Review by Dark Magician GirI

Reviewed: 11/15/07

Assassin's up to the hype? Not quite but still one hell of a game!

Story: 8/10

The story itself may seem sub par, but it is quite unique with a minor Sci-fi plot "twist." The majority of the game takes place in Jerusalem, in the time of the crusades during 1095–1291. There are not any games that take place in the crusades that I can recall. The character you take role as, Altair, is a disgraced master assassin who must embark on a quest to redeem his title back. Altair's goal is to assassinate those who are exacerbating and exploiting the hostilities created by the Third Crusade.

Gameplay: 8/10

This is where the game really shines. Innovative combat and target system, over dozens of ways to assassinate your target. There are many different types of combat, ranging from combat on foot to combat on a horse. If all fails, you can evade the enemy by leaping from building to building, roof tops to roof tops and vanish from the enemy's line of sight. You have the option of blending in with the crowd, or causing a big ruckus in order to complete your goal. You can interact with everyone and every structure in the environment. The environment and everyone in it is lively. Everything you do affects how the town acts towards you. If you run around and bump into people causing them to get hurt or make them drop a pot, you will be disliked and attract a lot of attention. If you save civilians from being attacked, you will earn their trust and they will assist you whenever you are in need of an escape route. The camera system allows you to see everything that is occurring around you, even during cut-scenes!

Graphics: 9/10

These graphics are just simply beautiful. Smooth frame rates and textures. Character models were done really well. There are over a few hundred character models so it doesn't look bland. Combat finishing moves or assassinations are immersed and really focused.

Controls: 8/10

There are quite a few button techniques and combinations you have to learn in order to get the utmost potential out of the game. It is frustrating at first when you have to fend yourself from guards and you cannot block correctly. But once you get used to the controls, you will have loads of fun!

My only gripe is that the missions get slightly repetitive. So far, the only elements I have seen are assassinations, eavesdropping, and pickpocketing. But doing everything else is fun. Running up to someone and stabbing them in the back or jumping on them and slitting their throat never gets old.

If you love stealth, action, adventure games, this is a definite buy!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Assassin's Creed (US, 11/13/07)

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