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"Very engrossing game but with a few flaws and dissapointments"

Assassin's Creed, ah yes it is out. Many people have been waiting for years, getting only little bits of information here and there. This game covers many areas of what is great about a game, but it was not entirely what is expected.


You are Altier, you are part of the creed, the Assassin's Creed. Altier has a slight personality change over the course of the game. The story of Altier starts off when him and two other members are sent to find out information about the Templars. Altier in this course of the game is very arrogant, and has no problem killing innocents. He finds him self on the short end of the stick as he decides to go full out and exposed to one of their greatest enemies. Returning to his master he is stripped of his rank and taught a lesson.

He is now sent to find out information of the templars morals, 9 people to assasinate

Gameplay 8.2/10

While in some cases repetitive, the game play system is very rich and detailed. Even though you are an Assassin you have a variety of deal weapons, as you will earn during the course of the game. First of all let me talk about the fighting part, if you are exposed or decide to full out attack an enemy, the combat is very fun. Soon in the game you get a counter attack move, which you will find you will use alot. There is a variety of animations, and with lots of gore and fun.

There is plenty of platform, everything I mean everything can be climbed in the very detailed 3 cities. Although there are some revisits, you will get a treat *wink*. The idea is to find out information about your target, and you will need to climb up onto a View Point to locate them. If you are exposed the enemy A.I is fantastic, and it is not the easiest to find a place to hide. You have to break their line of sight, which is very difficult to do.

There are many animations for assasinating, and you can kill anyone with your hidden blade. However you will lose health if you kill a civilian. This can be fun for a while, as the game offers alot of freedom. To find information about your target there are 6 ways per target, for most of the part you only have to do 3 investigations. You can go to an informer, and complete a side quest for him. Interrogate(which id using your fists and beating out information). The most boring is eavesdropping, which is where you just sit on a bench and listen to information. Then there is pickpocketing, which at first is a joke and very easy, but it gets a lot harder.

That brings me to the difficulty, there is no choice of difficulty, which make sense. In the early stages of the game you don't have many moves or weapons. Then it eventually gets harder.

The flaw is how repetitive it is. You may soon get sick of eavesdropping, pickpocketing, and saving citizens. There is many, many citizens being tortured.. and it gets very repetitive. As will the dialogue of those citizens.

Story 10/10

Full of twists, and it will keep you questioning on the end. The simple part of the story is what I already told. However each time you assassinate someone a dialogue will ensue in a weird background, which is really amazing. You will start to question your master, and question yourself. The character appears to learn during the course of the game, and you will not be disappointed.

Replay Value : 7/10

It's a hit or win. You may be sick of it or you may love it. Me personally I didn't mind the repetitiveness and it took me a day or two to go back to it, yet it is such an amazing experience it is worth doing it again.

Graphics 9/10

Although not the best, where this really shines is the lighting. Very beautiful enviroment, the clothing everything. Although the character models aren't the best.

Rent or Buy?

Rent, its a hit or miss

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/06/08

Game Release: Assassin's Creed (US, 11/13/07)

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