In AC:BH what can I do after I beat the game?

  1. So I am about to finish AC:BH for the second time but this time I wanna get all of the collectables, do all of the extra missions and discover all of the secrets. So if someone could give me a list of things to do that would be nice.

    @@@@spoilers ahead@@@@

    Another thing I just can't remember when I finish the game can I still leave the Animus? Since if I remember correctly I get stuck in there after killing lucy.. Or maybe it was on revelations? Anyway I wanna know this because if there is anything I can do as Desmond I wont want to miss it.

    User Info: Techsmyass

    Techsmyass - 4 years ago


  1. If you've obtained all the collectibles, did all missions and discovered all secrets the only things left to do are buy all upgrades from Leonardo, renovate Rome and full synch missions.

    You can't leave the animus after you've beaten AC:Brotherhood. The things you can do outside the animus are collect some items, read emails, talk to Lucy, Shaun and Rebecca and start some scenes.

    User Info: aurllcooljay

    aurllcooljay - 4 years ago 0 0

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