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"An Unbiased Review of A Decent Game"

Ahh... Assassin's Creed, the highly anticipated and ambitious game that many have awaited this year. When it came out, some people loved it, some people despised it. I, personally, liked it. But let me start off by saying that this review is unbiased in the sense that if I had rated it on how much I liked the game, I would've given it a 9/10. But I understand flaws when I see them. So, let's review said flaws, but also the redeeming aspects of the game.

Graphics: 10/10

Like all the other reviews say, the graphics are stunning. It's extremely detailed, it has beautiful lighting, very realistic landscapes, and detailed people. Citizens don't all look the same, though many of them dress in rags or desert clothing, so you won't really notice the differences. You probably won't get the feeling in some other games where you say, "Damn it, they all look the same! I'm tired of looking at this model and texture all the time!" You probably won't be complaining about the graphics. I know that I didn't.

Story: 8/10

The story's pretty interesting and cool. There's a lot of controversy about the game giving off the twist at the beginning. I wouldn't really call it a twist, though it is creative, and it's fairly effective where it's revealed in the game. Which is at the very beginning. The "twist" also explains weird assets of the game, so that they actually make a little sense, and it's a creative way to patch up holes that would otherwise be a bit stupid. Anyway, besides the twist, you play as Altair the assassin, a pretty cool character. You'll most likely hate him at the beginning, since he's arrogant and pompous, but he becomes cooler as the game progresses. The game takes place during the Third Crusade, and you need to assassinate nine figures that played key roles in the Crusade. That's what the non-spoiler story is, but the full story is quite interesting. The story definitely doesn't drag the game down.

Gameplay: 7/10

The gameplay is decent. Your character's a master assassin, and this grants you an abundance of skill that makes the game too easy. You can climb virtually anything, and you'll feel like Spiderman. Sometimes, you'll ask yourself, "How the hell can a human actually scale things that well?" Climbing things requires no skill, and is as easy as holding down a trigger and running toward a wall that has crevices or anything else that a human hand can hold onto. You switch between high and low profile actions, where high profile actions are more aggressive, so a gentle push on low profile turns into a forceful throw on high profile. Although, on low profile, there's a button called "Blend." If you hold it, you go into a monk-like posture and start walking slowly. For some reason, being in blend mode makes you basically invisible, and you can walk right by enemies without getting attacked, despite the fact that your belt and equipment strap is loaded with assassin's weapons, and you're still obviously the same guy that was walking normally a second before. The game's very cinematic, so the most mundane actions on your part will make you look and feel cooler than you actually are. The gameplay's pretty fun, but too easy.

AI and Combat: 7/10

The AI is good, and the combat is OK. People will react aptly to your actions, such as surprised when they see you climbing things, and shocked when they see corpses, especially those that fall from heights. When guards who are on alert see you cause disturbance in crowds, they will react by chasing you down. When you get too close to the "mentally ill," (Yes, there are literally insane people on the streets, and they're annoying.) they will push you away. When you keep screwing over a guard by bumping into him, he'll draw his sword. Which leads me to the next subject: the combat. It's true that all you have to do is block and counter every single attack, though it is fun to stop countering for a second and just unleash hell, slashing madly at your enemies. You can stealth kill people with your hidden blade, which is probably the most redeeming thing about combat, then draw your sword and kill the rest. Combat AI is pretty stupid, where groups of 10+ enemies will basically take turns slashing at you, with the occasional burst of common sense where one actually takes the opportunity to slash at your back when you're busy with another enemy. But that doesn't matter, since you can still slaughter them all with not too much effort. All in all, the general AI is pretty good, though combat can be too easy.

Repetitiveness and Replayability: 6/10

Probably the most disliked aspect of the game is the fact that it gets pretty repetitive. You go through the same processes in each mission, where you have to scale tall towers called view points and look at important events and things on the map. It might get boring after a few missions, but it's not obscenely drab. The assassination itself is a bit more colorful, where you can try out different techniques and be creative with your kills. Each assassination will require different planning, and though it's possible in some of them to just walk right up to the target and kill him, it's fun to contemplate a more intricate plan. In terms of replayability, there isn't much for the average gamer. For someone like me, who doesn't get bored easily, I could probably play it two or three times. For others who don't like to do the same processes in different ways many times, though, there's no replayability. If you're the second, you'd be better off renting the game.

Point is: Assassin's Creed is a good, but not stupendous game. It's absolutely worth a play, at least, though I can't say that you'll be hooked for months. Buy it if you can, but if you're the kind of person that finishes a game very quickly and isn't into replaying and doing miniscule tasks and side missions, rent it.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 01/03/08

Game Release: Assassin's Creed (US, 11/13/07)

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