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"Assassin's Creed - A game for mature people enjoy thought provoking stories"

Introduction- AC (which of course is Assassin's Creed) provides us with stellar gameplay that incorporates fluid combat, "social stealth", impressive graphics and a very engrossing story that makes you think long after you have turned off your console/PC.

Gameplay- AC is actually a stealth game that includes some very impressive combat/fighting sequences. Your goal is find as much useful information on a target before you can actually go in for the kill. You have the option to skip these tasks (which become tedious after awhile) to get straight for your target but getting additional info is quite useful. Once you complete an assassination, you are forced to retreat by jumpings from roof, towers, hills, and horses (if you can make it to one) to escape. Ubisoft wanted the players to be up close and personal with their targets because they could have easily given us a bow and arrow and knocked off our target from afar but this isn't Hitman: Blood Money (awesome game btw). While commuting in the very detailed cities of the Middle East ( I won't spoil the locales for you) you have the option of scrurring along roofs to your destination but that will cause citizens and most importantly.....guards to become aware of you. You can blend in with the crowd using "social stealth" which makes the guards confused of your whereabouts. While not doing those tasks, you can collect flags for gamer points which is just a side mission so extend gameplay, I skipped over these and only picked them up when I was really close to one.

Story- AC's story is very engrossing and to really appreciate it you'd to let yourself go a little bit. Sounds crazy, right? Lets, you being the game as a guy named Desmond is was taken to disclosed location to have your cells accessed to access your ancestor's memories. Yeah...kind of different but it works very well with the game. While Desmond's memories are being accessed, that allows for us to travel 1000 years back into to time during The Great Crusades. Thats were the bulk of the game takes place and we get to meet and assasinate real historical people, but during these assasination these people will leave with you their last testaments. I'm leaving out a huge portion so I don't spoil anything.

Graphcis/Sound- The graphics are amazing and everything looks like you'd imagine it would be living during The Great Crusades. The first time you climb a tower and "synchronize" with scope of the terrain you'll definately be overwhelmed over the size of this game. The musical score adds to the game perfectly fitting each situation from serious to heart-pumping. The voice acting is dead-on and the characters are definately believeable.

Play Time/Replayabilty- This is where the game falters for me. You have the abilty to replay Desmond's "Memories" but if you completed every task already then most likely one or two playtrhough's should suffice but if you enjoy searching for hidden items then the flags will keep you busy.

Final Recommendation- It is possible to complete this game in a rental, but if you like stealth games with good stories (no its not MGS4 lol) then this should make a worthy addition to your collection.


Good smooth combat
Very fluid controls
Great graphics
Wonderful story

The tasks become repetitive
Some of the tasks like negotiations could have been a lot better
You can't go into any buildings (maybe 3 of them but not many)
Difficulty can be unbalanced at times

Overall, if you enjoyed Ubisoft's other games like hmmmm......Prince of Persia...........they make another by the name of.......lets see.....Splinter Cell, then yes you would definately need to purchase this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/25/08

Game Release: Assassin's Creed (US, 11/13/07)

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