How do i get acess to the computer?

  1. How do i find/get the password to thye compter?

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    zerosk8r225 - 8 years ago

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  1. After the sixth assassination you will exit the animus. The Doctor will get a call and leave the room. Lucy says she will not leave the room until you go to your room. Go into your room and wait for your door to close. DO NOT LAY DOWN. Go toward the door and you should be able to leave the room . Go towards lucy's computer near right next to the animus and you should grab her access key. Now you can log onto her computer. After reading her emails go lay down. The following morning go near the doctor who should be facing the windows and pick pocket him. Now you have his access key. Hope it helps. This is the way i did it just a few minutes ago.

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  1. It depends on what computer. Because you can get acess to both lucy's and vidic's computer at different times in the game. Try going to each desk when lucy and vidic are no in the room with the animus. Desmond will jack their keycard so when they areant in the room you can check their e-mail.

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  2. There are certain points where you can come up behind Vidic and take his security pen from his pocket. You can get Lucy's while she is away from the Animus. It'll be to the right of her computer.

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  3. I'm unsure of which memory block it is precisely, but there'll be a time when you have to go back to your room to sleep, and the closet that's usually closed (Desmond usually complains about not being able to change his clothes when you first tried to do something with it) will be open. Check it out, and he'll mention seeing a passcode written somewhere inside. This will allow you to leave the room each time your Animus session is over. Go back to the door, hit any button, he'll put in the code and you're able to revisit the Animus room.

    On this first trip, Lucy should have left her security pen by her console on the Animus. Later, Vidic will walk in with a cup of coffee(?), ("Rise and shine!") and instead of going straight to his desk, he'll simply walk up to the window behind it and drink. Follow him, and when he stops, you'll be prompted to press any button for an action, and you'll pick-pocket his pen. After that, just check up on their e-mail after each Animus session for some interesting storyline tidbits.

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