How to get eagle's flight achievement?????

  1. Please will some one help me get this achievement I've Tryed almost everything but i just can't get it maybe Im doing something wrong?????? so can some one please help!!!!!!!!!!!

    User Info: xSWxH3LLBOYx

    xSWxH3LLBOYx - 8 years ago

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  1. This is straight out of the Achievement Guide in the FAQ section

    Description: Last 10 minutes in open conflict

    This sounds like a tall order, but is really quite simple to do. There
    are two ways of doing this easily. Firstly, pick up fights with some
    guards. Kill all and leave behind about three. After that, simply hold
    RT to block for 10 minutes. Guards in the Damascus (Poor District),
    for example, can never break your blocks. Once the achievement unlocks,
    dispose them as you see fit.

    The second way to do this is to lure these guards into an area that is
    guarded by vigilantes that you saved. The "husbands and brothers" of
    the women you saved will do their very best to hinder the guards (it's
    a sight to behold as you witness burly men pulling the arms of armed
    guards). You can simply stand there and wait for 10 minutes as the
    tussles continue, until the achievement unlocks.

    User Info: BleakDays

    BleakDays - 8 years ago 2 0

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