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"Assassin's Creed - Well Done"

When I first put in Assassin's Creed, I was like many people. There was a twist with the game that I didn't expect. We didn't know the plot yet, but the game was different than I expected. For those who do not know what I am referring to, please go play the game. This game approach when I first saw it left me a little unsure. The approach would need to be done carefully so that it wasn't a disappointment. The result though for me was that the game met my expectations. When I as getting it, as a little background, it was to be my second XBox 360 game. I bought the 360 a week before after deciding that I should take a break from my PC gaming (Guild Wars) and give a console a chance. After all, I hadn't played one since GameCube. I picked XBox since though people hate Microsoft, I respect their work in regards that I've seen some good things from Microsoft products. After all, I had played Fable and loved it, so I figured I would give XBox a shot. Overall, I have been quite content with my decision, currently still free of the red rings of doom I keep hearing about. Anyways, back to the game.

Now, combat wise, I've heard some complaints. Some claim it is to easy while others still have a problem with it. I know personally I can stand around and counter an army of guards as they attack if I really wanted to. The thing though to notice is not how most approach combat, but how combat can be done. Perhaps you've decided to save that citizen while on the rooftop. Instead of countering all of the enemies, you pick out your target and throw a dagger to kill him, bringing attention to yourself. As the other three enemies come after you, you plot. The first enemy comes to the roof, so you grab him and throw him off the roof and to his death. As the other two come up, you set up your defense and as one attacks, you counter and end his misery. The result is that the last guard is scared and makes a run for it. You can let him escape, but as with the theme, no one can escape if it risks your cover being blown, so you chase after him. Sprinting, you switch from your sword to your assassination dagger and jump onto your target, killing him. However, you have been spotted in the process, so instead of fighting, you find it better to run so you can return to your primary focus of target. While running, you knock over a stand and turn the corner. Once they are unable to see you, you dive into a haystack and disappear from sight.

This is how I like to approach the game. For me, it makes the game more exciting and at the same time, it allows you to explore only a portion of the large amount of detail that they put into this game. Sure, watching the counters can be repetitive after awhile, along with some of the conversations. At the same time, the game is a game after all. The storyline is far more in depth then at least I still realize. I'm writing this after my 6th assassination, and I realize there is more to the primary and secondary storyline than I realize. The game keeps me on my toes.

The controls are definitely different, however, they allow you to add some detail of specifics. Using one hand for your weapons for example while the other may help push you through the crowd to escape after you've killed your target without being seen. Also, with the press and hold of a button, the button commands have been changed on the most part, changing that gentle push to a grab and throw for example. It allows you more variety. By only using this with 1 button though, it helps it remain simple enough to remember for people who do not play console games that much.

Now, for some cons. Some people like it, some don't. Finding the flags is tedious. I am an individual who enjoys going and finding everything to get the 100%. The theme of assassinating the Templars was an addition that I enjoyed since I have learned to not like them that much. However, hunting for flags seems to be annoying in regards to you'd expect the assassin would have better things to do. Currently, I don't go out and hunt for their locations, but instead if I come across one, I'll pick it up. I'll hunt for them later.

Overall I have to give Assassin's Creed a 9 out of 10. The graphics are beautiful, the storyline in depth and the controls, while different, allows the game to be explored a variety of ways. As it mentions, no 2 assassination attempts on the same target will go the same way, between either killing the target or escaping. The game keeps me hooked, and that is what I'm glad to find.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/19/07

Game Release: Assassin's Creed (US, 11/13/07)

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