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    FAQ/Walkthrough by TheGum

    Version: 2.1 | Updated: 01/31/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                 A       SSS   SSS     A     SSS   SSS   III  N   N /  SSSSS
                AAA     S     S       A A   S     S       I   NN  N   SSS SS
               AAAAA     SSS   SSS   A   A   SSS   SSS    I   N N N   SS   S
              AA   AA       S     S  AAAAA      S     S   I   N  NN   SS
             AA    AAA   SSS   SSS  AA   AA  SSS   SSS   III  N   N   SSS
            AA     AAAA                                                 SSS
           AAAAAAAAAAAAA        CCC    RRR     EEEE    EEEE    DDD TM     SSS
          AA          AAA      C       R  R    E       E       D  D        SS
         AA            AAA     C       RRR     EEE     EEE     D  D    S   SS
        AA              AAA    C       R  R    E       E       D  D    SS SSS
      AAA               AAAAA   CCC    R  R    EEEE    EEEE    DDD     SSSSS
    			          *Assassin's Creed*
    Assassin's Creed FAQ/Walkthrough
    For Xbox 360, PS3, PC
    Version 2.1 (1/30/11)
    Written by Bradley Russell "TheGum"
    Email: lunatic_252000@yahoo.com
    Website: www.herostrike.com
    Twitter: TheGum25
    Version 0.5 - I hope the pressure of being incomplete helps me finish this 
    quickly. I have what I assume is 50% of the main game complete, it's the flags
    and other junk that's holding things up.
    Version 1.0 - walkthrough is done, just need the flags and Templars.
    Version 1.5 - added ALL flags and Templars, yes, ALL OF THEM!
    Version 1.6 - added some FAQs, yes that's it; just too many emails asking the
    same stuff.
    Version 1.8 - small adds
    Version 2.0 - fixed some things and added links to the end of the walkthrough.
    Version 2.1 - small fixes to the FAQ section at the end
    Table Of Contents
    Use Ctrl + F and type in the code to easy find. 
    	Section:		Code:
    1. A Brief Foreword
    2. Controls			CON2222
    3. Starter Tips			TIPS333
    4. Walkthrough			FAQ4444
    Type in either "Memory Block #" or the code for the assassination
    	Memory Block 1
    	Memory Block 2
    		Tamir			MEM2TAM
    	Memory Block 3
    		Garnier			MEM3GAR
    		Talal			MEM3TAL
    	Memory Block 4
    		Abu'l Nuqoud		MEM4ABU
    		William de Monferrat	MEM4MON
    		Majd Addin		MEM4ADD
    	Memory Block 5
    		Jubair			MEM5JUB
    		Sibrand			MEM5SIB 
    	Memory Block 6
    		Robert			MEM6ROB
    	Memory Block 7
    		???			MEM7MUA
    5. Achievements/Side Quests	ACH5555
    	Flags		FLAG555
    	Templars	TEM5555
    6. Author Info/Copyright/Misc.	
    * 1. A Brief Foreword                                                         *
    This game is really not perfection, like really. I mean, you'll be blown away
    up to the point where you get to the fourth assassination; that is when you
    go back to the same city as the first kill and you do the same stuff as the
    three previous kills. That is the only flaw of this title, the same old story
    of an ambitious game that had to be rushed out to market by the developers.
    You'll love the assassinations, and the story is unlike any other, and the 
    graphics are almost enough to sell the game alone. You'll be in awe of each
    city and how much you can do. But once you experience the same old objectives
    over and over, then you go crazy and just want to get to the end. Then you
    realize the developers could only make difficulty by adding more vagrants and 
    making the enemies more aware; I call it lazy difficulty that just slows what
    really is a short game. 
    Well, after all that bashing, this really is a good game. Again, the knocks 
    against this game are big, but the story and presentation more than make up
    for it. This is the only game that could get away with lazy level design. And
    who doesn't like some mindless fun here and there? 
    It's a must-play game, regardless, if for nothing else than at least to be 
    in the know for when AC2 comes out, because you'll need to know the story and 
    we all need to pray the gameplay improves.
    PS - why did everyone want to spoil the end for me when clearly I was not 
    finished with the guide? Version 0.5 means I most likely haven't finished the 
    game. Especially for this kind of game where playing twice is out of the 
    * 2. Controls ( CON2222 )                                                     *
    These are the Xbox 360 controls. I imagine you can connect the dots for the
    PS3 version.
    A - leg button
    B - free hand
    X - attack
    Y - head
    RB - N/A
    LB - chase cam
    RT - high profile actions
    LT - lock on
    RS - look
    LS - move
    START - pause
    BACK  - map
    High Profile explained (hold RT)
    If you just hold the RT down you will run. This is usually socially acceptable,
    so feel free. The leg button will make you run so that everyone knows you're 
    there. This is also how you jump along the rooftops and other surfaces. At
    some point you will be able to hold down B to grab ledges as you fall off 
    rooftops, so that will help. You can also run and perform leaping kills with
    the hidden blade.
    Low Profile explained (don't hold RT)
    Do not think low profile makes you invisible, it just makes you less noticable.
    You can't run into guards at any time, but in low profile you can walk by
    without being noticed. You can perform stealth kills, which usually don't get
    noticed for a little while. Be sure to press B as moving through thick crowds,
    so you don't hit people carrying stuff. And pressing A to blend will 95% of
    the time save you from detection. 
    If you don't mind some occassional detection, go ahead and run around cities,
    not sprint though. But if you want to go extremely slow, then you'll be walking
    and blending your way to boredem. 
    * 3. Starter Tips ( TIPS333 )                                                 *
    #1. Use your moves - you get counter kill, quick kills, and grabs, so use them
    in fights. At the very least, holding down the guard button will deflect 
    attacks. And when you gain more ranks, be sure to apply the new abilities to 
    combat ASAP; abilities like grab break and dodge will help in all fights.
    #2. Shorter is better - don't look now, but the short blade is possibly better
    than the long blade. Try it and the hidden blade in combat.
    #3. Finish the fight - this is for certain counter kill animations in which you
    do not kill someone. There are three types of animations: kill, punch, and
    contact sensitive. You can't affect the punch ones, but if you ever see that
    Altair is punching a guy and for a split second that guy is crouched over in
    front of you while the animation doesn't look quite done, that is your cue to
    press the attack button and finish the dude off.
    #4. Use the markers - you first need to know that you have a map, then you
    need to learn how to set markers so that you can easily use the minimap while
    playing to locate objectives.
    #5. Yes you can kill like in the trailer - if you recall, the trailers for this
    game showed Altair running and then leaping for an assassination. You can do
    that too. Just run (sprint or normal) and then press the attack button when 
    close. But for this to work, such as for save citizens and clearing rooftops, 
    you need to constantly make sure your hidden blade is equipped.
    #6. Know the class of your enemy - usually there are normal grunts and a few
    higher ups. The stronger guys will have more moves and be smarter, so start 
    with the grunts and then handle the big guys last.
    #7. Leap with faith - it's something I know someone won't quite catch while
    playing. Once you claim a view point, be sure to jump in the direction (usually
    the front of the beam) of a haypile below.
    #8. There is always a way - if you find yourself climbing up a building and you
    hit a spot where you can't continue, the chances are there is a way up, you
    just need to find it. Rarely will you be climbing and have no way of keeping
    it up.
    #9. Mind your actions - this usually means one thing: gently push. Yes, while
    in crowds if you just hold that button down you will probably never be spotted
    by the guards. Jar and crate carriers will blow your cover, so don't be mean.
    Anyone else will, so just be nice to the citizens.
    #10. Kingdom go - when quickly needing to cross through the Kingdom, just
    gallop by all the soldiers; no sense in stopping unless you need to.
    #11. Save side quests for later, or keep notes - to be honest, doing this guide
    and having to document every flag and Templar I ran into helped me know what I 
    already had. My advice to you is to save all the flags and Templars for one 
    solid effort, or keep track as you go along, or have a really good memory. 
    #12. Pause to check your progress - the pause menu has some double-helixes with
    bars that represent your progress. There are ten bars to each helix: 6 for the
    investigations (the white ones), 2 for the assassination, one for saving all
    the citizens of a district, and one for getting all the view points. Each
    heilx goes with one district, and I don't believe they carry over. 
    #13. Complete all objectives - not only for completing your memories, but also
    because they add up toward adding a block of health to your sync bar. And more
    health means you can be more reckless.
    #14. Know when it saves - since the game uses autosaves, you can either do an
    objective, find some flag, or visit a bureau and get out.
    #15. You actually have information on you - each investigation will unlock more
    of your memories in the pause menu. Once you have all six done and you are
    going after the target, you can press pause, go to memory log, and then read
    up on the intel you've picked up.
    #16. Watch carefully - you can usually press buttons during some cutscenes to 
    change the camera angle. And don't forget to hit the glitches in any 
    * 4. Walkthrough ( FAQ4444 )                                                  *
    It's best to read ahead if you want a better sense of what is to happen. I try
    not to spoil anything, well except for the very first part, but it shouldn't 
    be a problem.
    Just remember to use your map as an even more powerful ally than I.
    Assassin's Creed Walkthrough
    Okay, I knew there was a twist, so wait until you are finally to the tutorial
    stage to read on, because I will spoil it in the next paragraph.
    Okay, after learning of the sci-fi twist in this game, just watch the events 
    that unfold and do as you're told until you are put in a hazy looking place. 
    Just run forward and then the tutorial will start. Listen closely and then you
    will enter a sequence where you learn the controls. Press the head button and 
    look at each group of people around you. Then walk forward while pressing the 
    "gently push" button to walk through the jar-people. Then press the button that
    changes your profile (which changes what the buttons on the HUD do). You will
    notice the low profile actions are acceptable, while the high profile actions
    will get you into trouble. 
    Next will be a simple push, so go into high profile and grab the dude, then 
    toss him. Then you will sprint, which you must run off as soon as you can to
    beat the other guy. Next you will go kill a guy, so do it. Run into the guy 
    that come along, go up the ladder, and then hide in the little garden. 
    After learning of the things you can hide in, just hold the blend button
    down and walk past the bad guys. Then you learn of a new ability called Eagle
    Vision. Then you learn of three rules: 1. Leave innocent people alone, 2. Be
    discreet, 3. Don't jeopordize the clan. Then just wait for the first level to
    get rolling.
    When you see a glitch, press a button to change perspective (you know, because
    it's suppose to be you, you wouldn't normally have memories from others, that
    is why it's a glitch). Move forward and when you hit the gap press and hold the
    two buttons and simple press forward to jump along the beams. Do this again 
    and then up the ladder. 
    *NOTE: Glitches are when the screen kinda messes up, like static. You only
    get a few moments after to press any button. I won't point out every glitch,
    so you will either recognize the static yourself, or you will watch all the 
    cutscenes from boring angles.*
    Do a low profile kill and then move to the ledge for a bit of a scene. After,
    just use the ladders to hit the floor and walk over to the other guys. Then 
    lock on and press the assassinate button to get the next scene. On the other 
    side, just hold the two buttons and move up the area by either the left or 
    right pathways. These same buttons are used to run up walls, so do that when
    near the exit. Then make a slow climb up a wall to fast forward in memory.
    *NOTE: Whenever the screen goes to this empty haze area, just wait for the 
    loading to be done. It's essentially a load screen.*
    *NOTE: Also, now is good time as any to mention that for those of you with the
    instruction manual, thumb through it for the comments made by Dr. Vidic. It 
    will possibly confuse, but you can see something is seriously up with this 
    Status: Return to Al Mualim
    After you talk with the man in the village, make your way to the hill toward
    the castle. So long as you don't mess with the guards or kill anyone along 
    the way, you should just run up the path. You will run into another friend
    near the gate. Then enter the fort, where weapons are no-no's, and then
    go inside the builing and up the stairs to meet the dude.
    Status: Defend Village
    After the chat, run back down the trail to the village. When you finally run
    into guys with blades, press the lock-on button, then press the high profile
    button so that the counter move is available. This move is the best way to kill
    bad guys. Just wait for them to attack, then press the counter to watch a very
    cool little deathscene. Just repeat this as you make your way back to the start
    point. Everyone will retreat when you get down to the bottom.
    Status: Remove the Templars from Masyaf
    Move forward and toward the target on your map. Go up the ladder nearby to 
    reach your friend. Follow him to the top, and then stand on the platform to the
    right. Then watch. 
    *NOTE: During this cutscene will be many glitches, so if you see a little 
    static go across the screen, press any button to view the event. Just in case
    you haven't realized there won't be a sign pointing out a glitch.*
    Once you are the center of attention, do the leap of faith and you land safely
    in some hay. Jump out and go meet the other two. Then come back to find the 
    beam across the gap. Follow these beams, which you can somewhat run across, and
    then you will hit a wall. You can't just go straight up, so move around and 
    find little points that you can use to climb; you would be surprised what you 
    can climb up and how you can climb. At the tower, go to the right and slash at
    the wall to shatter the enemy army. Then just watch.
    When you have control back, go to the right and into the bathroom to interact
    and listen to the conversation. Come back out after and wait for the doctor to
    go away, then you can talk with the girl to learn some backstory, and you can
    ask a question before going to bed too. Enter the bed room on the right and 
    then go to bed.
    When awake, go to the front of the slab and go back to the past.
    Status: Investigate and find Masyaf's traitor
    *NOTE: You can press any button during this kind of cutscene to change the
    camera angle, to be more cinematic.*
    Well, after the scene you will get a series of messages outlining which
    abilities you have lost - pretty much all of them, including the counter kill
    (cry now).
    Walk down and out of the fort to run into a guy along the way. Return to the 
    bottom of the hill, then look north and go left to the market. When you get
    close to the target, go set on the bench and lock on, or the other way around,
    and then listen to the conversation. 
    Now go to the east side of the village and get close to the target. Climb on 
    the building and then press the lock-on button to listen to the conversation.
    After the two depart, follow the guy up the ways. Get close and pick his pocket
    without alarm.
    Go up this path to find the next target preacking by a rail. Let him finish 
    and then follow. He will stop in a dark spot in the corner. That is when you
    go high profile and then punch him a few times to make him talk. 
    Status: Speak with the Bureau leader in Damascus
    Synchronizing Rank 1 Memory - sword and hidden blade
    With a few of your toys back, head back to the village. You will get a chance
    to practice some swordplay, so try it out (the combo kill is nice, attack and
    then press attack as the sword hits to kill). Return to the village bottom and
    go out the open gates to find a trusty steed, either black or white. Jump on
    and start running down hte road. 
    Make the jump when you hit one and keep going. You will cross under some arches
    and then load the next area.
    *NOTE: The most important thing to remember is that you can set your own marker
    on the map. This helps highlight objectives not on the minimap. It's the 
    easiest way to know where you're going without following directions. Learn to
    use this well and the game almost plays itself.*
    You are now in the Kingdom. Your first task is to claim the view point on top 
    of the tower nearby. Just ride up, get off, and start climbing. After you get
    it, to a leap of faith off the beam to land in hay below. Now you are free to
    keep going. 
    When you hit a fork nearby, watch out for enemies in the area; go into eagle
    vision to see the red guys, or use the change in the light in the corner of 
    your HUD. Get past them and take the path going east, simply because you can't
    go to the west side of this area. 
    *NOTE: Just stay away from enemies even though they clearly see you. They won't
    bother you unless you provoke them by getting too close or doint something you
    shouldn't be.*
    *NOTE: Remember, if you do get spotted by anyone, just run around until they 
    cannot see you, and then hide in some hay. No need to fight.*
    When you hit a small village with another view point, you can just run up the 
    tower and start climbing if you like, which does alert the guards. You could 
    even go around the back and climb, so long as no one sees you. Either way,
    get to the top, synchronize, and then leap of faith off to vanish. You can now
    go view point hunting, or just head to Damascus, your call. I will go into
    the view points you can get here right now, so skip ahead if you just want to
    get on with the story. 
    *NOTE: Remember, blend to get by guards unnoticed, and once they can't see you
    you are free to climb.*
    From this tower, go to the west to find a path leading up the mountain. Follow
    the long trail to the tower. Blend past the guards and then go up the side. 
    You will also find a flag up here, then synchronize. Again, leap of faith off
    the beam. Then back down the trail.
    *NOTE: Since that was the first mention of the flags, refer to my flag section
    if you want to tackle all 100 at this time. You can't get them all now, but you
    can get a bunch out of the way. Again, just as the view points, these flags
    are not mission-related, so skip if you don't care.*
    Go back to the second view point in this village and then go around it to find
    the path leading down to another/other part of the village. Go around the 
    path until you find a path leading up, not the winding path leading up to some
    buildings. Follow the path to Damascus. If you try to go anywhere else you
    will not be able to go.
    When you reach the village with the fourth view point, just go around the back
    to avoid the many men in the road and get up there. Keep heading north to 
    the next village with the next tower. This area is more like an enemy camp, so
    just stay away from the guards. Go through the camp and on your way to 
    Damascus, see, the view points were easy.
    Status: Climb a view point, 0/6 investigations
    *NOTE: The best way to get around is by the rooftops. If you do get spotted
    and are being chased, get up to the roofs and find a garden to hide in.*
    *NOTE: Now that combat is a factor, I will remind you how to do the quick 
    kill just in case someone doesn't quite have it down. You will attack, press
    attack as the blade hits, and then do it one more time and that should do the
    kill animation. Just stay with it for two hits and then the animation should
    go, and it's well worth it every time.*
    Make your way down the path to the city. Near the gate you will get a message
    about saving a citizen. Get off your horse, walk over there, and lock-on to
    a guard. Start fighting and then lock-onto the citizen you just saved. Then
    you will be showed some scholars walking. Blend with them to walk into the 
    city. Just go over to them and press blend, no need to hold, and just wait for
    the "ride" to get you in, then exit the blend.
    To the right will be another poor sap in trouble, so do some slashing (remember
    the quick kill move) and then talk with him. Should be some scholars to hide
    with after it's over, so blend with them until you're back to green.
    Now go to the east by the wall until you run into some vigilantes and another
    poor citizen in trouble. Save her and then you can use the v-men to cover your
    escape, but probably no one will be chasing you. 
    Your goal is to get to the view point, but if you run into citizens in peril
    along the way, help them out. Right now, make your way to the view point to 
    the south of the gate, the only one on your map. Once you do you can look to
    the map to see all there is in the poor district. 
    You should see a pickpocket marker on the map, so go to the narrow market and
    lock-onto the target from a distance. Follow him down the market path and pick
    his pocket to complete one investigation. 
    You can now find more citizens in danger if you want. Getting the first view
    point to the east of the gate will reveal another pickpocket mission. After you
    do it you can go to the bureau leader with what you've learned. You can do this
    but I will still list the remaining view points and missions. 
    Status: Return to bureau leader
    If you go to the nearby view point, the last on the east, you will reveal an
    eavesdropping mission. Before you do this, you should be able to save yet 
    another citizen nearby (gee, they could have separated these out a bit more).
    After, lock-on to the guys, sit on the bench, and then press listen. 
    Now start taking the three view points along the south rim of the poor 
    district. The first one to the east, by a gate, will not reveal any missions,
    but it does have a guy at the top. The next one to the west will have a citizen
    nearby, and this view point will reveal an eavesdropping mission. Do it to 
    learn of some beams in the courtyard. 
    Go directly south after to get the sixth view point. No rewards for it. Now go
    a bit north to tackle the view point atop the mosque (I hope that is a mosque
    because I don't want to offend anyone). I was able to use the windows to get
    on top of the main building, and from there jump to the tower. 
    Only two more. The one to the southwest should reveal both an interrogation
    and an eavesdropping mission. Do the interrogation first. When you arrive at
    the speech-givers platform, walk past the guards and sit on the bench nearby,
    then lock-on. After he starts walking, get up and follow. Once he's in the 
    dark alley, start punching away. There should also be another citizen in danger
    to the south.
    Now for the eavesdropping mission. Go to the open square, sit on a bench, and
    then listen in. With all the investigations complete, go north and up the 
    building to get to the last view point tower. All that should be left are a 
    few citizens to save. You can just run around the whole map and look for the
    citizen markers on your onscreen map. 
    Make your way to the southwest of the map to find the bureau. Get on the roof
    and jump down from the opening. Go talk with the leader inside and explain 
    the situation. Then Animus will fast forward you. 
    *NOTE: If you decided to get all six investigations you will have a better 
    chance at this target.*
    Status: Assassinate Tamir	( MEM2TAM )
    Climb out the way you came and start the rooftop jumping to the northeast. When
    you get near the target, drop down to the streets and walk into the square, 
    where the game turns into one of those sorta-cutscenes where all you can do is
    move. Be sure to hit the glitches. Move toward the two men talking and just 
    stand by the crowd looking. Be very aware of the glitches so you can get the 
    full enjoyment out of this cutscene.
    After that and you get full control back, make sure your hidden blade is on. 
    You can just run up to Tamir and assassinate him, simple as that; if you do
    get caught, just let them kill you and try again. And remember to gently move
    through the crowd or your cover may be blown, but dash when you have an open
    shot. Then you go into an odd cutscene with more glitches that you must use if
    you want full enjoyment. 
    Okay, so after you're back, run up a wall nearby and get to the roof. Your 
    goal now is to lose the men chasing you and to find a garden when no one sees
    you. It's not too tough, so just run far, make good jumps, and get in a garden
    when no one is around. Let things cool down and then come out, but you will
    probably be spotted again. So just make another dash to a garden. That should 
    be enough, but if you are spotted again just hide in another garden. Just make
    your way back to the bureau and be sure you are in the green before you drop
    back inside. Then go meet the leader. Then you fast forward and then it's 
    back to the real world. 
    Talk with the girl yet again if you like, and you can ask quite a few questions
    with vague answers. Then you can go to the computer nearby and visit Lucy's 
    mailbox. Miss Stillman has nothing much interesting in her email, so exit
    when done and go to bed.
    Go follow the doc after you awake for a conversation. Then go lie down on the
    Animus to get back to the good old days.
    Status: Go to either Acre or Jerusalem
    Synchronizing Rank 2 Memory - short blade and counter kill (now stop crying)
    After speaking with Al Mualim and getting the counter kill back, go down the 
    steps to see that the courtyard at the back is now open. More flags if you are
    looking too. Then head out the fort to run into another training session. We
    already discussed the counter kill, but you can practice here in caes you
    forgot, or never knew how to begin with.
    Now get to the bottom of the village and out the gates with a horse, and go to
    the Kingdom area. I call my horse Barthalamule.
    Basically, just pick a city and go, but since I'm calling the shots, let's all
    listen to me. Head west toward Acre and to the sixth view point. Just go 
    around and climb the tower from the back, then leap of faith like so many times
    The village below is heavy into guards, so stay away from them as best you
    can. As you move through the village, remember not to bump into too many 
    people or they will rat you out. Just stroll through and head up the path to
    Acre to the east. 
    Take the low road when you reach a fork and head south to avoid the guards, but
    you pretty much have to blend the whole way, or just run past and hide in the
    first hay stack you see.  You should end up at view point seven. Ascend 
    and sync up. Doing the leap of faith from up here is the best way to get over
    the fence here, because you can't hop over the spikey fence on the ground.
    You can go south and then west at the next fork, but there are more view points
    and more flags if you go east. So let's do that. The next view point is to the
    east. When you get there you notice an increased guard presence than the last
    view point tower. Go to the shadow of the tower, where you will also find a 
    flag, and ascend from this darker side with less enemies around. 
    If you can manage, blend past the checkpoint (if you can somehow neutralize 
    the guard on the tower). Otherwise, take the longer road east at the back of
    this village. You should arrive at some ruins, so speed north before anyone 
    spots you. 
    The next view point will be the first one you have to fight for, there is no 
    other way past the guys than to fight, unless you want to run and hide, but
    that's no fun. Target the view point and then find it with your eyes. Go to
    the left of it to find a trail leading alond the cliff. There will be four 
    guards, so engage them, but then run around them toward the cliff edge by the
    tower. From here you will use both the counter kill and the grab and toss. 
    The counter kill works as well as you think, but if you can toss a lot of dudes
    over the cliff, that is even funner. Trust me, tossing all them is possible, so
    do it quick before they overwhelm you. After the fight, go claim the tower.
    From the ruins area, go east toward Jerusalem, but then get off on the route
    that leads to toward Damascus, but you are just wanting the two view points.
    The many guards will probably be out to get you, so elude capture as best you
    can. The first view point poses a new challenge because there are watchtowers
    with archers that will attack you. Your best move is to climb a tower, kill 
    that archer, and from that side of the tower you can climb. In fact, if you
    are flag searching, you need to clear out all the towers in this village or
    you will be running away a lot.
    From this village closest to Jerusalem, go north to the next view point on the
    way to Damascus. You'll notice that the trail here is covered in guards, so 
    either blend or dash past and hide to get by. Make your way along the path to
    the 11th view point, which should leave only the one by Acre. Just go to back
    of this tower overlooking a river, climb up the ladder, and sync up.  
    Now go all the way southwest to the view point by the exit to Acre. An easy 
    one too. Nearby is a village, but you are free to go to the city now that you
    have all the view points in Kingdom. In this village is a camp where you can
    go to town on a bunch of enemies and claim a bunch of flags; 360 owners can
    get closer to some of the the killing achievements, such as the counter kill
    one, which is the best way to get through this camp. If you have no desire, 
    then off to Acre with ya.
    Status: 0/6 investigations complete
    Go up the dreary path toward the gate. Like before, save the citizen outside,
    which will involve a lot of counter-killing, and then use the scholars to get
    in Acre.
    As soon as you're in and arrive at the fountain, depart from the scholars and
    go sit on the bench to th left. Lock-on to the guys by the fountain and then
    listen. Now go to the view point very nearby, which is very short too and then
    you reveal the lay of the city. Should be a citizan in peril nearby. 
    Moving through this city is a constant pain because of all the guys on the
    rooftops, which they will spot you. This might good reason to move through the
    streets, unless you don't mind clearing out the skies.
    Take the only view point to the north. You will notice that not only are these
    view points low to the ground, but they are guarded well. Assassinate some of
    the guards, but don't be afraid to start climbing; remember that the leap of
    faith will get you hidden. 
    Go to the nearby view point to the southeast that is not near the district
    border (it's lightly guarded). This should reveal a pickpocket mission to the
    south. Stand at a distance and then listen to the conversation. Follow him
    soon after and quickly snatch the goods. Again, you're now done with the 
    investigations, if you want to be. I will continue on with the rest of the
    objectives, so you are free to skip ahead. Remember, the more objectives you
    complete, the closer you get to gaining a block of health to the sync bar.
    From here, head south to a view point by the bureau. This tower will be badly
    damaged, and it's also one of the taller ones yet. Another citizen to the 
    Run along the rooftops to the west to hit another view point; try to do running
    assassinations (like from the trailer) by running (not sprinting) and then 
    pressing the attack button with your hidden blade to leap on the dudes and 
    kill them quietly. After you sync up, you will see a pickpocket mission, but
    this one is sorta through a building. The big building has an alleyway of sorts
    that is blocked with guards at both ends. You can fight your way in, or find a 
    hole in the roof to drop through, either way. Listen in and follow like before.
    The hole by the way, is at the western end of the roof, and you can use it 
    to get out of this former prison.
    There is now only one view point not touching the boundary of the district, and
    it should be to the west side of the map. Go there to find that it is more like
    a fortress tower, and there is an archer at the top. But nothing should be 
    Now head southwest to the corner of the map. This tower overlooks the side of
    the city that hangs over a cliff. Claim it to reveal an informer behind the 
    building on the ground. Go lock-onto him to get a target from the informer. Go
    to the north, quietly and don't run into the Templar in a building or that 
    will cause you to retry. He will be on the other side of this broken building,
    so hop over and quietly kill him, then make your way back to the informant. 
    Now to back east along the boundary to a church tower for the ninth view point.
    You reveal an interrogation mission on the steps below. Leap down and then 
    stand in the shadow of the palm tree to lock-on. Follow him after his speech 
    down the steps and then beat him up in the alley. So sad, you a cold-blooded
    Now just two more view points on the eastern border of the map. Swing around 
    the city and make your way to the southern one first. This view point is
    a new one, because it is right on the boundary. Get up the bell tower and then
    jump off. Now just go to the one to the north a bit and that will be it.
    You get a new informant mission right by the hay cart after you leap of faith.
    Go talk with the man to learn that you need to find 20 flags in three minutes.
    The first one is above on a balcony. Climb the building to get up there. From
    here you can go south and follow a path to the remaining flags, just know they
    are on your map and they do follow a path. You will swing back around to the 
    same area. You may be able to start from the flags on the rails, but either 
    way you are given like a whole spare minute, so no trouble; just take your
    time and don't skip any, use the map. Real easy if you've been roof jumping the
    whole game. After you complete the test talk with him to get some info.
    Now make your way to the bureau with all the knowledge. Hop in through the roof
    however you wish, then talk with the leader to get the feather. Another fast
    Status: Assassinate Garnier		( MEM3GAR )
    Go to the northwest toward the "hospital." You should notice that the citizens
    appear to get more "mentally challenged" the closer you get, so avoid. When
    you near the entrance from the steps, get in with the group of scholars. 
    Another one of those cool cutscenes, so move in with the crowd that forms 
    around the well. Don't forget the glitches, and when not in a glitch be sure
    to move the camera to get a better view. 
    Oh man, that was not a pretty scene, nor cool; my knees hurt. Turn around and 
    get back with your scholars on the right side (left of the entrance). Follow 
    them all the way around until you see the big guy in your sights. But don't
    strike at the first moment you see him. There are two keys to this kill: there
    can be no retards nearby, and you must be patient. The fools in the area will
    blow your cover if they hit you, so you can never leave the blend with any
    nearby. And the scholars will keep going around and around the area, so there
    is no need to rush. You must wait for the doc to be away from the challenged
    ones and nearby, then unblend and go for a quick strike; no really, just lock-
    on, run, and attack to go into the movie scene.
    Another one of those trippy little cutscenes with those glitches like before. 
    When you come too, find a ladder on the western wall that gets you up to the
    catwalks above. Follow the beam, jump across a chandelier, follow the walkways
    and beams, and then jump out of a broken window. Now comes the part of just 
    making a mad dash toward the bureau. I found it best to skip along to the 
    southern border, then follow it to the bureau, and there was a group of 
    scholars near the bureau that led me to the ladder to get to the roof. However
    you get there, hop down and deliver the feather. 
    After you rest, you are given the option to fast forward. Do so unless you want
    to journey all the way to Masyaf yourself, and you don't. After the meeting 
    you get more stuff back.
    Synchronizing Rank 3 Memory - throwing knives and tackling
    Status: Go to Jerusalem
    Now back down to the stables and get on your mount. Back to the kingdom. There
    is nothing to do here this time around, so just make your way southeast to 
    *NOTE: For the mentally challenged in the cities, you can tackle them if you
    Status: 0/6 investigations completed
    Well, you've done this twice already and you'll do it again. Make your way
    down the trail to the Kingdom of Heaven. When you reach the gate, get off your
    equine friend and go into the cemetery on the left. Run up, lock-on, and fast
    assassinate the guy standing in front. Then kill the rest with counter kills,
    or whatever. Talk with the man and you get your ride into the city, yet more
    scholars who seem to always show up on cue. 
    *NOTE: Now that you have knives, you will notice you have targets in the city
    that are not guards. These guys have pouches on their belts and you can pick
    those pockets for more knives. You can only hold 5.*
    After you get inside, and maybe help a citizen nearby, go toward the church
    with the first view point. You can get on by a beam from the west. Go up and 
    get the lay of the district. 
    After you leap, the interrogation target is the guy you've hearding rambling 
    the whole time from the steps of the church. Get close and listen to the 
    speech, then follow into a nearby alley. You may have to fight the knive-
    carrying dudes, but just land your blows on the target to be done with the 
    Now look at the map of the district. There are two good columns of markers that
    are view points. We'll go in this order:
    	8	1
    	7	2
    	6	3
    	5	  4
    Start with #1 (the northern one in the center). Then go south for #2. #2 spits
    you an informant to the west. Go meet him to get two targets. Both at inside a
    massive market building. One is by the western entrance; he has yellow stripes
    on his clothes. Then the other will be patrolling around, so just lock-on, run,
    and do a quick strike assassination. Then quietly return to the informant to
    collect the info.
    Now hop along the rooftops to view point #3. There will be a citizen nearby,
    so save that person if you wish. #4 is what I believe is that famous mosque 
    (please don't hurt me if not) that is really in Jerusalem. You can climb the 
    building using the window things with ledges. Then climb up to the dome and 
    sync up; this is the first view point without a leap of faith, you can jump 
    anyway if that makes you feel better.
    #4 reveals two missions nearby. Go do the pickpocket nearby first. Then go
    see the informant in the market nearby. You have another flag fetching quest
    here. When you start, grab the flag on the rail nearby. Then follow the street
    up to the east to find a trail on the ground. Then follow the rooftops to
    the north. You will swing around a trail of rooftops (don't go for a Jerusalem
    cross when going up some buildings) and then follow the path back to a ladder 
    which takes you back to the informant; trust me, the trail is simple so long
    as you stick to it. 
    After that, go to #5, or do some of the save citizen events. #5 reveals a 
    pickpocket target nearby. You know what to do by now. Then head to #6, which
    is near the bureau. Get up and claim it; you climb it by the north face.
    #7 is on another church, and it is around another dome. #8 is the last one
    for this district. The only way to get to the top of this tower is to scale 
    the front of the church, the southern face, right in front of the guards.
    Then get up the bell tower by the same side. You can jump to the east for the
    leap of faith.
    Your last view point reveals an eavesdropping mission inside the church. You
    have to kill the guards in front of the church to get in. This causes a ruckus,
    but you can just stroll in after the fight and sit on the bench to listen in.
    However, if you save the citizen outside the church (to the west) you can 
    blend with the scholars and walk in without fighting. 
    After you have all the investigations done, go to the bureau and collect the 
    death feather. 
    Status: Assassinate Talal		( MEM3TAL )
    When you reach the northeast corner, pull out your map and find the nearby 
    squad of scholars. Use them to get past the guards on the steps, or enter the
    area from the rooftops to the west. Either way, dodge the crazies on your way 
    to the warehouse, and if you do use the scholars, they only go up the steps, 
    so unblend when past the guards. 
    Just walk into the open doorway to begin the extended cutscene. Just move 
    along the path and get the glitches. You end up in a room where you are
    surrounded. After you cutscene is over, start the fighting already. Just do
    your counter kills, but remember to grab guys and toss them away to make the
    group around you slightly smaller. After you kill the men on the ground, climb
    up the ladder and kill an archer on the upper level. Then take the ladder to
    the roof in pursuit. 
    *NOTE: Don't forget to use the tackle ability as you run to run fast and shove
    people out of the way.*
    You need to run after him and try to lock-on for a leaping assassination, but
    if you can't you will chase him down to a certain point where you will fight
    him. Kill him anyway you can and then make your escape. You know how to get
    to the bureau, so do what you do. After you deliver the feather, it's back to
    Again, ask Lucy all the questions you want, up until you get the blow-off
    responses. That is your cue to go to bed. Oh yeah, the closet is open, if you
    care. Then it's wake up, talk a bit, then off to wonderland, again.
    Status: Go to all three cities
    Synchronizing Rank 4 Memory - Catch ledge and grab break
    *NOTE: You catch a ledge by holding down the grab button.*
    After the chat, go out the fort to do more practice. Practice the grab break
    and then get out, and you can practice the throwing knives too in case you
    missed that. Get to the Kingdom as you have before. You will get the option
    to fast travel to any city you want. Onto Damascus.
    *NOTE: If you are collecting the King Richard Flags in Kingdom, the catch ledge
    ability allows you to get all of them. The final one in the ruins can only be
    attained by catching the ledge.*
    Status: 0/6 investigations, need 3 at least
    You can go to the Bureau if you like to get verbal guidance of your next move,
    since there is no indication where you need to go. The next target is in
    the rich district of Damascus. So go west and you will find a huge building 
    with multiple view points. There are three around the golden dome of this 
    building. The one to the north is interesting because it's the most elaborate
    yet, and the tallest. That leap of faith will send chills up your back if you
    have any fear of heights. 
    I will take a new approach to the walkthrough from here on out. Since we
    all basically know how to go about and how to do these investigations (gosh I
    hope you do), then all I need to say is there are ten view points, and if you
    get all ten you will find all the target markers on the map to get all six
    investigations done. 
    *NOTE: Ah ha, this is the point! Right here people are thinking that the ten
    view points I mention will be on the map. You must use your eyes to find the
    remaining view points. Or perhaps it's somewhere else. I don't know, I guess
    I was supposed to hold the reader's hand throughout or something. You have a
    brain, use it and your eyes to find view points in any new district you visit.*
    All you do need to know is that to get to the view point on the west edge of
    town, you must use beams over the guards in the archways to swing across. You
    have to do this in reverse to get back out of the military area. 
    Another thing, when going for the view point to the south, you need to find
    a structure inside the palace walls that is in the southeast corner. You climb
    up it, then along the wall, and then you should be able to find your way to 
    the roof from there. Slay your way to the dome and sync up. 
    Other than that, the rest of the view points should be no trouble; they all
    have easy ways to get up there, even if it doesn't seem like it at first. 
    Once you have all ten view points under your belt, check your map to see that 
    you have all the missions revealed and most of the save citizen events, if not
    all of them. You have two eavesdroppings to the north, two informants around
    the middle of the district, an interrogation to the west, and a pickpocket 
    mission to the southwest. 
    The quests are just as you've done before, nothing new or challenging. There
    are just ten citizens in peril this time. Again, once you have all the view 
    points you can just set markers on your map to any quest and go for it. No use
    in me constantly telling you what to do when using your map is much easier. The
    flag collecting in the military quarters is easy if you just take your time; 
    the path is easy. When you get to the interrogation, you can't walk past the 
    line of guards into the military area. You will have to use the beams in the 
    gate to swing over the guards, then go get the guy in an alley. 
    Once you have all eight objectives complete (check the lit bars on the double-
    helix in the pause menu), then go back to the bureau for the feather.
    Status: Assassinate Abu'l Nuqoud		( MEM4ABU )
    Head back to the rich district and return to the palace to the south. This time
    the place will be full of people attending the party. Get within the walls and
    mix into the crowd. After you lose full control, be ready for the glitches as
    you have before. You can tell that things turn sour real quick, so just keep
    watching until you have to run.
    Run left to the little structure in the corner. Use it to climb up and get to
    the second level. Make your way to the roof and then try to swing around to the
    south as if you will drop to his balcony to kill him, but you need to keep an
    eye on the minimap. If you see him start to leave his balcony, chances are he's
    trying to escape through the exit to the south. That is your cue to drop down
    there and chase him down for a quick kill. Remember to ignore the soldiers and
    just chase him down for a running assassination.
    Then another cutscene par usual, and then it's off to the races. You will 
    probably have to run quite a ways until you find a way onto the rooftops. 
    Thanks to the lack of enemies on the roofs in the poor district, just get there
    and you're home free. Visit the bureau leader and then choose to fast forward
    to Masyaf.
    Status: Go to either Acre or Jerusalem
    Synchronizing Rank 5 Memory - Regain balance and dodge, and sword expertise
    Go talk with the guy in charge in the corner, a different conversation than
    before. Then out the fort to practice the new ability. To dodge, just press
    the button right as the guy is attacking and push yourself to one side to dodge
    in that direction. 
    Now make your way to the archway leading to Kingdom, but choose to zap to 
    Acre (get the bad city out of the way).
    Status: 0/6 investigations
    You know how to get in, so do it. Once in, run through the streets and make 
    your way to the bureau for some info. You need to enter the rich district, and 
    he advises that you take the cathedral. There are support things attached to
    the sides of the roof that you can climb up; so if you are climbing up the
    wall, there will be skinny pillars you can jump and grab and then climb up. 
    Kill the guys up here (a Templar too), and then up the steeple. Like for real,
    go all the way up, on top of the cross for a flag. Then sync and leap to the
    south for another long fall to safety.
    Again, get one view point and you basically complete the rest of the district,
    all that is left is for you to set up the markers and go achieve the objectives
    An informant mission to the north is only doable if you are patient and wait 
    for no guards to be around. When you find a pickpocket inside a guarded mini-
    fort, enter from above. The interrogation target does not go down an alley, so
    just wait for him to be away from many guards and thugs. When you reach the 
    informant in the square, just start up the street to the right of him and 
    follow the path to the rooftops (these are not hard if anyone has that false
    impression by now). You know where to go after your investigation is done.
    Status: Assassinate William de Montferrat	( MEM4MON ) 
    Head toward the south end of the district, toward the castle. You will stop in
    the square out front, so stand with the crowd. Again, keep your eyes open for
    them glitches. After the scene, go through the gate. 
    The crate carriers are the bane of this mission, so avoid running into them at
    the cost of going slower. You may also find a group of scholars to the south,
    so jump in with them. Ride with them for a while and they should get you into
    the area where William is speaking. Wait for the line of soldiers to be broken,
    then unblend, run through the opening, and then strike. 
    After the scene, the escape is way hard. Run/tackle through the bad guys and 
    run back toward the gates. They are closed, but run to the northeast corner of
    this fort into a dark alley. You should find a ladder by the wall. Take it,
    then jump and climb onto the corner building and get in the garden at the top.
    Don't stay around too long, jump out as soon as the coast is somewhat clear. 
    You should be able to jump over the walkway on the wall, then hop down a series
    of wooden platforms and beams to get back into the city proper. Then it's just
    a case of getting to the rooftops. If you follow the eastern side of this
    district, you will either have to run through the streets, or go over the 
    church; your call, but the church will take a long time. 
    Once safe, just fast forward to Masyaf again.
    Status: Go to Jerusalem
    Synchronizing Rank 6 Memory - Extra throwing knives (that's it?!)
    Make your way to Jerusalem.
    Status: 0/6 investigations
    Make your way to the bureau to get pointed in the right direction. 
    Head south to the poor district. One good view point that you may not realize
    is one, this view point is almost directly south of the bureau on top of an
    archway. It's short and easy. The synagogue to the southeast is accessible from
    the northern face. 
    For the interrogation on the western border, you can just get the dude in the
    narrow path nearby. For a pickpocket target that goes behind a row of guards,
    use the beams above to get into that corner. The informant mission in the very
    bottom corner is the toughest yet. For the objective, two of the three will be
    easy, but the third is tough because of the increased awareness. You should 
    consider killing the guards on the other side of the mosque before attempting 
    the mission. Watch for the many special people who will blow your cover. Just
    remember to not do any leaping assassinations and you'll be fine, even better
    if you can wait for one to go a bit away from the area.
    Once you get all the view points, citizens, and investigations, head back to 
    the bureau and get your feather.
    Status: Assassinate Majd Addin		( MEM4ADD )
    Slip past the guards in the area and get to the marker. Another scene like you
    know, but try to make your way to the front of the crowd, and to the right side
    near the scholars. 
    After the scene is over, get in with the white robes and let the ride take you
    up right next to the guy you need to save. Sadly, you need to let the target
    kill the other three so that he will get close to your guy and closer to the
    group of scholars. Wait for him to get close and about to strike your fellow
    assassin, then strike. 
    *NOTE: You can try to strike and save any of the other prisoners, if you like
    and are fast enough. It doesn't matter, just make sure the guy in white does
    not die.*
    Once the scene in the void is over, run north and up the ladder, or however 
    you wish to escape, but you need to head north toward the bureau. There is a
    garden to the west of the bureau that will prove easy to hide in and then run
    into the bureau from. Then off to reality.
    After the intrigue, it's off to bed. 
    When you awake, go up to the doc and interact have something up your sleeve.
    Then lie down and off to the danger zone. 
    Synchronizing Rank 7 Memory - Defense break
    You can go into the courtyard and practice this new ability. If you can't tell,
    there is a step button to press. So it's step and then quickly press the attack
    Go to Damascus since we haven't been there in a while. Get into the city.
    Status: 0/6 investigations
    You know where you need to go, but go ahead and run by the bureau if you wish
    to hear some conversation. 
    Pretty much south of the bureau is a view point in the middle district, and it
    is real easy to get. The other six are easy grabs. Watch out though, you are
    now under even more watchful eyes and there are many more obstacles in your
    way, such as two beggars at once. 
    If you finished your view points by getting the one on the far east, you need
    to drop into the minifort for the eavesdropping. The pickpocket mission not 
    far you should sit on the bench as you listen, so that the special people don't
    hit you, and then watch out after you start the picking. The timed informant 
    mission to kill five targets is not as hard as it seems; just do quiet kills 
    when no one is looking, no leaping kills. Let the interrogation go to the tiny
    pool and then start fightin'. 
    The informant mission with only three targets and three minutes is heck. But 
    it's only harder than you make it out to be. The best thing to do is take the 
    target in the open square (near the two beggars), then the one in the alley,
    and then climb up the building for the other. This only works if you are as 
    fast as lightning.
    Once you're done with all the objectives, return to the bureau.
    Status: Assassinate Jubair		( MEM5JUB )
    Go to the building and get up to the top however you can. Once you are on the
    locked building the screen should turn into that cutscene way. Walk along the 
    roof and down the steps to a balcony where you will watch.
    After they leave to go book burning, it's your job to find the one that is 
    Jubair. Mine was the target in the southeast corner, but yours may be one of
    the others. If anything, just approach each as a separate assassination. Once
    you do find him, just chase him down for a leaping kill and then watch the 
    Then it's just onto the rooftops and back to the bureau, same old same old. 
    Just make it to the poor district where there are no roof guards.
    Synchronizing Rank 8 Memory - Short Blade Expertise
    Off to Acre.
    Status: 0/6 investigations
    To the east of the bureau is a view point in the middle district; good luck
    getting up without detection. There is a view point just nearby too. The 
    lighthouse at the docks will be tough, but if you are spotted as you leap over
    the boats, just kill one guard to slow up your pursuers. The rest of the view
    points are easy.
    For the investigations, nothing too bad, except for an usual eavesdropping 
    mission. The interrogation by the docks is not hard, just beat him up on the 
    side with least enemies. Both informant missions are nowhere near as bad as 
    they seem, just be cool, be patient, and mostly you need to take the long ways
    around to get each target. Same old.
    Status: Assassinate Sibrand		( MEM5SIB )
    *NOTE: Be sure you have ten daggers, you may need them.*
    Make your way into the docks, without detection if possible, and go to the 
    circle of plebs. Watch the scene; that's too bad.
    Watch as the dude in the horned helmet floats away on a boat. If you thumb 
    through some of the information you have in the pause menu concerning this
    mission, you will know that the docks to the north are devoid of guards. So 
    head north and you will find a dock with only citizens and drunks. Be sure to
    always avoid the drunks and gently push the crate carriers. You should be able
    to look east to see a platform in the water with a guard atop it; it's near 
    the lighthouse. Wait for him to look away, then get close and toss a dagger at
    him. Now cross over the poles in the water to get to the lighthouse. 
    Kill the three under the lighthouse. You can kill the archer in the platform
    nearby, but you don't have to. Just hop along the boats, but you should 
    notice the horned helmet will be moving around the deck of the ship. You can't
    just run up to the ship while he's looking, so wait for him look away and start
    hopping along to the ship. You should end up on the side of the ship, so just
    inch up to look to where Sibrand is moving. He should eventually walk up to
    the front of the ship and start talking. That is your cue to get up, run, and
    put him out.
    After the scene, make your way back the path you came. Get over the side of 
    the shop, line up with the pole, and then hop your way back to the lighthouse;
    kill the archer on the platform if you must. You don't have to go directly to
    the lighthouse, just get back on the dock, but take your time so you don't mess
    up, and no one is chasing you as of yet.
    Just get out of the docks, perhaps by following the rooftops along the wall,
    and then take the rooftops in the city back to the bureau. 
    Again, keep talking with Lucy until you get the blow-off responses. Then to
    Back to NeverNeverland after the morning conversation.
    Synchronizing Rank 9 Memory - Sword expertise and extra knives
    Off to Jerusalem.
    Status: 0/6 investigations
    Go to the bureau, or just head to the middle district. Find a view point and 
    you got the layout of the district.
    To the north is a pickpocket. Get in the building using a nearby scholar group
    by saving a citizen; then just dodge the many loonies to do the mission. The 
    informant mission in the center of the district has two good rules: start by
    going west, and make a path to each target so that you don't run back into
    areas with dead guys (and it may mean going a long way around to get back to
    the informant). The interrogation near a church is the longest yet, but don't
    be afraid to run to save health if a thug joins in; you can beat him up as soon
    as he's done talking. The other informant mission is surprisingly easy, since 
    it's just two targets and one is alone on a roof. And you may miss a view point
    to the very east of the district, near where you saved a citizen.
    Once you save all the people and get all the view points and do all the 
    investigations, you will not only have every view point and citizen in the game
    under your belt, but you will also notice one extra bar on the double helix in
    the pause menu. Hmm. Return to the bureau leader to get this dude on ice.
    Status: Assassinate Robert		( MEM6ROB )
    Make your way to the very southwest of the district. There is a group of 
    scholars to the south if you want, or find another way to the funeral. Once in,
    just stand with the crowd and watch. 
    Once it's over, get out your hidden blade for combat; yes, for combat. If you
    haven't used it before, you're in for a sharp learning curve right now. Not
    really, because all you do with the hidden blade is perform counter kills in
    combat, which are awesome. The reason you're doing it now is so that when 
    Robert attacks, you can just instantly "kill" "him". Otherwise, just hack
    and slash until you take his life in battle, but the hidden blade will end this
    battle the moment he strikes and if you can counter kill with the blade.
    Well, once the shocking twist is revealed in the usual cutscene, make your 
    usual return to the bureau. Things are getting interesting all of the sudden.
    Status: Ride for Arsuf and assassinate Robert
    Head for the exit gate. Use the beams in the archway to get out undetected if
    the scholars are not around. Then get a steed and head for Kingdom. Never
    actually left a city, and it's been a while since we've been to Kingdom.
    Just head west, ignoring the fact that every guard along the way will spot you.
    Be sure to not miss the trail, because there is a path parallel the Arsuf path
    that is blocked. So make the correct turn.
    Status: Assassinate Robert
    Snake down the path until you hit some archers by a cliff. Get off and toss all
    three over the side. Then run down the path to a tower. Kill the soldiers atop
    and then get over. Fight more on the other side. Then down the path is a big
    group, so kill them and move on. And don't be afraid to stop to regain health.
    *NOTE: This is most likely where you get the Eagle's Challenge achievement on
    the 360, for killing 25 guys in a single fight.*
    More fighting and then you hit a huge group. Just use the longsword to save 
    health and remember to toss guys out of the way. It seemed like you could just
    attack and it worked more this fight than ever before. Cross over the tower to
    have a relatively small fight with some Englishmen. Then proceed to a cutscene.
    Watch and hit the glitches. Move forward when the path opens. And then get 
    ready to rumble!
    You get one lesser fight with some grunts, which the hidden blade will speed 
    up in combat. And then you get Robert. Again, get out the hidden blade, let 
    him strike, counter kill, and the fight is over. Or waste a lot of time trying
    to beat him to death with a lot of sword strikes, your call.
    Watch the familiar scene that reveals all. What a twist!
    After, it's back to real life. After more intrigue, talk with the girl. Then
    off to bed. Wake up and one more trip to dream land. 
    *NOTE: I'll bet I'm not the only one to just realize where the hidden blade is
    actually hidden.*
    Status: Assassinate Al Mualim		( MEM7MUA )
    *NOTE: Many readers point out that using the knives helps speed this fight 
    up to its end.*
    Just go up the village toward the fortress. You will fight one group of your
    former allies, so toss most off the cliff. Then another much bigger group will
    drop in, but you only need kill so many, then you get some assistance. Go up
    the path to meet your friends.
    After the little chat, go up to the fort. Push through the mind drones and 
    enter the fort. Go to the back courtyard and watch the scene. 
    The classic fight-all-the-bosses-from-before boss fight. Just use the longsword
    and do counter kills. It's not tough by any means.
    *NOTE: During any of the these fights, feel free to take the risk of using the
    hidden blade. You can end the fights faster, but if you don't time the counters
    right you will be dead quick.*
    Then it's a one on one with the big guy himself. Well, maybe one on one is not
    the right word. All you can do is counter kills, and don't try to grab. And 
    soon the fight will end after a few are dead. 
    After another scene, and you finally get him alone, just do one little hit,
    not even a kill, and then head to the lower part of the courtyard. Just keep
    hitting him, even if it is just grab breaks, until the haziness goes away. When
    the world is back to normal around you, just whip out the hidden blade and do
    one counter kill with it to finish the fight.
    Watch this familiar type of scene, then go toward the prize. Then just wait
    for things to return to the real world.
    When you are back, the rest is simply setup for the next game. Use your Eagle
    Vision all over the place to basically take the who's-who slideshow of all the
    biggest conspiracy items and things that make people paranoid. I know what
    most everything is, except for the mountains in the upper left corner. When 
    ready, go into the bedroom and use your vision on the wall to roll the credits.
    After some of the longest credits ever, you have lots to do. You can go pick 
    up Lucy's pen from the computer and use it to open her email. And if you stole
    Vidic's pen earlier in the game, you can now access his computer too. Lots of 
    text, not all of it interesting, but feel free to enjoy.
    You can also enter that conference room that has been locked all game. There is
    a laptop in here with one email message that is worth reading. That is all.
    Next is a fact that you can now return to the Animus and go back to the 
    Crusader days. You can now go find all the flags and any remaing Templars.
    Refer to my below section for more on those.
    One last item. This was submitted by a reader, even before I finished the 
    game. Usually I don't encourage glory-seekers, but this seemed like a good 
    reason to ignore that rule. If you use the vision in the lab on the two sides
    of the room, you will see a box and a triangle of letters. Seems like nothing
    but jumbles to go with the crazy stuff all around. But start with the square.
    Stand by the door and look down. You should see:
    	M O R Y M N O E S
    	E N C E O L C H T
    	H O N B T L O T C
    	T D E O S A T O A
    	P E D S N L S T F
    	L D D U O O E T E
    	E A I E I R I N T
    	H S H K T T K E R
    	T U A A A N S S A
    Now read it from the bottom right corner and up and then start on the next 
    column the same way. You should read this:
    Same thing on the other jumble:
    	            D R H
    	          O O D T M
    	        W H B I T D O
    	      E U S Y S I N S E
    	    A R O O M R E A Y N R
    	  I S E Y T N I D L M I D E
    	T W I H W Y I E A U D A Y H T
    Thank you xXWar MonkeyXx for the tip. It's something I don't think is the most
    obvious thing in the world, and I'll bet I would have missed it, so good job.
    Anyway, that's it. Just find the remaining flags and Templars in the Animus and
    you're done with this game. Now wait for AC2.
    * 5. Achievements/Side Quests ( ACH5555 )                                     *
    FLAGS			( FLAG555 )
    Type the name of the flag set into your quick find to get there. Remember, if
    you are just trying to complete your list, these lists are in walkthrough-like
    form, so you had best start with one and just go through each point. If a flag
    is not there, then you must have it already. And remember you can work backward
    if you need to; just swap the directions. Good luck.
    And all flags are in easy-to-find locations. You will never find one floating
    in mid-air or something like that, or in the middle on nowhere.
    Masyaf Flags
    1. Up the tower coming back from the fort to the town. It's on the left and 
    you must go up a tall ladder. This is also pretty much the tallest point in the
    2. When coming back from the fort, as soon as you enter the village you should
    see a shinning flag on top of a building. Go up the ladder and grab it. Also,
    you can see this one from #1.
    3. If you travel along the buildings near the cliff, if you look behind one
    you should see a flag on a platform. Either move along a ledge and drop down
    from above, or jump along the wooden beams sticking out along the side of
    the building. #19 is along this cliff too.
    4. In the building directly in front of the building where you found #3. You
    can climb up to the top and then find the flag on a lower level, in a little
    5. From the top of the building where you found #4, look left and up to see
    this flag on top of a building. 
    6. From the bottom of the hill, go up the leftmost path that takes you up the
    hill. You should swing around a long curve. At the end of this curve, look in
    the grass that has a tree to find the flag in the shadows. 
    7. From the start point, go left into the area that is on the ground level. 
    Find a tall building in the center of this area to find the flag on top. 
    8. Go to the leftmost area of the ground level. Look in the corner to find
    this flag on the ground. It's essentially to the northwest of #7. #15 is in
    the other corner.
    9. From the bottom, go east. Look for this one down a dark corner, where you
    will find beams above. 
    10. Go to the east side of the village from the bottom. You should hit a narrow
    path with rock wall on the right and buildings on the left. Get on one of these
    buildings and look west. You should see a flag on the balcony down the path.
    11. When entering the fort, go up the path and then go to the right side, near
    where you took the ladder up to the leap of faith event. The flag is on the
    ground level, in the corner by the ladder. 
    12. Go up the same ladder and get to the top. The flag is to the left in the
    13. Redo the leap of faith from up here (jump off from one of the platforms)
    and then cross over the first beam. Before going over the second one, go to the
    left and look down to find the flag. 
    14. In the castle, go to the top left corner on the first level to find the
    15. Back at the bottom of the hill, go back to the left area and look directly
    opposite of where you found a flag in the corner to find another. You should
    have already found #8.
    16. As soon as you come out of the fort, you should see a hay pile. Go forward
    and find a ladder leading down. Go right along the ledge to find the flag.
    17. In the fortress courtyard at the back after your first assassination. It's
    in the lower pool. 
    18. Also in this back courtyard, way at the back, standing in the shadow of 
    the ramp.
    19. You don't have to wait after the assassination for these next two. Go back
    to the houses by the cliff. The back of one house closer to the path leading to
    the fort will have a flag in the shadow. On the same cliff as #3.
    20. Sorta in the dead center of the village, go up one level from the bottom
    of the hill, to the right, but enter an area with a well, a cart of hay, a few
    benches, and people just circling around. Look up to the right to see some hay
    on a building. Get up there and claim the flag in the corner.
    King Richard Flags
    These are found in the area Kingdom. This list is almost like a walkthrough
    itself, but there are spots were you should be able to jump in. If so, then 
    hopefully you can backtrack from where you start off and see if things sync up.
    If not, then you're in for the long haul. I suggest saving flag efforts for
    only when you truely want to put forth the effort. Don't start and quit.
    There are two chunks of flag nabbing: your first visit through the Kingdom, and
    then once all roads are open. You can wait for the roads to be open, but no
    matter what, until you get to rank 4 in the game, you can only get 99. The last
    one requires catch ledge.
    1. On top of the tower (view point) on top of the mountain.
    2. On top of a little feeding pen as you go up/down this mountain trail.
    3. As soon as you get off this trail and back to a part of the village, there
    will be two flags on the buildings nearby. This one will be on a beam.
    4. Just a few yards away from #3, on another rooftop.
    5. Now get on the ground and go to the cliff edge that looks south. You should
    see a wooden platform hanging on the other side of a part of the broken wall, 
    so get on that and look left. Hop to the beam and then to the platform with the
    *NOTE: #99 is behind the view point tower in this village too, I just missed it
    this first go-through. You can save it for later if that helps you with this
    list. I'm not re-numbering everything!*
    6. From this level of the village, go down the ramp to the next level, just 
    above the first level with the view point. Down the ramp, go to the big house
    on the left and get to the top. Go to the side that looks north and look down.
    The flag is on the platform below.
    7. Take the path behind the view point in this village and go down the path
    until you see a little community on the right. You should see this flag on a 
    pole in the middle of the open. 
    8. From the last flag, look south to see this one on top of a tall building.
    9. From #8, look west to see this flag in the corner behind a building on
    the ground (we're in the same area for all three).
    10. Grab a horse and head to the south from #9. Stop at the water nearby. Run
    and jump along the poles to reach the tiny isle with the flag behind a tree.
    11. Back on solid ground, look east to the buildings with humps on their tops.
    Go around then to a big, spire-like hump with divets on its side. On the ground
    and by the building is the next flag. 
    12. Jump on the roof nearby and look to the south to see this flag on another
    rooftop with humps. 
    13. Go west to find the closed path to acre, then go east a bit to find the
    closed path to Jerusalem. Now go northeast to find a flag in a broken building.
    14. Now go up the hill a bit to the north to find a flag inside the property of
    the next house. It's close to #11.
    15. Go east to find another flag on a hump of a humped-building.
    16. To the north you should see a watchtower, so get up there and claim the
    17. Go directly north of this tower to find another flag by a ruined house, 
    behind a broken wall. 
    18. Go east to find a stone that reads the paths of Jerusalem and Damascus.
    Get on the building nearby for a flag. 
    19. Return westwardly back to the village area. Go up a path on the right that
    takes you up a winding path. On about the third level of houses, you will see
    this flag on a platform haning off a building from a crane-like construct.
    20. Directly north of #19, no another building.
    21. Directly west of #20, on a chimney of another building.
    22. Return down the path to get on ground level. Now make your way back up to
    the northwest path, beyond the view point village and back up the trail leading
    to Masyaf. In fact, when you reach a stone with the name "Masyaf" you should
    be near an enemy camp. Get off and look at the entrance to the camp. You can
    blend-walk all the way past the two to a horse-drawn cart with two flags at the
    back. Just get next to the cart, climb up, and then go blend once on top as you
    claim this flag...
    23. ... and this flag. Now drop down and blend walk out of here, but go out
    the entrance with only the two guards.
    24. Keep going down the path to Masyaf until you hit the open. There should
    be a path leading west, but it's closed. But go toward the blue haze and look
    behind the horse cart to find another flag. 
    25. On your way to Damascus, beyond the villages and down the path, you will
    run into a stretch with water on the right side, but you should also see a 
    flag on the cliff.
    26. Down this trail and at the view point, there is a flag on top of the 
    building in front of the tower.
    27. Look east from #26 and jump to the building slightly smaller. Go around
    the room on the roof to find this one in the shadows. 
    28. If you look toward the water you should see a little crate-like thing 
    next to two guards with a flag on it. Approach from the opposite side of the 
    guys so you don't provoke danger. 
    29 . When going up the view point, on the front side of the middle level will
    be a flag. 
    30. On a platform to the north of this area will be a guy talking to a 
    formation of men. Blend and walk right to the flag and then walk away.
    31. In the area with the fifth view point, a flag is behind the first building
    you see, provided you are on your way to Damascus.
    32. On top of the tower, after you leap of faith off, jump out of the hay and 
    blend walk to the center of camp for another flag.
    33. On your way past the fifth view point and onto Damascus, you will notice
    a stream on the left. Follow it to a split around a small little isle to find
    the flag. 
    *After the roads open up.*
    34. When coming through for the second time, after the roads open up, head
    west from Masyaf toward Acre. Shortly into the ride you should run into a 
    fork in the road, sorta. Just go right to find a tiny building with a flag
    behind it.
    35. Soon after you will run into another view point to the right. Go behind
    the tower and find this one on a wall. 
    36. In the village nearby, go toward the docks to the west, and look up one of
    the buildings. A flag should be on a chimney. 
    37. To the south of the last flag you should see another on a building; this
    time by a chimney. 
    38. Go southeast of the last flag to find this one up the ways and on the 
    first level roof of a house.
    39. Go up the ways almost directly east to find this flag at the top of a very
    tall building, with a very tall ladder to get you up there.
    40. Drop down and hop over to a roof to the north for this flag.
    41. Looking west you should see this one hanging from a crane on the roof. 
    Directly opposite the side of #38. 
    42. Go over the to docks. Walk forward to the wall of guys, but then hop from
    a pole to a boat and then to another part of the dock on the left. Run across
    the poles in the gap to claim a flag. 
    43. Now hop over to the north docks and then hop your way from either the left
    or right sides to get to the boat to the very north end. You could even run 
    past the guard up the middle dock if you want, but just take your time hopping
    around the surfaces and you should make it. I say go up the side to the right,
    and then return the same way you came. 
    44. At a view point that is part of a seemingly barricade for guards, blocking
    the path to Acre, the flag is behind the fence. So climb up the tower and do
    the sync, then leap into the hay. Hop out, blend, grab flag, and then walk
    45. This one is actually in the checkpoint. Just go blend and walk into the 
    wooden spiked-fence area and find this one behind a tent, then walk out. It
    should be noted that you blend-walk faster on a horse.
    46. This one is to the south of the last two, in a ruined house. 
    47. Nearby is a watchtower with a ladder to get up for the flag.
    48. South of this tower is a house and a ruined house. The flag is behind the
    ruined wall.
    49. Going east from the previous area, you will soon find another watchtower
    with a flag on the ground below it for a change.
    50. Directly east of the last one is a building with the flag behind it.
    51. There is a big rock sticking in the ground to the west of this whole place.
    There is a flag in the shadow of it.
    52. Up the ways by the nearest view point will be a building to the south of it
    with the flag in the back.
    53. To the southwest of #52 is a building with a flag on the roof corner.
    54. This flag is on the ground, in a shadowy corner of the nearby view point.
    55. This one is by a watchtower near the view point, but there is a guard up
    56. Now will be the ruins area to the very south of the map of Kingdom. We
    will use the north end with the dead bodies as the starting point. Go to the
    left (east) and follow a path behind the ruins to find the first flag, and
    there is also a Templar Knight at the end of this path.
    57. Go to the end of this path, kill the Templar, and then up the wall to the
    right. Look up the pillar to see a flag. To to the right and onto a broken 
    wall. Get to the edge by the other pillar and from here you can run up, then 
    jump to the flag on the pillar. 
    58. From here, go south and up to the very top level of these ruins. Go left 
    to the corner to find a flag in shadow. 
    59. Now turn around and find the huge broken archway. Start climbing and at the
    top is a flag. There is a flag to the north, but you cannot get it at the 
    moment (it's on a tall pillar that you can't jump to). Refer to #100 for the 
    last flag you can't get for a while. If you want to save this one for after you
    reach rank 4, that will work too.
    60. Now climb back down the archway to the ground. Go west a bit and you should 
    see one flag on top of a small structure. You can't jump from the steps on the
    far west, but find a sloping flat surface higher than the flag and jump from
    61. Hop down and go north on the ground to find this one below wooden ramp.
    62. Go west to the broken steps, in the shadow of a mountainside, this one is
    on a broken pillar. 
    63. Go back to the ramp and get on top. Follow the top of the adjacent wall
    all the way to a pillar at the end. From here you can look down to another
    pillar with a flag.
    64. Get back to the ground and run to the south end of the other broken wall
    on the opposite side. Get on a pillar and then jump to the top of this wall,
    and follow it to pillars with one having a flag.
    65. Now that you're done in the ruins, go north to find a flag on the corner
    of a small house, near the horse.
    66. Behind the view point that is heavily guarded on the cliffside. It's on the
    67. The trail leading north to the first village in this area will have camp
    close by. Kill the guards if you want, or blend and grab the flag at the center
    of the camp.
    68. From the ruins, take the path leading to the Jerusalem side of the Kingdom.
    Soon you will see a watchtower. Hop off your steed and grab the flag behind it.
    69. When you are heading to the Jerusalem exit, go down the Damascus to hit a
    village with many watchtowers. Get to the view point, after you clear all the
    watchtower, and find a stream to the northeast. Follow it to a flag in the 
    70. Go up the path touching this stream to some buildings at the top. On one
    of the humped houses is this flag.
    71. Down the path from #70 will be some huts. Go down the ramp one level to 
    find a hut with a flag at the back, in the shadow. 
    72. Go to the southeast side of the village to find another humped house. Along
    the outer wall of the property is a flag on the archway.
    73. Staying on this side, go west along the rock wall to find a flag between a 
    hut and a house.
    74. To the west side of this village, up top and behind a house is flag in
    the shadow of the rock wall, right next to a well.
    75. By the tower somewhat in the center of this village, this flag is down the
    ramp and by a fence to the northeast.
    76. When leaving this village up the north path to Damascus, there will be one
    hut at the top of the path, to the left. Go grab the flag nearby.
    77. Just east of #76, there will be another hut (nearby is a Templar), and 
    there is another flag. This one is by a cart. 
    78. After heading not too far up this trail, which has a lot of pairs of 
    guards, there will be a ramp leading up to the left. Take it and follow the 
    ledge on the left, past a bench, and then drop down when you see a flag below.
    79. Near the view point overlooking the river, there will be a little feeding
    pen with horses and men all around. Just as before, toss the men over the side
    of the cliff, then hop up to claim the flag on the little structure.
    80. If you return to the view point by the river, take the path on the left.
    The two watchtowers will both have flags. Get this one...
    81. ... and this one on the other side.
    82. Up to the north of these watchtowers are two more with two more flags. Grab
    this one...
    83. ... then this one.
    84. Now south back toward the Jerusalem exit. When you hit the fork in the 
    road, go up the left path. This flag is on a rock shortly after the watchtower.
    85. Down this path is another watchtower. Get up there, kill the guy, and then
    get the flag.
    86. Now go all the way to the side with the Acre exit. When you run into a 
    watchtower with a guard on top, go behind it to find this flag in some grass.
    87. Start by getting to the view point nearby. There is a flag toward the 
    ground, at the back of this tower.
    88. Enter the village nearby (which is very close to Acre) from the northeast
    ramp. Get down the ramp and to the right will be a flag among some tents. 
    89. To the west is a heavily fortified enemy encampment. There is no other way
    to get in and get the flags than to kill most if not all of the guys inside. 
    Assissnate whoever you can, but you'll end up in a few skirmishes. Usually
    getting a big crowd and then killing a bunch of them will cause the rest to
    flee. The first two are in both watchtowers guarding the opening in the wall.
    Fight for this one...
    90. ... and this one. And if you clear both towers, let some guys follow you
    up one to toss them off. There is also a pit near the tents, but it doesn't 
    do enough damage to kill a soldier itself. Good thing to use anyway. 
    91. Speaking of which, this pit has not just this flag...
    92. ... but this flag too. Use the ladder to get both and get out.
    93. Still in the camp, you will find a crane on the left side. Go up the 
    watchtower nearby and jump from it to the flag on the crane.
    94. Go back out of this fort and into the tent area nearby. To to the right
    to find a flag among some guys; you will most likely have to kill them.
    95. Down the path from the port-town toward the Acre exit, this path has a 
    low road and a high road. Take the low road and the path on the right to find
    this flag in the grass.
    96. Now find the ramps that take you up top from either side and find what is
    like an island up here, near some broken bridge pieces. The flag will be near 
    fire in the middle. 
    97. Still on this "island" in the air, drop off the side so that you can kill
    some archers on the cliff side. The flag is to the north, and you don't have 
    to kill the archers, that's just something extra.
    98. Get back on the rampway, but follow the path to the north. This will lead
    you to a dead end, but there is a flag. And this too is still on the upper 
    99. Duh, this one is behind the second view point you got. It's basically part
    of that first village we ran into. 
    100. This one was referred to on #59. Go back to the ruins after you get the
    catch ledge ability from your rank 4. Get back to where you grabbed #59, then
    jump over the slightly lower pillar. The only way to get the last flag below is
    to jump that way, hold the grab button, and then you got it. Great job!
    Saracens Flags
    Poor District (33)
    1. As soon as you enter the city, look up the the east to see the flag on the
    top of a building. 
    2. Just a bit south of the first entrance gate, get on a roof and look for
    this one on a balcony; it's not on a roof. There are two rooftops with green
    gardens on the left, this one will be between them.
    3. East of the entrance gate, follow the rooftops along the wall. When you see
    a market entrance (archway) on the right, a flag will be on the balcony in 
    front of it. It's near a view point and a Templar.
    4. Not far from the same view point, continue east and you will find this one
    on a pole atop a building. 
    5. Part of this mega-market, get on top and follow it to the south side where
    this flag will be boxed in on the roof area.
    6. On the western end of the mega-market, overlooking the street leading to the
    entrance gate, get on the roof to find this one near a corner of the entrance
    to the market.
    7. There is a mosque to the east of the district, along the wall. Get on top
    for a flag.
    8. On the very southeast tip of this district there is a gate to Kingdom. Go 
    there and then make your way just a bit west to find this one by a door.
    9. From where you got the last one, climb over the building to got west. Drop
    into the dark alley for this one.
    10. *This one is out of place, sorry. It's on the southern edge of the district
    and more to the east. The best way I can describe it is that this flag is in 
    a position almost perfectly opposite the bureau over the the curve along
    the border. If you follow the narrower street along the border, this flag is on
    a platform hanging over the street. *Actually, it's just like one spot out of 
    place, oh well.*
    11. On the southern border of the district, this one is more toward the gate on
    the east. Follow the rooftops west until you see a view point. Just southwest
    of that view point is a flag on a balcony just below the roof level.
    12. To the northeast of that view point, get on the ground and get this one
    some steps. 
    13. From the last one, follow the fence to the north where this one will be in
    the shadows, on the ground.
    14. Okay, go back to the next view point on the border of the district; west of
    the last one. Get on the ground and then go north of the view point to find 
    this flag in a dark alley. 
    15. From the same view point, go along a line of rooftops to the west. You will
    pass by two yellow gardens, but stop after the second one. There will be a 
    crane, ladder, bridges, and a bunch of things on the roofs nearby. This flag
    will be on a balcony. 
    16. Directly north of the bureau is a resting area with a broken tree on the
    ground. Under some shade is the flag.
    17. From the bureau, go northwest to the view point. East of the view point 
    will be a flag on a balcony nearby. 
    18. From the last flag, drop onto the street and go north, but stop once you 
    see an alley on the right. Take it and then take another right to find this
    flag down a barren alley. 
    19. Go south of the last flag. When you hit a fence on a stairway, the bottom
    steps will be facing the flag. on the streets. 
    20. North of the last flag is a mosque structure. On the southwest tip of this
    building is a flag in a walled-off area.
    21. Return to the bureau. Get to the roof and go to the northwestern edge of
    the roof. You should should be next to a crane. Look over the side and directly
    down to see the flag by a fence on the ground.
    22. From the last flag, just follow the road to the west to run right into 
    this flag. It's in a resting area along the western border of the district.
    23. There is a small mosque on the western border of the district. To the south
    is an open area, and to the south of this is a building with a flag on its 
    24. East of this mosque is a curved roof. Get up there and look down a hole to
    see a flag on the ground.
    25. On the southwest tip of the roof of this mosque is a flag.
    26. Start on the western end of the canal of this district. There will be a 
    boat by a bridge with a flag. You may need to start from the bridge further to
    the east, then hop along the boats and poles, and be patient with the poles at
    27. Toward the western side of the canal you will notice a connection bridge 
    for two buildings across the canal. To the right of this will be three poles 
    sticking out of the city wall. A flag is on the center one. 
    28. To the south of the middle bridge in the canal, near a door.
    29. On the next connection bridge over the canal is a flag on top of it.
    30. At the eastern end of the canal is a flag in a boat. 
    31. West of the entrance gate is a small market. On the roof is a flag.
    32. If you got #6, south of that and on the southwestern tip of the mega-
    market is this flag near a resting place on the ground.
    33. Last one is inside the market, still on this western end. Just go inside
    from the west entrance, look up, and this one is on some beams. Just crawl up
    the wall and jump to the right beam.
    Rich District (33)
    *NOTE: I believe there is one small typo in here, but I can't find it. 
    Somewhere there is a spot where I say to go east, but I mean west. Keep an eye
    out or else it is already fixed.*
    1. In this district, start by the eastern end of the canal. To the north of 
    the canal will be several resting areas. On the second level of the first 
    building with a yellow garden on the roof will be an area with a flag.
    2. West of the last flag will be a big building surrounding a rest area. Up
    the ladder, or hopping over the rooftops, this one is facing south.
    3. If you follow the rooftops along the canal on this side, you will run into
    this flag on a crane.
    4. Look south of this crane. Hanging over the water will be some poles on the
    side of some buildings. Swing along these to grab a flag on a platform.
    5. Almost directly in the center of this canal is a big bridge. Go west of it
    and get on the roof nearby. Behind the little... uh, nipple-like thing (???)
    and over the side will be a flag. Seriously, it looks like a nipple.
    6. The next bridge to the going south down the canal will be slim, and it has 
    a flag at the western end.
    7. Go all the way to the western end of the canal. Stay on this northern side.
    You will find this one near a well by the end of the canal.
    8. North of the end of the canal will be three building clusters. The one near
    the well and the last flag has nothing, the one up to the left has a Templar,
    and the one on the right has a rest area with the flag inside.
    9. Attached to the building with the Templar, or just northwest of the last
    flag, there is another flag in a nice little patio area. This building is also
    attached to the wall leading to the military area.
    10. This is on one of the beams as you get through the southern gate to this
    soldier area.
    11. Get inside the military barracks area from the southern entrance. This one
    is down an alley to the direct left after you enter.
    12. There is a little fort-like structure in this area. Clear the guards on top
    and get on the ground level inside. There is a flag in the walkway on the west
    13. Perfectly south of the last flag, but that doesn't help much. Get back out
    of the walls of this area. Swing over to the southern face of the walls. Check
    your map to find a line of buildings in the military area and the fort (which
    is the square). Along this wall and lined up with the western side of the fort
    is the flag in a dark corner on the ground.
    14. Now we're off to the southern side of the canal. Find the mosque south of
    the western end of the canal; to the southwest side of the district. South of
    the mosque will be a doorway in the corner of the building with a flag just
    above it.
    15. Near this mosque is a market building. Go toward the eastern entrance, but 
    don't go inside just yet. Swing around to the northern side of the market,
    get around the guards, and you will find a flag in the shadow of the market in
    a corner.
    16. Now go inside the market from the eastern entrance. Walk slowly up the path
    and keep an eye to the left side. You should see a flag in a crevice.
    17. In this market is an entrance that faces south and it's toward the middle
    of the building. Up above this intersection is a flag on some beams.
    18. Once you get out of the eastern entrance of the market, go south and find a
    patio with this flag nearby; you could even swing from the last one to this 
    one real easy.
    19. Head for the palace to the south. At the very back of the palace is a pool
    of water with some platforms standing up. The big center one has the flag.
    20. Go to the front of the palace; no, I mean the top of the front (use the 
    small structure inside the palace if needed). The flag is on the roof looking
    north, may need to kill some guards for it.
    21. Go directly east of the palace to the border of the district. This flag is
    in a balcony over a rest area. You could basically come from the gate in the 
    middle district, turn left into the rest area, and then climb up to the 
    22. Go up along the border until you hit both the corner of a building and the
    corner of the district. There is a flag in the second level patio area.
    23. West of the last flag, essentially lined up with the corner of the border,
    follow the rooftops and this one is on the highest.
    24. North of the same corner you will run into an entrance to another market,
    which leads into the previous market we visited. North of this entrance and
    over the building will be this flag in a corner. 
    25. Up on top of the market, over the western entrance, is a flag.
    26. See the big building to the north with the three towers attached? Good, or
    else you're blind. Follow the rooftops on its south face along to the east. 
    The one tall building with a yellow garden has a patio to drop into on the east
    side, and there is the flag believe it or not.
    27. From here, literally, you can jump to the big building and get to the 
    direct southern point of this building's roof. The flag is on this front.
    28. Follow the roofway to the north side. Get to the northern tower and get on
    the western side of it. The flag is below the roof. You can drop over the side
    and down into the open area, but you have to hold the grasp button so that you
    grab onto something. If you do fall, the flag is in an archway above, and you
    can use the wall behind it to climb up and then leap to it if that is easier
    for you. And by the open area I mean the area within the big building. 
    29. Listen closely, there is a building west of the southwestern corner of the 
    big building. Get on the western side of this building and look for a flag near
    the bench.
    30. Now go to the north of the big building. There are some columns standing in
    this open square, and one has a flag. Climb the building near it and jump to
    the top. 
    31. West of these columns will be a roof with a dome and a flag.
    32. Northwest of the columns area will be a small alleyway with a flag.
    33. East of the columns, and on the northeast corner of the big building, there
    is a building with a rest area inside. The flag is on the ground.
    Middle District (34)
    1. On the very northwestern corner of this district, look for an archway in
    the road. Go south it, over the building, and then drop down to find this flag
    in a resting area.
    2. To the south of this flag is an alley that goes east and then south before
    spilling back onto the streets; there are only crazy people down this alley. 
    At the end will be a doorway in the street that leads into a resting area. The
    flag is in there.
    3. South of this resting area, or the buildings to the northeast of the gate,
    you will find a ladder up a building. Get up there, go over to the garden, and
    look over the side for a flag. 
    4. Just west of the previous flag, still of the same roof, go to the west end
    of this roof for a flag on a platform on the side of the building. This flag
    wouls be visible from the gate area.
    5. Now go to the east side of this same rooftop, or just east of the gate. 
    There are two flags on both the north side of this next cluster of buildings.
    The one on the north side is just above the ground level, and near a hay cart.
    6. On the south side of this building is another flag by a doorway on the 
    7. Still on this same cluster of buildings, go to the east side and get on the
    ground. You should find a corner with two guards on a doorway. You can hop over
    the wall and you will see two more guards, some ladders, and a flag under a 
    wooden roof.
    8. Get up those same ladders and get on the roof. Look north to see this flag
    on a rooftop across the street. Use the crane to get over.
    9. To the east you should see an old view point. Get over the the roof on its
    west side and follow the shadow of the tower. Go to the corner of the building
    that touches the shadow and look over the side. Fall down to get the flag.
    10. You can look east, behind the view point, to see this flag on a little 
    structure on a roof (perhaps a torch?).
    11. From this flag, look south to see this flag on the street by a door, or 
    just south of the view point by the city wall.
    12. Now get on the roofs and go to the buildings to the north of the same view
    point. On the roof northeast of the view point is a flag in the shadows.
    13. Go east of here and you should see a flag on a roof, which is on the 
    southeast corner of the big library.
    14. Now go more to the south and look down to the streets until you find an
    open building with guards. Again, under the wooden roof is a flag. We're 
    still on the southeast corner of the library.
    15. After you grab the last flag, get on the ladders and follow the beams over
    the area to go southeast where two guards should be on the roof. Kill them, 
    cross over the beam, and the flag will be right there. If you are lost, this 
    flag is as far southeast of the library as you can get.
    16. East of this flag, drop on the ground and follow a dark alley filled with
    crazies to get this flag. This alley is parallel the big mosque to the north.
    17. Now go to the nearby corner of the city wall, which is southeast of the 
    big mosque. Get on the roof in the corner to find this flag.
    18. Now head to the mosque. Get on the ground and hop over the walled area on
    the southeast corner of the mosque to find this flag.
    19. Get on the adjacent street of this flag, which is the street on the east 
    side of the mosque, and follow it north. You should be in an alley with those
    little rascals. Climb up the wall on the east side and grab the flag that sits
    above this alley.
    20. Now follow the nearby city wall to the east. You should see this flag on a
    roof along this wall. It's basically southwest of the fort on the eastern side
    of this district.
    21. Get on the east side of this fort. The flag is on top, near a dome thing.
    22. Now go to the northwest corner of this fort, on the fort itself if you want
    to; you can see the flag from the fort. It's on the roof across the street.
    23. Now return to the big mosque to the west. Get on the roof and go between
    the domes on the west end of the roof. The flag is between all the domes.
    24. Get on the ground and go to the northwest of the mosque area. Check your 
    map to find a series of buildings that make a hook, or just go northeast of
    the library. The flag is in the shadowy corner.
    25. Get on the roofs nearby to the north of the library. Kill the two guards 
    up here. Near a garden is a ladder that leads to a flag in the shadows.
    26. You can look from the roofs to the northern face of the library to see this
    flag on the side, on a platform. 
    27. Get on the roof of the library and then drop down inside. The flag is in
    the southwest corner.
    28. You can go on the ground to the northwest corner of the library, find the
    alley, get on the ladder, and the flag will be right there.
    29. Get back into the alley and follow it ever so slightly south. When you see
    a small wall, hop over it to grab the flag. This flag is directly west of the
    30. Hard to explain, but first just find the resting area in this alley. Go up
    the buildings and over the edge of will be a flag directly behind the resting
    area. Or think of it as east of the smaller mosque nearby. #28-30 all form
    a small triangle and are real close to each other.
    31. Find the tiny mosque nearby with the view point. Get to its southeast on
    the roof nearby. Go south and look over the side to see this flag in a resting
    area in the dark. 
    32. Go back to the mosque and find a crane up high to the northeast of the
    mosque. The flag is on the platform.
    33. Stay on the roofs and swing over to the southwest corner of the mosque.
    The flag is near the green garden on a roof.
    34. Last one is directly west of the previous flag. Get on the crane in over
    the street and look west to find this flag above ground, in a crevice of the 
    buildings. Done with Damascus. 
    Acre Flags
    Each District has a different type of flag.
    Poor District (33)
    (Hospitalier Flags)
    1. Just left as you enter from the gates, right there in the corner.
    2. Just to the right of the entrance. Climb up the building and get to its
    northwest corner by a garden. Look down to see the flag in a crevice. 
    3. In this same building area, go into the small alley between the ruined 
    buildings for this flag.
    4. On top of the church near the gate will be a flag.
    5. West of the church will be a series of buildings the run parallel the city
    wall. Head down the path between wall and buildings and look to the wall for
    parts that stick out. Near one will be some grass with a flag. It will be next
    to boxes that lead to poles you can swing on.
    6. Keep down this path against the wall and go south. Once you see some ruined
    homes on the left and a hole in the house, go inside. Climb up the ladder and 
    look behind you for the flag.
    7. Stay going south until you hit the corner of the district. Should be both an
    open view of the sea and a view point. Get on the rooftops and go east of the
    view point to find the flag.
    8. Get on the roof that holds the view point, get to the edge overlooking the 
    sea, and follow it. Soon you will see a platform on the side with the flag. 
    Drop over the ledge, grab the flag, and then climb back up.
    9. Literally, just follow the rooftops to the east of the last flag and you'll
    hit this one on some beams hanging over the streets. So it's east of the view
    10. Go north of here along the rooftops until you hit a mini-fort. On its
    west side and on the ground will be the flag.
    11. Southeast of this fort will be a church. On the northwest corner of this 
    church will be a ruined building with a flag inside; it's on the second level.
    12. Go back north to the fort. Northeast of the fort will be a garden and some
    ruined homes. Fall into the alley by the garden to grab the flag.
    13. Northeast of here, or just southeast of the entrance gate, will be a long
    series of ruined homes. Get into the alley between them and go eastward. When
    you get toward the east end you should see a dead body. The flag is near it.
    14. Okay, as you know, east of the entrance gate is that crazy "hospital" you
    took care of earlier. Don't go to it just yet, but find the series of steps
    that lead down from it to the south. At the south end of these steps you can
    get on the roof for a flag.
    15. From this flag, look southwest for two gardens. Between them will be a flag
    on the roof of a building.
    16. Go east and get on the roof of the prison, which looks like a market. 
    Toward the north end of this prison is a hole in the roof. Drop down it to 
    land on the flag.
    17. Find the bend in the prison. Look to the ground on the east side of this
    bend to grab the flag.
    18. Now get back on the roof of the prison and then go to the west side of the
    same bend. Near the garden up here you can look southwest for the flag across
    the way.
    19. Remember that church on the southern border of this map from before? From
    the prison you can go south and then go west toward the church, but stop when
    you run into a green garden. Fall down into the narrow alley. If you want a 
    better idea where to find it, bring up the map, find the spot between the c
    church and the prison, and then go south of that until you reach a narrow 
    20. Go to the southern exit of the prison. Find a tall building to the east
    of it. On the eastern side of this building, near a wooden bridge connected
    to another rooftop will be the flag.
    21. Just southwest of the bureau will be a town square complete with water 
    fountain. Look on the east side of this square for a crevice with a flag on
    the ground.
    22. From the bureau rooftop entrance, go northwest until you hit a street. Look
    down to find this flag on a platform. 
    23. Directly north of the bureau will be a flag on a roof.
    24. Even more norther of the bureau will be a view point along side a broken 
    dome. The flag rests in this dome.
    25. West of this dome will be another town square with a fountain. Go southwest
    of it on the rooftops of ruined buildings. Between two red gardens will be this
    flag in a broken room.
    26. On the eastern border of this district is yet another fountain/well (it's
    the circle on the map). Go there and in the corner will be a flag.
    27. Return to the broken dome from before and go northeast. When you find the 
    blue garden, fall into the alley nearby. The flag is hidden under a wooden roof
    and the end of the alley.
    28. In the northeast corner of the district, to the south of the view point and
    down a ladder.
    29. Directly west of the last one, this flag is in the fountain of this square
    30. To the west of this square is a bridge parallel the city wall. Up high will
    be the flag on a platform against the wall. You simply go farther west, get up
    the building against the wall, and then swing along the beams to the flag.
    31. Get down to below the bridge nearby. You have two paths on both ends of 
    this bridge if you are looking south. Take the path down the west archway 
    under the bridge all the way to a bend in the path. Get in the ruined building
    nearby for the flag. 
    32. This one is on top of the hospital east of the gate, which looks like a 
    fort by how well it's guarded. Use the ladder on the building to the east of 
    the hospital and then kill the guards on the roof. Get to the front above
    the gate, which is on the south face, and then hop on the rail for the flag.
    33. Last one is just west of the hospital; you can see it from up here. Get
    on the west side of the hospital, find the orator, climb the building in front
    of him, and the flag is on the roof of the ruined building.
    Rich District (34)
    (Templar Flags)
    1. Go to the northeast part of the map where it sticks out; where a Templar
    is waiting too. Up on the eastern wall is an open spot between two buildings.
    The flag is there near a ladder.
    2. West of here is a flag on a rooftop, which is also east of a church.
    3. To the northwest of the church is a fountain on the ground with a flag on
    4. Southwest of the fountain is a view point. Go down the ladder on the west
    side of the building to find a flag near a water spout on the ground.
    5. Southeast of the view point is a flag on a roof.
    6. Go across the beams near the last view point to go west. Find the dome 
    on the roof here. On the west side of this dome is a flag.
    7. You can go east along the rooftops here, or just go south of the church, and
    the flag is on a roof.
    8. Go to the fort on the east side of the district. Get on the ground and look
    for this flag in the western corner.
    9. West of this fort, over a line of buildings is a street. The flag is in 
    plain sight by a tree.
    10. From that flag, climb the building to the southwest and find this flag on
    the shingles of a roof looking toward the cathedral. 
    11. Follow the line of buildings to the north of the massive cathedral all the
    way west. Stop when you hear an orator on the steps of the church. To the north
    of his position and up a building will be a flag.
    12. Now is time to climb the cathedral itself. You can go up the front (east)
    side of the church, but any way you choose will most likely require some 
    jumping and grasping to get all the way up. There are two on the east side of
    the roof. The first in on top of the ruined tower. Just climb up the boards
    and get up there.
    13. This one is all the way up the steeple, on top of the cross. You should 
    get the next one first, then come back for this one so you can leap of faith
    and not make two trips. Though, if you played the game already you should have
    gotten this earlier.
    14. Still on the cathedral, go to the west side. Look over the side on the
    south to see a flag down below. Drop down a grab it. Then use the support
    structures to get back to the roof if you still need the steeple flag, or
    just drop to the ground.
    15. Now to the east of the big church to the buildings overlooking the sea. Get
    on the one that faces directly east, not at an angle, and then drop over the 
    eastern face to grab a flag on a platform.
    16. Follow to rooftops along the seaside to get this flag on a roof of a 
    building looking south. It's the only building next to the sea that looks 
    south, the rest are at an angle.
    17. Along this sealine will be a sharp angle in the shoreline and the buildings
    that points more southwest. On this turning point, on a roof, will be a flag.
    And it's lined up to the south of the front of the cathedral.
    18. Go southwest along this shoreline along the rooftops. You should see a 
    flag on a building connected to another by a bridge piece.
    19. Around the fort on the south end of the district, go along the path to the
    east along the shoreline and some buildings to find this one in the path.
    20. Get to the front of the castle gate and look up to see two flags on 
    opposite side of each other. Get up there using the beams and platforms on the
    east side of the gate, or from within the castle, and then grab the one on
    the east side first.
    21. Then cross over the gap over the gate, get on the walkway of the wall, and
    then hop to the other flag.
    22. Go to the very southeast corner of the castle. Just follow the walkway on
    the walls of the castle since you're already up here, kill the many guards on
    the way, get into the guard station in the corner, go up the ladder, and there
    is the flag.
    23. You can follow the walls to the west side of the castle. This flag is 
    near the closed-off area in the corner of the castle grounds. It's along the
    rooftops touching the wall, and look just north of the roof where you killed
    the military dude here. FYI, if you've gotten all the previous flags, just 
    get on the walls, go to the guard tower on the northern corner, and then leap
    of faith into some hay to get out.
    24. This one is southwest of the western side of the cathedral. It's on a 
    rooftop near a garden. 
    25. West of the church will be a seaside view and an orator. Go into the dark
    corner just north of him near a street vendor to find the flag.
    26. Go up north along the coastline to find a sharp angle in the walls of the
    city. Get on the roof and look over the side when you reach this point and
    you should see a flag on a platform.
    27. Go north a bit to find a fort. In the northern corner on the ground is a 
    28. Climb up the buildings on the northwest of this fort, and then look to the
    northwest to see this flag near a dome on a roof.
    29. A path northwest of the fort will be guarded by, well, guards on all
    sides. Down this alley is a flag on a shading. 
    30. Go north to an open area on the ground with a few trees. Go to the left
    side of the steps to find this flag.
    31. There should be a spot to the north with some vigilantes, and the flag is
    near them. If you aren't to that point, it should be near a save citizen. 
    Otherwise, it's in an alley to the south of a view point that is itself to
    the south of the church from the poor district.
    32. On the very northwest tip of the district, find the archway with the view
    point. South of that view point is a flag sitting on a platform on the side
    of a building. It's also north of another view point, and you can see the 
    seaside vendors from here.
    33. Just behind this flag on the roof, by a guard, is another flag.
    34. Now go west of the spot where you found these two flags to see a garden on
    the roof of a building. Get there and then find a patio on the west side of 
    this building. There be the final Templar flag.
    Middle District (33)
    (Teutonic Flags)
    1. Let's start in the very southwestern corner of the district. Climb up the 
    building on the east side of the archway for the flag. 
    2. Follow these rooftops east to a dome thing, and on the other side is the
    3. Keep to these rooftops and you will see a flag when you near the gate.
    4. Go back west, but along the rooftops within the district. You will find 
    one flag on a connecting bridge over the streets. 
    5. Then keep going west, over the building, down a ladder, and there will be
    another in a dead-end corner. 
    6. Keep west and you will find this flag hanging over the adjacent street on a 
    7. Go up the street to the north and at the curve in the road will be a flag
    on high.
    8. Go east from here along the rooftops until you find many thick beams over
    the street. One has the flag.
    9. Turn around and find the hook in the building line on the map. The flag is
    in that. Also, this flag is down the dead-end opposite #5.
    10. Keep east along the rooftops until you hit the walls of the docks, and the
    flag should be in plain sight.
    11. Enter the dockyard for one flag to the very southeast corner, in the tower.
    You can follow the wall of the docks to the south, fighting along the way, to
    get to the tower, or just hop some ships in the water. Either way, get to the
    tower and climb up. Get the flag and then leap from the south side for hay.
    12. Now find the perfect northwest point of the docks, and then get on the 
    district side of the wall, not the side facing the water. The flag will be on
    the railing.
    13. Northwest of this flag is another. Get over the buildings and to the open
    area with the two vendors. The flag is above a doorway.
    14. Yes, keep going northwest, but you could just take the path out of this 
    open square. Go up the ladder, or however, and get the flag on the beam over 
    the street. 
    15. Go northwest to a fountain in an open area with stairs. The flag is on
    the fountain.
    16. That fountain is near a church. Get on the northeastern face of the 
    church and climb up to the window for the flag.
    17. Just northwest of the previous flag, in a ruined building is this flag.
    18. Go southwest for this flag on a beam over the streets, yet again. This one
    is on the border of the district. If you're kinda lost, it's by an archway.
    19. Go to the church nearby, which is one the western border of this district.
    There are two paths on its eastern side, one going north and one going east.
    Take the one going east. When you get to the part with building above it, get 
    on top of the building over the path. Should be a flag on the wooden roof. 
    *And don't mix this church up with the smaller one with the dome, which is 
    more to the north of the district.
    20. From this same wooden roof, go to the eastern edge of it, with a garden 
    below, and look down to the south. You should see a flag in a ruined house to
    the south, so go get it already (you can jump right to it from this roof).
    21. Okay, hard to explain. Locate the exit gate to Kingdom on the east side 
    of the map, then find a nearby entrance to the docks. Now find a church near
    the entrance (which is where you did an interrogation mission) and then find 
    the view point. Okay, get to the northwestern side of the building holding up
    the view point and you should see a flag in a corner of a roof across the gap.
    22. From here, go to the city wall to the south that leads to the dockyard.
    The flag is on a beam connected to the wall; it's where the wall bends a bit.
    23. Now go east to the church. Get on the roof of it to find a flag. 
    24. Go south of the church to the railing overlooking the docks. Hop over this
    and get on the curved walkway around the end of the city wall. Follow it 
    around to the north to get the flag.
    25. Go to the east gate in the district that leads to Kingdom. Just go north of
    the gate on the ground to grab the flag in the shadows.
    26. Just in the northeastern corner of this district is a little keep. There 
    are two ways to get on top: either from the buildings to the north, or run up
    the door and jump to the beam at the front to get up, which is tricky but can
    be done. The flag is in the smaller watchtower on the right at the top.
    27. Get back on the ground and go to the northern corner of the walls around
    this little fort. The flag is in the dark corner, and it's near the haycart in
    the street; you could have done the leap of faith from the view point up high
    and just hopped over the wall too.
    28. If you go to the front of the keep, you will see a flag in the streets,
    on top of a support beam over the railing of the steps.
    29. If you locate the church nearby with the dome at the top of it on the map,
    or the view point near it, then go east until you find a flag behind a garden
    on a roof.
    30. Just north of this same view point will be a bunch of beams over the 
    street. Cross them to find a flag in the patio thing on a roof.
    31. Now go north of here, which is almost perfectly on the north of this whole
    district, and grab this flag on a wooden roof connected to the city wall. It's
    to the side of the open square nearby, if that helps you more.
    32. By the northern gate to Kingdom in this district is a view point. Go north
    of this view point to a rather plain looking roof, and grab the flag on a lower
    part. It's east of the open square in front of the gate.
    33. Go to the south of this gate, which is the southwest corner of the open
    square, and this flag is on the ground by a wall.
    Jerusalem Crosses
    Rich District (33)
    1. Just south of the entrance gate, hop over the building and find this flag
    in an alley touching the city wall.
    2. Near the entrance gate, on a roof to the southwest.
    3. You can look west of the last one to see this one on a slightly lower roof.
    4. Take the street directly west of the entrance gate and you will find this
    flag behind a vendor stand.
    5. Farther to the southwest of the gate will be a big market square touching 
    the walls of the mosque area. Northeast of this square is a roof with a flag
    on the patio.
    6. Go along the wall of the city south of the entrance gate to the corner of 
    the wall of the mosque area. This flag is on a roof in this corner by some 
    7. Enter the mosque area through the entrance on the north side. Behind the 
    row of guards will be a small archway. Get on top of that for the flag.
    8. Go east of the entrance to the mosque area to find a flag in the northeast
    corner by some pools.
    9. Go to the smaller mosque to the south and grab the flag on the roof.
    10. Get back outside this mosque area through the exit on the west side. Go
    along the wall of the area to the northwestern corner and a flag will be down
    an alley.
    11. Just east of the bureau is a flag on the ground, by a door.
    12. Southwest of the bureau is a little town square. At the southwest of this
    square is a flag on the roof, in a little groove by a ladder.
    13. Find the view point south of this square. To the south of this view point
    will be many paths with something over them, like an archway or planks. The 
    flag is down one of these near the intersection.
    14. In the very southwest corner of the district, this flag is on a roof.
    15. Northeast of the bureau is a view point, so go there. Just southwest of the
    view point will be a pillar in a resting area with the flag.
    16. Just go west of the flag down the street, climb up, go up a ladder, and
    there will be the next flag on a roof. It's essentially above a nearby 
    resting area.
    17. North of the bureau is another view point, so go there. Get on the roof 
    of the building to the noth of it and grab the flag by the dome.
    18. Go west of here along the rooftops. Stop when a gate in the streets is 
    in view. Look over the side of this roof that faces north to see the flag on
    a platform on the side.
    19. Go along the rooftops to the gate to find a flag on the roof to the gate's
    20. Get to the western side of the market, which is near a church. Go south of
    the entrance and up to find a flag.
    21. Go on the roof of the market from where you picked up the flag and go 
    directly east to find this flag. 
    22. Just keep going to the east edge of the roof's market and drop down to
    find this flag. This is by the entrance on the east side.
    23. Go on top of the mosque (???) on the east side of this market and grab the
    flag between all the little domes. 
    24. Go back to the gate to Kingdom on the west side of the district. Follow 
    the rooftops along the wall up to the north. The flag will be along the way
    at a bend in the wall.
    25. Keep along these rooftops and leap to the ground when you see a flag in the
    shadow of a big building.
    26. Use the scholars by the church in the northwest corner of the district to
    get into the church. Then climb to the rafters for the flag near the doorway.
    Jump back in with the scholars before they leave to make the quiet escape.
    27. Southeast of the church is an open square with a little shade thing in
    the center. The flag is on top of that.
    28. Go north of here to the city wall and grab the flag on a roof touching 
    the wall.
    29. Make your way to the walls of the warehouse in the northeast corner of the
    district. Follow the western wall south to the corner. Jump down into an alley
    for a flag.
    30. Then get back on the rooftops and there will be a flag south of the corner.
    31. Since you're on the corner of the walls, go east to find a corner of these
    walls with the city walls. In the alley along the warehouse are wall will
    be a flag.
    32. Get into the warehouse area and then get on top of the warehouse. The flag
    is on the direct top.
    33. Just go to the northeast corner of this area, which is the northeast corner
    of the whole district, and grab the flag on a wooden board.
    Poor District (34)
    1. Make your way to the northeastern point, which is very near the walls of the
    mosque area. The first roof you see will have the flag.
    2. From the roof of the last flag, just look to the southwest to see this
    flag on a wooden shading across from the place where the executions took place.
    3. Go to the roof on the south of this execution area and then look over the
    south side for a flag on a wooden roof.
    4. Go two streets west from the execution area, or just west of the last flag,
    and grab this one on the ground.
    5. Directly west of the execution area will be a flag on a roof, just near
    the border of this district.
    6. Go southwest of this area. Find a resting area in the streets, which should
    be next to some scholars, and the flag will be near there.
    7. If you go just west of here over the roof you will see an archway in the 
    street. In front of that on atop a building is a flag in a wooden patio.
    8. Go south to find some steps in the street. Should be a flag near a door on
    the side.
    9. Just west of here and on a small roof is another easy flag.
    10. Just south of here is another flag in a resting area.
    11. Just south of here is another flag in a resting area. Sorry, had to say it
    the same way, but it's true. This resting area is even connected to the same
    building too.
    12. Find the tower to the northwest of this district. Just east of it on the
    roof is a flag.
    13. West of it will be another flag. This one is on the ground and in a resting
    14. Go to the very northwest corner of the district. If you approach from the 
    roofs to the east you will see this one on a shading over a door on the 
    15. From this corner, go south. Near some hay on the room will be a place to
    drop down for a flag.
    16. South of here will be street with wooden boards overhead. It will be on
    the biggest collection of wooden boards, and the street will be next to the 
    17. To the south end of this street will be a balcony with a flag.
    18. Now get into the chunk of district to the southwest (don't go along the
    rooftops or you may run into a flag from the middle district on a pole).
    This flag is down an alley north of the Kingdom gate, which you should have 
    seen while doing the first difficult informant assassinations in the game. 
    *That flag along the way was the first flag of the middle district, if you
    really want it now.
    19. South of the mosque in front of the gate is a flag on a roof by the wall.
    20. Southwest of a church in almost the center of the district will be a flag
    in a balcony. It's between some domes and gardens on the roofs, and there are
    lots of ladders, and even a well on the ground. 
    21. South of the church will be a resting area with a flag by the fence.
    22. East of the church on a balcony, behind the garden on the roof.
    23. Southeast, and more to the east, will be an alley. Follow it south to find
    a flag.
    24. To the south is a church. On the northwest corner of this church is a tall
    building. There are two flags touching this building. One on a shading over
    the door looking east.
    25. Then this one on the wooden balcony on the south side of it.
    26. Go north of the church and you'll find a flag on a roof near a dome 
    27. You can look east of the last flag's location to see this flag on a roof
    with a guard. It's west of the synagogue. 
    28. Get into the part of the synagogue that you can walk into on the west side
    of it, and the flag is in the corner.
    29. Now go behind the building, which is the southeast corner of the district,
    and grab the flag on the shade over a pool. Watch out, don't drown!!!
    30. Get on a tall roof north of the synagogue for a flag.
    31. Keep going north of the synagogue to find a flag on a slightly raised roof.
    It's at the bottom of some steps on the ground.
    32. Go around the corner and follow the wall to a corner with the flag.\
    33. Oops, back to the synagogue and find a flag go its northwest. It will be on
    a pole level with the rooftops.
    34. Oops again, go to the west side of this district. Find a roof that is both
    south of the tall tower and west of the church. The flag will be there. Oh
    well, you're closer to the first flag of the middle district now.
    Middle District (33)
    1. Start in the southwest corner of the district, which is just north of the 
    gate to Kingdom in the poor district. You may have seen this one on a pole 
    just on the border with the poor district.
    2. Go to the cemetery. Find the spot in front of it and go over the wall to
    find the flag in the shadows and by some hay. 
    3. Follow the city wall up north. Jump down to a resting area along the wall
    to find a flag by the fence.
    4. Go further north along the wall to a gate to Kingdom. The flag is by a 
    water sprout to the south of the gate.
    5. You can go southeast of the gate to find a small alley with some crazy
    folk. The flag is one a table.
    6. Find the big church to the southeast of the gate. The dome on the north
    has a flag nearby. 
    7. The dome on the south end of this church's roof has a flag on its east
    8. Go east of this church and find an alley with crazy dudes (it's also where
    you found a Templar). The flag is on a the north end.
    9. Go a bit further east and find the archway in the street, which is north
    of the tower in the poor district. The flag is on a balcony on the east side.
    10. Climb a ladder to get on the roof with two guards. Kill them and grab the 
    flag, or the other way around.
    11. You can jump from one of the roofs near the last flag to get on the roof
    of the church to the east. The flag is right there.
    12. Go northwest of the church on the ground and grab the flag on a fountain.
    13. North of the church, up the building, down the ladder, and the flag will
    be there. We're still in the southeast corner of the district.
    14. You can take the path northwest of this church (which would be northeast
    of the other big church). When you see a set of steps on the ground and a 
    water sprout on a wall, jump into a patio for a flag.
    15. North of the center between both churches is a view point. Get to the roof
    holding it up and then look over the west side. Drop down to a balcony thing
    for a flag; might be hard to see. There will be hay on the roof too.
    16. Get back on the roof with the hay under the view point and look east (if
    you look north you see a different flag we will get later). Go east along
    the beams over the street to grab this one.
    17. Go east along the rooftops and find a flag on a platform over the street
    near some beams. 
    18. Find the alley to the south of this roof, but stay on the roof. The alley
    should be filled with special people and it's the same alley with a Templar
    (or was). Stay on the roof and a structure on the east end and look down to 
    see a balcony with beams over the patio. Drop into the patio for the flag.
    19. Go north to find a flag on a structure on a roof. 
    20. Jump over the roof to get one street over. This street will be southeast
    of the fort on this northeast corner of the district. The flag is on the ground
    in a corner by a table.
    21. Go around the corner and up the narrow street between two lines of 
    buildings. Find a resting area on the left. Look up for a shading with a flag
    on top.
    22. You can get on the roof and look north to see a flag on some shingles near
    the border.
    23. Go to the easternmost point of the district on the roofs. Find another 
    place with beams over a wooden patio and grab the flag on the roof in front 
    of it.
    24. Now go west to the fort, the one still in the northeast corner of the 
    district. Use the scholars on the south wall to get inside. Once in, look up to
    the southeast corner for a flag on the shading. Get out by going upward.
    25. Jump from the fort to the roofs on the north, killing any guards along the
    way. There will be two flags on either side of the roof with hay. One is to 
    the east, on the roof, by the city wall.
    26. The other is over the west side of the roof. Drop down and you should 
    see the flag. 
    27. Now go southwest of the fort onto the rooftops. You should find a patio
    with another flag up here.
    28. Look west from here to see a flag just over the street on a shading. It's
    by some vigilantes and an archway.
    29. Follow the roof of the building connected to this flag and go toward the
    gate to the west. When you see some hay and some beams of a patio, drop into
    the patio for a flag.
    30. Go to the north edge of this roof and look northeast up the street. Go
    down this street to find the flag atop the steps. This street is northeast the
    gate if that's easier to understand.
    31. Go north along the city wall to the northeast corner of the area with yet
    another fort. Look over the corner of the roof along the wall and drop down
    for the flag on the shading. 
    32. Now to the opposite corner. The flag is simply on the roof touching the
    33. The last one is near the gate, so go back there. Actually, you can go from
    the fort along some steps that go south and grab the flag. You see, it's all
    circular like that.
    TEMPLARS		( TEM5555 )
    One tip for killing Templars: use the hidden blade. Either do the normal 
    counter kills during combat, or as a Templar first spots you they usually 
    raise their hands as a gesture to strength or something but this leaves them
    vulnerable to a quick strike (but every time you lock on for battle you will
    switch to the sword, so be quick to switch to the blade). And stealth kills
    are best when you can.
    Kingdom (30)
    Central Village
    1. In the village where you got the second view point, go down the path
    behind the tower to find this knight on the left, by a house about mid-way 
    2. In the first village, look behind a building on your way to the path leading
    up the mountain.
    3. Up the mountain trail, look for this guy behind the tower.
    4. Back in the first village, go down to the lower part. Up a pathway on the
    left will lead to a series of buildings. Behind the one at the dead end will
    be a Templar.
    5. Go to the southeast side of this village toward the farm area. A Templar is
    in the house farthest to the southeast.
    *NOTE: I know, there are two #5's, but people say it all works out, so I will
    not attempt to fix the situation.*
    Onward To Damascus
    5. Just one in the next village after the central village. To the very south of
    this village, by the water, is another knight.
    6. The last encampment before you enter Damascus has two. One is behind the
    view point.
    7. The other in this camp is by a pool of water in the stream.
    (After the roads open)
    8. Just go to the dock and at the end will be the Templar; just toss him in
    the water if you can.
    9. Around the cluster of building to the north of town (he looks alot like a 
    normal guard).
    10. Almost in the center of town, on a raised part.
    11. On the southern edge of town, look for this one by a cliff near the trail 
    leading south.
    12. Through the path that leads from the port-town to a checkpoint town with
    a view point, he will be in the lower path. 
    13. Look down the path that leads from the village in the center of the map to 
    the area with an upper and lower road. The Templar will be by the broken 
    These are the two areas on the western side of the map where there are 
    spiked fences and lots of guards.
    14. The first one you run into from the port-town and after the high/low road
    area doesn't actually have one, but go east at the fork in the road after.
    There will be some homes in a small area by a watchtower. Look in the very
    eastern corner to find this guy. He's very near the checkpoint in the next 
    15. The village nearby will have another Templar to the south. This is the 
    village with the checkpoint by a view point.
    16. Speaking of this checkpoint, go up the path beyond the checkpoint to find
    another Templar. This is the other path that leads to the ruins, and it goes
    much higher.
    The Ruins
    17. In the ruins area to the south of the map, at the very back of the ruins,
    behind a wall. 
    18. From the central village, this guy is in the path leading to the ruins.
    19. At the very most southern path of the map, there is a trail leading from
    the ruins to the Acre exit. A Templar is pretty much as far south on this map
    as you can get.
    Onward to Acre
    20. Way down by the Acre exit, there is a village/camp. At the back is a fort-
    like area with many enemies. Clear out some and you will find a Templar among
    The Jerusalem Side of the Map 
    (The Village)
    21. On the Jerusalem side of the map, find the view point nearest to the 
    Jerusalem exit. Get near the tower and look west to see this templar by a hut.
    22. Near this same view point, go up the hillside to the east to find this 
    guy on the property of a big house.
    23. In this same village, go to the southeast side of find a humped building.
    He is behind it.
    24. Go west of the last one to find this guy by a hut.
    25. When leaving this village up the north trail, there is a knight toward the
    top, behind a house. 
    26. Just opposite him is another by a house. One Templar on the left, then one
    on the right side.
    (The Trails)
    27. When you find yet another series of huts up on a higher level, the last 
    that are connected to the village, there is only one way up to this area. When
    you follow the edge of the cliff to the south you will end up at a hut with a
    Templar nearby.
    28. After you claim the view point overlooking the river, take the east trail
    that leads to Damascus. After the watchtower, he will be not too far away.
    29. Back at the view point by the river, go west toward two watchtowers. The
    house nearby has a Templar at the back.
    30. Up the tiny path nearby is another Templar. This path is parallel the path
    with the view point.
    *NOTE: No clue why I have two #5's and yet everything seems in order. I must
    have one confused with a flag, but oh well.*
    Damascus (10)
    Poor District (3)
    1. In the poor district, follow the wall east of the entrance gate. When you
    see both a view point and a market building nearby, look for this guy by the
    2. Northeast of the bureau, on the ground.
    3. On the northwestern edge of the map, near the canal. Look in a little 
    crevice of some buildings for this Templar under some shade.
    Rich District (4)
    1. At the north end, near the exit gate, to the right of it. Look in a dark 
    corner of the wall and a tall building.
    2. On the western side of the map, the building you need is between the canal
    and the military area. This building is next to the wall, and you'll find many
    special people walking around it. The Templar is inside the U-shaped building.
    3. Go to the palace to the south of the map. On the eastern point, over the 
    wall of the palace will be this Templar.
    4. As you better know, there is a huge building in this district with three
    towers. On the southern face will be a Templar in an alley. If you get to 
    the southern face of the building, look for a tall building with a yellow 
    garden on top. The Templar is south of that, in the only alley to the southeast
    of the huge building.
    Middle District (3)
    1. Pretty much straight up on the north of this map, or southeast of the 
    bureau. This one is on a rooftop near the border of the district.
    2. North of the gate on the southern border of this district will be a dark 
    alley, a long alley with a Templar.
    3. On the eastern side of the map there is a big mosque. To the northeast of 
    this mosque is a building with a Templar in the resting area. 
    Acre (10)
    Poor District (4)
    1. In the poor district of Acre, go the western wall and follow it to a 
    slight angle in the wall. Look for a broken building and he will be hiding 
    inside. It's more to the southwest of the district.
    2. Go to the big open square area on the northeastern corner of the district.
    Fall over the wall on the west side and the Templar won't see you comin'. He's
    closer to the city wall.
    3. Near the previous Templar, look east on the map to find a part in the 
    border where the line juts out to cover a dead-end alley. The Templar is down
    this dead-end.
    4. Again, on this eastern border of the district, look in the southeast corner
    for a part of the border that sticks out. The Templar is down this alley.
    Rich District (3)
    1. In the northeastern corner of this district's map, there is yet another
    part of the border sticking out. This Templar too is down a dead-end path, but
    there are more people around him.
    2. In the rich district of Acre, there is one on the roof of the cathedral. 
    3. Go to the very northwestern corner of this district to find this Templar
    on the edge of the wall overlooking the sea.
    Middle District (3)
    1. Find the wall that separates the district from the docks. Get to the very
    south end of this wall. Find a path nearby that goes up some steps toward a 
    bench, near a wall overlooking the sea. The Templar is in the corner.
    2. Go into the dock area and find him to the north side; and you should have
    run into him during a previous investigation.
    3. To the north in this district is a somewhat big church. A path to the east
    of it will lead to a Templar. 
    Jerusalem (10)
    Rich District (4)
    1. Go north of the entrance gate, into the guarded area with the warehouse 
    where you met one of the assassination targets. Go north of the warehouse into
    a dead-end by the city wall to get this guy.
    2. In the rich district of Jerusalem, go to the northwest corner, which is near
    the view point. You will find this Templar in the corner of a cemetery.
    3. Go to the southwest corner of the district. There is a view point near the
    border. Go west of this view point to find the Templar in the street, under
    some beams.
    4. To the southeast corner of the map. He's in the corner of the city wall,
    behind the smaller mosque in the area.
    Poor District (3)
    1. In the poor district of Jerusalem, right on the point where the borders of 
    all three districts touch; should be near a save citizen event.
    2. Go east of the gate to Kingdom along the city wall. When you see both a 
    beggar and some wooden boards over the path at a turn in the path, get up on 
    these boards to find a Templar on a building. But you will probably run into
    him during a save citizen event.
    3. Go to the southeast corner of the map behind a church.
    Middle District (3)
    1. In the middle district, look to a long pathway between buildings, to the
    southwest of the bureau. It's a narrow alley full of crazy people.
    2. Look to the northwest corner, near the view point on a rooftop. It's not 
    quite in the northwest corner, but the point just before the fort.
    3. Near a view point, to the south of the district, but not the very south; 
    just the southern part of the bigger section of the district. This doesn't 
    mean go to the southwest corner of the district. This Templar is down yet 
    another path of crazy guys.
    * 6. Author Info/Copyright/Misc.                                              *
    Jamie Cox - for the tips
    Q: Anything else after the credits?
    A: No, just get on the Animus and stop asking!!! The story is over, all that
    remain are flags and Templars. 
    No really, people are STILL ASKING THIS!!! Oh no, yeah, there's like a whole 
    Assassins In Space plot we haven't yet discovered, and you fight the Covenant
    and find out where the Space Jockey came from! Yeah, that's what you do.
    Q: But wait, there is more after the credits. 
    A: Yes, you can look at the three computers. You may look at Vidic's if you
    grabbed his pen at the end of memory block 4. And no, there is no way to get
    into his computer unless you grabbed the pen.
    Yes, the game ends after the credits. It's a bad ending, I know. People, you
    are just going to have to live with it.
    Q: Did you know there is a message in one of Lucy's deleted mails?
    A: Yes, it just seemed very simple. Something like "We will be there soon", or
    something like that. Just add up all the capitol letters.
    Q: You say you knew where the hidden blade came from, so where is it?
    A: No, I was wrong. I thought the blade came from the missing finger, but it
    was just cut off during initiation. The finger is probably cut off so that the
    blade can come out easier, I don't know and I don't care.
    Q: How do I get the crossbow?
    A: Can't. Perhaps the most frequent question. There are no unlockables to 
    mention in this game. The crossbow from a trailer for this game was later 
    replaced by the throwing knives.
    Q: I can't seem to find any investigation markers in a district. Help!
    A: You're an idiot. Find a tall tower and climb it if there are eagles above.
    Those are called view points. You only get one view point for each district 
    you first enter in a city. The next two districts in the cities will leave you
    without. So you need to follow the eagles. Go Eagles!
    Q: How do you enter the codes you are talking about in the game?
    A: What? These codes refer to using the command Ctrl + F in THIS guide. It's
    a quick find feature in many programs, not just notepad.
    Q: Any point to collecting flags/Templars?
    A: Other than achievements on the 360, not really. This goes into why I think
    this game was rushed. So PS3 owners really don't have to worry; nor should
    many 360 owners, but them 360 owners are crazy like that.
    Q: I can't find (blank). It's the only one I'm missing. Can you help?
    A: No. From the official guide to my guide to the fact that the game does 
    not give each flag/templar a number, I really can't help you unless you tell
    me which one you're missing, which defeats the purpose of asking. So if you 
    are one short, sucks to be you. You will have to redo EVERY location. This is 
    why I encourage you to either follow my lists to a T, otherwise using my list
    after you've found half of a set will be pretty pointless and confusing. 
    Q: Can you tell me how to find (blank) from the official strategy guide?
    A: Sure, just send me a free copy because I don't have the guide myself.
    Q: I go to a new district and I still somehow manage to think that the old 
    view points will work. Can you please make my brain be smart and tell me the 
    A: You're an idiot. There is a new district, thus, the old view points for 
    the old distict won't work. You must find the new ones in this new district 
    with your eyes.
    Sorry, I just had to vent on someone. I've answered this question in so many
    different ways, being mean is about the only option left. 
    I'll copy this answer and paste it to the rest that ask this question. 
    I mean, new district, new assassination, new save citizens, and somehow 
    people think the old view points will work. I don't get it.
    PS - I've lost all faith in humanity by writing this FAQ, thanks America!
    Q: I didn't explore properly at the end of memory block 4, and as a result I
    did not grab Vidic's pen from his pocket. But I sure does feel like 'xplorin
    now, so please tell me write out all the emails from that computer and the one
    in the conference room for me, will ya. Thanks!
    A: You suck, and I hate you. I'm hanging myself right now...
    Q: Could you make a map with dots for the flags and investigations? You rock?
    A: No.
    Q: Did you know about [something I know about]? Please credit me as [stupid
    screen name].
    A: No, but your email burns nicely in the pile of deleted emails that say the
    same thing that I am now using to power the state of Rhode Island.
    Q: What do all the signs at the end of the game mean?
    A: They mean you suck.
    Q: Do you hate your readers?
    A: Actually, no, I just tease. But the purpose of these FAQ's was to point out
    some obvious flaws in people's reading. And people don't understand sarcasm
    very well I've found out through the years, and I'm all like duh!
    Q: Do you know about AC2, when it comes out, etc?
    A: I don't care what you think you know about AC2 (as of 4/14/08), but there
    are no known facts about the next game. We are 99% sure there will be a next
    game, but no one knows anything about it. 
    *NOTE: Obviously, as of 1/30/11, there have been like 4 games from this 
    series, including AC2 so feel free.*
    Q: What do the signs at the end mean again?
    A: Sorry, I've lost the link I had that helped for this question. Pick up a
    conspiracy theory book... also... consider watching the History Channel
    series Ancient Aliens... because just do it. 
    Q: So how do you access the conference room computer?
    A: There are emails in the other two computers that somehow give you the code,
    or go here and go to the email page to see it: 
    I had a copy of it, but not anymore, sorry.
    Q: Did you know Lucy left a code for you in the closet early in the game?
    A: I did, but I could never grab it. I went by the closet all the time and 
    there was no button to press. It's there though, I'm pretty sure. It doesn't
    matter if you miss it, as you are free at the end of the game.
    Please contact me if you need any help, if you want to thank me, if you want
    to talk, or if you want to ask a question. Efforts to get in a guide need to
    be exceptional as I dislike updates unless it's absolutely necessary, and I
    don't think I've updated an older guide.
    The golden rule: keep it short. If I see a wall of text I'm probably moving 
    on. I've gotten real bad with emails lately. And flamers don't even bother, it
    won't work.
    My email: 				lunatic_252000@yahoo.com
    Title of your email should be: 		AC1
    PS - To GameFAQ's users, if you like the guide, click "recommend" at the top
    of the guide, but only if you like it.
    PPS - I cannot fix bugs, glitches, or achievements/trophies not hitting. 
    I have other guides floating around too. They are:
    Resident Evil 4
    Dead Rising
    Gears of War
    Lost Planet
    GRAW 2
    Rainbow Six Vegas
    TES IV: Oblivion
    Shivering Isles
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    The Darkness
    Halo 3
    Half-Life 2
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    Mass Effect
    Advance Wars: Days of Ruin
    Perseus Mandate
    Sam & Max Episode 203
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    Assassin's Creed 2
    World of Warcraft
    Mass Effect 2
    Heavy Rain
    Splinter Cell: Conviction
    Crackdown 2
    Halo: Reach
    Dead Rising 2
    CoD: Black Ops
    I've also been published in GamePro magazine, June 2007. Pretty cool if you ask
    me, and all because I write these little guides.
    Also, I am in the October issue as well, which should be out at the time of 
    this guide's release. At least I ain't a one hit wonder.
    In a nice surprise, I didn't even know I was in the March 2008 issue of 
    GamePro, but I am. Maybe I'll be in more I don't know about...
    Look to gamerstemple.com for a slew of random reviews.
    Here is my list of sites:
    GameFAQs (main host site)
    GamersTemple (http://www.gamerstemple.com/)
    CheatCodeCentral (cheatcc.com)
    *NOTE: There are many more with single guides, and then others with a few, and
    some that I just don't keep track of.*
    All other sites must ask permission if they want this. All I ask is that the
    guide be ad-free and in this text format.
    Here is my website:
    Here is my list of guides on gamefaqs: (copy & paste)
    Follow me on Twitter @ TheGum25
    You'll find all my other guides here too and perhaps something else you may
    This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
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    of copyright.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Copyright 2011 Brad Russell

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