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    Achievement Guide by neeker

    Version: 1.04 | Updated: 12/05/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                     XBOX 360 ACHIEVEMENT GUIDE V. 1.04
                                 By: neeker
                             Gamertag: neeker75
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    If you happen to see anyone other than the above hosting this, please 
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    Also, please note that, as with most gaming guides:
    If you can get offended by spoilers, please don't use a guide.
    1.  Contact Information
    2.  Introduction
    3.  Story Achievements
    4.  Numbers Achievements
    5.  Completion Achievements
    6.  Hidden Items Achievements
    7.  Conclusion
    Version history
    Hi, I'm Lestor Wong. I post on GameFAQ.com/ GameSpot.com by the 
    username "neeker". 
    Feedback for this document can be directed to lestor underscore wong 
    at yahoo dot com. You may check out my other works here:
    I previously did an achievement guide for Stranglehold, and it turned 
    out to be a great experience. Achievements that eluded me were before 
    writing the guide were acquired thanks to the tips from people who 
    got it. Achievements that I've gotten and explained helped many others 
    who were having problems with them.
    For this same reason, I'm doing this guide for Ubisoft's latest 
    stealth/ action/ platforming hybrid, Assassin's Creed. Despite mixed 
    reviews (some love it, some loathe it), I find this a rather enjoying 
    At this point in time, I've amassed 865 points for the game. The ones 
    I'm missing are the Templars/ flags locations. I've reservations about 
    using Prima's guide to find them, because I've seen the scans, and am 
    pretty skeptical at the poor coverage. I've previously used BradyGames 
    guide for Saints Rows to find all the CDs and Tag Locations, and their 
    handling of hidden items were so much more professional.
    Nevertheless, I'll still point you to the links to find the scans. 
    Disclaimer though - someone esle scanned them, not me!
    With this, let's begin.
    If you played through the game, chances are you'll unlock these. 
    I'll nevertheless provide tips on how to handle some of the missions 
    required for unlocking them.
    Description: You've successfully completed the Animus tutorial 
    This one's easy. You get a tutorial right at the beginning of the game. 
    Complete it for the easy 20G.
    HERO OF MASYAF (20) 
    Description: You've protected Masyaf from the Templar invasion
    You get this after completing Memory Block One. Ascend the nearby 
    tower past a few flights of ladders, and perform a Leap of Faith at 
    the top into the pile of hay below with your colleagues ("my legs!"). 
    From there, transverse past the beams across the cliffs until you 
    reach a wall. Climb up to the top and attack the wooden pillars to 
    chase Robert away.
    Description: Find the traitor and bring him before Al Mualim
    During Memory Block Two, Al Mualim will task you to find the traitor. 
    Check your map for the eavesdropping icon, and head towards there. 
    You should find two suspicious men talking. Sit at the bench near them, 
    lock on to one of them, and press Y to listen to their conversation. 
    This leads to a pickpocket opportunity on the other side of the map. 
    Go there, lock on to the target, and wait for him to finish talking. 
    Follow him once he starts walking, walk closely behind him and hold 
    B to steal the item from him.
    An interrogation icon now appears, which basically points you to the 
    location of the traitor. The guy's name is Masun, and he's giving a 
    speech there. Lock on to him, and follow him after he finishes. He'll 
    soon walk into a dark alley, at which you can beat the crap out of 
    You get the achievement after the subsequent scene.
    Description: Kill Tamir in Damascus
    Easiest kill perhaps? After Tamir kills the guy who argues with him, 
    he'll walk to one of the merchant stands with his back facing you. 
    Walk up and kill him with your hidden blade. 
    Description: Kill one of your main targets like a true assassin
    If you do the above as I said in The Blood of a Corrupt Merchant,
    you'll get this together as well.
    Description: Kill Garnier de Naplouse in Acre
    In one of the intel that you collected, it says that Garnier gets 
    totally oblivious of his surroundings when he's treating a patient. 
    If you want to kill him silently when he's at work, you'll have to 
    make use of the Scholars in this area. 
    Blend with those white robes, and be patient. There're a lot of mad 
    men here that will attack you for no reason. You can probably get away 
    with being punched a couple of times, but thereafter, Garnier will 
    notice you, and you'll have to fight. Therefore, if you want to be 
    really sneaky, wait until Garnier is in an area without the mad men, 
    quickly exit blend, and stick a hidden blade into him.
    Description: Kill Talal in Jerusalem
    Once you step into Talal's domain, you'll find that it's a trap. He 
    runs away soon, leaving you to fight his guards. Keep your counter-
    attack going and kill them all, and then use the nearby ladder to 
    chase him. 
    Chasing him would be made easier if you saved the citizens in this map 
    and unlocked all the vigilante points. Talal will eventually run into 
    these men, which allows you to walk up for a hidden blade finish. 
    Description: Kill Abu'l Nuqoud in Damascus
    This is the one with the poisoned wine cut-scene. After the massacre 
    begins, assuming you're facing the balcony that Abu'l is on, head 
    towards the southwest corner of this area to find some sort of 
    structure to climb on. This leads to the second storey. You'll 
    probably alert the archers here, so kill them quickly (somehow, Abu'l 
    won't be alarmed even if you throw these archers to the first storey). 
    From here, head towards the northwestern area of the second storey to 
    find your way up to the roof. You can then make your way to the area 
    just above Abu'l balcony. Switch to the hidden blade, drop down, and 
    plant the blade into him.
    Description: Kill William of Montferrat in Acre
    Blend with the Scholars in this area to stay safe during the scene. 
    Once you resume control, exit blend and find your way up to the roof. 
    Kill any nearby archers, and then head towards William's location on 
    the map. 
    As you get close, you should hear him scolding his guards. Wait until 
    he finishes, and he'll stay in a corner of the room for the remainder 
    of the level. Go above him, draw your hidden blade, drop down, and 
    finish him off.
    Description: Kill Majd Addin in Jerusalem
    You can use the Scholars here to stay in blend, but Majd Addin somehow 
    spotted me the moment I exited blend, so I ended up fighting him and 
    his tons of guards. If this happens to you, just keep counter-attack 
    up and you should be fine. 
    Description: Kill Sibrand in Acre
    There's a view point near to Sibrand's ship. I'd suggest you go to 
    the bureau for his location first, and scale that view point only after 
    you watch the pre-assassination cut-scene. Getting to the view point 
    is a matter of jumping from pole-to-pole, and boat-to-boat, etc. When 
    jumping from pole-to-pole, make sure you jump one pole at a time, and 
    don't rush through, or you may end up jumping into the water for an 
    immediate death.
    Sibrand's ship is very close to the view point. You can kill him 
    quietly when he's at the rear of the ship. Get your way past the poles 
    and boats (beware of mad men on boats) until you're near the ship. If 
    Sibrand is already there, manual blend on a boat. If he isn't, jump 
    towards the boat and hang onto the ledge until he walks by.
    Sibrand will then shout some profanities, shoot some arrows, and then 
    walk away. Once he turns his back, climb up to the deck, run behind 
    him and ice him with the hidden blade.
    Description: Kill Jubair Al Hakim in Damascus
    You can't enter where Jubair is burning the books, so climb up to the 
    roof of that building to watch the cut-scene. When he's done, you'll 
    notice that many assassination icons appear on the map. This is 
    because all of Jubair's book-burners are dressed like him, thus giving 
    you a potential headache. 
    Thankfully, the most southeastern icon is where he's at - I've played 
    this assassination for three times and he appears there every time. 
    Go there, climb the walls up to the roof behind the entrance of his 
    location, and kill the archers there. 
    From here, get into where Jubair is, and wait for him to face the door. 
    Get down via the ladders and use the trusty hidden blade on him.
    Description: Kill Robert de Sable in Arsuf
    It all comes down to this, as you found out that the Robert in 
    Jerusalem was a fake. Warp to Acre, exit to the kingdom, and gallop to 
    the nearby Arsuf. Once there, you'll have to fight your way through 
    tons of enemies. You should be able to do this by the usual counter-
    After a series of fights, you'll reach Richard and Robert. Richard 
    decides that Robert's fate should be decided by hardcore fighting. 
    This leads to another long fight against tons of Templars. Kill them 
    all, and Robert will fight you.
    Killing him is a matter of a successful counter knockdown. Once he 
    falls, switch to the hidden blade and assassinate him.
    I understand that some may find fighting the waves of enemies here 
    really difficult. I'd suggest that you use the hidden blade as a 
    primary weapon instead. It doesn't have a block feature, but it's very 
    much easier to execute a counter-kill with it. Moreover, you may've 
    notice by now that, when surrounded, some enemies tend to taunt you, 
    while some tend to look away in digust after you kill his colleagues. 
    These enemies are vulnerable to hidden blade assassination. Since the 
    taunting and looking away in digust happen with guards every other 
    few seconds of fights, having the hidden blade means killing them 
    faster, thus reducing the number of enemies you've to fight. 
    In fact, using the hidden blade in this level takes away any form of 
    challenge. I manage to go through it without losing sync once.
    Numbers achievements require you to perform certain tasks for x number 
    of times. They're monotonous, repetitive, and most of the times very 
    boring. Endure.
    Let's start with the easy ones first.
    Description: Grab and Throw 25 Harassers
    You know those beggars that keep asking for coins when you're about to 
    silently kill a target? Yes, the female ones. When they do so, grab 
    (RT-B) and throw them away. Do this for 25 times to unlock this.
    Note that grabbing and throwing mad men (those idiots of the male 
    species who attack you for no reason) doesn't work here. It has to be 
    the female beggars...
    ... and don't stare at their underwear after they fall, you pervert.
    Description: Jump through 20 merchant stands
    There are some merchant stands right in Masyaf itself. Go to one side 
    of the stand, run towards the stand, and do a RT+A to jump through it 
    to the other side. Repeat 20 times. Shouldn't take you more than two 
    minutes to get this.
    Description: Blend with Scholars 20 times
    I love this one, because Scholars are da best blending tool in the 
    entire game! Right in Memory Block One, just before entering Damascus, 
    you'll save a citizen there. Saving him unlocks a group of Scholars 
    that you can use for blending. You can unlock this right now by blend-
    ing and exiting blend for 20 times.
    Now, let's proceed to the time-consuming ones.
    EAGLE'S DIVE (20) 
    Description: Perform 50 Combo Kills in Fights
    Not difficult at all if you know how to do a Combo Kill. It's a bit 
    like doing two notes one after another quickly in Guitar Hero, only the 
    cue here is the "ting" sound following the first clash between the 
    blades. Basically, press X to attack, and then immediately press X 
    again when the blades clash to perform a combo kill. If you do so 
    correctly, a kill scene will play.
    To make things easier, you can perform all 50 Combo Kills in the 
    training arena. Just do a tutorial on Combo Kills 17 times to unlock 
    this without any danger of dying. Poor trainee though. I hope he 
    understands how to fight now.
    Description: Perform 100 Counter Kills in Fights
    Counter killing is perhaps the skill that you'll use throughout the 
    game for surviving guards' attack. To do a Counter Kill, press RT to 
    hold your blade in a blocking stance, and then press X to counter-
    attack once an enemy moves. Note that it's "once an enemy moves". This 
    won't work once the blades clash.
    Also note that you regain the Counter Kill skill from Memory Block 
    Three onwards. I'm not sure whether this will unlock if you do it 
    at the training arena, but it's not necessary though. You'll fight 
    enough enemies to unlock this eventually.
    EAGLE'S TALON (15)
    Description: Perform 50 stealth assassinations
    You get the hidden blade back in Memory Block 2. Press up on your 
    D-pad to unleash it, and then walk up behind a guard to assassinate 
    him silently. Do this 50 times and you're set to go. If you intend to 
    do this, however, ensure that you pick on single guards walking around 
    town instead of two guards standing side by side. The AI in this game 
    is inconsistent, so there's no point putting yourself into possible 
    danger if the other guard suddenly becomes hostile.
    It's ok if civilians see you doing this though. Just run away quickly 
    after the kill.
    EAGLE'S PREY (20)
    Description: Assassinate 100 guards
    You can continue from Eagle's Talon and keep silently killing guards 
    until you get this. 
    Killing archers add to the count, by the way. My 100th kill was an 
    archer on one of the roofs, and the achievement unlocked there and 
    EAGLE'S WILL (20)
    Description: Defeat 100 opponents without dying
    I'm pretty sure this applies only to actual fights. It's best done 
    when you're at Memory Block 6, when you've plenty of health and strong 
    attacks. Return to Damascus (Poor District) and start fights with the 
    goons there for a cruising time.
    Of course, if you're pretty good with your blade, you can unlock this 
    way before Block 6. I'm just being kind to people who aren't. :p
    Description: Last 10 minutes in open conflict
    This sounds like a tall order, but is really quite simple to do. There 
    are two ways of doing this easily. Firstly, pick up fights with some 
    guards. Kill all and leave behind about three. After that, simply hold 
    RT to block for 10 minutes. Guards in the Damascus (Poor District), 
    for example, can never break your blocks. Once the achievement unlocks, 
    dispose them as you see fit.
    The second way to do this is to lure these guards into an area that is 
    guarded by vigilantes that you saved. The "husbands and brothers" of 
    the women you saved will do their very best to hinder the guards (it's 
    a sight to behold as you witness burly men pulling the arms of armed 
    guards). You can simply stand there and wait for 10 minutes as the 
    tussles continue, until the achievement unlocks. 
    EAGLE'S EYE (15)
    Description: Kill 75 guards by throwing knives
    I recommend doing this towards the end, say, at Memory Block Six. 
    This is because you can hold up to 15 knives at this point, meaning 
    you only need to do five rounds of knife-throwing (assuming you hit 
    bullseyes every time). 
    To do this, find a roof and kill any archers around (they count 
    towards the kills) with knives. Then, look down onto the streets and 
    activate Eagle Vision (Y). If you see a person in red glow, lock on 
    and throw a knife towards him.
    He should die in one hit. Soon, another guard will come along to 
    inspect the dead body. Throw a knife at him to kill him. Soon, more 
    guards appear to inspect the dead bodies...
    ... you get the story.
    You may want to do this near flags, since you can periodically save 
    the game by picking up a flag. But it's really up to you. I did it 
    in Jerusalem (Poor District) itself, where two Jerusalem Crosses are 
    facing each other, one is at a nearby fountain, and another at the 
    southeastern corner of the Middle District. 
    When you run out of knives, you've got to steal them. See below for 
    Description: Pickpocket 200 throwing knives
    You steal knives from thugs (fat men with waist pouch behind them). 
    They "glow" like a guard when you get close to them. To steal from 
    them, press LT to lock on to them (it took me forever to figure this 
    out, stupid me!). Then, walk closely behind them and hold B to pick 
    the knives. 
    You pick five knives with each steal. If you're doing this in Block 
    Six at zero knives, you need to pickpocket three times to fill up 15. 
    After which you can go shooting at guards for the Eagle's Eyes 
    It gets a little boring after you unlock that one though, since you'll 
    be stealing knives without much usage. I had a fun time shooting the 
    knives at walls, right.
    EAGLE'S DANCE (10)
    Description: Perform 50 Leaps of Faith
    A Leap of Faith can be performed by jumping down from a high area to 
    lower ground... provided a stack of hay is on said lower ground.
    To make things simple, don't even bother doing this on purpose. You get 
    this naturally when you scaled all the view points in the game. Check 
    the Fearless achievement for details.
    Description: Defeat 25 guards in a single fight
    This is perhaps the hardest among the number achievements. The main 
    problem isn't defeating the guards, but amassing 25 at one go. I did 
    this eventually at Memory Block 6, after completing the game, near the 
    entrance of Jerusalem.
    As you run past the bunch of civilians here, you should find two to 
    three guards to the left, near some sort of a cliff. Draw your blade 
    and slash at one of them, and then quickly press LT to disable lock-on. 
    Then, do a RT-A to run away as they give chase. Remember not to run 
    too quickly lest they lose sight of you.
    Approach the area to the left of the entrance. You'll find a large 
    group of guards (10 to 13 of them). They'll be alerted of your arrival. 
    Draw your blade now, and be patient with blocking and counter-
    attacking. Kill everyone until you're left with about four guards. 
    Disable lock-on again, and run towards the front entrance of the city. 
    There are four guards here, and two more just a little inside. More 
    blocking and counter-attacking until you're left with about four 
    guards. Disable lock-on once again and run into the city, getting the 
    attention of any guards you see. Those group of two standing in front 
    of buildings or someone giving a speech are the best to lure.
    Keep doing this until you manage to kill 25, making sure that when you 
    run away, you never run too fast that the guards lose sight of you. 
    In another words, the light on the top left corner of the screen must 
    always be flashing red.
    If you're good with your blade, you wouldn't be in danger of dying as 
    long as you block and counter properly. Just remember that in order to 
    run away, you need to disable lock-on. Using your hidden blade as a 
    primary weapon as I mentioned earlier helps as well.
    Bleeder also wrote in with an easy to do this:
    In Memory Block One, when you're supposed to defend Masyaf by killing 
    guards (i.e., the "fighting tutorial"), go towards the v-intersection 
    where all the people are running (leading to town) and wait. One guard 
    will spawn at a time, and all you've to do now is to kill 25 guards 
    for this achievement.
    During the process, you can continue killing guards for the following 
    achievements as well:
    - Eagle's Dive
    - Eagle's Swiftness
    - Eagle's Will
    - Eagle's Flight
    because during this period, Altair still has all his skills.
    Note that the frame rate will drop as the number of dead bodies pile 
    up on the ground.
    I think these are self-explanatory.
    FEARLESS (25)
    Description: Complete all Reach High Points
    The number of view points in available are as follow:
            |                                            |
            |                VIEW POINTS                 |
            |                                            |
            |                                            |
            | DAMASCUS                                   |
            |                                            |
            | POOR DISTRICT               | 9            |
            | MIDDLE DISTRICT             | 7            |
            | RICH DISTRICT               | 10           |
            |                                            |
            | ACRE                                       |
            |                                            |
            | POOR DISTRICT               | 11           |
            | MIDDLE DISTRICT             | 9            |
            | RICH DISTRICT               | 10           |
            |                                            |
            | JERUSALEM                                  |
            |                                            |
            | POOR DISTRICT               | 6            |
            | MIDDLE DISTRICT             | 9            |
            | RICH DISTRICT               | 9            |
            |                             |              |
            | KINGDOM                     | 12           |
            |                             |              |
    When you enter a district (other than the fist one in each city), 
    you'll notice that the map appears blank. Scale a nearby view point to 
    unlock view point icons (depicted by an eagle sign) in that respective 
    district, and climb them all. Once you do so, the entire map will be 
    revealed, and all available investigations and missions will appear as 
    icons as well. 
    Finding the first view point is always the most tedious. Look around 
    for tall structures or towers. It helps if you're checking around on 
    rooftops. If you see some sort of a tiny beam sticking out from a 
    tall structure, it's likely to be a view point. Climb to its top, and 
    press Y to synchornize it (remember to do so!) so that the rest of 
    the icons will appear. 
    From the beam, you can perform a Leap of Faith to leave the view point 
    quickly. Since there are over 50 view points to do this from, you 
    can unlock Eagle's Dance while scaling these points.
    Description: Assassinate all your targets with a full DNA bar
    The common misconception here is that people assume "DNA bar" means 
    full health. That's not true. This basically means to complete all 
    memory strands before you assassinate your target. Notice that each 
    assassination is made up of blocks. Each block has 10 memory strands, 
    categorized as follow:
    Investigations                 -  Six Strands
    Target's Location from Bureau  -  One Strand
    Save all Citizens              -  One Strand
    Scale all View Points          -  One Strand
    Assassination                  -  One Strand
    (Note: For the assassination of Robert de Sable, there are 11 strands 
    due to a twist in the story.)
    Having a full DNA bar means completing all nine memory strands prior 
    to the assassination.
    Yes, I understand that there are people saying that this achievement 
    is glitched and you can get this even without completing all the 
    strands. But do you really want to see a blank in the memory block? 
    Do you? Answer the question!
    Anyway, I did them all just in case. If you can indeed get this 
    achievement without doing so, please let me know. I just needed a 
    And, I assume you know what "investigations" mean (pickpocketing, 
    eavesdropping, interrogation, informer flag-collection and informer 
    assassinations). I won't discuss them in details.
    UPDATE: arcturuz from the BOB forums wrote that he got this 
    achievement despite not doing the last two informer assassinations 
    in Jerusalem. So, I guess this thing is indeed glitched. Don't hold 
    me to it though...
    Description: Have a complete Synchronization bar
    This means unlocking all 20 blocks on your health bar. You do so by 
    heeding my advice to complete every investigations, save citizen 
    missions and view points.
    Description: See 85% of all memory glitches
    The Ubisoft way ot making sure that you watch cut-scenes with intent. 
    During these scenes, you'll find some "cracks" on the screen at times. 
    These are the so called "memory glitches". Press a button during these 
    moments to view the cut-scene with additional information. 
    If you keep up the pressure (yes, I find this stressful, damn - I can't 
    even go for a leak during cut-scenes) by pressing each time a glitch 
    appears, you should get this towards the end of the game. 
    Note that glitches appear during the post-assassination talks between 
    Altair and the targets as well. I got this achievement when watching 
    the scene following the assassination of the real Robert. 
    Description: Complete every free mission in Damascus/ Acre/ Jerusalem
    You get these by completing all save the citizen missions in all three 
    districts of all three cities. 
    Investigations are not necessary. These unlock strictly from saving 
    The numbers of citizens to save in each district are as follow:
            |                                            |
            |               SAVE CITIZENS                |
            |                                            |
            |                                            |
            | DAMASCUS                                   |
            |                                            |
            | POOR DISTRICT               | 12           |
            | MIDDLE DISTRICT             | 8            |
            | RICH DISTRICT               | 10           |
            |                                            |
            | ACRE                                       |
            |                                            |
            | POOR DISTRICT               | 12           |
            | MIDDLE DISTRICT             | 7            |
            | RICH DISTRICT               | TBC          |
            |                                            |
            | JERUSALEM                                  |
            |                                            |
            | POOR DISTRICT               | TBC          |
            | MIDDLE DISTRICT             | TBC          |
            | RICH DISTRICT               | TBC          |
    Description: Go through every dialog with Lucy
    RyderHard has a walkthrough for this. You can find it here:
    Basically, you've to talk to Lucy at every chance you get, starting from 
    the end of Memory Block One. You talk to her by walking up to her and 
    pressing (any button). Keep talking to her until she says "Aren't you 
    tired?" or "I really have a lot of work to do", etc.
    I've summarised the conversations as follow and some checkboxes:
    After Block One (after chasing Robert away from the village):
    Desmond: "... ran away from farm..."
    [  ]
    Desmond: "... motorcycle license..." (talks about how they found him 
    by running name through DMV)
    [  ]
    After Block Two (after Tamir's assassination):
    Lucy: "...we have a deadline..."
    [  ]
    Desmond: "...why do they talk like they're from the future?" (Desmond 
    asks why the people in his memories speak modern English)
    [  ]
    Desmond: "Tell me more about Abstergo..."
    [  ]
    After Block Three (after Talal's and Garnier's death):
    Desmond: "...why's he always yelling at you?"
    [  ]
    Desmond: "...what do you mean, you're a prisoner?" (something about 
    Vidic saving Lucy's life)
    [  ]
    After these, go into your room, examine the closet for an access code.
    Go to sleep. The next morning, walk up behind Vidic when he's facing 
    and hold B to pickpocket a thumbdrive from him.
    [  ]
    After Block Four (after you dispose Abu'l Nuqoud, William and Majd 
    Lucy: "...assassins coming to rescue you..."
    [  ]
    After this, go to your room, but get out soon after. Check Vidic's 
    computer (the one near to where he stood) and read all the emails. 
    You can also read Lucy's computer after this to find that some of the 
    emails are repeated.
    [  ]
    Go to bed then.
    After Block Five (after killing Sibrand and Jubair):
    Desmond: "...problem with the animus..."
    [  ]
    Desmond: "...using me to find the templar treasure?"
    [  ]
    Desmond: "...what's that mean, everything's Denver?"
    [  ]
    From here, go to your room, get out again and check the computers for 
    emails again. There's a coded message for Lucy "We will be there soon".
    [  ]
    After Block Six (after the Robert assassination in Arsuf):
    Lucy: "...I'm sorry Desmond..." (possible death of Desmond's parents?)
    [  ]
    The achievement unlocks a little while after this dialogue (not 
    immediately, and it got me worried for a while...).
    If you missed this achievement on your first run, you must replay the 
    game (start new) to get it. To avoid having your save being overwritten, 
    consider starting the new game on a memory card.
    THE EAGLE AND THE APPLE - 1191 (100)
    Description: Complete Assassin's Creed
    Yeah, complete the game by killing all nine targets and defeating 
    Al Mualim in Memory Block Seven. 
    The fight against Al Mualim has four phases. During the first phase, 
    he uses the treasure to recreate copies of the nine assassination 
    targets. You need to fight them all at one go! Use the test-and-
    trusted counter-kill move to dispose them.
    In the next phase, Al Mualim creates copies of himself. Use Eagle 
    Vision to find out which is the real him (orange glow), and kill him. 
    Alternatively, you may simple fight them all until you get lucky.
    During the third phase, you take Al Mualim on, one-on-one. Once you 
    land a hit, however, he warps to another area. You need to search for 
    him, but this comes with a twist. Your sync bar would disappear now, 
    and you'll die in one hit. So, proceed with caution. Once you see him, 
    approach slowly. If you've throwing knives left, lock on and throw one 
    at him to make things easier. If not, just get slightly close, taunt 
    him a little and run away. It's easier to counter him once he starts 
    chasing you. You need to hit him three times to make him stop this 
    Finally, the coward fights you like a man. Counter, get him onto the 
    ground if possible, and stick the hidden blade into him to complete 
    the game.
    Description: Watch the credits
    After Memory Block Seven, Desmond gets a reprieve (Vidic decides not 
    to kill him now). You can now use Eagle Vision to view the blood runes 
    on the ground. Go into your room now and use Eagle Vision on the wall 
    behind the bed to watch the credits. 
    I'm not too concerned with the ending and credits. I remember eating 
    a cheeseburger while the credits rolled.
    These achievements are what I called "the bane of sandbox games", for 
    finding hidden items like Transformers icosn, CDs and stupid orbs. For 
    this game, it's flags and hidden Templars. 
    Description: Find all Assassins' Flags in Masyaf
    Description: Find all Richard's Flags in the Kingdom
    Description: Find all flags in Damascus
    Description: Find all Templar Flags in Acre
    Description: Find all Teutonic Flags in Acre
    Description: Find All Hospitalier Flags in Acre
    Description: Find all Jerusalem Crosses in Jerusalem.
    Description: Kill every Templar
    For all of the above, I recommend one URL:
    (Thanks to madmaxnc35 and IAmABladeInTheCrowd.)
    The persons doing these used the Prima maps as a basis, but included 
    screenshots so that you can compare the photo with what's on your TV 
    to ensure success. These are still extremely time-consuming, but it's 
    at least heart-warming to see that people actually bothered to help to 
    such an extent, for free.
    For the Templars, you may end up bumping into some while fighting 
    guards during the course of the game. For the others, I believe they 
    can be silently assassinated. Always aim to kill them without alarm to 
    save time.
    That's all I've to say about these achievements... which I'll probably 
    never attempt to do, even though I do have the Masyaf one.
    UPDATE: Definitely the best maps guide I've seen so far below!
    (Thanks to MrSchmo.)
    ... coming right after I Amazon-ed that damn Prima guide.
    This concludes the guide. Do let know me if you spot any mistakes, or 
    have a better/ faster way of doing certain achievements. 
    I also need confirmed numbers of view points and citizens to be saved 
    in each district. I've replayed the game for Conversationalist, but 
    I didn't bother checking some of those numbers...
    Version 1.00: Guide completed (11/30).
    Version 1.02: Added some confirmation of view points and citizens 
    numbers in each district, more details for Conversationalist, and 
    easy way to get Eagle's Challenge and a couple of others, thanks to 
    Bleeder (12/4).
    Version 1.04: Added Al Mualim's boss fight guide, some notes of 
    Disciple of the Creed, and a link to an amazing maps guide (12/5).
    ASCII Generator (@ http://www.network-science.de/ascii/)
    Copyright Lestor Wong 2007-2008.

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