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"Does it live up to the hype?....... Almost"

Assassins Creed is here. Does it live up to standards, or does it belong in the history books as another over hyped game?

Graphics 10/10:
The moment you put the game in your system, you will be amazed on how good these graphics are. Cities look amazing from far distances, and up close. It seems as though ever detail was put into making sure that it looked and felt like the real thing. At multiple times I forgot that I was playing a game because of the detail. Near the beginning of the game, I walked out on a ledge that was hundreds of feet high, looking out on a beautiful town and castle. Too bad I didn't have a camera. Oh well. About the actual characters. The characters are as detailed as the environment. NPC's are abound and plenty. There are so many different types that its hard to pick out one that looks the same as another. My only issues (a forgivable one) is that the mouths could be a little more fluid when they are talking.

Animation: 10/10:
I made this into a category on its own because how great it is. Never did I notice any character float into place to achieve a certain animation. Everything is fluid and very realistic. You would swear that it was an actual person.

Story 8/10:
If you don't know what this game is about from the title, then go back to school. This game is about assassinating people. There is a Sci-fi twist that starts right from the beginning that you would think would distract from the game, but actually adds more depth. I won't add more than that because you can get the story elsewhere. You don't need me to repeat it...again.

Controls: 8/10:
The controls are simple in theory, but could have been made a little better. Each button is handed to a certain body part. Easy right? Until you forget which button is your attack, and which one is your empty hand. Until you get used to it (which takes a couple hours depending on the player) you will be assassinating village people when you meant to just to move them to the side. There is a low profile mode and a high profile mode, but switching between the two, while easy, seems unnatural. Since there is no “jump” button, everything is done automatically making climbing 100 walls all to easy.

Fighting 7/10:
This is defiantly one of the games weak points. The fighting looks cool (almost like a movie) but it is so dull and boring to actually play it. You have to wait for an opening on the guards before you can attack and hit them. Wash, rinse, and repeat. Do that a couple thousand time in the game, and you finished it. The AI of the guards is laughable. They will patiently wait their turn to get killed, instead of all attacking like it should. Speaking of guards, they are far too aggressive when chasing you. Not only can they run faster than you, but they seem to be able to climb just as good as you, which kinda makes your character's “special” climbing ability mute. While it is easy to lose the guards in the big city, trying to go to the rooftops in the towns, and your just setting yourself up for another death.

Replay: Medium:
While the area in the game is huge! there isn't much to do aside from the normal things.. pick pocketing, assassinating...collecting flags? After you get bored of these things, the only thing left to explore. Thank goodness for horses.

Rent/Buy: Buy
Despite its flaws, its a great game. Its a nice break from all the FPS out there. Its fresh, and fun to play. Go out and get this right now.

Overall score: 8.6

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/15/07

Game Release: Assassin's Creed (US, 11/13/07)

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