Majd Addin setalth kill?

  1. Is it possible to stealth assassinate Majd Addin, and if so how?

    User Info: bloodlust1994

    bloodlust1994 - 8 years ago

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  1. You can assassinate him in low or high profile. If you want to perform a high profile assassination, then you will need to run across the stage as fast as possible to leap onto Majd Addin. Doing it this way also means you can save all four of the people who would have been executed. While this is not relevent to the story, it does allow you to feel good about saving as many innocents as possible.

    A low profile assassination is only possible by letting Majd Addin kill the first three prisioners. With each execution, he moves closer to your position amongst the scholars. When he moves to the fourth person to be executed (the one Altair must not allow to die), this is the only chance you have to perform a low profile kill.

    User Info: richardocool1

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  1. Whenever I tried via going to the top of the tower overlooking the stage it waited for me to go into the crowd before the event took place.

    I honestly don't think so.

    User Info: Cellularcall

    Cellularcall - 8 years ago 0 0
  2. Yes it is possible but it's tricky, when he turns his back to kill one of he three people you must blend with the scholars to get within the line of guards, then, very quickly vault onto the stage before assassinating him before he turns back round.

    Difficult but do-able.

    User Info: sampj

    sampj - 8 years ago 0 0
  3. This may be considered an exploit, but you can assassinate Majd Addin by "breaking the timeline". In order to do this, you must get in a fight with his guards, and kill all of them but Majd Addin himself. Then go kill a Templar, or collect a flag, which saves your game. Then kill yourself by jumping off a tall building, or something. When you respawn, all the guards should be gone, having been saved as dead when you collected the flag. Simply get behind Majd Addin and stealth assassinate him.

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  4. Its possible go to the crowd then wait until you can climb ladders and look around properly then climb the left ladder to the roof closest to the fellow assassin kill the archer low profile but if you begin a sword fight the will be a roof thing chuck him behind it and stab him wait untill majid addin kills all 3 untill he comes close to the fellow assassin when he goes to stab him jump on to the wooden platforms and jump down and stab for high profile or jump behind him (requires timing and skill) then stab him.

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  5. Yes. Just get onto the right tower overlooking the stage. When he kills the first person, then when he turns his back on you, target him, jump and while your doing that hold X and you will assassinate him without a fight. But you'll land and then jump right on top of him to kill him. Enjoy. =)

    User Info: Redmourne

    Redmourne - 8 years ago 0 0

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