Review by CraZyDaVey31

Reviewed: 04/08/08

Assassin's Creed - Your typical hottie with no personality

I finally got around to purchasing a 360 and this is the first game I got to play. So let's sit down and analyze this game down.

Presentation (8) - I liked the memory idea (You'll have to play to understand). Definitely something unique and does a good job presenting it. The overall game also conveys a nice interpretation of the "Holy Land". However, I thought the game itself was pretty shaking in keep a "flow". Seems like I'm always interrupted by some new objective that I don't even care about. That hurts it a bit.

Graphics (9.5) - Amazing. They're very well done for the most part (I felt the details on some of the civilians could've use some work). Very beautiful and it's even better when you're running and jumping around the entire town. A few clipping issues but very minor. This is easily the strongest aspect of the game.

Gameplay (5) - So... What was I doing the entire game? This might as well have been my mom telling me to do chores here and there for a few hours, feel annoyed for a few minutes, then going back and doing the same thing the next day. Every mission was very similar and repetitive. The optional objectives are worse seeing how they are the very definition of repetitive and just not enjoyable or beneficial. I felt like rushing through a good portion of the game to just find myself rushing through the same things.

The assassinations can be very fun, however, when it comes to combat, it's very one-dimensional and lack any depth. I wound up countering everyone for a very long time, and while the animations of the fight are beautiful, I'd rather have some more control on the fighting. The gameplay can be basically narrowed down to jump around the city, save random citizens, kill enemies, and assassinate the target. Very rarely you'll be doing something more meaningful.

Music/Sound (7) - The in-game sound effects are pretty well done, but the music is subpar and not very memorable and didn't suck me in the game as a good OST would do so.

Replayability (3) - The game itself is the definition of replayability, and that's not in the good way. Once you've played about 30-60 minutes, you are essentially replaying the game in different cities. If you don't like the first few missions of the game, chances are that you won't like the rest of the missions.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Product Release: Assassin's Creed (US, 11/13/07)

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