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"Great, at First Glace."

Summary: First Glance, this is an incredible game and definitely should win Game of the Year. But, we can't just a game on a first glance alone, otherwise Earth Defense Force 2125 would have not sucked. I'll go into depth in each section as always...

Disclaimer: I can't remember how to spell, or pronounce the main Assassin's name so I will refer to him as "The Assassin"

Game play: 7/10 (Split into Controls, Actual Play and Camera)
Controls: 7/10: Controls vary between Easy and blazing annoying. In order to do advanced moves, you hold down the Right Trigger at the same time as press buttons. Weapon switching is the D pad, which means that for the second or so you are changing weapons, you are UNABLE TO MOVE, which has almost turned deadly in fights. However, the only time you will change weapons is when you want to either throw a knife, silently kill someone, or just go against an army of guards. At least, until you unlock Counter-attack, which completely takes all the fun out of the game for a bit. Literally. Once you have counter-attack, The game becomes you holding down Right Trigger and waiting for someone to start an attack, once they do, you press X and you see a quick scene of you insta-killing them, of which there are a grand total of about 4 or 5 per weapon. That's not to say that it isn't fun for a bit.

Actual Play: 8/10: Think Tenchu. That's the basic feel. But there is a HUGE amount of free roam. I spent a few hours in the "Kingdom" area which is normally filled with patrols of about 12 guards just fighting them. Eventually while you play, the guards start to just run away from you, despite the people nearby yelling "STOP HIM BEFORE HE KILLS SOMEONE ELSE" What I'm saying is that this game becomes repetitive real quick. Guards do eventually learn to use their own counter-attacks, or grab you. But you always have 1 skill above them. Meaning, that once they counter-attack, you learn to dodge. The weapons are decent. My favorite two weapons have to be the Hidden Blade (The blade you see the assassin use in commercials and on the back of the game case) which is a 1 hit insta-kill, however, in combat it is blocked and can only be used as a counter if you have it equipped. My second favorite is the Short sword, despite Counter making the game incredibly easy within the city it is easy to get outnumbered and not have the space to fight, the short sword is easy if you want to escape because it also lets you throw daggers.

Camera: 6/10 The camera will usually do as you order, but occasionally it will develop a mind of it's own and decide it wants to do something else. This typically happens after insta-killing someone and getting shown the scene. The is countered by the fact that during the cinematic parts, you have some control over the camera (usually the angle). The other annoying part of the camera, is whenever you interact with people, the camera locks onto them and you can't see enemies approaching or anything else except the top of your head and the person your locked onto.

Graphics: 7/10 Great graphics, but that's expected since currently a good game is made out of how much bloom and shiny can be vomited into the players face. You do however, phase through objects occasionally. Like 85% of games to come out now, the Cutscenes are done with the games engine.

Sound: 4/10 Nothing special, other then the fact that there are very few things the people say when you interact. I've gotten about 50 "I have nothing to give you, but I will make sure my brothers know you are a good guy". They definitely didn't try to go out for this part.

Storyline: 8/10 Story is pretty good, and the only thing that saves the game from getting a 5/10. Basically, someone discovered that each persons DNA contains the memories from it's ancestors and that it is possible to view them and gather data. You are kidnapped, and told you can either go along with it or die. You agree to go along with it and then are strapped into a machine which lets you relive the Assassin's life. The assassin's life has a much better story, and I won't go into it so as not to spoil it.

Multi player: N/A No Multi-player.

Overall: 6/10 Nothing too high above average, definitely a first and a great concept, that is overshadowed by a lack of difficulty, repetitive and bad voice acting, and a sometimes difficult targeting system for combat. Also, there is nothing in the game that overall shines or yells "call out and buy me". Kind of like Halo had the "I'm the last game so you'll buy me to see the end" or COD4 had the "Hey, a COD game with no Germans, BUY ME." The gimmick they seemed to use was the hidden-knife, which, BTW, you cannot use like the commercial. You are actually forced to watch someone get tortured right before you assassinate people (Seriously, everyone nearby forms an IMPENITRABLE WALL OF PEOPLE, and then watch some guy get either stabbed, his bones broken, or various other ways of tortured. This game has a long story, but I don't think most people will play through more then 6 or 7 hours. I might be wrong though.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 11/15/07

Game Release: Assassin's Creed (US, 11/13/07)

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