Review by 22sniper319

Reviewed: 11/19/07

The Assassin Simulator

Intro: After buying this game the other day; I can clearly say it certainly lives to up to all of the hype. The Graphics, gameplay, sound and story all mix in together to make a wonderful, stellar game that will make you want more.

Story: I don't want to give the story away, since there is more to it than just an Assassin in the times of the Crusades. If you were expecting that, than speak no more because as soon as you pop in this game, you'll think that your game store replaced your disc with something else. Trust me, if you don't know the twist you'll be in for a surprise.

Sound: With a great soundtrack and voice acting to boot, the sound certainly delivers. The music is great and fits in with what you are doing, and that's really all I can say there. However, the voice acting is perfect. In this game, you'll be talking to a lot of people, everyone having a distinct voice to them. From the mumbles of the mentally ill to the spot-on old English accent, everything is great.

Graphics: Simply incredible. Altair looks unlike any other character model I've ever seen. I cannot find one thing that's wrong with him. A lot of people will fit onto one screen at once and the frame rate is very good. However, I did notice some minor hiccups here and there, but they rarely take away from the gameplay. The area looks amazing. From the far-off country side to the urban, bustling cities. The buildings are in extreme detail. You can notice every niche and crack just on one side. Ornaments and the like stick out of the buildings and everything. You'll even notice some iconic structures.

Gameplay: In this game, you'll encounter 4 main towns and cities (Acre and Jerusalem just to name a few) Along with a wonderful country side for you to explore. The game controls like a marionet. The X and B control the hands, Y controls the head and A controls the legs. There are also two modes: High profile and low profile. High profile being combat, and low profile is more about sneaking around and blending in with your environment. One of the key points to this game is the free running (or Le Parkour in France.) Pressing RT and A will make Altair run over pretty much anything in the game that is 2 inches or over. Though it takes a while to get used to, you'll find yourself running through everything toward the end.

Another great part of the game is combat. There are your basic combo kills, counter attacks and things of that nature. It can be a lot of fun fighting 12 enemies at the same time while countering fatal blows and using you environment to throw some guards into a merchant stand. The weapons are also great. You've got the basic short and long swords, but you've also got other things like the throwing knives you hidden blade.

Now the assassinations are where it's at. There are three parts to an assassination.

The Investigation: Go around doing certain jobs (Example: Eavesdropping and pickpocketing) to get information about your target.

The Kill: The title says it all. Find out where your target is and kill him. Though not as different, you can choose different ways on how you'd like to come upon the situation. Wanna bust right in there metal flying, or kill him unnoticed and take a run for it?

The Escape: After you've done away with your target, you need to run back to your hiding spot. Before that, though, you need to hide from the guards. Two ways of doing that would be to blend in with some fellow scholars or toss yourself into a bail of hay.

Conclusion: This game is great, and a must-buy if you own a 360. The only actual problems I can think of would be SOME repetition with investigation, and the minor hiccups as mentioned before. Other than that, enjoy the ride...or should I say free-run of your life.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Assassin's Creed (US, 11/13/07)

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