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"After all the hype it just doesn't live up to it"

After hearing how amazing this game is supposed to be and of course on the commercial all you hear is "10/10" "The greatest game ever made!" "One day oxygen will be replaced by Assassins Creed" and so on. Maybe they were paid to say it was so great or they don't have very high standards.

Graphics - 8/10
It does look pretty but graphics don't make the game. The people are detailed but they don't really move around very naturally. Pretty much you're always walking in crowds and the crowds just follow the same animations. Lots of people look the same and the guards all look the same. The main character is made with great detail and his clothes do move when he walks. The buildings look ok but they're just for you to climb on since god forbid there can be a game without Elder Scrolls or Postal in the title where you can enter all (or some of the) buildings. It does look next gen though.

Sound - 8/10
The music is fitting with the game. The voice acting is great too, at least for the important people. Guards and civilians sound the same and use the same lines. Nothing remarkable but nothing bad. The sound effects also good too. Good clanking of blades and good sounds when you do acrobatics.

Gameplay - 6/10
It starts off with lots and lots of talking/cut scenes before you really get to do anything fun. Then you have to do lots or tutorials like did you know the left stick makes you walk? OMG! It's like they expect that you've never played a game before and you can't skip any of it. So when you do get in the game world it is fun to start tackling random people and run on buildings and do crazy dives. It isn't long before you get the urge to pull out a blade and start slaughtering innocent people, I mean it's so much fun in GTA and Postal 2 isn't? But in this game you just get in trouble for it and they don't want you to do it at all. So when the game takes the fun that away then it's time to see how you play the game the way it was intended.

So here's how it works in your little tutorial mission it trusts you into the story. Pretty much you screw up and get sent back to square one as punishment. So you lose a bunch of skills and weapons. You now have to redeem yourself by killing a bunch of bad people. But no one will help you find them. So you have to pick pockets, sit on a bench and listen to people talk, beat people up, rinse, wash, and repeat. When you do all the tedious work, and I mean tedious, you can kill the target by either being sneaky or diving off a building and stabbing them on the way down. So what makes it less fun is all the information gathering. Picking pockets is not fun, if you follow the guy and he notices you he yells at you and you have to wait a few minutes, if you push the blend in button you walk insanely slow and you lose him, and if he sees you try to rob him you'll have every guard in the game after you. You always these tasks for every single person.

So you're just doing the same stuff over and over again just to get to the one thing you want to do, kill the bad guys. Another annoying part is the guards. They will go insane and attack you for the slightest thing. If you ride a horse and don't hold a button to walk as slow as possible (to the point where you won't have any fun) they don't care but if you want to walk normal or run like the wind at exhilarating speeds then you'll have every guard in the game out for your head. The way to get out of it is to get away from the guards and find something like a haystack to hide in and if no one sees you hide then they all forget about you.

Story - 6/10
Ok so it's not like the plot is bad or anything but it doesn't make a great deal of sense either. So it takes place in the future where you're some random guy being tested on. This doctor has a machine that can somehow trace your DNA back to the memories of your ancestors and for some reason he wants you to go back to the 12th Century to see what your ancestor's memories were since a lot of them are blocked out. So you go into the machine and play a memory aka a level of the game. Then you gather info, kill a bad guy, listen to a long boring drawn out conversation, and go back to the real world and listen to more people blab on and on and on. If you can stay awake through all the talking and cut scenes you'll realize that there is actually a game hidden within.

Controls - 7/10
Well you can walk and run and stuff and that works. Other than that they wanted to overly simplify everything but it's pretty much the buttons do different things in different situations. So you can be holding A to run like hell from the guards and end up climbing a wall because you're near it. Also the fighting is just one button, you block when they strike and you hit back. It could have been better like sticking to a more normal control style like other action adventure games but the over simple style isn't quite as simple or convent as it was intended.

Fun - 4/10
The fun part is killing the bad people and sometimes it can be fun trying to escape the guards too. But you spend most of the game gathering info which is never fun to do. You wonder around for awhile trying to get to where you need to be only to find out the map is just confusing you and making you sit through load screens because the indicator isn't very useful. You're pretty much just doing boring tasks and listening to people talk for a long time just so you can do something fun later on. Plus since you can't beat people up when they annoy you that does make things a lot more annoying.

Overall - 6/10
If anything just rent the game. I can't advise buying it because after a day or two you'll beat it and probably hate the ending. It isn't half as good as the hype and there are so many better games out there.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 12/10/07

Game Release: Assassin's Creed (US, 11/13/07)

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