Review by ajs2553

Reviewed: 11/16/07

Wonderfully Unique... Just like every other game

FIRST I must fuss about people saying that they gave away the "plot twist" at the beginning of the game. STOP! In the first five minutes there is NO PLOT, so how can there be a Twist on it? The sci-fi spin is apart of the story not meant to be a surprise that changes the outcome of the game. Anyhow, speaking of the Story line I found it very refreshing. It was a very unique and well-executed story line format. I found no "believable" problems with any of it.

Concerning graphics... amazing. Just the viewing distance alone is awe-inspiring. I believe hearing that the character has over 1000 motions possible. And you can see it as he steps perfectly and blends perfectly while climbing and moving. The load times can be somewhat long but I can totally understand and forgive that since the only load time is when entering or leaving a city. Please understand that these cities are HUGE. Its not like you'll just be there for a few minutes. In short Graphics are amazing, and the load times are forgivable.

Combat. Bittersweet. The game has a progressive combat system. The further along you get in the game the more combat (and some-non combat) abilities you gain. Some have complained that combat is too easy (saying all you have to do is counter) and others saying its too hard (the buttons confuse them). What I say is this; The combat is what you make of it. For me, it’s almost addicting. Yes you CAN wait around and counter everyone’s moves, or you can actually put effort into the game and fight. Tossing guards off of roofs and quickly sprinting away only to find yourself under the sights of an archer, just barely hitting him with your dagger before he hits you. Only to find in that time you're now surrounded again by guards... fight, hustle and then hide. FUN. I do agree that at first the buttons can be confusing to get use to, but only for a few MINUTES. Also that way the combat progression helps. I will complain that the AI for the standard guard is too stupid also It very unrealistically easy to escape. The guards don't really LOOK for you once you hide, the moment they give up you can hop out of your hiding stop and they don't care anymore. All the guards have MAJOR A.D.D.

Game play. It was fun for the most part but I do have one strong complaint. First everything runs very smoothly but my complaints focus more on the structure of thing and how people react. I find it odd that by knocking over a pot, everyone around me is suddenly aware that I'm an assassin. Also how does blending work? In a group of monks I'm the only guy with a sword... and a dagger... and belt for that matter. It just seemed too easy to escape detection and even easier to tick someone off. Another thing about the game play that annoys me are the "leaps of faith." Though cool to watch they are incredibly ridiculous. First the idea of jumping several stories high, landing in a small pile of hay and being completely fine is a little off to me. Also as a tactic to lose guards its cool but still doesn't make since. Since as soon as you do you wait about four seconds and then you can pop out next to them w/ no questions asked.

Final words. I love this game. My chief complaint is about interacts with the guards. The story progression (pickpocket, ease drop, interrogate) can be redundant but I suggest you play the game with your GPS off. It makes the game fun. Plus you actually spend time looking at the world around you instead of just the bottom right hand corner. The game makers had a problem with disk space for the xbox 360. I say this to point out that while may things can look and sound the same this game contains basically five vast and different worlds, plus all of the character motion, plus all the extras. If they had skipped the voice acting all together, who knows how much more dept of detail they could have added. Now I’m not saying they should have, I’m just pointing out that they’ve maxed out what the 360 DVD disks can hold so please forgive them if each NPC doesn’t have 1000 lines of dialogue.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Assassin's Creed (US, 11/13/07)

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