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"Great Idea, Bad Assassination (Pun Alert)"

I went to a gaming store to pick up Mass Effect. The gentleman at the counter suggested I get this instead. I had owned it once before, played it VERY shortly, didn't like it and brought it back. Picked up for a second try - and here's my view.

Story 3/10 -

Historically accurate to some extents. However, the whole idea of you not ACTUALLY being the character, but a MEMORY of the character, definitely was a downside to me. A major downside. It took away from the experience. There's this thing called the "Animus" that harnesses past memories from your memory banks in your mind. It harnesses recent ones, but in this application ancient ones. You play as an ancestor of yours. You, however, are just some twenty-something year old guy who doesn't wanna be where he's at, yet shows very few signs of distress. I don't know about you, but if I woke up and was strapped into some machine with a scientist and his aid standing over me, I'd wig out.

Graphics 8/10 -

These are pretty. The cities are beautifully and totally rendered. Little things are here, like cracks in walls and whatnot. The blood looks good, the people look good, it's just all good. However, everything is a bit drab after awhile since there's about 7,000 shades of brown, grey, and green in this game. That's it.

Sound 3/10 (People) -

I'll break this into two categories, considering I hate one aspect of the sound and like another. The people, my goodness, they get annoying. When you're running around the city in a "high profile" manner, they all say the same thing. Just a different accent depending on the city. I, for one, don't like using ladders and my preferred method of conveyance is running up buildings. In Damascus I hear, "What is the matter with him," with an Arab accent. In Acre, I hear, "What is the matter with him," with an English accent. I almost fell off the building (metaphorically) when I heard this cheap excuse for voice acting.

Sound 7/10 (Everything else) -

Sword play, screams of dying men, and the voices of the characters (excluding your own inside the Animus) are all great. They all sound to be in the right time frame. But, your guy sounds like a surfer dude trying to be serious. I wish I knew a way to sum it up... Oh, that's right, Keanu Reeves.

Controls 7/10 -

A bit choppy, I find. I had a little bit of trouble with certain commands. And, when doing the "Save Citizen" tasks, I would lock on to attack a guard (or walk up and assassinate him) to kill him, and then the lock would break for no reason. I'd lock on again, go into guard stance, and it'd break. I didn't get it, but, that's what happened to me. The other stuff is okay. Jumping from roof to roof is easy with a few bumps here and there.

Replay 3/10 -

Once you assassinate one man, you've assassinate them all. Well, relatively speaking. I doubt I'll play through this again. If you collect all the extras on one run through, there's no incentive. At all. Anywhere.

Rent or buy? -

Rent it. It's worth a try. Some people love this game, others don't. Rent it to make sure, then buy it if you like it. I'd bringing mine back tomorrow for Mass Effect.

Average of the above scores (and my feelings on this game) - 4

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 12/04/07

Game Release: Assassin's Creed (US, 11/13/07)

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