole, so they can shoot towards the east and suppress 
    anything while you move along the south. Head in the first building you 
    can and clear it out with your Bar (or any automatic weapon). Once 
    you've killed the Germans inside, head to the eastern part of the 
    building and you should be able to shoot any remaining Germans outside 
    in the flank or rear. Also, you can shoot an enemy MG through the 
    eastern window (he's on the second floor of the adjacent building). Have 
    your teams fall in and head underground again. 
    You can hit the enemy with his back facing you immediately without 
    problems, then several more Germans will come in on the east. Take them 
    out however you please, and exit the underground from the same way those 
    Germans came in. To your south will be a building with a broken wall. A 
    few Germans will make their way behind the pile of debris, since they 
    have the height advantage, I recommend hitting them with a grenade. When 
    they're dead, head into the building they were occupying. Go east 
    through the building and you'll get a checkpoint and a new objective. 
    Basically you just want to occupy the northeastern room with all the 
    windows and shoot outside at all the Germans to repel their 
    counterattack. It takes a while and is somewhat frustrating (since you 
    can't do anything but sit in one spot and fire your gun) in my opinion. 
    Regardless, once it's finished the counterattack is considered quelled, 
    and the doors to your north open up. Head north through the door and the 
    rest of the building to get a checkpoint and a new objective. 
    Rescuing the Brits is easy enough. Just head along the west side of the 
    area while you have your team move up the center as a distraction. If 
    you try and head up the center it probably won't go as well. Either way, 
    it's about 10 or 15 enemies total in this area, including an MG team in 
    a building on the north side of the square. After all enemies in the 
    area are dead the objective is considered completed. 
    It's time to rescue Franky. So head through the building that the MG 
    team was in. You'll be in a small alleyway after seeing Franky. North of 
    you a bit is a little clearing with sheet metal barricades set up in it. 
    About 10 enemies will come in here, but you can easily mow down about 7 
    of them with one clip, since they're all clumped up. After that, finish 
    off the last few and head north further. 
    Baker will be trapped inside a burning building now, and you'll get a 
    checkpoint. Make sure to be quick here, or you'll burn to death. Vault 
    over the dresser in front of you and head up the stairs. Hug the 
    southern wall and make your way to the southwest corner of this room 
    (you'll have to vault over an object). Now head north along the western 
    wall (you'll have to crouch under something that's hanging from the 
    ceiling) and leave this room. Head through the hallway until you get to 
    a hole in the northern wall. Head into that room and through a hole in 
    the eastern wall. Then head south across the hall and vault over 
    something on the eastern side of this room to enter a bathroom. Head 
    into the next room and then go straight north to end this mission. 
                    MISSION 7: THE RABBIT HOLE [FG12]
    Due to the nature of the last thing that happened, you'll be left with 
    just your pistol to begin this mission. Of course, it's wise to grab a 
    gun off your first victim. 
    First thing is first, to eliminate the patrols to your north. You want 
    to wait a little bit until the two soldiers nearest to you pass the 
    first tree, or the front of the truck. Unload on them with your pistol 
    while you're hiding behind a tree. After they're dead go and grab one of 
    their MP40s. Make your way back to the stream and follow it to the 
    northeast corner of the yard, where you'll find an ammo crate. From here 
    you can head west, using the trees as cover, until you reach some 
    sandbags to take cover behind. When it's safe, continue forward and hide 
    behind the brick wall. From here you should be able to pop up and shoot 
    all the remaining Germans in the yard. Take your time and it won't be 
    hard. Once they're all dead, resupply and enter the hospital. Your first 
    two objectives are complete. 
    Inside the hospital you need to find Franky. Vault through the opening 
    to your east and continue east to the flaming debris. Go north here as 
    far as you can, then east, and then south to the hallway. Go east down 
    the hallway until you can head south into a large room, with a long 
    conspicuous amount of cover in the center of it. You'll finally engage 
    some enemies, but it'll only be two of them. Beware of glitchy things 
    here, as they can shoot through some walls, and so can you. Dispatch 
    them and continue south past their corpses. Once you get in the hallway 
    head east, through a steaming radiator that will hurt you, until you get 
    a checkpoint. 
    There is an ammo crate in the southeast corner of this room, and two 
    enemies in the northeast corner. Kill the enemies and head east until 
    you hit a hallway. Go north into the next room, where two enemies await. 
    After they're dead, vault through a window on the east side of this room 
    and head south until you get to a door on the east side of the hall. Go 
    in here, where you'll kill two more enemies. Along the western wall, 
    near the northern end of this room is a small hole in the wall, crouch 
    to enter it. Follow this hollow in the wall until you can exit it, where 
    you will find yet another ammo supply. 
    Head east into the next room, then north into the hallway where you'll 
    kill a man. Go east where you'll find two more enemies at the end of the 
    hall. Go north until you can head into a room on your east. This room 
    has a recon point in it, as well as a hole in the wall near the 
    northeast corner. Crawl through to watch a short cinema and get a 
    Exit this room to the north, then head east until you can head north 
    again (the door by the wheelchair). You'll find another ammo supply 
    here. Head east one room and then north more. When you can't go further 
    north just start heading west. This area should be familiar to you, and 
    making it the rest of the way shouldn't be a problem. 
    After the cinema you'll be doing something you've already done. Just 
    accompany your comrade to the end of the mission. 
                      MISSION 8: BLACK FRIDAY [FG13]
    You start out with a Carbine, a Bar, a BoF team and a Bazooka team. Your 
    main objective is to secure Veghel. 
    Your first objective is to secure the town plaza. First of all, move 
    your BoF team to cover behind a brick wall on the north side of the 
    plaza. Grab some cover behind one of the trucks up the road and order 
    your Bazooka team to hit the sandbags on the north side of the center of 
    the plaza. After their sandbags are down there should only be a mounted 
    MG and one other German up there with a rifle. Take them out and now all 
    you have to worry about is the south side of the plaza. 
    Make your way around to the west side of the plaza and go into the 
    elevated center position. Move both your teams up here where they can 
    offer suppressing fire. Your Bazooka team can also take out the sandbags 
    in the southwestern part of the plaza, as well as the south-central part 
    of the plaza. If you can't pick the enemies off because they're too 
    suppressed, then just head in with your Bar and take them out at close 
    range. When it's all said and done you'll want to head through the 
    building in the south western part of the plaza. 
    Your new objective is to take out an 88. Set your BoF team up at the 
    nearby car, and have your Bazooka team fall in. Now you want to head 
    east through an alley that's right by the car and take out the three 
    Germans over there. After they're dead, hit the 88 with your Bazooka 
    team. If they can't take it out from their position then you should just 
    vault the wall and sprint to the nearest car for cover. You can take out 
    the soldiers manning the 88 through a car window while your teams lay 
    down suppressing fire. Once the 88 is non-functional and any enemies you 
    can see from your position are dead, sprint further south to the next 
    car. From here you should be able to take out every enemy in the area. 
    If you can't hit the elevated MG on the western side of the area, just 
    have your Bazooka team advance to either the brick fence or the car 
    that's nearest to them. From either position they should be able to hit 
    the elevated MG. Depending on what happened, you might have to plant a 
    satchel charge on the 88 and finish your objective. 
    Now, accompany your teams south down the road west of the church. You'll 
    encounter a few enemies, nothing nasty. Continue south until you can 
    head west, because the Municipal building is one block over. You'll kill 
    a few Germans in the overpass, and about 10 to 15 more in the following 
    street. Set up both teams along the cover at the intersection and head 
    along the southern side. You can head into a building down here where 
    you'll have a great vantage point on all the enemies. If anyone gives 
    you trouble I would guess it's the guys behind the sandbags in the 
    northwest corner. Just hit them with a green one and that'll be the end 
    of that. Now continue west into the building, where you'll kill about 
    five enemies at close range. Shouldn't be a challenge if you're still 
    packing the Bar. This marks the completion of clearing the Municipal 
    building, as well as the location of a checkpoint. 
    Head out the north side of the Municipal building and engage three 
    Germans. During the firefight you'll probably see a tank roll into view. 
    You can either hit it in the side or the rear with your Bazooka team, or 
    plant a satchel charge on it and take it out. I personally find the 
    latter to be easier. Either way, the tank will head into the grassy area 
    northeast of you and will drive, more or less, in circles. There's some 
    scattered infantry in the area, which you probably want to address 
    before focusing on the tanks. The tanks go down easy enough, just 
    remember to approach from the side if you're planting a satchel charge, 
    or you might get run over. If nothing happens when you're done just head 
    north to trigger the cinema. 
    Now you'll be in charge of a tank again. You want to head west along the 
    road, taking out any Panzers (tanks) and 88s along the way. There's not 
    much to say here except make sure to hit Bazooka teams, Panzers and 88s 
    first. Otherwise look out for the MGs up in the second and third floors. 
    If an enemy is behind cover just shoot it, only a few pieces of cover 
    can't be destroyed. If worse comes to worse, make sure you're always 
    moving... just in case a Bazooka team gets a shot off. Head west along 
    the street, then you'll have to dip south into the grassy area with the 
    88, and then back onto the street heading west again. That should finish 
    the mission. 
                       MISSION 9: HELL'S HIGHWAY [FG14]
    For this mission you start with a Thompson with a drum, an M1 Garand, a 
    BoF team and an Assault team. Your main objective is to Re-open Hell's 
    You start off with the objective of taking out the 88 that is to the 
    north. Make your way north along the road, and avoid getting too close 
    to any fires. There isn't very good cover, so just do the best you can. 
    After a team directly north of you, one to the west of them, and a 
    distant MG team to the north are dead, you'll be able to head west into 
    a little field that provides a decent amount of cover. Suppress any 
    enemies to the east of you by utilizing your teams, and make your way 
    back to the road on the north side of the field. There are a few trucks 
    up here that offer cover, and once your position is secure you should 
    move your teams up to the trucks. 
    From here your teams should lay suppressing fire on MG teams to the east 
    while you move in close to the building just west of the 88. Thompson in 
    hand, you should be able to take out all the teams north of the 88 in a 
    short period of time. Now, move around the north side of the 88 and take 
    out the soldiers who are manning it, as well as any stragglers after 
    that. Have your teams rally with you at the south end of the barn, plant 
    your satchel charge and blow up the 88. 
    Your next objective is to the northwest of here, but head around the 
    east side of the barn and grab some ammo once you get to the north side. 
    Now head north into the canal and clean out the Germans while you head 
    west. Once again, there's not much good cover around here, so just take 
    whatever you can get. This would be a good time to toss some grenades. 
    Once you've gone under the bridge the canal should be cleared. 
    The 88 you'll have to take out is north past the barn. You'll have to 
    move through the field here, which finally has some decent cover. Spread 
    out your teams, one on the east and one on the west, and have them 
    provide suppressing fire while you move up the western side. Once you 
    get to the wooden fence start dishing out grenades like you were made of 
    them. You'll have to pick the elevated MG off with your rifle, or hope 
    by some miracle that one of your team members does so. Once it's clear 
    enough to move up make your way to the east side of the barn, where the 
    entrance is. Lay down on anything that moves with your Thompson, and 
    after about 5 kills the barn should be clear. If anyone in here gives 
    you trouble just chuck a grenade, which will either suppress them or 
    kill them. 
    Now you want to head up the stairs, and out the back of the barn. Be 
    careful out here, as this position is locked down by an 88. Either book 
    down the stairs and around behind a truck, or try and take the soldiers 
    out from the second floor, then head for the truck. Use your teams to 
    create a distraction for the 88, vault the wooden fence, and take out 
    the soldiers on the 88. Place your satchel charge and you're done with 
    this objective. 
    Next up is to eliminate a Panzer IV to the north. There's a little 
    opening north of the 88 that you have to get through, on the far 
    northeast of this area. Keep heading up the road and send one team 
    behind a truck just southwest of the first building you see. Have your 
    other team stay near the eastern corner of that building. You should now 
    move around the western side, heading north and eliminating any enemies 
    you come up. There's good cover all the way up the west side, so it 
    shouldn't be a problem. Once you get to the northern end of this 
    building chances are that the Panzer is going to be waiting to shoot 
    you. If so, just chill out for a minute and send your teams to the 
    intersection east of you. It'll take them a minute, so just hang on to 
    your ass while the Panzer tries to blow it away. Once your teams are in 
    plain sight the Panzer should start turning it's turret towards them, 
    which is when you vault over a couple walls and plant your satchel 
    charge. Make your way west and take cover behind the nearby truck before 
    it detonates. Clean up any stragglers in the area, and you're on your 
    way to the train station. 
    The train station is just across the stream. Once you get in the yard a 
    team of Germans will come at you from the northeast, and an MG team will 
    appear to the northwest. You've got good cover, so it shouldn't take you 
    long to get rid of these jokers. Once the area is clear, head towards 
    the train station. 
    After the checkpoint and short cinema, you'll receive the objective of 
    cleaning out the train station. It's a linear path through here, and 
    there's only 7 enemies in the two or three small rooms you'll be 
    fighting in. Just take your time and make good use of your cover. For 
    the last three you might have to charge them with a smoking barrel. 
    After it's done, just head down the stairs and out near the boarding 
    Your final objective here is to defend the train station. Enemies will 
    be coming in from the north instantly, so try and get your guys into 
    good positions as soon as you get out here. I recommend sticking the MG 
    team by the sandbags to the west of the central structure (the one with 
    a staircase leading up it), your BoF team somewhere on the east side, 
    and your Assault team right smack dab in the front behind a short stone 
    fence. The Germans will be sending everything they have after you, 
    including Bazooka teams, MG teams, several other teams and up to seven 
    Panzers. Take out whatever you can to make the battle go smoothly. 
    There's an ammo drop to the west of the central structure so you can be 
    chucking grenades non-stop. Also, you won't be able to destroy all the 
    Panzers, I think you just have to last an undefined amount of time. Make 
    sure you kill anything you can though, including any Panzers that get 
    close enough for a satchel charge. I advise you to avoid going up to the 
    top of the central structure, as it's a magnet for Panzer fire. Also, be 
    mindful of the northeast and northwest, as that's where some of the 
    enemy's reinforcements will be arriving. With the long grass in the 
    field to the north it can be tricky spotting them before they're right 
    on top of you. Once it's all said and done you'll be finished with this 
                       MISSION 10: TOOTH AND NAIL [FG15]
    You'll start this one with all the goodies. A Garand, Thompson with a 
    drum, a BoF, Assault and MG team. Your main objective is to reach the 
    windmill. This mission is somewhat of a black sheep, because after you 
    complete your main objective it will actually be replaced by a new one, 
    which is to push the Germans out of Koevering. 
    Your first objective is to take out four 88s. The beginning of this 
    mission is hard to give advice on, since it's so wide open. Basically 
    you'll have dunes everywhere, covering wide open spaces. Every now and 
    then you'll find some flat surfaces to take cover behind, but not too 
    often. Basically head south to the first combat zone. You always want to 
    put your MG team in the best position, and space all three of your teams 
    as far apart as is practical. You should head down the east side, taking 
    cover every now and then until you get a good flanking position on an 
    enemy team. As you take out the close teams, have your teams move 
    forward from time to time so they're still in an effective range. 
    After the first combat zone you'll find a nice flat surface for cover on 
    the southeast side. Set your MG team up here and send your other teams 
    up into the meatgrinder. Split suppressing fire evenly among the enemy 
    teams and start making your way around the west, and eventually along 
    the south side. Save your grenades for later. After this area is cleared 
    there is a little road heading east. You can hit the first team of 
    enemies through a window in the little garage. Otherwise have your 
    soldiers take cover behind the curved stone fence to offer suppressing 
    fire. If it ends up that you can't get one or two of them just charge 
    them with your Thompson out. 
    This road will lead further east, and you'll want to start setting up 
    your teams for the next engagement, which is just a few yards away. Give 
    your MG team the flat, elevated cover as usual, and send your other 
    teams into the dangerous territory. You should go around the southern 
    side of the truck while your teams keep the enemy suppressed and the 88 
    distracted. Sprint right up to the 88 and take out the gentlemen who are 
    manning it, plant your satchel charge and head back to the truck. After 
    the 88 blows up, finish off any remaining enemies then head further 
    You'll come to a stream, with a sort of tiered trench area right after 
    it. There's an 88 far off to the northeast, and enemy teams scattered 
    throughout the trenches, as well as a couple MG teams towards the 
    southeastern part of the combat area. One of the MGs is in a building 
    and is hard to get at until you're close, unless you can take him out 
    from long range with your rifle. Otherwise it's the same old routine, 
    give your MG some high ground (there's some across the stream and behind 
    some sandbags) while your other teams occupy an area slightly in front 
    of him in the trenches. You should head up around the north side, making 
    your way to the 88 while you clean up anyone from their flank. Just 
    don't hide behind the sandbags near the 88, or he'll just shoot the 
    sandbags and either kill you or wound you so badly you'll die before 
    reaching cover. 
    If you're having problems on the north just stay in the trenches and 
    head under the sheet metal bridge to the south side. From here you can 
    easily take out the two MGs then head through the building they were 
    occupying and clean up the troops around the 88. Once it's clean and 
    tidy, sprint in and take out the last two gentlemen who are manning the 
    88 and place your satchel charge. 
    Continue east to the crest of the hill and you'll be on the fray of the 
    next combat area, which just so happens to be the location of the last 
    two 88s. There's a massive amount of troops in this area, mainly focused 
    in the northeast and southeast corners, where the two 88s are. Just have 
    all your teams focus their suppressing fire on the southeastern 88 to 
    start with, while you slowly make your way through the trenches towards 
    it. You'll have to kill a team or two of enemies on your way, and 
    ultimately when you get there you'll need one or two grenades, depending 
    on the performance of your teamates. You'll want to use your grenade for 
    destroying the MG team's sandbags, or for destroying both sets of 
    sandbags if you want to use two grenades. Then just sprint on up there, 
    take out the 88 crew, plant your satchel charge and take cover. 
    The last 88 can be either tricky or really easy. Move all your teams 
    forward while you sprint towards a trench to the north, acting as a 
    diversion. Take cover whenever you feel really threatened and hopefully 
    your teams will make it the rest of the way. You want them to lay down 
    suppressing fire only on the enemies right next to the 88, don't worry 
    about any that are off a ways. Make your way north and under the bridge, 
    taking out the sandbags (the one the enemy MG team is occupying) if you 
    have any grenades left. If you don't have grenades then just be patient 
    and pick them off one by one. Really, you can just hit the guy with the 
    MG42 and just rush whatever is left. Which is what you want to do with 
    your Thompson. If you take out the enemies north of the 88 you should be 
    able to get the 88 crew off the 88, and plant your satchel charge while 
    you hide behind it. Once your charge is placed, head back under the 
    bridge. If all went well you won't even need to clean up the stragglers. 
    You'll move right on to the next section of the mission. 
    The first step in pushing the Germans out of Koevering is to destroy an 
    88. Move forward until you see an enemy MG team pop out. Have your MG 
    and BoF teams keep him occupied while you and the Assault team head 
    south to the barns and their yard. You can look right in the 
    western-most barn and pick off almost everyone in it. Those who have 
    keen senses will flee out into the yard east of it. Too bad for them, 
    the cover in the yard isn't so great. Set your Assault team up in the 
    barn and have them lay suppressing fire on the next barn over to the 
    east while you take out those who fled into the yard. After you're done 
    with the ones in the yard, try and shoot the elevated MG with your 
    rifle. The last team of enemies in the eastern barn didn't want to fight 
    me, so I had to run in the front door and shoot them all in the flank 
    with my Thompson. You might have to do the same. 
    If the original enemy MG team isn't dead yet, head north of the eastern 
    barn and pop out into view. He's pretty close, so you should be able to 
    easily kill him if his head is showing and your gun is shouldered. Once 
    he's dead have everyone move north on the road behind him. This will 
    bring you to an area with a silo and some enemies. Just one MG team and 
    a bunch of run-of-the-mill soldiers here. You've got nice cover before 
    crossing the bridge, so just clean everyone from there. 
    Cross the bridge north and have everyone set up shop in a different 
    location to clean out the building to your east. Once again, if the 
    enemy won't show their faces then just head along the north side and gun 
    them down from the northern door. Now the 88 should be just east of you. 
    Head south with your crew and take some cover behind the truck, moving 
    up to the stone fence just east of you whenever you can. Obviously, if 
    you haven't taken out the team to your south before moving to the truck 
    then you'll want to do that now. Now, send one team across the opening 
    in the fence to the other section of fence, making sure they're still 
    taking cover from the 88 fire. Vault the stone fence and head northwest 
    along the wall as fast as you can while your teams lay down suppressing 
    fire. When you get to the northern end of the structure you're hiding 
    behind, take out whatever infantry you can see from there and head in to 
    eliminate the 88 crew, then the 88. 
    Your next objective is to rendezvous with the 502D. Just head to the 
    northeast corner of the area and then head south under the bridge. Now 
    you'll be commanding a tank with the order of taking out some Panzers 
    and an 88. Head east and stick to the southern part of the area so you 
    only have to worry about firing on one side. There's an enemy Bazooka 
    team to the northeast almost immediately, be sure to take them out 
    pronto. After you kill about 10 or 15 infantry the rest will start to 
    frantically flee. Just keep to the south until you make it to a silo, 
    which is where you'll likely encounter the first panzer. 
    Head east, going south around the silo, afterwards to engage the second 
    panzer in a field right next to this. It'll be either sideways or facing 
    you, so it should take more than one shot to destroy it. Finally, the 88 
    will be to the north of the second panzer, and should go down in a shot 
    or two. After that be sure to clean up any infantry that hasn't fled, 
    and your last objective will be to link up with the 506th. 
    Right around the corner behind the 88 will be a tank, lying in wait. 
    Take it out with a couple shots, trying to evade the incoming fire if at 
    all possible. Continue north once it is dead and watch out for an 88, as 
    well as several Bazooka teams. The 88 will be right in the road quite a 
    ways away, the Bazooka teams will come out of the woodwork periodically. 
    Try to be thorough, but you'll be getting air support and an allied tank 
    to help you out along the way. After you see your air support and tank 
    support, just keep heading north to the edge of town. Upon reaching the 
    edge of town you will be finished with this mission, and with this game. 
                          THE SMALL PRINT [FG16] 
    I have no contact information. If you somehow get ahold of it, please 
    don't contact me. Thankyou. 
    Copyright 2009, Anthony Forrestal 
    Do anything you want with this guide except profit off of it. It is 
    free, and always should be. 

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