Is the password you use for vidics computer the one you use for the computer in the other roon?

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    craigbeeh - 7 years ago

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  1. No. For Lucy's computer, she will tell you that you can go take a look on her computer (if you do the conversationalist requirement, you will go through this dialogue, otherwise, the next day, you can look automatically). For Vidic's computer, you have to pick pocket him. This will be easy, if you do the conversationalist achievement requirement, since the day you look at Lucy's computer, she will have emailed Vidic saying he leaves his access code hanging out, and the next day you wake up, Vidic leaves his back to you while standing near a window for almost 3 minutes. That is when you pick his pocket.

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  1. No, each computer uses its own password. Lucy and Vidic's computers are accessed via the pens you nab from them, whereas the terminal in the conference room is accessed via a password you read in one of the e-mails - much like how you access the conference room itself.

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